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The children of William & Sarah Ann RIDING

Maggie Jack Alice Sarah Jane Gordon Jenny
Lilian Edison (Ted) Wilfred Phyllis Ethel .


1. Margaret Annie (Maggie) RIDING
Birth: 25 Aug 1882, West Road, Lancaster UK i
Death: 12 Apr 1968, Murray Bridge, South Australia ii
Occupation: Domestic servant before marriage iii

Marriage: to William (Bill) Huntington ( a widower) 26 Jun 1912 ,at St Paul's Church of England , Scotforth, Lancaster iv
Birth: 20 Sep 1873, Moorside, Lancaster UK iii
Death: 25 Aug 1956 ii Murray Bridge, South Australia
Occupation: labourer iii
Father: Henry Huntington (1835-<1891)
Mother: Ann Simpson Lucas (1835-)

Anne Huntington; daughter of Bill's 1st wife; born 13 Sep 1908, South Australia ii; married Mr. Kuchel; son Ian In 1995, she was admitted to She-oak Lodge Nursing Home at Millicent Hospital, S.A. iii

Denis Huntington: born: 20 May 1913, Lancaster UK ii ; served in WW2 then an egg producer iii; died (unmarried) 16 Sep 2000, in Murray Bridge hospital; buried 19 Sep 2000, RSL section, Murray Bridge Cemetery iii

Gordon Huntington; born 28 Oct 1914, Lancaster UK ii; served in WW2 then worked in Postal dept.; married Mavis Hondow 3 APR 1958 iii their children; Ngari Joy born 1960 & William James born 1966; died 20 APR 1997, Mount Gambier South Australia iii

Winifred Huntington ;born 1916 in Lancaster & buried 2 Mar 1922 in Scotforth Cemetery at 3pm at a cost of £ 1.13.6 in #220 plot 2.The family were living at 14 Adelphi St, Lancaster when she died of a bee sting iii, xviii

Lena Huntington; born 26 Dec 1919, Lancaster UK ii; served in WW2 then became a nurse, unmarried, matron at Murray Bridge Hospital for many years then retired to look after her brother Denis iii

Maggie Riding

Maggie was born in 1882, the eldest child of William and Sarah who were living in West Road, Lancaster at the time. i She left school at the age of 11 to work in the cotton mill but due to poor eyesight she could not continue, She then went into 'service' for the families of Hayes, Dugdalls and lastly the Cardwells. She stayed with the Cardwells for seven years. Edward Cardwell was a dentist and she named her daughter Lena after Cardwell's wife. The Cardwells finally moved to Maidstone in Kent due to ill health.iii When she was 29, she married Bill Huntington, a widower with a daughter. She was living at Benbigh in College Row, Lancaster at the time. Witnesses to the marriage were her younger sister Jenny and her future husband, Tommy Davies. iv With their four children, they emigrated to South Australia on 2nd October 1924 on the P & O ship 'Berrima', travelling with her sister & husband, the Pettits. The males and females were separated on board and they were in an eight berth cabin. Their total fare was £148.10.0 at the assisted rate. Maggie was then 41 and the Certificate of Identity states that she was 5'4". v.
They arrived in Australia on November 12th and settled in Murray Bridge . They lived with Maggie's sister and her husband, Tom and Lil Davies for a short while before renting a house near the railway crossing. Iii With her husband away a lot working on the railways , Maggie did some cleaning and washing for other people which she enjoyed. She never regretted coming to Australia. Iii
Her daughter Lena, has a postcard sent by her to her husband, Bill for his birthday in 1918. Maggie had taken the children to stay with a 'cousin' whose address was Hartbarrow Farm, C(G)artmell Fell, Windermere. (My father remembers this cousin as being a gardener named Robinson.)

Bill Huntington was the second son of Henry Huntington and Ann Simpson Lucas. In 1891, aged 17, he was working as a mill hand. x
At the time of his marriage to Margaret Riding , Bill was working as a labourer and lived at 14 Adelphi Street, Lancaster. Iv He enjoyed an allotment garden there. He was 38 years old and a widower with a three year old daughter, Annie. Bill worked for White Cross Mills owned by Storey Bros in Lancaster UK for 30 years. During World War 1 he served as an aircraft hand in the Royal Air Force but did not see active service.iii
After emigrating to South Australia, Bill worked 'up the line' for the railways but unemployment was an ever present possibility so he became an egg producer on a small scale. In 1941 Bill fell from his bicycle and was diagnosed as having Epilepsy but he finally died of old age and high blood pressure. Iii
On the Certificate of Identity he was described as being 5'6" with grey eyes.

Please email me for other photos and information about this family.Also see


2. John (Jack) William RIDING

Birth: 22 Jul 1884, Lancaster UK vi, vii
Death: Nov 1957, Torrensville , South Australia vii
Burial: 3 Nov 1957, War Memorial Cemetery, West Tce, Adelaide South Australia viii
Occupation: Stonemason vii

Marriage; 1909, Scotforth, Lancaster UK vii to Margaret Ellen (Maggie) Hacking vi
Birth: 26 Jan 1888, Scotforth, Lancaster UK vii
Death: 25 Nov 1962, Torrensville , South Australia xxviii. Buried Centennial Park Cemetery , Adelaide

Jack and Maggie with baby Alice c. 1910 Jack Riding c. 1916

Their Children:

Alice Riding; born 31 Aug 1910, Murray Bridge, South Australia ii, vii; she married Patrick Evans and their children were Carlene born 1933, Lynette Marie born 1935, Leonie Patricia born 1944 and Michael Grant born 1949. Alice died Jan 1980, in South Australia vii

Ellen (Helen) Riding; born 28 Sep 1912, Murray Bridge, Sth Australia vii. Helen married three times. Firstly in 1930 to a Scotsman George Edward (Ted) Webster. Their daughter Margaret Myrilla (Marney) Patricia was born on 2 Jul 1933 and they divorced in 1936. Marney went to live with her grandparents, Jack and Maggie. Helen then married Frances Leslie (Frank) Norton of Broken Hill NSW in 1938 and they had Anne Marie born 1940, Robyn Leslie born 1946 and Meredith Helen born 1950 . Frank was diagnosed with inoperable cancer after WW2 and committed suicide. Helen then married John (Jack) Parker Watters from Willunga SA in 1954. Their children were (Elliot) John born 1955 and Peter William born 1957. In 2002, Helen was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease in late 1990s then lived in a Nursing Home near Adelaide. Marney Forward has written a biography of her mother and grandmother. Email me for a copy. Ellen died 19 Feb 2003 aged 90. vii

Ethel Riding; born 5 Feb 1914, Murray Bridge, South Australia vii She married Benjamin (Ben) Harry Turner in Sep 1932 viii and their children were Barry John (1933-1995) and Colleen Benita born 1945. Vii

William (Bill) Edward Riding; born 30 DEC 1915, at Sister Fergusons Private Hospital, Murray Bridge, South Australia i. He married Florence Maud Miller in 1937 and their children were Barbara born 1937, Edward Ronald born 1939, Joan (1941-1992) and Robert George born 1945.
Bill died 24 May 1965, Adelaide, South Australia viii and was buried Dudley Park, Adelaide viii

Phyllis (Phyl) Riding; born 19 Jun 1920, Murray Bridge, Sth Australia vii. Phyl married three times. Firstly in 1949 to Jack Nosse and their children were Leanne Judith born 1940,Terry Bernard born 1943 and Jon Anthony born 1945. She then married Henry Bulau in 1948 vii and their children were Linda Elizabeth born 1949, Jyll Karen born 1950, Kym (1955-1955),Gary Charles born 1957, Grant William born 1959 and Martin Phillip born 1960. Phyllis then married Lawrence Pinnington in 1968. viii


Jack was apprenticed to his father as a stonemason at the age of 11. (Although on his enlistment papers, he states that he had never been apprenticed. This probably means that it wasn't a formal situation.) He had a restless spirit and was always looking for new challenges. When he was 16 he walked the length of Britain from John O'Groats to Lands End. In 1906 he worked his passage aboard a ship bound for New Zealand with Edward and Bill Clarke. Finding nothing there to interest him he worked his way back to Sydney and then travelled across three states, eventually buying land in Murray Bridge South Australia. In 1909 he went back to Lancaster to marry Maggie Hacking and they both came back out and settled in Murray Bridge. Vii

Jack had his own business as a stonemason in Murray Bridge for a good number of years. He also had several boats which he hired out on the River Murray. He awaited the birth of his son Bill before joining the AIF to serve in the First World War . At that stage Maggie, who was very much a 'town' girl, rented out their home and moved with the children to 12 Chapel Street, Norwood, a suburb of Adelaide.vii

Jack enlisted on 13th June 1916 in Adelaide. His medical report states that he was 33 years, 10 months, married with four children , was 5 feet 7 1/2 inches, weighed 137 pounds. His chest measurement expanded was 38 inches. He had a medium complexion with brown eyes and light brown hair. His vision was right 6/6 and left 6/6. He was then appointed as private No. 6093 to 19/10th Battalion then A company, 2nd Depot Battalion, A.I.F. (Australian Imperial Forces). ix

He embarked from Adelaide on O.C. Troopship 'Ballarat' on 12th April 1916 and disembarked at Plymouth, England on 30th September 1916. His Battalion then embarked from Folkestone on S.S. 'Princess Victoria/Clementine' on 4th December 1916. On 29th December 1916, the Battalion marched out to join the 1st Australian Infantry Base Depot at Etaples, on the French coast. He then joined the 10th Battalion. By 8th September 1917 he was in a military hospital sick with "Chronic Otitis Media" which is a middle ear infection. He was hospitalised again at Divisional Rest Station at Wippeshock on 10th September for the same complaint and again on 14th, 16th,& 29th September. On 13th October he was transfered to the General Military Hospital at Etaples then onto Cayeux and on 24th November at Havre. On 12th December , he proceeded to rejoin his unit near Havre, France. ix

On 29th December 1917 he was detached and joined the Brigade Mining Corp and was granted leave to England on 5th January 1918 for two weeks. He was back in hospital on 22nd June with influenza and was transfered to several different hospital depots until 9th July when he rejoined his unit, the Brigade Mining Corp. ix

On 20th September 1918, he was wounded in action (gunshot wound to right forearm) and taken to the General Hospital at Rouen then invalided to England by 'Aberdonian' on 24th September. He was admitted to Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester then to Weymouth Hospital and discharged on 8th November and granted leave until he embarked on H.T. 'Nestor' on 12th December for Australia, arriving on 13th February 1919.He was given the Military Star, the British War Medal and the Victory medal and discharged "Medically unfit not due to misconduct" on 3rd April 1919. Ix

On the way home to Australia after the war, Jack's boat was disabled and drifted to an island where they eventually repaired it and sailed on. vi After Jack came back from the war, the family moved back to Murray Bridge. Jack's name is inscribed on the 'Roll of Honour' in the entrance hall of the Murray Bridge Soldiers Memorial Hospital. He resumed his building business and employed six men. The old Picture Theatre in Bridge Street which he built, still remains. He also built Montieth Town Hall in Montieth S.A. It was at this time that he sponsored several members of the family to emigrate. Vii

In 1927 , because of the Great Depression, the family moved to Glenelg, a seaside suburb of Adelaide,looking for work. In 1935/6 they moved to Victoria for a period, where Jack was employed to use his specific skills in stonemasonry. They lived in several places before moving back to Prospect S.A. in 1939. vii

Jack & Maggie agreed to bring up their granddaughter Marney after her mother's divorce from Ted Webster as Helen's new husband Frank Norton was not willing to accept her in the marriage. Vii
When World War Two started Jack again joined up, this time serving in the Home Forces, due to his age. In 1944 Jack, Maggie and Marney moved to Torrensville, South Australia. Jack died in 1957 of bowel cancer . vii

Maggie's story:
Maggie's mother married three times and she was the daughter from the third marriage. Maggie's father,a nightwatchman in a factory, was burnt to death when she was ten years old. Maggie had to work half the day in the cotton mill and attend school in the afternoon. By twelve years of age she was working full time at the mill. She then went to the Hiring Fair and got a job as a skivvy in Dr. Hogarth's surgery, mainly cleaning and scrubbing. Her next job was at an asylum, minding not quite normal children from wealthy families. Vii

Maggie knew Jack Riding in Scotforth, Lancaster before he left for Australia in 1906. Jack wrote to Maggie asking her to come out to Australia and marry him. She wrote back to the effect that if he wanted to marry her, then he must return to Lancashire and get her. So he went back in 1909, they married and sailed back to Australia. The voyage took 13 weeks and Maggie was very ill. She lost their first child on the voyage. They settled in Murray Bridge and raised a family of five children. When her son, Bill was a baby, Maggie had to spend eleven weeks in hospital with tuberculosis. She lived to be 74. Vi
Lena Huntington remembers her Aunt Maggie as having ' quite a nice voice'. Her favourite party piece was "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere." Iii


3. Alice RIDING

Birth: 21 Aug 1885, Lancaster UK ii, vi
Death: 25 DEC 1972, Lancaster UK xi
Occupation: ran a corner store iii

Married; William (Bill) Clark, 1911, Lancaster xii
Birth: Lancaster UK
Death: 11 Jan 1964, UK xii
Occupation: had a milk round and corner store iii

Their children:
Phyllis Clark; born 21 Aug 1912 XI; married Henry Sheller in 1938 xiii,who worked for Shell Oil. Their children were Lesley born 1942 & Roslyn born 1949

Lilian Clark; born 2 Apr 1917, Lancaster UK ii; married Fred Grimshaw, an electrician; no children; Lilian died 28 Mar 1998, Lancaster from a stroke XI

William (Billy)Clark; born 28 Jul 1918, Parker St, Lancaster UK ii ; married Vera Davidson from London 1 Aug 1945; served during WW2 in Malta then ran the corner store and milk run Their children are Linda b. 1946 & Denis William born 1948; Bill died 7 Jan 1994 xiv

Alice Riding c. 1905

Bill Clark came out to Australia in 1906 with his brother, Edward and friend Jack Riding (his future brother-in-law)Vii
When he returned to England he had a milk run and sold ice cream from a van. They also had a mixed business which operated from the front room in 69 Park Road, Lancaster. He and Alice won many trophies for lawn bowls. Iii


4. Sarah Jane RIDING known as Sal

Birth: 4 DEC 1886, Lancaster UK ii & vi
Death: 1953, Granville, Sydney NSW xv of a brain tumor

Married: Sgt. Arthur Pettitt , 1911 in Lancaster xii
an army cook
about 1930

Their children:

Alice Pettitt; married Ronald Lyons, a Fire Brigade Officer, mainly stationed in Tamworth & Parramatta NSW. They adopted a son, Donald. Alice died c. 1993 at Killarney Bay, Central Coast NSW where they had retired.

William (Billy) Pettitt; born DEC 1919 iii .When Billy did his naval apprenticeship at Garden Island, Sydney during WW2, he lived with Lil and Tom Davies at Granville. After the war he worked as a Customs & Excise Officer. He married Margaret from Western Australia and settled there. Iii

Pettitt; he served in Australian Navy during WW2 then became a butcher and never married. xv He lived at Long Jetty NSW then moved to Western Australia to be near Billy

Arthur Pettitt senior was a regimental sergeant major in the British Army and served during World War 1. xv They emigrated on the ship "Berrima" with the Huntingtons in 1924 iii but then travelled over to New South Wales before 1928 and lived in Trongate Street, Granville.


Sarah Jane Riding c. 1921


5. Gordon RIDING

Birth: 26 Jan 1887, Lancaster UK xvi
Death: 5 Sep 1936, Military Hospital in Adelaide South Australia vii & ix
Occupation : Stonecutter ix

Married: Jeannette Beatrice Smith in Feb 1912 at Murray Bridge, South Australia viii
Birth: 18 Aug 1889, Sherton, Lancaster UK viii
Death: 24 Mar 1982 , Nova Gardens, Adelaide . Cremated, Centennial Park Cemetery

Their children:
Anne Riding born 10 Jan 1913 in South Australia xvi. Anne worked as a dressmaker/ mannequin with Miller Andersons and Myers before her marriage to Jim Haines in May 1939 iii . They always lived in Somerton Park, Adelaide. For 20 years, Anne played the organ at St Martin's Church of England. Her favourite music was written by J.S. Bach.Their children are James born 1940 ,John Gordon born 1942, David born 1944 and Peter born 1953.

Gordon (Digger) Riding; born 28 Aug 1918, South Australia ii . Nicknamed Digger, he served with the 2/3rd Field Regiment, 6th Division during WW2, seeing action in Egypt then he went to England but was then taken prisoner on the continent and spent the remaining war years working on a farm owned by an elderly couple. After the war h e was a cabinet maker with The Metropolitan Tramway Trust Depot at Hackney ,Adelaide. He married Millicent Ellis in 1945 and their children are - Marilyn born 1946, Vicki born 1950 and Kym born 1955. In retirement he lived in Mt Gambier South Australia. Iii In February 1982, Gordon drove his mother back to Murray Bridge to visit the cathedral where she had been married exactly seventy years before. The church is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest cathedral in the world. She is quoted as saying, " It seems very small, but the longer I spend in here the more it seems to be expanding. " (photo available)
Jeanette & Gordon Riding at Victor Harbour South Australia.

Gordon was apprenticed to John Hatch & Sons, Lancaster for seven years as a stone cutter. Ix He left England on 1 April 1911 on the SS Ionic and emigrated to Australia . He came out to help his brother, Jack, by cutting stone for a school in Murray Bridge and intended to return to England after the job was completed. However, with his other brother out of work in England, he decided to stay in Australia and bring out both his fiance and his brother. xvii Jeanette Smith left England on 11 December 1911 on the TSS Waimana .viii On the day after she arrived, they married in Murray Bridge . The train arrived from Adelaide at 10am and the service started at 1pm. A stranger picked some flowers from her garden and presented them to the bride for her wedding. Xvii They lived with Jack and Maggie Riding for a few months but the work ran out and they moved to Adelaide in October 1912 . In 1915 , they were living at Barnes Road, Payneham but finally settling in Glenelg, a seaside suburb of Adelaide. Vii

During World War 1,Gordon joined up on 13th Jan 1915 as a private #901, and was sworn in after a medical examination at Keswick Barracks, Adelaide,on 15th February 1915 by Captain Woolcock. His papers state that he was 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighed 130 pounds and his chest measurement was 33 inches, expanded. His complexion is described as dark, with brown eyes and dark hair. Distinctive marks were tattoos on both forearms - GR and Heart on right and an Anchor on left. His vision is described as right 6/6 and left 6/6 He was vaccinated for small pox and enteric fever. Ix

He joined the "D", 27th Infantry Division A.I.F. on 13th February 1915. His active service forms state that he embarked overseas per H.M.A.T. 'Geelong', on 31st May 1915 and arrived in Alexandria, Egypt, on 4th September 1915 to join the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (Gallipoli) . He again disembarked in Alexandria on 10th January 1916 and was transfered to the 2nd Pioneer Battalion in Ismailia, Egypt. His unit then proceeded to join the British Expeditionary Force on 19th March 1916 and disembarked in Marseilles (France) on 26th March 1916. On 6th September 1916, he was awarded the Military Medal by the Army Corps Command in the field, "for services rendered during recent fighting at Pozieres, France." Another form states that he received his medal for " Gallantry and Self Sacrifice displayed during the recent fighting at Pozieres," France. Family sources say that he received commendation for bringing in a wounded lieutenant under heavy machine gun fire.

His wife received a letter stating " Dear Madam, I have pleasure in forwarding herewith a copy of extract from Third Supplement No 29758 to the London Gazette of 19th September 1916, relating to the conspicuous services rendered by No. 901, Private G. Riding, 2nd Pioneer Battalion. Awarded The Military Medal. His Majesty The King has been graciously pleased to confer the Military Medal for bravery in the field to the ....... soldier. The above has been promulgated in Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, No 184 of 14th December 1916".

Whilst on leave on 2nd November 1916, he was admitted to hospital in Lancaster then transfered to the 1st Auxiliary Military Hospital at Harefield Park, Middlesex, N.Y.D. ( not yet diagnosed). On 22nd December 1916 whilst at Harefield Park Hospital his diagnosis was "Pleuro pneumonia from Ypres", his temperature rose every evening but he showed no signs of TB in his sputum. The Board's finding on 9th January 1917 was that he was permanently unfit for general service and unfit for Home Service for more than 4 months. Signed by Col. H.C. Maudsley.

Major James A. Smeal, Australian Army Medical Corps, wrote on 10th January 1917, "Tubercule Bacilli found in sputum since the above report written. " To the question " To what extent is his capacity for earning a full livelihood in the general labour market lessened at present?" the answer was " 1/4, one quarter".

On 22nd February 1917, Gordon embarked at the port of Avonmouth and returned to Australia on a Lower Berth on H.S. 'Karoola' with "Pleurisy and Pneumonia". He disembarked in Melbourne on 10th April 1917 and was transfered to the hospital at Keswick, Adelaide. On 12th April 1917 his records states " Complaining of cough and expectoration. Right side of chest moves less than left. PN dull over extensive area, front and back. Breath sounds are weak. Heart sounds are weak also. Sputum shows no TB but abundant mixed micro -organisms. Discharged as medically unfit, incapacity 3/4. "

His wife, Jeanette received the following letter, "Dear Madam, I am in receipt of cable advice to the effect that No. 901, Private G. Riding, 2nd Pioneers is returning to Australia on Hospital Ship " Karoola" and is due in Adelaide about the 8/4/17. It is to be noted that owing to possible mutilations in the cable advise and other causes this notification may not be correct pending verification from the roll on arrival of the Troopship. Yours faithfully, J.M. Lean. Major- Officer i/c Base Records."

His Medical Report of 29th December 1916 states that the date and place of the origin of his disability was 28th September 1916 at Ypres, France. "Invalided with Pleuro pneumonia . No previous history of that trouble. Pleura tapped 3 weeks later." Cause, " climate exposure".

He was discharged from the Army on 6th July 1917 with his conduct whilst on active service being described as "good". On 17th July 1917, whilst living at John Street, Payneham, Adelaide, Gordon was granted a pension of £3 fortnightly. His wife, Jeanette, was granted £1.10.0 per fortnight and his daughter Annie, who was only six, received 20/- per fortnight. Ix

After returning home, the doors of their house were widened to accommodate his wheelchair . The Red Cross gave them a car and Aunt Jeanette drove them both to Sydney once and regularly to Port Augusta to get fish from the boats. Lena Huntington remembers them regularly driving to Murray Bridge at Easter. Once Aunt Jeanette showed her a small length of blue ribbon Uncle Gordon had tied around her finger and said, "Now we are engaged." There was a photograph of him in "The Advertiser" showing him in a wheel chair shaking the hand of the Duke of Gloucester. (Photo available) His brother Jack would make him very annoyed by alluding to his large nose as follows... "I reckon as how grandfather Robinson crossed the River Jordan." {meaning it looked Jewish} iii


5. Janet ( Jenny) RIDING- my grandmother ; click here for a separate chapter

6. Lilian RIDING - my step grandmother & great aunt

Birth: 22 Mar 1891, Lancaster xv
Death: 3 Mar 1953, Home for Incurables, Ryde NSW xxvi

1st Marriage: Fred Shaw born 11 Mar 1890 ii son of William Shaw. Fred, a foreman, lived at 8 Gordon Terrace, Lancaster at the time of their marriage 6 Feb 1915 in St. Paul's Church of England, Scotforth. Iv Fred died of peritonitis in 1916. xv

2nd Marriage:
Tom Davies , (my grandfather) a widower, on 31 Jul 1920, at St Pauls Church of Ireland, Scotforth iv20 Tom was born Joseph Thomas Davies 20 Nov 1889, at 4 Back George St, Lancaster UK i Son of John Davies & Sarah Lewis from Llanidloes, Wales. Tom was a labourer/ foreman. He died 27 Dec 1971, at Nursing Home, Harris Park, NSW and was cremated 30 Dec 1971 at Rookwood NSW xxvi

Their child:
Margery Davies born 2 APR 1922, in Lancaster UK. xv Marge married Fred Brown 13 Mar 1943, at Granville Baptist Church, NSW xv. Their children (my cousins) are James Frederick (Jimmy) born 1949, Jeffery Thomas born 1952 and William (Bill) born 1953. Email me for some photos.

Lilian was 5ft 4 1/2 inches tall with grey eyes. xxvii She left school at 13 and went into 'service' , giving her mother most of her salary to help with the expenses of such a large family. Xv Lilian married Fred Shaw in February 1915. Witnesses at the wedding were, her sister, Ethel and Thomas Shaw iv She always blamed herself for Fred's early death from a ruptured appendix. She told the doctor that he had stomach pains and the doctor told her to apply a hot poultice, which then brought on the rupture. Xv

After her sister, Jenny's early death from TB, and the death of her own husband , Lilian married Tom Davies in 1920. Witnesses to the wedding were her brother & sister, Ethel & Edison. (Wedding photo available). Tom and Jenny's son, Wilfred aged 5 went to live with them. Their own , Margery, was born in 1922 and when she was a baby they emigrated to Australia on the P & O ship, SS Borda.

Lilian Riding

The steamer left Tilbury Docks London on 18th October 1923. They had been sponsored as migrants by Lilian's brother Jack and their ticket shows that they were third class or steerage passengers. Their cabins held eight births and the males and females were separated. Tom and Wilfred's ticket cost £49.10.0 whilst Lilian and Margery's ticket cost £33 (half price for females) The ticket has some interesting specifications. Their luggage could not exceed fifteen cubic feet per person but anything over that could not exceed a value of £10. Their weekly provisions were clearly stated. Per month, per adult they were:

Beef or pork 2lb 4 oz .... .. Preserved meat 1lb... Suet 6oz.....Butter 4 oz .... Bread or biscuit not inferior to Navy biscuit 2lb 3 oz
Wheaten flour 3lb 8oz...... Oatmeal, rice ,peas 2lb.....Potatoes 2lb.......Raisins 6oz....Tea 2oz...Sugar 1lb...Salt 2oz... Mustard 1/2oz....
Pepper,black or white 1/4oz .....Dried vegetables 8oz.......Vinegar or pickles 1 gill. Xxvii

The family lived for a few years in Murray Bridge , South Australia. With several other UK migrants and sister Maggie and sister-in-law Maggie, Lilian joined the Salvation Army Home League. One social evening she started to sing a solo, "My Little Gray Home in the West". Unfortunately she got the giggles and couldn't go on. Iii The family moved to Granville in New South Wales and after renting several houses in the district finally bought a house at 35 John Street, Granville. Lil had a hysterectomy around 1935 and was told to rest for a few months so she decided to visit her sisters in South Australia. She and Margery travelled by train. Their first stop was Melbourne where they stayed with Ethel and Ciss and then on to Murray Bridge, where they stayed for three months.

Their daughter, Margery, and husband Fred, lived with them after their marriage in 1943 then Fred was away for several years during World War 2 in New Guinea and surrounding islands. After the war, Fred was able to get a War Service home at 146 South Street, Rydalmere and they lived there for about twelve months. Lilian became increasingly ill with breast cancer and Margery used to travel from Rydalmere each day to look after her. Towards the end the cancer had spread to Lilian's spine and legs and so Margery and Fred decided to move back to the house at Granville. After Lilian died of breast cancer in 1953 they remained there to look after Tom. Xv

Lilian was cremated at Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney and it was her wish that no plaque be erected because after her sister Ethel had died, she and Ciss Richmond used to visit the grave every week and it only caused heartache. She didn't want her daughter to go through this. Xv

Click here for more photos and Tom Davies story.


7. Edison (Ted) RIDING

Birth: 1 Jul 1892, Lancaster UK ii
Death: Sep 1939 , Haig Ave, Westfield, Lancaster UK xviii
Burial: Scotforth Cemetery 11 Sep 1939 at 3pm; section 2 #221 at a cost of £1.17.6 xviii

Married: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cooper in 1919 in Haslingdon, Lancashire xii

Their children:
Arthur Riding born 1920
John Riding born 1922
James Riding born 1923
Elizabeth Riding
Annie Riding
born 1928
Gordon Riding born 1929
Ethel Riding born 1931 (died 1 Oct 1931 aged 2 days; buried Scotforth Cemetery)
Lilian Riding born 1934
Wilfred Riding born 1936

Edison Riding c. 1916

Edison was known as Ted. As a young man he was a voluntary cadet in the Territorial unit of the 5th Batt.Kings Own Lancaster Regiment. xix He came out to Australia in December 1911 on 'TSS Waimana', the same ship as his future sister-in-law Jeanette Smith. Whilst in Australia, he worked on the railways at Tailem Bend near Murray Bridge S.A.iii He regularly sent money home for his mother and was in constant communication with the family. Xix

He returned to England in 1914 because his mother was dying. Unfortunately she died before he arrived. Vii He obtained work with the lino manufacturer, Storey Bros & Co Ltd, Lancaster before enlisting in the army. xx He was #1782 with the 5th Battalion Kings Own Regiment, Lancaster which at one time was stationed at #FF Base, Rouen, France . xxi He lost his right arm during combat but his sister, Maggie said it was amazing what he could accomplish with just one arm. Iii He was best man at the wedding of his sister Lilian to Tommy Davies in 1920. (photo available)

One his Ted's sons was on the battleship 'Prince of Wales' during WW2, but was discharged with Ptosis (drooping eyelids), three weeks before it was sunk. Iii
Ted committed suicide. Even as a child he was rather depressed. Apparently as a lad, he threatened to drown himself in the canal, so his mother said, "Right, I'm coming with you ." Obviously he didn't proceed at that time. Iii


8. Wilfred RIDING

Birth: 11 Mar 1894, Lancaster UK xii
Death: 2 Feb 1971, Beford Park Medical Centre, South Australia xxii
Burial: RSL Section , Centennial Park Cemetery, Adelaide xxii
Occupation: builder's labourer & scaffolder xxii

Married: Elizabeth (Ciss) Leeming, 9 Sep 1920, St Pauls, Scotforth, Lancaster UK xxii
Birth: 9 Jun 1895, Lancaster UK xxii
Death: 2 Jul 1970, Adelaide, South Australia xxii

Their children:
Lillian Riding born 18 Jul 1921, Lancaster UK xxii. She married Walter Clarence Wilson 26 Sep 1942, at Cowandilla Presbyterian Church SA xxii. Their children are Terence Berick born 1947 and Graham Ronald born 1953.She loved travelling. Lilian died 1 DEC 1997, at Glenelg Beach , Sth Australia and was cremated, Centennial Park, Adelaide SA xxiii

Ronald Wilford Riding born 25 Jan 1925, Adelaide S.A.xxii He married Helen Jean Wilson in 1950 and lived in Seacliff, South Australia. Xv Their children are Tara born 1951, Christopher born 1953 & Anthony born 1954.

Elizabeth Leeming and Wilfred Riding

Wilfred (known as Bill), who was 20 when he joined up, served firstly in the 5th Battalion Kings Own Regiment in the British Expeditionary Forces but spent most of the war years with the Seaforth Highland Regiment as a private #3298. xxviii He volunteered for several courses. He was a very good shot and at one time he had a sniper's shot gun and represented his Company in a shooting tournament. He also joined the Cycling Corps attached to the Seaforths. xxii In 1914, just before his mother died, he sent her a religious card from Holland, which she loving kept in her Prayer Book.xxiv (photo available)

Bill and his wife, Elizabeth but known as Ciss, emigrated to Australia after the war in 1923 and they settled in Adelaide. Their children Lillian and Ronald would often ask their father to tell them a war story of a Sunday evening and after a bit of a concert from the children, Bill would tell them a story. A particular favourite one was when he was on point duty and had to stop the Prince of Wales. As an adult Lillian realised the horrors that these soldiers had gone through yet her father never gave an inking of it. Xxii
Bill worked as a builders' labourer and a scaffolder and in his later years he was a cook for the labouring gang which worked a lot in the country areas. He was a good cook and always cooked the Sunday breakfast. Xxii
He died aged 77 of throat cancer like his youngest sister, Ethel. Xxii . Wilfred's gravestone in Centennial Park is in Derrick Gardens Row Dg, Path 19 Site 3B xxxiii


9. Phyllis Riding born 1895 but died when a small child

10. Ethel RIDING

Born: 21 Sep 1896 Lancaster UK ii
Death: 19 Jan 1937 at 38 John Street, Granville, Sydney xxv
Burial: 20 Jan 1937 Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney xv #718 in the J section of the Independent Section -no headstone
Occupation: factory worker

During World War 1, Ethel was a munitions worker in Lancaster. Iii She emigrated to Australia in 1923 with her friend Ciss Richmond, whom she had shared a house with and worked with in Lancaster. They were on the same boat as Tom and Lilian Davies ( SS Borda).
When Tommy and family got off in South Australia, Ethel and Ciss continued on to Sydney and lived in Trongate Street, Granville, just four doors down the road from the Pettits. Xv Ethel worked in the factory called Perdeau's which made rubber products and was eventually taken over by Goodyear Tyres. During the Depression in the thirties, Tom lost his job but Ethel and Ciss were still working. As they lived in a big house, Tom, Lilian and children moved in with them. Lilian did the cooking and housework as recompense. Xv Around 1934 Ethel and Ciss moved to Melbourne.

Later when Ethel became ill she went to live at 38 John Street, Granville with Tom ,Lilian and family. She was supposed to travel into Prince Alfred Hospital each day for treatment of cancer of the throat but finally decided not to. She died a few weeks afterwards aged 41. She had been an active sportswoman xv
Ethel Riding



i. Birth Certificate (copies available )
ii Jenny Riding's Diary....'Birthday Chimes from Tennyson' given to Jenny by her sister, Lilian on her 19th birthday. It was given to Annie Huntington by Lilian before she sailed for Australia and passed then on to Lena Huntington. Lena sent it to me in APR 1996.
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xxviii. gravestone inscription



















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