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Place Names of Co. Down: E.....



Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Eagle Hill Donaghadee 15:58/77 farm; 3km SW of Donaghadee .
Eagle Mountain Clonduff 29: 24/23 part of the Mourne Mountains , 6km SSE of Hilltown on the Kiikeel road; 2084 feet above sea level
V3 p 5 OSM; NWAG p 38; PNNI V3 p 138 
Eagle Rock Kilcoo 29: 36/28 part of the Mourne Mountains , N side of Slieve Donard;
NWAG p 31; PNNI V3 p 138
Earlsdale Kilcoo . in Newcastle; residence of John Reilly Esq. in 1840s & Rev. H. Hanna , parish priest in 1884
Irish America Weekly; POD
Earls Park Ballykinler . in Upper Ballykinler townland, named for Earl of Kildare
O'L V1 p 126
Earnbagh Bright 21: 47/41 see Erenagh  
Eastern Villa Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle ; just opposite the sea; amongst trees with a belvedere; residence of Henry Smyth Esq. in 1894 & Daniel McCartan in 1910
NWAG p 59; AGOL chpt 2; POD
Eastlake Bangor . villa in Manse Rd, Bangor ; residence of Samual M. Martin in 1901
Easts Cottage Knockbreda . 1km NE of Holywood village in Kings Road; residence of Miss Levelle in 1902
V7 p 74 OSM ,map; POD
Eastview Farm Holywood 15:43/80 house & farm of 47 acres in Ballycultra townland; 3km E of Holywood town; leased by Robert Kerr in 1863 from rep. Robert S. Kennedy
Eastview House Garvaghy 20: 21/49 farm; 1km N of Garvaghy village  .
Eastwood Kilkeel . house & farm of 23 acres in Ballynahatten townland, 4km SW of Kilkeel on Cranfield Point Rd; residence of James Coates in 1852; leased by James Coates Esq. in 1856 & 1863 from Kilmorey Estate ; residence of Mrs. Janet Annett in 1915 CM;POD; GV; HPA p75
Eastwood Newry . residence of John Quinn Henry Esq. J.P. in 1881 POD
Echlin Grove Bangor
farm; 2km SSE of Bangor; residence of Charles Echlin in 1743 BM; PNNI V2 p 173 Regiostry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 108 p252
Echlinville Ballyhalbert  . a townland 2km SE of Kircubbin town; it's old name was Rowbane & Rowreagh townland but renamed after Echlin family; 481 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; ancient graveyard near main gates of demesne;in 1659 there were 10 English/ Scots & 20 Catholic families here school built 1834 by John Echlin Esq. ; part of the Manor of Ballywalter in King Charles 1st's reign; proprietor in 1836 was John Echlin; town & lands to be sold 11 Sep 1847; V7 p6, 18 OSM; DR;SP; O'L V1 p 425, 426; PNNI V2 p 107
Echlinville House Ballyhalbert . built in 1740 & rebuilt c. 1850 ; the prorietor in 1795 was John Echlin; later known as Rubane House UJA; PE
Echo Hall Magheradrool . 2km SE of Ballynahinch near Spa; a late Georgian house; part of the Montalto estate as steward's/ agent's house; residence of John Cooper in 1910 & 1926; a boarding house 1912-1950s then owned by Mrs. & Mrs. Johnstone then in 1976 by Mr. & Mrs. Bicker old b/w map M 10; DR21/6/2006L ; POD; DR28/2/1926 ; OBLS p32 (photo)
Eden Hill House Dromore . in Edentrillick townland; residence of John Knox in 1860 NIR Vol21 2010 p28
Eden House Magheradrool . residence of Mrs. Rogan; became The Assumption Convent Dec 1932 HPM p38
Eden House Newry . house & farm of 34 acres ; in Damolly townland, 3km NE of Newry town; residence of Ferguson family in 1791 (land stewards); the prorietor in 1795 was Mrs. Bell then Edward Greer Esq. in 1824; leased by George Gray in 1863 from Miss Carter ; owned by George Gray in 1876 with 34 acres old b/w map UJA; B8; PR; GV; POD; LOI
Edenacullo Ednaculla Hillsborough  . a townland of 347 acres;3km SE of Hillsborough on Ballynahinch road; click here to see its location on a townland map; proprietor Lord Downshire; agent Mr Reilly in 1836 ; good land; farms from 5-20 acres; rents on old leased 16 shillings, on new leases 28-30 shillings an acre; school built 1837; list of charity subscribers of 1836 V12 p 86, 95, 99, 101, 106 OSM;
Drumballyroney . a townland 4km NW of Rathfriland; 561 acres; means ' hill face of the garden'; click here to see its location on a townland map; held by Sir Art Megniis in 1609; contains Knock Iveagh 785 ft; farm of proprietor General Meade in 1836; chief tenant S. Crawford in 1836; school here
V3 p14, 16, 18 OSM; PNNI V6 p 163; IPP p 108
Edenagonnell Blaris  . see Ballykeel Edenegonnell  .
Edenaraddy Hill Magheradrool . just SW of Ballynahinch town; site of a battle in 1798
V17 p 100 OSM
Dromore . spelling for Edenordinary in 1659 Census & some wills
PNNI V6 p 124
Edenaslate Comber . see Edenslate .
Edenballycoggill Magheralin a townland 3km S of Magheralin village; 255 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' hillface of the townland of corn- cockle';
PNNI V6 p 237
Eden Cottage Comber 21: 42/68 house & farm of 36 acres in Ballyalloly townland, ; 4km SW of Comber; leased by David Orr in 1863 from David S. Ker; residence of David Orr in 1870 & Rev. R. Orr in 1899
Dromara: Magherahamlet 20: 37/47 a townland 6km S of Ballynahinch; 551 acres of which 110 acres are barren: click here to see its location on a townland map; means “ high brow of the bulls”; in 1659 there were 0 English/Scots & 9 Catholic families here; owned by Lord Moira in 1782 (312 acres of arable land, 33 acres of turf bog & 3 acres of lough) ; a prorietor in 1795 was W. Cumming; corn mill in 1836 ;sale of mills, kilns 24 Oct 1840: murder J .Nocher 22 Jun 1850 V12 p 63, 65 OSM ; UJA;EMLR; BH; DR ;HCDTD p38; HMP
Edendarriff Mountain Dromara 20: 37/46 4km NW of Seaforde
Aghaderg 20: 8/43 a townland, 3km WNW of Loughbrickland town; 261 acres; means ' hill face of the oak tree'; click here to see its location on a townland map; ancient fort at Lisnagade in this townland V17 p130 & V12 p2 OSM; PNNI V6 p 38
Edenderry Drumbo 20: 32/68 a townland of 126 acres; south outskirts of Belfast, 1km SW of Purdysburn; click here to see its location on a townland map; ; contains the Giant's Ring, a circular earthworks with a diameter of 200 metres & in the centre is an ancient cromlech made up of 8 very large stones; 2 mills in 1833; the proprietor then was Mr. P. Dunlop whose agent was Mr W. Malcom; very good land farmed by the proprietor; in 1833 there were 11 houses; 4 families were employed in agriculture & 3 in trade; 28 males & 32 females; 4 professionals; 10 servants;
V7 p 55 ,56, 60 ,62 OSM  
Edenderry House Drumbo . 1km NW of Ballylesson; pleasantly situated near the River Lagan; private graveyard; the prorietor in 1795 was Charles Dumlap; the residence of Major Charles Dunlop in1817 & H.W. Russell Esq. in 1833 & John Shaw Brown in 1886 & 1893 OJA; V7 p 56 OSM; old b/w map P6; MIs; POD ; BWN
Edenderry Seapatrick 20: 10/46 a townland 2km W of Banbridge; 490 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' hill face of the oakwood'; originally owned by Sir Art Magennis in 1609; owner Marquis of Downshire; agent W Reilly; mineral spring; mills; bleachworks owned by Hayes family in 1806 V12 p 123, 126, 127, 134 OSM; BIH p 18; PNNI V6 p 315
Edenderry House Seapatrick near Banbridge; residence of Rev. Edward Leslie in 1843 & Thomas Ferguson in 1886 & Howard Ferguson in 1910 POD
Edenderry House Seapatrick built in 1865 by the Ferguson family who owned a large linen weaving business on the River Bann; residence of Thomas Ferguson 1879; now Banbridge Academy school BIH p X ; OFB p28
Eden Fells Hillsborough near Hillsborough; residennce of George Bell in 1910
Edengarry Drumballyroney see Edenagarry
Edenhill Dromore 20: 24/54 farm; 4km NE of Dromore; residence of Anne Knox before 1787 & John Knox in 1829 & Robert McMordie before 1864
MOA p265; findmypast; BN 20/2/1864
Edenhill Moira . farm; residence of Mrs Mulholland in 1910
Edenirray Dromore . misspelling for Edenordinary townland
PNNI V6 p 124
Edenmore Magheralin 20: 14/58 a townland 2km SE of Magheralin on Dromore road; 241 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' great hill face'; belonged to Sir Art Magennis in 1609 then Sir George Rawden in 1666; residence of late Joseph Berry's family in 1833 V12 p 110 OSM; PNNI V6 p 239; BN
Edenmore Moira . a farm ; the prorietor in 1795 was Joseph Berry; residence of John Baillie in 1883 & George Corbitt in 1910 UJA; MIs; POD
Edenmore Newry a townland 6km E of Newry town; 396 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' large hill face'; proprietor Lord Kilmorey in 1836 V3 p 109 OSM; PNNI V1 p 24
Edenmount Moira . near Moira; residence of Mr. Archibald Forsythe prior to 1833 BN
Dromore 20: 17/50 a townland 6km SW of Dromore on Banbridge road; 452 acres; means' hill face of the great oak tree'; click here to see its location on a townland map; held by Sir Art Magennis in 1609; mill in ruinous state in 1836 V12 p72 ,78 OSM; PNNI V6 p 124



Comber a townland of 122 acres; 1km NW of Ballygowan; click here to see its location on a townland map; ; Mr. Gamble's Knockmasham mills & 1 corn mill & 1 flax mill in 1837; part proprietors were Mr Mussenden Esq., Larchfield, his agents where Rev Cleland & Mr Orr and Mr. Gamble of Comber; land quality middling; farms 5 - 25 acres with one of 60 acres; rent 28 shillings per acre in 1837; 30 males, 36 females in 1837
SHM '86 p 32; V 7 p 35, 37, 39, 42, OSM
Edenticullo Hillsborough 20: 26/58 see Edenacullo V12 p 95 OSM
Dromore 20: 16/52 a townland 5km SW of Dromore; 257 acres; means ' hill face of Rory's house'; click here to see its location on a townland map
PNNI V6 p 125
Edentrillick Dromore 20: 24/55 a townland 4km NE of Dromore; 917 acres; means ' hill face of the dolmen'; ;click here to see its location on a townland map; was part of Kilwarlin parish; ancient Mass rock here; hills; bogs ; school established 1825 V12 p70, 73, 78, 100 OSM; PNNI V6 p 126; DDPP p50
Edentrumley Clonallan 29: 17/26 a townland 4km SW of Hilltown, on the slopes of The Mournes; 445 acres ; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' hill face abounding in elder trees'; proprietor W.E. Reilly Esq.of Tamnaharry in 1836; mainly Catholic inhabitants in 1836;f arms from 5-10 acres; rents from 25-30 shillings an acre; bog here V3 p 1, 2 OSM; PNNI V1 p 77
Edenvale Annahilt . residence of Rev. Robert McClure , Presbyterian Minister of Annahilt, in 1823
Eden Vale Donaghadee 15:57/77 farm; in Killaghy townland , 2km W of Millisle .
Eden Vale Dromore . alternate name for Edenterory townland in 1791
IIW V4 p67
Eden Vale Dromore . the prorietor in 1795 was William Campbell UJA
Edenvale Hillsborough . near Hillsborough; the prorietor in 1795 was Rev. Thomas McClure UJA
Holywood . house & 2 acres in Strandtown ;leased by Arabella Greer in 1863 from William T. Waterson ; residence of Joseph J. Jaffe in 1886 GV ;POD
Edenvale Knockbreda . in 72 a Castlereagh Rd, East Belfast ; residence of J. Jennette in 1902
Eden Vale Newtownards 21: 52/72 house , near Strangford Lough, 4km SE of Newtownards  .
Edenvale Seapatrick . in Ballyvally townland; residence of William Ardery in 1868 & Miss Ardery in 1910
Edenville Bangor . residence of John M. Caughey in 1901
Edenville Kilcoo . a posting establishment near Newcastle run by Frederick Corry in 1910; residence of Mrs Wilson in 1910
Edes Hill Rathmullan 21: 47/39 hill in Ballyclucas townland 5km SSW of Downpatrick
old b/w map M15. 
Edgecomb House
Holywood . house & 26 acres in Strandtown off Holywood Road; 2km E of Ballymacarrett; built in 1837, an early Victorian residence with 2 gate lodges ; leased by John Workman in 1854 & 1863 from Thomas McClure ; residence of Archibald Dunlap Lemon in 1886; requisitioned by the Governmemt durinf 2nd World War; b/w photo available; demolished 1985, site now Edgcumbe Day Centre

old b/w map R5; GV ; POD; ACS p10,11 (maps), 63, 65,-67 (photos)

Edgecumbe Holywood . house & 34 acres in Strandtown; 2km E of Ballymacarrett; leased by Sarah Anne Murray in 1863 from Thomas McClure ; residence of Archibald Lemon in 1902 GV; POD
Edgecumbe Cottages
at Sydenham Ave Rd, Strandtown; 2 residences in 1902
Edgehill Bright . large house near Killough KCL p 21
Edingarye Drumballyroney . old spelling for Edenagarry townland in 1659 Census PNNI V6 p 163
Edith of Lorne's Glen Bangor
farm; 1km W of Crawfordsburn .
Ednaculla Hillsborough see Edenaculla V12 p 101 OSM
Ednagarry Drumballyroney see Edenagarry PNNI V6 p 163
Dromore . misspellings for Edenordinary townland PNNI V6 p 124
Edenavady Hill
Magheradrool means “ high brow of the dog”; just near Montalto House; many old earthworks here; site of Battle of Ballynahinch 1798; residence of John Mathers in 1910 BH; BGHD p 116, 155; POD ; MOA p201,209; OBLS p8,22 (photoa)
Dromore 20: 19/40 a townland 5km S of Dromore; 516 acres; means ' hill face of the smith'; click here to see its location on a townland map; Mount Ida here was the seat of T. Douglass Esq. in 1836; Ednego Close here V12 p 72 OSM; old b/w map I 6 ; PNNI V6 p127
Edrescall Dundonald a little manor mention in 133 as worth £1.6.8; east of Dundonald village
Eelburn Bridge Garvaghy 20: 23/49 over stream near Waringsford which flows northwards to Tullymisky
PNNI V6 p 207
Eel Rock Inishargy 21: 58/64 in Strangford Lough, 2km NW of Kircubbin
Eglantine Hillsborough . All Saints Church of Ireland here in 1910
EglantineHouse Hillsborough 20:24/61 farm estate; 2km N of Hillsborough;in Carnbane townland ; the prorietor in 1795 was Hugh Moore; residence of Hugh Moore Esq. in 1838; described as an elegant house, finely ornamented with a large garden in 1836; residence of Thomas McDonnell Q.C & S.R. Mulholland . in 1852; death of S.K. Mulholland Esq. of Eglantine, mill owner 3 Feb 1872; residence of Miss Mulholland in 1910 UJA; V12 p 34 OSM; DR; NWAG p 9; UHF V18; MIs; POD; AEP
Eglantine House Kilcoo . house & small garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by Henry Stuart in 1863 from William Campbell; a boarding house in Newcastle; run by Mrs Campbell in 1914
GV; NWAG p 47
Eight Mile Bridge Clonduff . original name for Hilltown in 1777; it's 8 miles from Newry
PNNI V3 p 76, 96; TC p18
Eirene Bangor . in Ballymagee St , Bangor; residence of Edward Gregg in 1901
Eldervale Killinchy . farm; 2km SW of Killinchy town
old b/w map S11
Eleven Acre Wood Loughinisland 20: 38/45 2km NW of Seaforde  .
Eliza Hill Seapatrick . farm; 5km E of Banbridge; the prorietor in 1795 was Robert Kelly; residence of Robert Kelly Esq. in 1819 old b/w map G7; UJA; POD
Elizaville/ Eliza Valley Seapatrick . the prorietor in 1795 was Rev. John Rutherford; residence of Rev John Rutherford, Presbyterian minister in 1824 UJA; POD
Ellensville Bangor . in Princetown Rd, Bangor;villas; residence of J. Donnelly & J. Nicholson in 1901
Ellenvale Magheradrool . in Mourne View, Ballynahinch; residence of Hugh Brown in 1910 POD
Ellen Vale Newry . house & farm of 6 acres in Damolly townland; 4km NE of Newry town; the prorietor in 1795 was D. Hening; residence of James Brown Esq. in 1862; leased by Richard Coulter in 1863 from Joseph Cathcart old b/w map B9; UJA; DR; GV; AEFT; MIs
Elmfield House Tullylish 2km NNW of Gilford; a Scottish Baronial castle & 260 acres , built by the Dickson brothers, who were partners in the Dunbar, Dickson & McMasters spinning company ; the prorietor in 1795 was Rev. John Johnston; residence of James Dickson in 1874 & Henry A. Uprichard in 1886 & W. Uprichard in 1910; photo available BIH p 13 & Y; old b/w map F3 ; UJA; OFB p18;OGSLL p 23; POD; OFB p96
Elmgrove Knockbreda . in Ballymacarrett/ Mountpottinger; residence of James Montgomery of Elmgrove Mills in 1852 & James Morrison in 1881
POD; wills
Elmgrove Magheradrool 20: 35/50 farm; 3km SSW of Ballynahinch
old b/w map L 10 .
Elm Grove Newry . on Rathfriland Road; residence of Michael Grant in 1881
Elm Hill Donaghmore 29: 7/39 farm, near Co Armagh border; residence of James Wylie in 1905
AIPD p42 
Elms (The) Hillsborough 20: 22/59 farm; 2km W of Hillsborough
Elmsthorpe Bangor . villas in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor; residence of Dr. Darnell & Stewart H. Frew in 1901
Elmwood Spa Magheradrool . a hotel at The Spa ; established by Mrs. H. Isaac in 1907; owned by Mrs. W.R. Flinn in 1920; described as one of the finest MS WAG p 3; OBLS p32 (photo)
Elsinore Bangor . in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of F.R.A. lepper in 1901
Elsinore Knockbreda . in Gilnahirk Rd, Knock; residence of William J. McDowell in 1902
Emdale House Drumballyroney 29: 15/37 farm, 5km NW of Rathfriland; birthplace of Rev. Patrick Bronte in 1777 BIH p 19
Drumballyroney  . a townland at western end of parish; hill 540 ft; click here for its location on a parish map; held by Sir Art Magennis in 1609; proprietor General Meade in 1836; largest farm 75 acres; rents 1/6 an acre, new leases 40 shillings an acre; farm of Mr Nesbit, gentleman, here ; school here V3 p14, 16, 18 OSM; PNNI V6 p 165
Emily Cottages Knockbreda . 35 Castlereagh Rd, East Belfast ; 6 residences in 1902
Emmaville Bangor . in Kinnegar; residence of William Hope Miller in 1890 & James Daly in 1901
Irish World; POD
Empress Buildings Knockbreda . 1 Ravenhill Rd, East Belfast near George Street ; residences in 1902
OS map 1902 4.11
Emyville Newry . residence of George Henderson in 1881 POD
Enagh Garvaghy 20: 23/48 a townland 2km E of Garvaghy & 7km SE of Dromore; 738 acres; means ' fairground' ; click here to see its location on a townland map; Presbyterian church here; bog; proprietor Mr. T. Heron in 1836 V12 p 81,81,82 OSM; V19 MIs; GIPR; PNNI V6 p 197
Enagh Cottage Magherally . in Ballymoney tonwland; residence of John Clarke in 1856
IIW # 12492
Enaville Hillsborough 20: 26/58 farm; 3km SE of Hillsborough on Ballynahinch road
Enderly Knockbreda . villa & garden in 8 Knock Rd, East Belfast ; residence of Edward Emerson in 1902 & Mrs. Emerson for many years
POD ; OS map 1902 5.09; ACC p7,74,94
Endolane Kilcoo . in Newcastle ; residence of Richard T. Gould in 1910
Enfield House Bangor . in Manse Rd, Bangor; residence of Alexander Ferguson in 1901
Enfield House Dromara 20: 29/49 farm; just S of Dromara village; residence of John Campbell before 1894
Enfield Dromore . farm in Ballykeel; residence of Thomas Lavery in 1910
Englishtown Ballyculter . in the Strangford area in Ballyculter Upper townland; residence of Coats , Seeds & Allsop families in 1839 Inv 2001 p 61; LM 1987 p45; Inv 2010 p3
Enis Moore Kilkeel . alternate name for Block House Island in 1602 PNNI V3 p 56
Enler River Comber . runs across the parish from west to east, known as the Enler river near Comber town as it runs through flat country; also known as Gransha River & Comber River V7 p30 OSM
Enniskeen Kilcoo . on the Bryansford road;residence of Mrs Murray in 1909 who paid for a new Presbyterian church NWAG p 9 ; POD 1910
Ennislargie Ballyphilip . let in perpetuity to Mr. Ward in 1836; the rent was 1 shilling an acre V7 p 8 OSM


Garvaghy  . alternate spelling for Enagh townland in 1659 Census PNNI V6 p 197;V 12 p 81,81, OSM
Eren Castle
Erew Castle
Ardkeen . alternate name for Kirkistown Castle in 1701 PNNI V2 p 16


Bright 21: 47/41 a townland 7km NW of Killough town; click here to see its location on a townland map; originally owned by Inch Abbey & Catholic parish of Down; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Patrick Shane 1637-1698 & sublet to William Hamliton Esq. ; owned by the Southwell Estate in 1752; bought by Ker family in 1835; proprietors heirs of Lord De Clifford; authorities James & Cornelius Denvir in 1836; rock quarry here ; the site of an ancient monastery destroyed by John de Courcy in 12th century; Erinagh Dramatic Society formed 15 Feb 1926*; Erinagh Pipe Band led a parade at Quoile 28 Aug 1937*; photo of band c. 1932 available (10/3/28); pipe band wins trophy at Kilkeel 29 May 1935* V17 p 34, 37, 75 OSM; LM 1985 p7, 53; LM 1991 p27; O'L v1 p 141, 325 & B p 523; DR*; DR* 3/12/03
Erenagh House Bright . birth place of General N. Price ( no date) O'L V1 p 371
Erin Lodge Donaghadee . in Killaughey St, Donaghadee; house & 7 acres in Townparks townland; residence of Sturgeon family in 1794; residence of Capt. Richard Studdart, coast guard in 1852; held in fee by Robert P. Maxwell in 1863; residence of H.T.Hutton in 1910 MIs; GV ; POD
Erin Lodge Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of W.C. McCracken in 1910
Erin Villa Kilcoo . a boarding house in Newcastle; run by Miss Ward in 1915 NWAG p47
Erin Villas Knockbreda . in 148-150 Kings Rd, East Belfast ; 2 semi detached residences in 1902 with apple orchard ; b/w photo available ; residence of Mr. Jones c. 1940
POD ; ACC p17,74
Eskbank Knockbreda .

in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; vacant residence in 1902

Esker Dundonald a house just south of Ballybeen House; built by Alexander Robb for his sisters c. 1900
TMUOP p144; OS map 1902
Ethelberg Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of John Garrett in 1902
Evagh . . alternate spelling for Iveagh; the name of a barony (land unit) PNNI V1 p 46
Eveline Villa Knockbreda . 298 Ravenhill Rd, East Belfast; residence of S. Johnston in 1902
OS map 1902 4.11
Evelyn Lodge Holywood . in Sydenham Park, Strandtown; a vacant residence in 1902
Everogue's Bridge Kilmore . original name for the village know knwn as Crossgar; named after Ever Og O'Neale, an Irish chieftain of Carrickmannon area V17 p 89 OSM ; SHM '86 p 51; NS ; DR* 18 Sep 1935R
Eversleigh Holywood . 102 Holywood Rd, Strandtown; vacanr residence in 1902
Eyries (The) Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of Mrs Russell in 1910