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Garvaghy Parish

Garvaghy Church of Ireland Garvaghy Presbyterian Church Kilkinamurry Presbyterian Church Ballella/ Ballooly Catholic Church


Garvaghy parish church

Garvaghy Church of Ireland
in Fedany townland, 8km E of Banbridge (Garvaghy Church Rd, Dromara)

The church was in built 1699 & repaired 1780. In 1836 it was described as a small, plain, stone building, whitewashed and roughcast, with a small belfry. The inside was neat with the aisle paved with limestone. The pews seated 120 people and the average attendance was 120. The Glebe House was built in 1823 at a cost of £800 with a grant and loan from the Board of First Fruits. Repairs to the church were being carried out in 1836 at the cost of £28 which was granted by the Church Commissioners.

List of ministers; 1629 Rev. John Death; 1634 Rev. Patrick Dunkin; 1661 Rev. William Lindsay; 1673 Rev. Leonard Hudson; 1679 his son, Rev. Samuel Hudson; 1686 Rev. John Wetherby; 1694 Rev. William Johnston; 1716 Rev. Joshua Pullein; 1727 Rev. Gabriel James Maturin; 1734 Rev. Joseph Hanna; 1741 Rev. Thomas Waring; 1742 Rev. James Brush; 1793 Rev. Thomas Beatty;1813 Rev. Charles Hamilton; 1828 his son, Rev. Hugh Samuel Hamilton; 1858 Rev. William Mortimer; 1872 Rev. Abraham Smyth King; 1877 Rev. James Blackwood then after the unification with Dromara in 1885 Rev. Joseph Henry Chapman; 1889 William Doran Falkiner Wilkinson; 1919 Rev.James Armstrong; 1939 Rev. Hugh Frederic Woodhouse; 1940 Rev. Stanhope Sabine Squires; 1956 Rev. Samuel Ernest Long; 1986 Rev. William Thomas Long; 1997 Rev. Gary Millar

graveyard attached, gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol 19; oldest stone 1767; email me for a gravestone look-up

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Enagh Presbyterian Church

Garvaghy Presbyterian Church- Seceeders
in Enagh townland ; 8km E of Banbridge, just east of the parish church

Presbyterians had been living in the parish since 16th century but had worshipped before 1713 in Magherally then later Dromara. A new meeting house was built in Garvaghy in 1803 and paid for by subscription. The minister 1803-1844 was Mr. Isaac Allen, whose salary was £ 40 (Irish) & £40 (British) then Rev Robert Moorhead 1844- 1887.

In 1836 it was described as a plain, stone, rectangular building, capable of seating 600 people with an average attendance of 350.The old church was still there in 1860 but was replaced in 1904 by a new building (left ) across the road built in 1903 by Hugh McAleenan of Castlewellan & cost £1050. The first service in the new Gothic style church was 15 May 1904 by minister Rev. David Baird. The old church is now hardly visible.

gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol 19; oldest stone 1819; email me for a gravestone look-up

References;V12 p 82 OSM; V19 MIs; ARF


Kilnamurry Presbyterian Church

Kilkinamurry Presbyterian Church
also called The Glen Meeting House, SE of Kate McKay's Bridge & 10 km east of Banbridge

This congregation was founded in 1820 and first met in a tent. The Covenantors Meeting House was built in 1821 & paid for by subscription. The minister was Rev. George Ligget/Legate, who was minister for 52 years until his death in 1875.In 1836 it was described as a plain, roughcast, slated roofed building. The minister until 1881 was Rev. Lawson Burnett.

Records available 1809-1955; gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol 19; oldest stone 1827; email me for a gravestone look-up

This photo was kindly sent to me by Ella Patterson.

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Ballela Catholic Church

Ballela Catholic Church- All Saints

in the southern part of Balloolly townland, in the NW of the parish

An old Mass House was on this site in 1770 with a new church built in 1822 with the assistance from local landlord Roger Magennis. It was rebuilt in 1846 by Rev. J. Sharkey and dedicated by Right Rev. Dr Blake 20 May 1849. Rev. William McCartan was priest here and Dromore in 1859. It was renovated in 1950 & 1994 then firebombed in 1994 with £70,000 worth of repairs needed.

gravestone inscriptions UHF Vol 19;oldest stone 1825; email me for a gravestone look-up; an old graveyard in Shanrod was used before 1822

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by Ros Davies