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Background to the Zizelsberger name

Zizelsberg crest granted in1386 Aargau is in northern Switzerland and is the capital of the canton Aarau. The Aar and Reuss rivers run through the canton, which has wooded hills and fertile valleys. It was originally a Celtic settlement and was later occupied by the Romans. In 1415 it was taken from the Hapsburgs by the town of Bern and governed by Swiss canton until 1798. In 1803 it was admitted to the Swiss Confederation. It produces cereals and fruit, textile, cement and metal products and has the spa resorts of Baden and Rheinfelden to attract visitors.

Sempach is a small town with a population of about 1300 in Lucerne Canton on Lake Sempach, Switzerland. Her on 9th July 1386, the Swiss decisively defeated the Austrians under Duke Leopold. According to legend, Arnold von Winkelreid saved the battle by throwing himself against the Austrians and gathering against his breast all the spears within reach. He fell dead but he had breached the enemy ranks and his compatriots rushed to victory. Another legendary hero of this time is William Tell. i

At the beginning of the 17th century, some of the Zizelsberger family moved northeast to Lindau (on the border where Switzerland, Germany and Austria meet), then some to Wurttemberg in south west Germany and some further west to Linz and Vienna. i




i. Cousin Ilse Zizelsberger's letters

The Zizelsbergers were an old Swiss family, who mainly lived in Aargau and who received this crest to commemorate their brave fighting in the battles of Sempach and Grandsee in 1386. i



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