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The Children of Frederick LAUE & Wilhelmine MOLL

  seven Laue children
From the left back: Emma Johanna Wilhelmina (1881-1951), Edward Erdman (1890-1965), Minna Emilie (1886-1968), William Frederick (b.1885), Anna Marie Louise (1881-1963; my maternal grandmother)
Front row from left: Charlotte (1895-1931) & Victoria Auguste (1899-1994)
This photo was taken around 1924.

1a. Emma Johanna Wilhelmina LAUE

Birth: 19 Mar 1881, Kalsow, Mecklenburg/Schwerin, Germany xii
Death: 31 May 1951, Private Hospital, Marrickville, NSW xiii
Burial: Privately cremated xiii
Occupation: Shop assistant then housewife
Religion: Lutheran

Emma and her twin sister Anna were born in Kalsow, Germany in 1881. Emma was born first at 11:30am. On 22nd March, Wilhelmine's mother went to the Standesamt and declared that Wilhelmine, who was not married, had given birth to two female children at the home of her parents in Kalsow where she lived and that she had been present. xv

They were christened a week later in the family church, the Evangelical Lutheran in Neuberg ( about 5km north east of Kalsow on the road to Rostock) by Pastor Martens. The twins were registered in the records under the surname Moll and the word illegitimate appears after each name. Standing as godparents for Emma were Maria Biemann, a hunter's wife and Johann Moll,landowner. (His is possibly Wilhlemine's oldest brother, who would have inherited the farm on the death of his father.)

Emma Laue & Herman Kuehne

Wilhelmine and the twins went to live with German friends in Liverpool, England and in 1883 Wilhelmine married Frederick Laue. Two more children were born to them before the family emigrated to Australia.. Emma was six when they arrived in Sydney on board G.M.S, Necker. The family lived at Alexandria for a while before moving to Rockdale. The twins attended Rockdale Public School which was on the rocky hill near Bay Street and in their spare time they helped to wash the towels from their father's hairdressing shop. They also took it in turns to mind the baby whilst the other mended the socks.

Emma's husband; Karl Hermann Reinhold KUHNE
Birth: 1881, Berlin, Germany v
Death: 1942, Maclean NSW xvi
Occupation : wholesale butcher vi
Married: 15 Mar 1911, The German Lutheran Church, Goulburn St, Sydney v

Their Child: Herman (Harry) Edward William KUEHNE
Birth: 23 Dec 1912, Arncliffe NSW
Death: Jan 1966, Melbourne Victoria vi
Occupation: fitter & turner then engineer vi

Harry was apprenticed as a fitter and turner. He joined the permanent Air Force for nine years. He began as a Leading air craftsman then Warrant Officer and was given his commission in 1944 as Flying Officer. He spent 18 months at Darwin NT and was bombed by the Japanese whilst at Batchelor Air Force base near Darwin. By this time he was working as an engineer. When he left the air force , he worked for Shell Australia for many

His wife: Ailsa Helena HEADFORD
Birth: 13 Aug 1913, South Yarra Victoria
Death: 1990
Father: Joseph James HEADFORD
Mother: Helena Alexandra PAYNE
Married: 20 Dec 1941, South Yarra, Victoria
Child: John (1944-2003)


1b Anna Marie Louise LAUE - my grandmother

Birth: 19 Mar 1881, Kalsow, Mecklenburg/Schwerin, Germany xvii
Death: 2 Oct 1963 vi
Burial: Woronora Cemetery, Lutheran section vi
Occupation: domestic servant/ home duties xviii

Anna had to go into ' service' at a house in Frederick Street, Rockdale when she was 14 years old. She lived in and received 2/6d at the start which went up to 5/-. She had only a half day off and so she did not get much opportunity to meet gentlemen. The family attended The Concordia Club (German) in Elizabeth Street, Sydney and it was here that she met Charles Zizelsberger. vi

Click here for Anna's story.

Her husband; Karl Borromaus Aloysius ZIZELSBERGER xx
Birth: 23 Jun 1865, Linz , Austria xxi
Death: 11 Oct 1946, Banksia, NSW ii , xiii
Burial: 12 Oct 1946, Ashes scattered, Woronora vi
Occupation : butcher/ salesman
Father: Josef ZIZELSBERGER (1824-1906)
Mother: Franziska EIDENBERGER (1835-1874)
Married; 5 Dec 1906, Lutheran Church, Goulburn St, Sydney v

Their Child: Wilma Frances
Birth: 14 Jan 1918, Arncliffe, Sydney NSW Click here for her wedding video of 1942-
Occupation: Stenographer
Religion: Baptist

Married; Wilfred DAVIES 21 Mar 1942 at Central Baptist Church, Sydney
Children: Janette Wilma b. 4 Jul 1943; **Rosalind Anne b. 26 Nov 1946; Lynette Ruth b. 6 Oct 1953

Above photo- 1949- the wedding of Bern Fraser & Phyllis Duncan; from the left- Minnie Lippiatt, Victoria Lane, Phyllis Duncan, Anna Berger, my mother Wilma Davies & Norma Lippiatt







3 William Frederick LAUE

Birth: 1885, Birkenhead, Chester, Liverpool, UK
Death: Wanganui, New Zealand
Occupation: Hairdresser xxii

Will was a hairdresser like his father and when his father died and his mother moved to Kimpton Street, Banksia, Will moved into the residence above the shop and continued his father's business. Because he was born in England he was the only member of the family to be on the Electoral Roll in the decade before the war , and eligible to vote. xxii

He moved to Wellington, New Zealand and worked as a hairdresser & tobacconist for Freeman , Lambton Quay. He married Olga Matilda Bennett in 1913 and legally adopted her daughter June (b. 28 Jul 1917 in Wellington). He was living at 55 Abel Smith St, Wellington when he enlisted in the New Zealand Army- Second reserves in 1914. He stated his parents were from Denmark. He was transfered to E. Coy 42nd 2 Jul 1918 & demobilised from B Coy 23 Nov 1918 . He was described as 5' 6 half tall, fresh complexion, hazel eyes & fair hair. His other addresses in 1918 were 88 Webb St, Wellington & Olga was at 11 Thorndon Quay. Wellington. xxix

There were marriage records for an Olga Matilda Bennett to William James Burman in 1919 & to Francis Sacher in 1921. Also Frederick William Lane in 1919 to Geordina Mead (BDMs)

His 1st wife; Olga Matilda Bennett
Married ; 23 Dec 1913 in Auckland
Death: Wanganui, New Zealand

Child: June (adopted)

Will  Laue & Anna Berger
My grandmother Anna Berger (right) visited her brother Will in October 1926. This photo was taken at Wellington Zoo.


4 Minna Emilie LAUE

Birth: 26 Jul 1886, 441 New Chester Rd, Tranmere, Birkenhead, UK xii
Death: 8 Feb 1968, Sydney vi
Cremated: Woronora Cemetery, Area DD, Rose Garden #22
Occupation : Shop assistant then housewife vi

Her husband: Walter LIPPIATT
Death: 15 Apr 1963 xxiii
Cremated: Woronora Cemetery, Area DD, Rose Garden #22
Occupation: engineer vi
Married: 9 Feb 1913, Congregational Church, Frederick St, Rockdale

Minna Emilie was born in 1886 at 441 New Chester Road Tranmere, which is an area at Birkenhead just across the River Mersey from Liverpool. Her father listed his occupation as hairdresser, master.

After the family moved to Australia and Minnie left school she ran her father's tobacconist shop in the Tramway Arcade, Rockdale and there met her future husband ,Walter Lippiatt, as he was a regular customer. They were married in the Congregational Church (now Uniting) in Frederick Street, Rockdale in 1913 and lived in Waterview Street, South Kogarah (now Carlton) with the Lippiatt family where their first child, Frederick William was born. They later moved to Rockdale where their second son, Walter Dudley was born. They bought a new home at Arncliffe and lived there for a short while before Walter's employer (he was an engineer at Nestles Milk Factory) transferred them to Smithtown on the Macleay River, on the north coast. They had a good life there. Although it was very quiet for Minnie, she enjoyed visits from her sisters and their children. They returned to Sydney in 1923 where a further two children were born. xii

Frederick William
Birth: 17 Jan 1914, Waterview St, Sth Kogarah NSW
Death: 13 Jul 1950 xxiii
Occupation: Accountant xxiii

Walter Dudley
Birth: 26 Sep 1916, Rockdale
Death: 25 Sep 1979 xxiii; Cremated Woronora Cemetery
Occupation : Engineer xxiii
His wife: Selina HULME xxiii
Married: 29 Oct 1950
xxiii ;
Their children; Wendy, Ross & Coralie

Norma June
Birth: 12 Jun 1923, Sydney
Aunty Norma and family lived at 41 Bibby Street, Carlton for many years . I can remember visiting the family. There were many stone steps up to the house.They moved to Singleton NSW on retirement.
Her husband; Donald CORDEROY
Their Children:
David (1952-);Roderick (1957-) & Kristina (1962-)
Henry Edward (Ted)
Birth: 21 Apr 1928, Sydney NSW
His wife: Patricia; Their Children: Peter & Michael

Laue sisters

Photo above; Taken in March 1942 at my mother's wedding; the Laue Sisters
From Left: Minnie Lippiatt, Victoria Lane & twins, Emma Kuehne & Anna Berger














.5 Edward Erdman LAUE

Birth: 24 Oct 1890, Rockdale NSW
Death: 13 Jul 1965, Aberdeen, Washington USA xxiv
Burial: Aberdeen Washington
Occupation : Electrician

Ed went to the U.S.A. in February 1920 on the steam ship 'Niagara' and got a job with the Southern Californian Edison Company working on a hydroelectric project in the Sierra Mountains, east of Los Angeles. While he was working in the mountains in winter he became ill with pneumonia. He was taken to Los Angeles County Hospital where he was cared for by Rachel Ruth Porter. When he recovered, he returned to his job in the mountains. After completing her nursing training Ruth Porter went up to Berkeley and enrolled in a public health course there. Upon completion of the course, she went to work for the Red Cross in the Bay area and lived in Valleo. Meanwhile, Ed, finished working on the job in the Sierras and was able to get a job in Valleo, working on a new movie theatre. Edward and Ruth coincidentally lived in the same rooming house. In December 1921, they travelled to Ruth's sister's (Elizabeth Dobell) in Aberdeen Washington. They were married there on 24th December 1921, and shortly afterwards left for Sydney, Australia.

They lived in Kimpton Street, Banksia in Sydney where their son Douglas was born. Ruth became home sick and they moved back to U.S.A., where their daughter Evelyn was born. They lived at 415 Third Ave, Aberdeen, Washington. Their children Douglas and Evelyn live at Tacoma (Washington) and Clackamas (Oregon) respectively. xxiv

His wife: Rachel Ruth PORTER
Birth: 13 May 1892, Lincoln County, Nebraska USA . xxiv
Death: Nov 1970, Aberdeen, Washington, USA . xxiv
Burial: Aberdeen, Washington
Occupation: nurse
Married: 24 Dec 1921

Their Children: Douglas Woodrow LAUE
Birth: 25 Dec 1922, Banksia NSW Australia . xxiv
Death: 14 Sep 1995, Gig Harbor, Washington State USA . xxiv
Occupation: Electrician
His wife: Florence NIXON
Birth: Aberdeen, Washington USA . xxiv
Their children: Tina , Tom, Edward (d. 1999) & Stephen
Evelyn LAUE
Birth: 5 Jan 1931, Aberdeen, Washington USA . xxiv
Occupation: gemologist . xxiv
Her husband: Harold Craik ELDER
Birth: 30 Jul 1925, Riddle, Oregon USA . xxiv
Occupation : Architectural Hardware Consultant . xxiv
Married : 10 Jun 1950, Aberdeen, Washington USA . xxiv
Their Children: Susan Ruth b. 1951 & Terry David b. 1953

E.E. Laue

This is Ed's Australian passport photo dated 31 January 1920 & updated August 1926. He is described as 5 feet 8 1/2 inches with grey eyes & light brown hair. Ruth is described as 5 feet 9 1/2 inches tall with brown eyes & hair. Douglas had been added and was 3 & half years old.









6. Mary Marie LAUE
Birth: 1892 (?), Rockdale NSW
Death: 1892, Rockdale

7. Charlotte A. F.LAUE

Birth: 1895, Rockdale NSW
Death: 1931, Picton NSW xxv
Buried: Woronora Cemetery; Catholic Section1 #0187

Charlotte (Lottie) had married Jack Fraser without knowing that he had TB (tuberculosis) and when their son Bern was 2 months old , his father died. Lottie contracted it and had to live in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, but was then moved to the TB home at Thirlmere near Wollongong. She died at a sanitorium at Picton aged 36. John, her eldest son, contracted TB and meningitis and died at a sanitorium in Katoomba NSW, after going blind at the age of eleven. xxvi Bern contracted TB in the spine and spent four years in the Alexandra Hospital, Camperdown, Sydney in a leather jacket, lying flat on his back and was eventually cleared of it.
Anna and Charles Zizelsberger took Bern in when he was nine and they received the sum of 10/- per week from the estate. xxv

Her husband: John (Jack) Joseph FRASER
Death: 1920, Kogarah NSW xxvii
Buried: Woronora Cemetery; Catholic Section1 #0186
Their Children: John Edmund Francis b.1918 at Rockdale NSW & died 1929 at Katoomba NSW & Buried: Woronora Cemetery; Catholic Section1 #0187 & Bernard William b. 23 Jun 1920 at Rockdale & d. 13 Jul 1995 at Woodford NSW xiii

Bern was born in 1920. His father died shortly after from tuberculosis and when he was nine years old his mother and older brother died of TB also. Bern contracted it in his spine and spent several years in hospital. He was eventually cured and placed in the care of his maternal aunt, Anna Zizelsberger.

Having spent many years in hospital he tended to be a little spoilt and clashed with Anna's husband Charles. He was like a brother to their only child, Wilma. Bern and Wilma attended the Banksia Free Church and Christianity had a settling influence on Bern. He worked hard for the church and became involved in the Open Air Campaigners and was a foundation member of Glenbrook Baptist Church in the Blue Mountains. He was best man at Wilma's marriage to Wilfred Davies in 1942 . He died aged 75. vi

His wife: Phyllis DUNCAN
Married: 12 Mar 1949 28
Their Children: Marion, Brian & Beverley

Charlotte Fraser with her children & Ruth Laue

Charlotte Fraser (left) with her sister-in-law Ruth Laue & Charlotte's sons John (right) & Bern. This photo was taken c. 1922

8. Miss Victoria Auguste LAUE


Birth: 14 Oct 1899, Rockdale NSW xii
Death: Jun 1994, Singleton NSW
Occupation : secretary

Victoria did a commercial course and 'kept company' with Joe McGeoghan (Mac). It was during the time of The Great Depression. Mac lost his job and if they got married ,Vic would have to give hers up. So they 'kept company' for 13 years. When he was 32 years old, Mac contracted kidney disease and died. Victoria's first position was a junior in the packing department of Thomas A. Edison. She spent eighteen years progressing through the company and was the last employee when the company was wound up. Her last position as stationery manager with Royal Exchange Assurance, was a wartime appointment and she remained there until her retirement. She lived at Bathurst, Dulwich Hill andthen bought a unit at 19 Arthur Ave, Cronulla. She enjoyed owning cars and ususally had a big one. She suffered a fall at her 90th birthday party and declined in health . She sold her unit at Cronulla and moved into a nursing home at Singleton to be near her niece Norma Corderoy (nee Lippiatt).vi

Victoria Laue with her mother
Victoria with her mother c. 1912



i. The name Friederich Schway was listed on his death certificate by his son Edward but on the birth certificate of his daughter Victoria, his birthplace is listed as Friederich Schweig. I cannot find this town in any gazetteers nor can my German researcher find them. I can only summise that this town was in Prussia and is now in present day Poland.
ii. death certificate
iii. oral also there are photos of him in his apron outside his hairdressing shop in Rocky point Road, Rockdale.
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xv. Photostat copy of birth extract in the church records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Neuberg Mecklenburg/ Schwerin
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xvii. Photostat copy of the church records of the Lutheran Church in Neuberg show Anna's surname as MOLL and definitely states 'illegitimate'.
xviii . oral-- my mother, Wilma Davies.
xix. I can remember this
xx. Letters sent to me by Ilse Zizelsberger that were written by her father Josef and my grandfather Charles during the 1920s.
xxi. Naturalisation application
xxii. Electoral Roll of 1906. Rockdale area #1152 . I checked the Arncliffe rolls of the surnames of his uncles and more immediate family but couldn't find anyone their either.
xxiii. Letter- Norma Corderoy (nee Lippiatt)
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by Ros Davies

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