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Ballycran Catholic graveyard, Ardkeen

Place Names in Co. Down ; I ... & J...

Im- InIs.......Iv.......Ja.......Je.......Jo.......Ju.......

Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Ida Villa
Dundonald . house & a few acres near Dundonald railway station; residence of H. S. Magee in 1902
POD; OS map 1902 5.10
Ilinderry Dromore . see under Islandderry .
Illen Moyle Clonduff . alternate spelling for Islandmoyle tonwland in 1659 census
PNNI V3 p 89
Drumballyroney 29: 15/37 a townland 5km NW of Rathfriland; 746 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ;hill 540 ft; held by Sir Art Magennis in 1609; proprietor General Meade in 1836; largest farm 75 acres; rents 1/6 an acre, new leases 40 shillings an acre; farm of Mr Nesbit, gentleman, here
V3 p 14, 16, 18 OSM ; PNNI V6 165, 166
Imperial Hotel Bangor . in Main St , Bangor ; proprietor in 1901 was George Mathews
Imperial Hotel Holywood . proprietor John P. Craig in 1894
Irish World
Imperial Hotel Newry . an inn in Marcus Square, Newry ; the proprietor in 1910 was The Victoria Hotel Ltd.
Imperial Hotel Seapatrick . in Bridge St , Banbridge; proprietor in 1910 was James Chambers
Inbher- Slani
Saul . areas mentioned in the Life of St. Patrick; means' mouth of the Bren & mouth of the Slain rivers'; the Bren is now called Strangford River & the Slain, Slaney, now reclaimed but formerly tidal up to Raholp O'L V1 p 225-227
Inch Inch a parish and a townland of 561 acres; click here to see its location on a map; means' the island';12th century abbey here; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to John Echlin Esq.; the Inch Estate, called Finnebrogue, was granted to the Maxwell family by the Cromwells c. 1695 ; dinner for the poor 29 Dec 1838: relief meeting 13 Mar 1847: schoolmaster wanted 25 Mar 1848: opening of Orange Hall 11 Nov 1848; Sabbath school 12 Dec 1857; Inch Yeomanry in Battle of Ballynahinch 27 Dec 1862; social reunion 4 Mar 1876; late Bronze Age gold bulla found in the townland in 2008 V17 p 74 ,75 OSM; LM 1985 p53; DR; TCC p 33; O'L V1 p 306, 323, 325; LR 2010 p35
Inch Abbey Inch 21: 47/46 early Christian ruined abbey & graveyard; poem on Inch abbey 11 Feb 1837
HMNI p103 ; DR; O'L B p 554
Inch Lodge Inch . near Finnebrogue; residence of Patrick & Magdalen Percival- Maxwell in 1938
LR 2015 p55 (photo)
Ingleside Bangor . villa in Crawfordsburn Rd , Bangor; residence of W.V. Davison in 1901
Ingleside Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of John R. Cooper in 1902
Iniscourscry Inch . ancient name for Inch Island
O'L V1 p 321
Inishanier Island Ardkeen 21: 54/62 in Strangford Lough, 3km W of Whiterock, in Killinchy area ; 5 acres; means ' island of the grass'
PNNI V2 p 20 
Inishargy Inishargy 21: 61/65 a parish and a townland of 1050 acres;3km SE of Grey Abbey; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'Mac Cairrge's Island'; in 1659 there were 11 English/ Scots & 10 Catholic families here; the town of Kircubbin is in this parish; Church of Ireland in Balligan townland; parish article 24 Apr 1847:Patriotic fund, names of contributors 20 Jan 1855 V17 p 125 & V7 p 84-85 OSM ; SP; DR; old b/w map W14; PNNI v2 p 83; LR 2005 p17
Inishargy House Inishargy . house & farm of 131 acres; near the ruins of the old church and using the stones from the old house in construction; residence of Bailey family c. 1623 & Capt. Charles Matthews Esq. in 1798; leased by Robert Young in 1863 from Robert E. Ward; residence of Samuel Young M.P. in 1910
PNNI V2 p 83; MOA p 185+; GV ; POD
Inisharoan Island Ardkeen 21: 54/62 in Strangford Lough,3km W of Whiterock in Killinchy area; 5 acres; means ' island of the seal'
PNNI V2 p 20 
Inishargy alternate names for Inishargy in 1662 V17 p 123 OSM; PNNI V2 p 84
Inishlochaculin Ballykinler . now called Ballykinler Lough; site of Catholic chapel
O'L V1 p 136; LM 1991 p32-33; LM 1998 p78
Inishowen House Bright . Killough area; residence of Mrs Cottar in 1910
Ink Bottle Holywood . in Holywood Rd, Strandtown;residence of Henry Reynolds in 1902
Inla House Comber . in Ballygowan Rd, Comber near the Masonic Hall ; residence of H.P. Andrews in 1912
Innisfail Kilbroney . in Rostrevor ; residence of Mrs Gwynne in 1910
Innisvar Bangor . villa in Princetown Rd , Bangor; residence of John Curroll in 1901
Interlaken Comber 20: 39/65 on the eastern shore on Monlough
Inverary Holywood . house & garden in Ballymisert townland; leased by Mary Barnsley n in 1863 from Alexander Stephen
Invermore Knockbreda . in Cherryvalley Rd, Knock; residence of W.E.Armstrong in 1902
Iona Villas Bangor  . villas in Prospect Rd, Bangor; residence of James Clarke in 1901 POD
Irish Comber Magheradrool . a variant name of Cumber townland
EPC p11
Irish Hill Bangor 15:45/82 overlooking Helen's Bay & Belfast Lough; residence of John Orr in 1761
RAJ g7
Irish Hill Comber . farm; 3km NW of Comber town;
old b/w map R7
Ardkeen . alternate name for Ballygelagh townland in 1559
PNNI V2 p 12; MOA p276
Irwinstown Moira . a house cluster in east of Ballymakeonan; residence of William Henderson in 1845
PNNI V6 p 295; MIs
Isabella's Tower Ardglass . a 19th century ornamental folly/tower 27 feet high on a hill off the Downpatrick Road near the village; built by Aubrey de Vere Beauclerc (other versions say William Ogilvy) for his disabled daughter, Isabella ; later used as a coastguard watch tower ; b/w photo available
DR* 5 /11/2008 p19; LM 1989 p31; LM 1996 p12-15; LR 2011 p22
Islands (The) Greyabbey . residence of John McAvoy in 1920
Island (The) Tullylish . a subdivision of Birch Grove near Gilford; residence of John Birch in 1841 & Thomas Birch in 1908
OFB p125
Islandacorr Ballyphilip 21: 59/49 at the entrance to Strangford Lough near Bankmore Hill; means ' round island'
PNNI v2 p 51 
Ballyhalbert 21: 63/61 3km NW of Portavogie; means ' Breen's island hill'
PNNI V2 p 21 
Islandamuck Tyrella . see under Islandmuck .
Island Bann
Killinchy  . a townland of 41 acres; the smallest mainland townland in the parish; click here to see its location on a townland map
V7 p 86 OSM 
Island Bawn
Rathmullan a townland 7km NW of Killough town; 56 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by Charles Russell in 1640 then the Duke of York; proprietor Mr Hamilton in 1836 V17 p 35 OSM; O'L B p 554
Islandbawn Killinchy . see under Islandbane .
Island Bog Drumballyroney in the east of Aughnavallog townland; a small part in the centre is cultivated; elk antlers found here by Mr Jimmy Smith V3 p14 OSM; PNNI V6 p 155; IPP p 3
Ballyhalbert . 2km SW of Ballyhalbert village old b/w map V15
Island Conolly
Conley Island
Ardkeen 21: 53/61 in Strangford Lough, 4km E of Killinchy; 64 acres; linked with Ballymorran townland; click here to see its location on a townland map; residence of Hans Montgomery in 1910 TAB; POD ; V7 p 86 OSM ; PNNI V2 p 18
Island Cottage Aghaderg . farm; 6km SW of Loughbrickland; on the canal old b/w map D6
Islandderry Dromore 20: 15/54 a townland 5km W of Dromore; 426 acres:click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' Osland of the oakwood'; granted to Arte Magennis in 1611; proprietor Major Waddell in 1836 ; lake with crannog here ; basalt dyke; school here in 1817 & 1836 V12 p 71, 72, 73 OSM; HSSS
Islanderry Lodge/House Dromore 20: 17/56 farm; 3km NW of Dromore; one of the great houses; the proprietor in 1795 was Major Waddell
UJA;PNNI V6 p 131
Islandgorm Ardkeen 21: 64/60 2km W of Portavogie; means ' blue island hill'
PNNI V2 p 21 
Islandgorm Ballyhalbert . means 'island hill of the cornflower' PNNI V2 p 112
Island Gowan Donaghadee
15: 55/79
farm;near marsh; 4km W of Donaghadee town .
Island Henry Bright  . 2km NNW of Killough town; 17 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; proprietor Lord Bangor in 1836 V17 p 34 OSM
Island Hill Aghaderg 20: 6/41 northern shore of Lough Shark
Island Hill Comber 21: 48/69 in Ringcreevy townland, overlooking Strangford Lough, 3km E of Comber; mesolithic site here ; regatta 27 Sep 1884; this was the only suitable bathing place for ladies in the area; residence of Alexander Mawhinney in 1902; photo available
NC; TMUOP p22; MIs; TOOC p16; ; ACOC p74,88
Islandhill Donaghadee
a townland 2km SW of Millisle; 142 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map;has a large extent of bog & an area of high ground with an ancient rath on it ; in 1659 there were 2 English/ Scots & 6 Catholic families here ; owned by Nicholas D. Crommelin in 1863 V17 p 124 & V7 p 45 OSM; PNNI V2 p 192; SP; GV
Island House
. in Scarva; residence of Alexander & Ellen Jordan ; no date MIs
Islandmaddy ancient townland in 17th century in East Down V17 p 123 OSM
Island Magee Tullynakill . ancient name for Mahee Island in Strangford Lough
O'L B p 319

Island Moore

Killinchy 21: 54/58 in Strangford Lough, 4km SE of Killinchy town; 122 acres; this is the largest island belonging to this parish; click here to see its location on a townland map
V7 p 86 OSM  
Islandmoyle Clonduff 29: 26/35 a townland 2km NW of Kilcoo; 642 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means " flat dwelling place surrounded by bog" or ' bare island '; held by Rory Magennis in 1609 then Sir Edwatd Trevor & Bryan O'Neale; 2 hedge schools here c. 1810; majority of land held by George H. Gartlan in 1863; photo available
TC p24; PNNI V1 6 p 12 & V3 p 89; AR p 2; GV; CP 13/11/2013
Islandnacor Ballyphilip . at the entrance to Strangford Lough near the Routen Wheels
LM 2002 p 6
Tyrella 21: 43/37 farm area , 3km SE of Clough near Ballykinler village; owned by Alderman Hutchinson of Dublin after 1641 then sold to Capt. William Hamilton c. 1760
LM 1985 p7; LM 2000 p86
Island of Magennis Kilmegan . at Castlewellandf; one of the old Magennis strongholds LM 1995 p22
Island Oske Saul in Strangford Lough near Saul; photo available LWAG p 35
Island Rainey Ardkeen in 1901 census only one family called McCormick lived there; farm & residence of Henry McCormick in 1910
Island Ravera Dundonald an island in a bog in grounds of Stormont
Islandreagh Tullynakill . see under Reagh Island .
Island Rolly Tullynakill . residence of John Gabbey in 1895 MIs
Islands Grey Abbey 18 acres; near Ballymurphy; in 1659 there were 3 English/ Scots & 2 Catholic families here ; the proprietor in 1795 was Miss Rowan UJA; V17 p 123 OSM; SP;
Island Simie/
Killyleagh . 8 acres, in Strangford Lough off Rathcunningham townland ; residence of Thomas & Agnes Wallace in 1858 & 2 fishermen Francis Bishop & Robert Derby in 1901
PRONI wills; 1901 Census  .
Island South Greyabbey 21: 56/67 20 acres; see South Island
Island Taggart Killyleagh 21: 53/55 in Strangford Lough, 2km N of Killyleagh; 76 acres
Island Trasnagh
Island Tranagh
Ardkeen 21: 53/62 in Strangford Lough, 3km NE of Killinchy; 24 acres or arable pasture; means ' cross island'; residence of Michael Delap in 1835; leased by John Patton in 1863 from reps. Henry Harrisson ; nobody registered as living there in 1901 Census; owned by the church in ancient times
O'L V1 p 364; PR; GV; PNNI V2 p 26
Island Vale Knockbreda . in 19 & 21 Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of James Campbell (foundry owner & linen merchant ) in 1895 & William Campbell in 1902; originally a large house with extensive gardens & gate lodge then divided into two houses ; b/w photo available
POD; ACC p96 -98, 106
Isle / Island McCricket Kilclief 1km W of Kilclief; 3 acres; means 'McCrickard's Island' ; click here to see its location on a townland map; residence of Noris Fitzsimons in 1787; owner Capt. Nicholas Fitzsimons in 1836 Inv 2013 p6; MIs; V17 p 79 OSM
Isle OíValla Ballyculter 21: 59/49 at the entrance of Strangford Lough, 1km SE of Strangford town; herons nest here old b/w map R15; Inv 2002 p 13; LM 2002 p 9, 43
Isle O'Valla House Ballyculter . south of Strangford in Cloghy; opened as a Charter School c. 1817 ; residence of Hon. Somerset Ward in 1874 , 1877 & 1903 & Frank McCausland c. 1920; now a ruin; drawing & b/w photo available
Inv 2003 p11-16, 32; LM 1995 p6-7; Inv 2014 p22
Islet Hill Bangor . house & farm of 75 acres in Ballymacormick townland; site of the coastguard station; 1km W of Groomsport; leased by Ellen Clarke in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboye
Ivanmount Bangor
villa in Crawfordburn Rd , Bangor; residence of R. McClay in 1901
Iveagh . . name of the largest barony in Co. Down; means ' descendents of Echu'
PNNI V1 p 46 & V3 p 67
Iveagh Cottage Annaclone . in Ardbrin townland; residence of Mr. Magennis in 1891
Liverpool Mercury

Iveagh House

216 Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of James Forsythe in 1902
Iveagh House Seapatrick . in banbridge; residence of Mrs. T. Ferguson 6 May 1912
Iveagh Terrace Kilcoo . a boarding house in Newcastle; run by Mrs McCullough in 1914
NWAG p 46
Ivermore Knockbreda . a large house in Cherryvalley village in 1902
ACC p11
Ivy Bridge Kilcoo . over the Shimna River on the parish boundary
Kilcoo map
Ivy Bridge Cottage Drumgath 29: 17/33 2km SW of Rathfriland;  
Ivy Cottage Down . in Ballydugan townland; residence of Robert Martin, death notice 19 Aug 1871; residence of William Martin in 1884 & 1887
DR; MID p22
Ivy Cottage Kilkeel . residence of Henry Doyle , teacher at Dunavan National School 3 Dec1859 findmypast
Ivy Cottage Kilmore . in Kilmore St, Crossgar; residence of William Henry Aiken 13 Jul 1928 BG
Ivy Hill Bangor . a villa; residence of Mrs Cush in 1910 POD
Ivy Holme Saintfield 20: 39/62 a house in Lessans townland  
Ivy House Down . in Downpatrick; residence of William J. McComb 30 Nov 1940
Ivy Lodge Newry . house & 8 acres in Drumcashelone townland; residence of Edward Greer in 1840 & William Isaac Corry 1853; leased by Edward Greer in 1863 from rep. James Carlisle; owned by Charles J. Greer in 1876 with 101 acres; residence of Rev. Thomas B. Swanzy & Isaac Corry in 1881 GV; POD; MIs; LOI;IIW V4 p165
Jackdaw Island Ballyculter 21: 55/51 in Strangford Lough, 3km NW of Strangford town; owned by Mr Aynsworth in 1836 V17 p 31 OSM; 23/4/67R; Inv 2007 p48
Jackie's Pladdy Ardglass named after Jackie Mullan who foiled the smugglers in 1820; click here for a story about him DR
Jackson Hall Holywood . farm; 3km NE of Holywood town; residence of John Greenfield in 1852
old b/w map U5; POD
Jackson Hall Knockbreda . in Ballymacarrett; residence of William Hall Esq. in 1852
James Point Donaghadee 15:60/77 rocky outcrop in irish Sea; 1km N of Millisle village .
James Rock Grey Abbey 21: 55/66 rocky in Strangford Lough 3km W of Ballybrian House
Jamisons Cross Roads Annahilt 20: 30/58 where 4 minor roads intersect 5km E of Hillsborough  .
Janebrook Kilkeel . the proprietor in 1795 was James Marmion; residence of James Marmion Esq. in 1863
Jane's Rock Killinchy 21: 55/58 in Strangford Lough, 1km E of Islandmore  .
Janeís Shore Down a bend on the Quoile river; site of old ferry LWAG p 22
Janets Rock Kilkeel 29: 35/17 on the beach in the Irish Sea, 1km NE of Ballymartin village
Bright 2km SW of Killough near St. John's Point ; built by Thomas Tipping Smyth 1780-1790 & extended by Major Browne in 1852; residence of Capt. Peter R. Browne in 1837, 1852 & 1862; dinner to Major Browne in Denvir's Hotel , Downpatrick, prior to his departure to the Continent 28 Feb 1857 MIs;UJA; LM 2002 p 32; old b/w map M17; DR; POD ; LM 1985 p4,9
Jean Brook Kilkeel . residence of Robert Davidson Esq. in 1856
Jemimaville Knockbreda . Sandown Road area towards Ballyhackamore; residence of Robert Hewitt (builder & contractor) c. 1910 ACC p120
Jenkins Point Kilkeel 29: 38/23 rocky coast 3km N of Annalong  .
Jenny's Island Bangor 15:53/84 near Ballymacormick Point; in Belfast Lough
Jennymount Donaghcloney . in Tullyherron townland; named after the Jenny family, 17th century settlers; residence of Thompson family c. 1830 who also lived in Belfast
PNNI V6 p 99; RWN p 7
Jennymount Knockbreda . in York Rd, Belfast; mill school attached ACC p96
Jennyvale Saintfield 21: 43/58 farm, 3km SE of Saintfield; residence of John Davison in 1901 & 1910
Jericho Lough Killyleagh 21: 48/55 3km NW of Killyleagh
Jerrettspass Newry/ Donaghmore 29: 6/34 one of the few places where you could cross 'the great bog' in olden times; near Newry Canal, 6km NNW of Newry just inside Co Armagh; 2nd Drumbanagher Presbyterian church here BIH p 7 ; GIPR
Jinglers Bridge Seapatrick . local name for Downshire Bridge built in 1885 in Bridge St, Banbridge; names after an apple seller who jingled coins in her pocket; photo available
OB p4
Jocelyn Cottage Knockbreda .
1 km S of Ballymacarret in Woodstock Road opposite Willowfield House
V7 p 98 OSM; OS map 1902 4.11
Jockís Island Ardkeen
Johns Port Ballyhalbert 21: 66/61 a small bay in the rocks , 2km N of Portavogie
PNNI V2 p 112.
Johnstons Corner Kilcoo 29: 30/34 on the Kilcoo- Castlewellan road , E of Lough Island Reavy
Johnstown Castleboy . ancient name for Castleboy which belonged to St. John Hospitalliers O'L V1 p 411
Jolly Farmer Inn Saintfield . in High St, Saintfield; proprietor was Alexander Bradley in 1811 POD
Jonathan Rock Ballyphilip . a partly submerged rock at the tip of Ballyquinton Point; 'Glendalough' wrecked here 26 Mar 1920 JUAHS 2012 p11
Jonesborough Newry a village in Co. Armagh part near Co. Louth; has water near black bog in Drumcashlebone townland ; population in 1871 was 132 V3 p 107 OSM; POD
Jonville Bright . see under Janeville POD
Jordanís Acre Down a townland just E of Downpatrick; 6 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by representatives of Simon De Jordan in 1836; there were 8 houses; 4 familesi employed in agriculture & 2 in trade; 14 males & 14 females; 2 manufacturers; also known as Audley's Acre V17 p 53, 57 OSM
Jordan's Castle Ardglass . this is a 12th century Norman castle which is still in good condition today; click here for a photo & more information; also known as Castle Shane in 1911 .
Jordanís Crew Ballee  . a townland just NW of Ardglass; click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by Charles A. Leslie Esq., Ballybagy. Co Monaghan in 1836; there were 5 families here needing famine relief in 1847; owned by trustees of Charles A. Leslie in 1863; article 6 Feb 1869 V17 p 20, 22 OSM; DR; GV; FCD S2 p 25
Jordanstown Loughinisland 21: 41/41 farm, just N of Clough village
Josephs Bridge Comber 21: 43/70 over Ballystockart river near Ballaltikilligan townland
Josephs Mountain Saul . at the souther nend of the parish; 415 feet above sea level; a broken uneven hill;
V17 p 111 OSM
Jubilee Cottage Bangor  . in Bingham St , Bangor; residence of James Beattie in 1901 POD
Jubilee Farm Magherdrool 20: 35/50 farm; 3km SSW of Ballynahinch
Juggys Brae Bright . on the boundary of Ballynagahhagh & Ballyvaston townlands
LR 2006 p17

By Ros Davies