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Dundrum Castle

Place Names of Co. Down: Da......- Dro.....


Da....... De...... Dh....... Di...... Do....... Dro.........

Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Dairy Bridge Newtownards 15:49/77 over Cully's Burn; 3km NW of Newtownards town .
Dairy Hill Magheradroll 20:36/55 3km N of Ballynahinch on the Carryduff road
Dairy Lough Saintfield 20: 37/56 near Glasdrumman townland; on the back road from Ballynahinch to Carryduff; click here to see its location on a map
Daisy Hill House Kilbroney 29: 22/15 farm, 6km SE of Rostrevor on Kilkeel road, Killowen; residence of Mrs. Margaret Small in 1867 & Thomas Smith in 1907 & Hugh Moffett in 1910
MS WAG p 57 ; MIs; CM; POD
Daisy Hill Seapatrick . hill & farm just SE of Banbridge V12 p 2 OSM
Daisyville Bangor . villa in Crawfordsburn Rd, Bangor; residence of James Hanna in 1901 POD
Dalaraida Cottage ? . residence of Michael McCartan 11 Jul 1835 NH
Dalchoolin Holywood . house & farm of 28 acres in Ballycultra townland/ Craigavad; leased by William Crawford in 1852 & 1863 from rep. Robert S. Kennedy ; owned by James Moore in 1876 with 47 acres ; residence of Martin & Susan Fitzsimons in 1917 POD; GV; LOI; CWGC
Dalkeith Knockbreda . in Hawthornden Rd, Knock; residence of James M. Calder in 1902
Dalmeny House Bangor . 2 Downshire Rd, Bangor; built in 1905 for Mr John Wood by architect Ernest Woods; photo available
Bangor p62
Damandoo Castleboy . possibly an early form of Loughdoo PR
Damolly Newry 29: 9/29 a townland 2km N of Newry; 508 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' house of the round hill'; corn & flour mill here in 1836; proprietor Col. White & Lord Newry; farms from 5-100 acres; Mr Henan held most of the land; Mr Boyde & Mr Glenny had a corn mill & spade mill on the Newy Canal on the east side of this townland in 1836 V3 p 78, 107 OSM; PNNI V1 p 19;DDPP p 2
Damolly House Newry . residence of Mr. Archibald Little & Mr. Richard Coulter in 1881
Dam View Comber . house & farm of 63 acres in Monlough townland; leased by William Kennedy in 1863 from John Bennett
Damynen Kilkeel . alternate name for Drummanmore townland in Rent Roll of 1575
PNNI V3 p 37
Danecroft Newtownards . residence of Thomas Drake in 1910
Danes Bridge Point Kilkeel 29: 36/18 rocky coast in Irish Sea, 2km SW of Annalong
Danes Cast Aghaderg
. large ancient earthworks that runs through several townlands; also called Black Pig's Dyke
old b/w map D5; PNNI V1 p 109; DDPP p37
Danes Point Killyleagh 21: 53/56 in Strangford Lough, in Ringdufferin townland
Darginstown Moira . a house cluster
Darganstown House Moira . a farm; residence of John Byrne in 1857 & George Kerr in 1910 & William Gerorge Kerr in 1918
Darlackough Newry . alternate spelling for Ferryleckagh townland in Bagenall rent Roll of 1575
PNNI V1 p 22
Darraghcross Killinchy 21: 45/58 a townland 4km SE of Saintfield on Killyleagh road; means' oak crossroads'; Carrickmannon Catholic chapel situated there; inquest re Mary Miller's death 20 Mar 1912 ; photo of Darragh Cross Primary School students in 1956 available (24/11/99)
DR 2/5/2012 p40; DR*
Darragh Island Killinchy 21: 53/60 in Strangford Lough, 4km E of Killinchy; 18 acres;; belong to Ringhaddy townland; click here to see its location on a townland map
V7 p 86, 92 OSM  
Dead Manís Island Kilkeel 29: 24/13 in Carlingford Lough near Greencastle; when anyone drowsn in this area, the body is washed up here
PNNI V3 p 58.
Dead Man's Island Newtownards 15:56/76 farms on Mill Burn; 4km W of Millisle .
Deans Turn (The) Donaghcloney . farm; 2km SW of Waringstown old b/w map H2/3
Decarrickomustra Clonallan . alternate name for Carrickmacstay townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI V1 p 69
Decca Lodge Holywood . residence of Dr. Kelly in 1852 POD




Drumgooland 20: 24/41 a townland of 1525 acres; 2kn N of Moneyslane village; click here to see its location on a townland map ; good views from Deehommad Mountain ; old Glebe House; proprietor Lord Dungannan in 1836 ; old church here in 1657; ancient burying place & stone cross here; Catholic chapel & general graveyard here; mountains; in 1659 Census it was called Dicovott and there were 20 Irish families here only; by 1841 Census there were 144 families with 384 males & 396 females; murder J. Paxton 15 May 1847; murder of a daughter 18 Dec 1858; iron ore mines 31 Jan 1880; mineral wealth 10 Sep 1881; iron ore resources 18 Aug 1883 ; school here V3 p 22, 23, 24, 83 OSM :DCPH p 41, 47, 131; DR; NWAG p 38; GIC; GIPR; MO 7/04; DDPP p62
De Courcy's Castle Down . part of it remains as the tower for St. Margaret's Church of Ireland in Church St, Downpatrick originally built 1560 then rebuilt LM 1989 p13
Deens Place Saintfield . residence of John Cardwell in 1901 POD
Deer Bay Bangor 15:60/84 northern shore of Copeland Island .
Deer Park Ardkeen . farm ; deer raised here PNNI V2 p 19; MOA p190
Deer Park Dromara 4km SE of Dromara; highest point in the parish; uncultivated in 1836 V12 p 62, 63 OSM; old b/w map L10
Deer Park Ballyculter . near Strangford Bay; part of Castleward Estate V17 p 26 OSM
Deerís Meadow Clonduff 29: 27/26 in the Middle of the Mourne Mountains 6km SE of Hilltown; free grazing in 1836; the poor people even erected huts in summer to live in and also collected turf for the winter ; also called King's Meadow ; photo available V3 p3 OSM; PNNI V3 p 136; CP 22/3/2012
Dehra Lodge
at Sydenham Ave , Strandtown ; vacant residence in 1902
Delabrook Cottage Dundonald . just E of Grahams Bridge & Dundonald Railway Station; residence of Thomas Lowry in 1902
OS map 1902; POD
Delamont House Killyleagh 21: 51/51 farm estate; 2km S of Killyleagh; residence of magistrate David Gordon in 1803; outrages, pistols found at Strangford 16 Jan 1847; corn stacks burnt 11 Jan 1851; residence of Rev. J.C. Grodon in 1852; incendiary fire property Rev J Gordon; death of Robert Francis Gordon Esq. 13 Jan 1883; residence of Alexander F. St.G. & A.M.H. Gordon in 1886 & A.H. Gordon J.P. in 1910 ;Mrs. Gordon entertained blind soldiers 28 Aug 1937
MO 18/6/03; POD; DR
Delling Little Ballee see Dillin
Demesne Ardquin a townland of 211 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; pronounced Dee- main; proprietor Major Matthews in 1836 ; there is only one farm of 36 acres in this townland; tenant also had rights to the shore and collect kelp (seaweed) but had to give half to the landlord
Vl 17 pa 125, 126, 127 OSM ; PNNI V2 p 35
Demesne of Down Down a townland of 1486 acres; part of Downpatrick town; click here to see its location on a townland map; several schools here in 1836; land owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford in 1836; there were 37 houses; 18 families employed in agriculture & 12 in trade; 105 males & 116 females; 2 professionals & 5 servants ; lands in fee, "The Green" notice 21 Sep 1867; manor estate for sale 15 Feb 1868; I have indexed the full listings from dwellings 140-182 of Griffiths Valuations of 1864 in Surnames Index V17 p 52, 53, 54 OSM; DR
Demesne of Seaforde Loughinisland an estate; 1013 acres; property of the Forde family; the village of Seaforde was built to service the demesne  .
Demesne Shankill 259 acres; in Co Armagh in 1999  .
Demiville House Hillsborough a farm near Hillsborough; residence of Andrew McBride in 1910 POD
Demolly Newry alternate spelling for Damolly townland PNNI V1 p 19
Demsper's Grove Dromara . possibly in Drumadoney townland; residence of Miss Elinor Dempster in 1742 Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 111 p70
Den (The) Holywood . residence at the top of Station Rd, Sydenham c. 1920; residence of Gustav Wolff (ship builder); still standing but divided into two dwellings by 1982 ACS p6
Deneight Blaris see Duneight V12 p 38 OSM
Denisvale Hillsborough . farm; near River Lagan; 3km N of Hillsborough town old b/w map M4
Denvirs Hotel Down . in English St, Downpatrick; built as a coaching inn in 1642 by John & Ann McGreevy; bought by William Hamilton by 1708 & called Price's Arms in 1778 then in 1797 owned by John Denvir . The proprietor in 1890 was Arthur McEvoy then Alexander Moore 1902 to at least 1910 then Hayes family in 1934 ; click here for a n old postcard c. 1900 DR* 28/9/1936L; LM 1984 p11; LM 1999 p37-43 (pictures); DT p49 (photos
Derrillackoghe Newry . alternate spelling for Derryleckagh townland in 1659 census PNNI V1 p 22
Derry Ballyphilip a townland 2km NE of Portaferry; 267 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' oak wood'; granted by King Charles 1st to Hugh, Viscount Montgomerie c. 1623; in 1659 there were 2 English/Scots & 2 Catholic families; proprietor Mr Camac of Philadelphia & Rev. Mr. Blacker in 1836; ruins of 2 ancient church here V7 p8 & V1 p123, 124, 126 OSM;SP; HMNI p 91; O'L V1 p 404; PNNI V2 p 47
Derry Dromara 20: 30/51 a townland 3km NE of Dromara; 631 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; some uncultivated acres in 1836 ; means 'wood' V12 p 63, 65 OSM: BH
Derry Shankill a townland of 152 acres; in Co Armagh in 1999  .
Derry Beg Newry 29: 7/28 a townland of 369 acres: 2km NW of Newry town; in Co Armagh in 1999; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'little oakwood'
PNNI V1 p 20.;DDPP p2
Derry More Newry detached townland of 325 acres; 2km W of Newry town; in Co Armagh in 1999; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' large oakwood'; originally part of Bagenal Estatet in 1575
PNNI V1 p 20 
Derryboy Killyleagh 21: 48/56 a townland 4km NW of Killyleagh; 1032 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' yellow oak wood'; school TCC p 33
Derryboy Cottage
Derraboy Cottage
Killyleagh 21: 48/57 farm; 5km NW of Killyleagh; residence of James Gourley Esq. J.P.- who wrote geography & geology of east Down 11 & 18 Dec 1880 & 1886 & 1910
Derryboy House
Killyleagh . farm; residence of Francis Lindsay in 1864
Derryboy Cross Killyleagh . 4km NW of Killyleagh
old b/w map R11
Derryboy Lough Killyleagh 21: 47/57 small lake, 5km NW of Killyleagh
Derryboy Newry  . a townland 4km N of Newry town ; 304 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' the oakwood of the yellow ford'; originally part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575; proprietor Col. White in 1836; poor land in the middle but rich on the east & west sides; farms from 5-15 acres; rents 30-53 shillings an acre; V3 p 106 OSM; PNNI V1 p 21; DDPPp2
Derryburn Bridge Dromara . over a stream just N of Dromara town old b/w map K8
Derrycormuck Aghaderg or Derrydromuck or Doredromock or Derrydrimmuck V12 p 2 OSM
Derrycraw Donaghmore 29: 9/34 a townland 7km N of Newry town; 384 acres ;click here to see its location on a townland map; first & best school in the area in 1836; 4 acres of bog; proprietor T Corry Esq. in 1836; V3 p 8, 9 OSM; PNNI V1 p 98; DDPP p37
Derrydromuck Aghaderg   spelling in Vestry Register for Derrydrummuck; also spelt Derryvormuck in 1611 , Doredromock in 1834 or Derrydrimmuck V12 p 2 OSM; PNNI V6 p 32
Derrydrummuck Aghaderg 20: 13/40 a townland of 729 acres; 6km S of Banbridge; highest point in the parish;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' oakwood of the ridge of the pigs'; tenant Samuel McAlister, mill here in 1836 V12 p 7,12 OSM; PNNI V6 p 32
Derrydrummult Moira 20: 16/63 a townland 1km NE of Moira; 130 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' oakwood of the ridge of the wethers'; originally owned by Sir Art Mageniis; proprietor Sir R. Bateson in 1836 V12 p 120 OSM; PNNI V6 p 286
Derryhanaghan Blaris in 1836, Henry Barns & Henry McCorry to repair Derryhanaghan Lane from the main road to Lord Hertford's great moss, parish works program V12 p 42 OSM
Derryhea Park Kilkeel 29: 36/22 farm, 2 km NW of Annalong;
PNNI V3 p 58 
Derry Hall Newtownards . residence of Peter Dobson Esq. in 1846 & 1852
Derry Hill Ballyphilip 21: 60/52 2km NE of Portaferry
Derry Hill Down 21: 44/44 hill overlooking Magheralagan Lough; 4km W of Downpatrick
Derryhirke Donaghcloney . a hamlet in Bangoe townland in 1609
PNNI V6 p 89
Derry House Newtownards . residence of Mr. Stewart Esq. in 1777
SHM '98 p 42
Derrylackagh Derryleckagh
Newry a townland 3km E of Newry town; 631 acres witha lake of 78 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' oakwood abounding in flagstones'; owned by Newry Abbey in 1157 with Cistercian monks living at the Mill; then part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575; proprietors J. Middlemen, Morten Sparrow & J.C. Cowan in 1836; rents were 15 shillings an acre; 2 four mills & corn mill & bog in 1836 ;fir plantation at Templegowran House; 3 flour mills, mostly Catholic tenants; surnames McCavna, OíHear & Trainor prevailing in 1836 ; Templegowran graveyard here , very old; owned by Marquis of Angelsey but leased to the Needhams, rent rolls 1810-1855 in PRONI; the executors of Marquis of Anglesey sold this townland 15 May 1858, for sale again 10 Sep 1867, yearly estimated profit rent of £418 16s 6d
V3 p 61, 78, 107,108 OSM: OFN; PNNI V1 p 21; DDPP p2,25; Freeman's Journal, Dublin
Derryleckagh House Newry 29: 13/27 farm, 4km E of Newry town  .
Derryleckagh Lough Newry 29: 13/26 large lake ;4km E of Newry town  .
Derryleckagh Wood Newry 29: 12/26 between Derryleckagh Bog & Lough
Derrylery Dromara . in Derry townland; residence of William Rogers in 1836 & James Johnston in 1855
IIW V4 p67,132
a townland in the Co. Antrim part of this parish; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' fort of the apple place'
PNNI V6 p 230
Derrylough Annaclone 20: 15/44 a townland 4km SE of Banbridge; 222 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' oakwood of the lake'; owned by Robert Gordon Esq. of Ballintaggart in 1720; chool here supported by the Hibernian Sunday School Sociey in 1817 with 128 students attending ; corn mill here in 1836 V12 p 14, 16, 18 OSM; PRONI T/2462/3 p10 ; HSSS; PNNI V6 p 71
Derrymackminisky Dromore . spelling for Edenordinary in Rent Roll of 1692
PNNI V6 p 124
Derrymore House
Derramore House
Newry . in Newry; residence of Isaac Corry c. 1800 & Dr. Lightburn 5 Jan 1865 & Isaac Smyth c. 1880
findmypast archives; OFN p xv; PPNZ
Derryneill Drumgooland 20: 27/40 a townland 2km N of Ballyward ; 1049 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; in 1659 Census it was called Dorrynelle & there were 16 Irish families here only; by 1841 Census there were 127 families with 304 males & 332 females ; Craigs Hill in this townland has the Offering Stone from penal times; Baptist church here
DCPH p 47,50,131; GIC
Derryneil Hill Drumgooland 29: 27/39 1km N of Ballyward village
Derryneill House Drumgooland . residence of Samuel Rea c. 1895
Kilkeel 29: 29/13 a townland 1km SW of Kilkeel town; ancient Driogg; 659 acres; click here to see its location on a map;means 'Riog's oak wood'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1552 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; in 1659 there were 2 English/Scots & 4 Irish families here & the owner was Richard Houston Esq; a temporary Fever Hospital was built here in 1847
CM ; SP; PNNI V3 p 10, 34; MO 5/8/2009 p6; MO 29/8/ 2007 p42 ; JMLSG 2010 p60
Derryoge Harbour Kilkeel 29: 30/12 in Irish Sea, 2km SW of Kilkeel town
Derryvale Dromara . residence of Miss E.R. Rogers in 1910
Derryvolgie Manor Lambeg . belonged to the Marquis of Hertford in 1836 ; residence of William Gregg Esq. in 1852 & 1862 V12 p 32 OSM; POD



Newry 29: 13/30 a townland 5km NE of Newry town; 685 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means' the hermitage'; formerly attached to the convent in Newry, revenue given to the monks until the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575; proprietors Marquis of Anglesey & Lord Kilmorey in 1836; agent Mr Henry; convent lands; one bog; 2 flax mills;one corn mill; 2 bridges; crops were mianly oats, flax or potatoes;farms were from 5-40 acres; rents from 10 shillings to £2; the road from Newry to Rathfriland passes through; cottages were stone, lime or mud, generally thatched; owned by Marquis of Angelsey but leased to the Needhams, rent rolls 1810-1855 in PRONI V3 p 78, 108, 109 OSM; PNNI V1 p 22
Desertmoy Seapatrick . alternate name for Seapatrick in 12th & 13th centuries PNNI V6 p 302, 303
Deveight House Blaris . in Lisburn; death of Dr Emerson Wilson Henry , brother of W. Tennent Henry 10 Dec 1881 DR
Deveny Villas Holywood . 24 & 26 Victoria Rd , Sydenham ; residence William Graydon & William Ireland in 1902
Devernagh Newry  . see under Divernagh .
Devils Coachroad Kilcoo 29: 33/28 deep chasm, on Slieve Beg in the Mournes; 4km SW of Newcastle
PNNI V3 p 136 
Devilís Jacks Ballywalter caora.com
Devonshire Arms Seapatrick
an inn in Newry St, Banbridge; proprietor in 1846 was Titus Burgess
Dewberry Dromore . farm;5km SE of Dromore town
old b/w map I 7
Dhuglen Dromara see Dooglen
Diamond Donaghcloney . farm; 1km NE of Waringstown
old b/w map i 3
Diamond (The) Dromore 20: 21/50 stepped crossroads ; near Skeagh townland; 4km SSE of Dromore town near Diamond Hill
old b/w map i7; PNNI V6 p 122, 141, 146
Diamond View Dromore . farm in Skeagh; residence of Mrs Martin in 1910
Diamond (The) Drumballyroney 29: 19/37 crossroads , in Lisnacroppan townland, 3km N of Rathfriland
PNNI V6 p 180 
Diamond Lodge Aghaderg . farm; 2km W of Loughbrickland
old b/w map E6

Diamond Rocks
Diamond Mountain

Kilkeel 29: 33/29 on Slieve Corragh in the Mourne Mountains, 4km SW of Newcastle; source of the Kilkeel River; 1331 feet above sea level; site of topaz, quartz, beryl & mica;craggy peaks
V3 p 46 OSM ; NWAG p 31 , 39; PNNI V3 p 136
Diaper Hill Donaghcloney 20: 10/54 farm; 4km W of Donaghcloney town; named for Irish diaper or linen made near here; residence of Joseph McCaw in 1846
PNNI V6 p 98; DR
Dibney River Killyleagh 21: 50/53 flows past Killyleah & into Strangford Lough
Dickeys Rocks Kilbroney 29: 21/14 in Carlingford Lough,in Ballindoalty townland; aned after a local family
PNNI V1 p 157 
Dicks Bay Kilkeel 29: 36/18 on rocky coast in Irish Sea, 2km SW of Annalong
Dickson's Close Killyleagh . farml 4km NW of Killyleagh
old b/w map R11
Dicksons Hill Drumgooland 29: 24/38 2km S of Moneyslane village
ol b/w map H10.
Dicksons Island Ballyculter 21: 57/50 in Castleward Bay, Strangford lough, 1km NW of Strangford town  .
Dillisk Rock Tyrella 21: 47/35 large rock off Tyrella Beach in Dundrum Bay


Little Delling

Ballee a townland 2km NW of Ballee village; click here to see its location on a townland map; sold to Downpatrick Estate in 1710; her interest sold by Mrs. James Maguire to Thomas Nevin 1726; Rev. Nevin's estate sold part lease to Dr. Richard Baldwin in 1752 ; Mrs. Nevin sold her interest to Trinity College, Dublin in 1752; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & John W. Maxwell with proprietor Trinity College Dublin in 1836 ; good arable soil; there was only one family needing famine relief in Aug 1847; article on townland 2 Jan 1869 V17 p 20, 22, 23 OSM; DR; LM 1985 p7;LM 1991 p25; O'L V1 p 307 & B p 140; FCD s2 p 25
Dillon House Ballee 21: 52/43 farm, 3km SE of Downpatrick; death of Mrs Mussenden 28 Jul 1883
Dillon House Down . in Downpatrick; residence of Spencer Perceval in 1872 ; owned by Mrs. Spencer Perceval in 1876 with 858 acres; residence of James Heron in 1910
Loughinisland   alternate spelling for Dunnanew townland LCB p 81; DDW p 14
Dinnywater Kilkeel . Mass Rock here during Penal times
Dirielarkagh Newry . alternate anme for Derryleckagh townland on Subsidy Roll of 1663
PNNI V1 p 22
Dispensary Hill Kilcoo . site of Dr Hunter's dispensary & a school near Bryansford in 1826
KPCB p16
Divas Bangor . near Bangor town
IIW # 37686
Divernagh Newry . in Co. Armagh side; near Bessbrook

Divernagh House
Devernagh House

Newry  . residence of John White J.P. in 1881; death of Dr Emerson W. Henry, brother of W. Tennent Henry, born Devernagh House 10 Dec 1881 DR; POD
Dizarts Newry . alternate spelling for Desert townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663
PNNI V1 p 22
Doan Kilkeel 29: 30/26 mountain in The Mournes
PNNI V3 p 136 
Dobbins Point Kilbroney 29: 15/18 on Carlingford Lough, 1km E of Warrenpoint town; named after a local family
PNNI V1 p 157 
Dobbin's Row Newtownards fire in South Street, 7 burnt to death 5 Jun 1875 DR
Dobbinstown Magheradrool in Spa; residence of Thomas Palmer in 1910 POD
Doctors Bay Inishargy 21: 59/62 in Strangford Lough, 1km S of Kircubbin
Doctors Hill Ballyculter . on the Downpatrick road just outside Strangford village; stone quarry here in 1931
LM 1988 p28; Inv 2010 p6
Dodds Hill Drumgooland 29: 24/39 hill & farm on Drumadonnel river, 2km SW of Moneyslane village
Doddís Island Killyleagh 21: 53/55 in Strangford Lough, between Island Taggart & the mainland; 1 acre  .
Dogs Rock Bright 21: 53/34 rocks ;off shore just N of St. Johns Point  .
Dogtail Point Ballyphilip 21: 60/47 in the entrance to Strangford Lough near Tullycarnan townland  .
Dollingstown Magheralin 20: 10/59 village, 3km SW of Magheralin on Lurgan road; named after Rev. Dolling, rector of Magheralin
PNNI V6 p 252
Dollyís Brae Drumgooland 29: 30/37 a straight road; 3km NW of Castlewellan ; site of famous fracas: Catholics v. Orangemen 14 Jul 1849; click here for an old postcard MS WAG p85; DR
Domain Ardquin  . see under Demesne .
Domhnach-mor Donaghmore ancient parish name for Donaghmore V3 p 7 OSM
Donagh Cottage Donaghcloney 20: 13/54 farm; just NE of Donaghcloney village
PNNI V6 p 83
Donaghadee 15:60/80  a town & a parish on the Irish Sea; click here for a photo and more information' means ' Daoi's church' .
Donaghaguy Clonallan 29: 13/21 a townland 2km NW of Warrenpoint; 400 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map
PNNI V1 p 75 
Donaghcloney Donaghcloney 20: 13/54 a parish, a townland of 300 acres & a village ;8km N of Banbridge; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' church of the meadow';click here for a photo and more information .
Donaghcloney House Donaghcloney . residence of John Hale in 1892 OFB p 106
Donaghmore Donaghmore .
a parish just north of Newry; click here to see a map of the townlands;means ' large great church'; granted to Henry Ussher, Bishop of Armagh in 1611 ;member of Donaghamore Farming Society in drunken brawl in Wood's public house 21 Feb 1835; school here
PNNI V1 p 85; NH;
Donagholeny Donaghcloney .
spelling for Donaghcloney on Rent Roll of 1682
PNNI V6 p 82
a townland in the Co. Antrim part of this parish; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' fort of the stud' ; held by Sir Art Magennis in 1609
PNNI V6 p 231
Donald McKeys Bridge Clonduff . 2km NE of Hilltown
old b/w map E11
Donard Buildings Hotel Kilcoo . a family & commercial hotel in Newcastle; manager in 1910 was E. Brady
Donard Cove Kilmegan 29: 38/29 in Irish Sea; 3km S of Newcastle
old b/w map I15 
Donard Lodge Kilcoo house & farm of 783 acres in Ballaghbeg townland, just W of Newcastle in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains; demesne residence of Lord Annesley; built in 1830 by 3rd earl Annesley ; described as a very fine and ornamental building; woodlands only young in 1836; leased by Countess Annesley in 1846,1863 &1884 from Earl Annesley ; Earl Annesley's marine residence in 1870; a poem 19 Aug 1882; b/w photo available ; residence of James McAllister in 1910 ; property of Lord Annesley in 1914 & used to train members of Ulster Volunteer Force who had joined the British Army; used by American troops during 2nd World War;now demolished V3 p 42, 43 OSM; GV NWAG p 7, 8, 48; POD; DR; old b/w map I15; MO 22/8/2007; POD; LM 1997 p34; PE; LR 2012 p58 ; MO 11/6/ 2024 p45; MO 11/6/2014 p39 (photo)
Donard View Down . farm; just outside Downpatrick on the Saul road; residence of James & Maria Brown in 1875 & William Healy J.P. in 1898 & 1901 & W.S. Moore in 1910
old b/w map O14; PRONI Wills; Irish World NY; POD ; OSM map
Donard View Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of Daniel Law in 1910
Donard View Killyleagh . residence of Dr. Hans Harper in 1859
MID p116
Donard View Seapatrick . in Banbridge; residence of Thomas Crothers in 1910 & 1914
Donard Wood Kilcoo 29: 37/30 large forested area on the slopes of the Mourne Mountains near the coast
Donavel Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Dunnaval townland in 1794
PNNI V3 p 39
Donegall Arms Hotel Knockbreda . in Ravenhill Rd, Ballymacarrett; proprietor in 1852 was John Moore
Dongalman Donaghcloney . name for Magherana townland in papers of 1627
PNNI V6 p 92
Donnaclony Donaghcloney . spelling for Donaghcloney in 1679 Census
PNNI V6 p 82
Donna dia
Donaghadee . name of Donaghadee in 1597; means God's gift; & in 1659 census
V17 p 119 OSM; PNNI V2 p 179
Donnand's Brae Saintfield . a hill adjoining William Donnan's blacksmith forge in 1860
SHM '86 p 27
Donnellys Hillhead Donaghmore . farm; 6km NE of Newry town
old b/w map D8
Donnevan Kilkeel . alternate name for Dunnaman townland in 1830
PNNI V3 p 38
Donnonelle Dundonald . ancient name for Dundonald parish
LR 2005 p16
Donovar Ballywalter . see Dunover .
Doochrey Seapatrick . alternate spelling for Duchery townland
PNNI V6 p 311
Dooey Slanes a townland on the coast; 5km NE of Portaferry; 166 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' the sandbank'; in 1659 there were 7 English/Scots & 2 Catholic families; proprietor Rev Mr Blacker of Markethill in 1836
V17 p 125, 127 OSM; SP; PNNI V2 p 117
Dooey Hill Slanes 21: 64/53 Hill & farm; 4km NE of Portaferry
Dooghary Seapatrick . see under Dughary .


Magherahamlet or Dromara 20: 33/45 a townland 5km SE of Dromara; 572 acres of which 378 are Slieve Croob;click here to see its location on a townland map ;also called Black Valley; means ' black glen' ; owned by Lord Moira in 1782 (278 acres of arable land, 81 acres of turf bog )
V12 p 65 OSM ; EMLR; HMP
Doran's Hill Newry . residence of Lawrence Kelly in 1760 OFN p 165
Dorran's or Doran's Rock & Woods Saintfield . 3km SE of Saintfield on the Crossgar road, battle in 1798 United Irishmen Rebellion fought here; mentioned in reward posted in 1818; Lisowen National School here (photo available) taught by John Gourley in 1837 old b/w map Q10; BGHD p 113; SHM '86 p 51 & '90 p 30; V 7 p 116 OSM
Dordrumull Moira . alternate spelling for Derrydrummult townland in 1692 PNNI V6 p 286
Doredromock Aghaderg  . alternate spelling for Derrydrummuck townland V12 p 2 OSM
Dorman's Point Donaghadee 15:60/80 just E of Donaghadee town in Irish Sea .
Dorn (The) Ardkeen 21: 59/57 a small island in Strangford Lough , near the coast W of Ardkeen townland ; site of Hugh Savage's ancient castle ; means ' the fist'
O'L V1 p 423; PNNI V2 p 19
Dorothy Villas Holywood . 158 Larfield Rd, Sydenham; residence of the Bruce family on 1930s; demolished c. 2010 & replaced by modern housing; b/w photo available
ACS p132
Dougher Shankill a townland of 176 acres; in Co Armagh in 1999  .

Doughary/ Doughry

Seapatrick 20: 13/44 see Dughery V12 p 123 OSM
Doughertys Rock South & West Inishargy . on Strangford shore PNNI V2 p 96
Dowagh (The) Aghaderg
. alternate name for the Dane's Cast (ancient earthworks) c. 1810 PNNI V6 p 53 & V1 p 111
Dowerey Drumballyroney residence of Caldwell family in 1832 TAB
Dowey Slanes alternate spelling for Dooey townland in 1830 PNNI V2 p 117
Dowgane Tullylish . name of an ancneitn hamlet in Ballydugan townland in 1611 PNNI V6 p 330
Down Down . a parish with the main town of Downpatrick here ; click here to see its location on a townland map .
Downagee Cloanall . alternate spelling for Donaghaguy townland in 1659 census PNNI V1 p 75
Kilkeel . alternates name of Dunnaval townland in 1659 census & Rent Roll of 1540 SP; PNNI V3 p 39
Down Cottage Down residence of Rev. Richard Maxwell in 1824 POD
Down Demesne Down see Demesne of Down .
Downenowawes Kilkeel . alternate name for Dunnaman townland in rent roll of 1540
PNNI V3 p 38
Downeys Rock & Pladdy Inishargy 21: 55/65 rocks in Strangford Lough, 3km W of Herring Bay
PNNI V2 p 96 
Downemoyle Tullylish . an ancient lost townland, now part of Drummiller townland PNNI V6 p 327, 328, 339
Down Hunt Arms Hotel Down . in Market St, Downpatrick; proprietor in 1901 was George J. Acheson & in 1910 C. Acheson ; coonverted into the Belfast Bank in 1927; photo available POD; DT p41
Down Lodge Ballyculter . residence of the gate keeper to Old Court Estate; demolished in 1980; photo available LM 1987 p16
Downnan Kilkeel . alternate name for Dunnaman townland in 1659 SP
Downoman Kilcoo . alternate name for Slievenaman in 1610 PNNI V3 p 168
Downpatrick Down 21: 48/45 large town 30 km S of Belfast; click here for a photo and more information .
Down Rock Ballytrustan 21: 63/48 rock; in the Irish Sea in South Bay  .
Downshire Arms Inn Donaghadee . also a posting house; proprietor in 1824 was James Kelly
Downshire Arms Inn
Down . in Scotch St,Downpatrick; the propirietor in 1824 was Alexander McMullen
Downshire Arms Inn
Hillsborough . in Church St, Hillsborough; the proprietor in 1811 & 1824 was James North POD
Downshire Arms Hotel
Kilmegan . in Dundrum; built by the Hill/Downshire family c. 1780 as a meeting point; photo available; proprietor in 1910 was James Cochrane DR* 24/11/2004R; POD
Downshire Arms Hotel Seapatrick . in Banbridge; residence of H.L. Chambers in 1910
Downshire Bridge Kilmegan 21: 40/36 over Inner Dundrum Bay; links Dundrum to Murlough  .
Downshire Farm Bangor 15:52/78 large farm in Ballygrainey townland; 4km SSE of Bangor town .
Downshire Hotel Kilmegan . in Dundrum; VIP arrivals & departures 30 Nov 1861
Downshire House Hillsborough . residence of George Matthews Esq. in 1811 who was the Marquis of Downshire's chief agent
Downshire House Newry . house & garden in Downshire Rd, Newry; residence of Henry Thomson in 1850; leased by Henry Thomson in 1863 from Marquis of Downshire
OFN p 88; GV
Downshire Temperance Hotel Bangor . in Bangor; proprietor in 1901 was Mrs Fegan
Doyles Close Drumgooland 20: 22/42 farm; near Cloghskelt townland  .
Drameeny Kilcoo . alternate spelling for Drumena townland in rent roll of 1692
PNNI V3 p 109
Draper Hill Loughinisland 20: 37/45 house & estate of 267acres ; in Scrib townland; 4km WSW of Loughinisland village; residence of John Cromie in 1836; leased by John Mulholland in 1863 from William B. Forde
old b/w map L11; HCDTD p47;GV; LM 1983 p32
Dree Dromara 20: 29/46 a townland 3km S of Dromara; click here to see its location on a townland map; 1342 acres of which 630 acres is Slieve Croob; the River Lagan rises in this townland; means ' a portion'; proprietor was Lord Dungannon in 1836; I have indexed the people who leased land in this townland from the Trevor family 1607 -1900 throughout the Surnames Index; click here for a map of Lord Dungannon's tenants' farms from 1797 V12 p 64, 66 OSM; TEP; PRONI D/778 & D/ 1954
Dreeg Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Derryogue townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI V3 p 34
Drennan Drumbo 20: 32/60 a townland of 305 acres ;8km NW of Ballynahinch on the Lisburn road; click here to see its location on a map; the proprietor in 1833 was Mr. Hunter of Lisburn whose agent was Rev. E.J. Cordner of Lisburn; 17 landholders; rent from 30-40 shillings an acre; land quality middling; in 1833 there were 28 houses, 19 families employed in agriculture, 8 in trade; 78 males, 78 females; 12 servants; Rinderpest in this townland 19 May 1866; Presbyterian church here V7 p 58, 60, 61 OSM: DR; GIC
Drilling Field Annaclone . where Protestant settlers used to exercise in 17th century, called Annaclone Volunteers; near Gaurd House & Sentry Box PNNI V6 p 75,78
Drimsallagh Aghaderg 20: 9/41 see Drumsallagh; 690 acres V12 p 2 OSM
Drinkiragh Loughinisland mentioned in the 1659 census; possibly Drumkeeragh SP


Dromara 20: 31/47 a townland 4km SE of Dromara; click here to see its location on a townland map; click here for a photo and more information .
Drinnahilly Kilcoo 29: 35/30 hill on the slopes of the Mourne Mountains 2km SW of Newcastle; means ' ridge of the cock'; residence of Miss A.E. Barr in 1922
PNNI V3 p 137 ; POD
Drinneevar Kilcoo 29: 37/29 farms on the slopes of the Mourne Mountains near the sea, 3km S of Newcastle
PNNI V3 p 138 
Drinns (The) Kilcoo 29: 34/31 small hills at the base of Mourne Mountains near Tollymore Park; means ' humps or ridges'
PNNI V3 p 138 
Driogg Kilkeel . alternate name for Derryogue townland in 1659 census SP
Dromadoffer Magheralin . alternate name for Drumnaferry townland PNNI V6 p 235


Dromara 20; 29/50 a parish of 2420 acres; a townland of 242 acres & a town; 8 km NE of Ballynahinch; means ' ridge of the heifers'; click here for a photo and more information; click here to see its location on a townland map; school here .
Dromantine Donaghmore alternate spelling for Drumantine townland .
Dromantine House Donaghmore 29: 7/36 a demesne & lake; 9km N of Newry town; residence of A.C. Innes Esq; contained 220 acres of woodland; the house was new in 1836 & situated on the top of a hill & the grounds laid out "with taste"; water was supplied by a dam near the lake; became a training centre for priests going to Africa in 1926; b/w photo available
V3 p 8 OSM ; POD; DDPP p34; THTMB p30
Dromantine Gate Lodge Donaghmore . residence of Alexander & Margaret Jane McCready in 1918 CWGC
Drumballyroney . spelling for Drumarkin in 1659 census & Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V6 p 161
Dromatihue Hillsborough see Drumatihue .
Dromcroe Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Drumcro townland in 1659 census PNNI V3 p 35
Dromence Kilmegan . near Castlewellan; innkeeper Andrew O'Flin 5 Apr 1834 NH
Dromgagh Drumgath . alternate spelling for Drumgath parish in 1659 census PNNI V1 p 116
Dromgehenry Clonallan . alternate name for Tamnaharry townland in Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V1 p 80
Dromiller Dromore . spelling for Drummiler in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 123
Drominagally Seapatrick see Drumngally V12 p 123 OSM
Drominear Aghaderg alternate name for Drumnahare townland V12 p 2 OSM
Drominleen Kilkeel .. alternate name for Drummanlane townland in 1659 census SP
Drominmore Kilkeel .. ancient name for Drummanmore townland SP
Magheralin . alternate names for Drumnaferry townland in 1714 PNNI V6 p 235
Donaghmore . alternate names for Drumantine townland in Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V1 p 99
Dromlough Drumgath . alterante spelling for Drumlough townland in Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V1 p 122
Drommyn Kilkeel . alternate name for Drummanmore townland in Rent roll of 1540 PNNI V3 p 37
Drommynmoret Kilkeel . an obsolete townland PNNI V3 p 23
Dromore Dromore 20: 20/53 a parish & a town between Banbridge & Lisburn; click here for a photo and more information; click here to see its location on a townland map .
Dromore Warrenpoint a townland of 392 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' large ridge' ; Methodist church here; a bleachery here in 1886
GIPR; PNNI V1 p 162; POD
Dromore Arms Hotel Dromore . in Dromore Square, Dromore; the proprietor in 1846 was John Munro POD
Dromore Brague Aghaderg 20: 13/41 a townland 6km S of Banbridge; 411 acres:click here to see its location on a townland map;means ' big ridge of high ground'; fort 489 feet; school here in 1836; known locally as Brague V12 p 8, 11 OSM; PNNI V6 p 33
Dromorebreda Aghaderg spelling used in Survey in 1834 for Dromorebrague ; also spelt Dromorebrega V12 p 2 OSM; PNNI V6 p 33
Dromore House
click here for a photo and more information; also called Bishop's Palace & Loyola
Dromore Lodge
house & 10 acres; residence of James Robinson Esq. in 1846; leased by Hugh Campbell in 1863 from Roger Hall; residence of Alexander F. Campbell in 1886
Kilbroney . alternate spelling for Drumreagh townland in 1659 census & Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V1 p 143
Dromsallagh Aghaderg . spelling used for Drumsallagh in 1659 Census PNNI V6 p 37
Dromymgally Seapatrick . alternate spelling for Drumnagally townland PNNI V6 p 313
Dronmacogry Magheralin . alternate name for Drumnaferry townland PNNI V6 p 235
Dronneth Magherally . alternate spelling for Drumneth townland PNNI V6 p 263
Drowmore Dromore mentioned in the 1659 census for Loughinisland ; see under Dromore SP

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