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Donaghmore Parish

Church of Ireland Donaghmore Presbyterian Church Fourtowns Presbyterian church Old Bar Catholic Church Glen Catholic Chapel Glebe National School Mount Mill


Donaghmore Church of Ireland parish church

Church of Ireland- St Batholomews
SE end of parish in the Glebe townland , Donaghmore Rd,Newry

On the left is a 19th century etching of the parish church in Donaghmore. It stands on the site of an early 5th century monastery.

One of the oldest church sites in Ireland dating to the time of St.Patrick. There is a 10th century Celtic cross in the graveyard. This parish church was consecrated on 8th Sept 1741 at the encouragement & bounty of the Lord Primate. It is in the cruciform shape and built on a site which goes back to 1626. It was the scene of a merciless attack on Protestants in 1641. The vicar in 1776 was Rev George Vaughan. In 1836 it was described as being a plain building. The Glebe House is 250 yards to the north in and the school is nearby. The vicar c. 1836 was Rev. Brabazon Smith & i n 1844 Rev. M.J. Mee. The patriots John Mitchell and John Martin grew up here and John Martin, who died in March 1875, is buried in the graveyard.

Records from 1783; graveyard attached

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History of the parish from p 180 & gravestones from p 376



Donaghmore Presbyterian Church
in Corcreechy Road; in Lisserboy townland in Newry parish,

A congregation met near Newry , close to the Belfast Road. A meeting house was erected in 1705 at a cost of £800 and paid for by the congregation. The first minister, Rev. James Johnson, was ordained on 23rd June 1707 & stayed until his death. Then Rev. George Richey from 1763 until his death in 1771 . The church was enlarged in 1762. Rev. Joseph Hay was minister from 1773 until his death in 1803. Rev.Moses Finlay seceeded him from 4 Sep 1804 until his resignation 'under a cloud' in 1837.
Rev. Verner M. White was minister from 1840 until 1844 then Rev. Samuel James Moore 1845- 1850 then Rev. Rev. Patrick White 1851- 1862 then Rev. John Elliott 1862- 1875 then Rev. Henry McDowell 1876- 1881 then Rev. Lawson Burnett 1881 until he retired 1914 . He restored the church in 1895. The next minister was Rev. George Frederick Waddell from 9 mar 1915 until his death 15 Jun 1915. After 3 years he was replaced with Rev. Robert James Bailie on 24 Feb 1924 until his death Jun 1935 . Then Rev. James Keating Laird 3 Jan 1936 until his retirement 31 Oct 1971 then Rev. William James Sleith from 3 May 1973 . The church united with Glasker in 1973.

Records from 1804, no graveyard; History of the church from p 260

This photo was kindly sent by Philip Dinsmore

References; V3 p 77, 106 OSM; GIC; GIPR ; AIPD; HCPCI p117; GIPR; GIC ; plaque on front of church


Fourtowns Presbyterian

Fourtowns Seceeding Presbyterian Church
in Ballymacaratty More townland at the corner of the Greenan Road and Rockmeeting Road

This congregation at Fourtowns was founded in 1810 as part of the Secession Presbytery under the guidance of David Norwood. The first ordanied minister was Rev. Thomas Heron from 21 Sep 1813 followed by Rev. Alexander Bryson on 23 Dec 1817.

320 families attended in 1836 (546 people) . The minister's salary in 1836 was £160 per year. By 1847 there were 110 families attending.

The Synod of Ulster congregation & the Secession congregation united in 1840 under Rev. Alexander Bryson who was succeeded by his son Rev. John Bryson from Jun 1855 until he retired in 1898 . Rev. William Sloane was appointed 24 Jan 1899 & left 11 May 1907 then Rev. William Pearse Young 31 May 1910. There wasn't a manse here until 1901 (The Rock Manse) . After Rev. Young left in 1917 he was replaced by Rev. T. W. Coskery in Feb 1918 . After he died in Apr 1921, he wasn't replaced for 6 years with a student William copes & Rev. Joseph Gaston (retired) filling in. The congregation was united with Poyntzpass & Scarva Church in 1927. The first united minister was Rev. David McCausland 12 Jun 1927 until he retired in 1952. Rev. R.A. Boyd became minister in 1953 until 1966 then Rev. James Tolland until 1971.He was succeeded by Rev. D.E.K. Mock then Rev. Rev. William Beggs in 1978 .

graveyard; This photo was kindly sent by Philip Dinsmore
History of the church from p 260 on -

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Old Bar Catholic Chapel

Old Bar Catholic Church- St. Mary's
on Bar Chapel Hill, Carrickrovaddy townland, in the south of the parish

The chapel was built in 1830 beside the former church and an even earlier Mass House. The site was donated by the landlord, Mr. Savage. Extensively renovated in 1969 & 1995 after a fire.

Parish priests were Rev Jon McCrela in 1408; Rev Gelacius O'Mackrell in 1440; Rev JohnO'Mackrell in 1487; Rev Donald O'Mackrellin 1487; Rev Peter O'Mackrell in 1540; Rev John Temsy c. 1683; Rev ver Magennis c. 1680; Rev Cormac O'Hare in 1704; Rev John . Malone until 1814; Rev. James McKay until1766; Rev John O'Hagan 1793-1810; Rev Patrick Cosgrove 1810-1817; Rev Peter McCarthy 1817-1825; Rev John Carter 1825-1843;Rev Martin Ryan 1843-1851; Rev John McDonnell 1851-1870; Rev Felix McLughlin 1870-1901; Rev Felix Magennis 1901- 1907; Rev Patrick McConville 1907- 1932; Rev Henry McGivern 1933- 1952;Rev Thomas Carvill 1952- 1967; Rev John McCauley 1967-1979; Rev Francis Treanor 1980-1994;Rev Jarlath Cushenan 1994+.

parish records; baptism from 1835 & marriages from 1828 & deaths from 1839; PRONI, NLI & LDS (Film #0926079) have baptisms 1835-1880, marriages 1825-1880 & burials 1840-1871 ( see ; UHF has marriages 1828-1900; graveyard attached, oldest gravestone 1820

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Glen Chapel

The Glen Catholic Chapel- St John the Evangelist
in Ballyblaugh townland in the north of the parish

The earliest church was built in 1848 on land donated by the Innes family. The Parochial House was built by Rev . Martin Ryan c. 1850. The chapel was rebuilt in 1863 near the site of the former church, which itself replaced a temporary structure which was near Dromantine House. The land for the 2nd church was donated by Arthur Innes c. 1800 and an old granite cross remains from that time. The church was renovated in 1982

For a list of parish priest see under Barr Chapel (above).

parish records; baptism from 1835 & marriages from 1828 & deaths from 1839; LDS (Film #0926079) baptisms & marriages c.1832- 1856

References; V3 p 7 OSM; GIC ; DDPP p33,38


Mount Mill
over the Newry River in Drummiller townland

Mount Mil

by Ros Davies