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Townlands in Kilkeel Parish
showing the main roads

Key below

Kilkeel Parish townlands

1. Aghyoghill 21. Attical 37. Aughnahoory 31. Aughnaloopy 22.Aughrim 46a. Ballaghanery Upper
46b. Ballaghanery
34a. Ballinran 25. Ballyardel 7.Ballygowan 36.Ballykeel 3. Ballymadeerphy 17. Ballymagart
34b. Ballinran Upper
20. Ballymageough 42.Ballymartin 26. Ballynahatten 18. Ballyrogan/ Mourne Park 41a.Ballyveagh more 10a. Benagh Upper
41b. Ballyveaghmore Upper
41c. Ballyveaghbeg
41d. Ballyveaghbeg Upper 10b. Benagh Lower
40a.Brackenagh East 35a.Carrigenagh 9. Corcreaghan 12.Cranfield 28. Derryogue 30.Drumcro
40b.Brackenagh East Upper
40c. Brackenreagh West
40d. Brackenreagh West Upper 35b. Carrigenagh Upper
24.Drumindoney 6. Drummanlane 16. Drummanmore 23. Dunnaman 27. Dunnaval 45a.Glasdrumman Upper
45b. Glasdrumman
5a.Glenloughan 13.Grange 11. Greencastle 4a. Guineways 38. Kilkeel 33a.Leitrim
5b.Glenloughan Upper 4b.Guineways Upper 33b. Leitrim Upper
2a.Lisnacree 14.Lurganconary 15. Lurganreagh 29.Magheramurphy 39.Maghereagh 8.Maghery
2b. Lisnacree Upper
43a. Moneydarragh Beg & Moneydarragh 32a. Moyad 44a.Mullartown Upper 19. Tullyframe . .
43b.Moneydarragh More Upper
. 32b.Moyad Upper 44b. Mullartown


by Ros Davies
Please note that the townlands in Civil parishes aren't necessarily the same as those in Church of Ireland parishes or Catholic parishes.