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Place Names of Co. Down: R.....


Place Name Parish Map Ref Information
Rabbit Warren . Ballykinler & Maghera sand dunes on either side of Dundrum Harbour
old b/w map K15
Rabbs Rib Comber 21:49/69 rocks in Strangford Lough,4km E of Comber
Racecourse Hill Comber . in Cherryvally townland; overlooked racecourse in 1731 TOOC p37
Race Hill Kilmore 21: 41/54 hill ; 3km NW of Crossgar near Listooder townland
Rackhamilton Newry . alternate spelling for Rockhamilton Farm IIW V4 p 169
Raconyglan Drumballyroney . an ancient townland name now in Ballybrick PNNI V6 p 157
Radcliff's Steps Annaclone . named after a shoemaker who lived across the river in Aughnacloy townland PNNI V6 p 76
Kilmore a townland of 788 acres; click here to see its location on a map; means “rath of Deman” after a King of Ulidia who was slain in 565 AD ; granted to Lieut. Walter Johnston in 1666; Presbyterian church here ; flour mill in 1836; school here in 1836; effects of the Big Storm on Rademon Wood 12 Jan 1839; proprietor James Sharman Crawford 7 Feb 1846: flax scutch mills built 28 Aug 1852; death of James McRobert, owner of Rademon mills 4 May 1867; workhouse school excursion 24 Aug 1872; flour mills notice 21 Mar 1885; I have indexed the full information from Griffiths Valuations of 1863 #5-15 into Surnames Index TCC p 33; KPC p 12; V 17 p 91 OSM: DR*; DR BH; GIC: GIPR; O'L V1 p 329; LM 1998 p47; GV
Rademon House Kilmore 21: 43/52 house & large estate of 328 acres , 2km W of Crossgar ; built buy the Johnston family c. 1730 & passed by marriage to James Crawford c. 1780; formerly the hunting lodge of the Crawfords of Crawfordsburn; the proprietor in 1795 was Arthur Johnston; residence of James Sharman Crawford, magistrate 7 Feb 1846; leased by James S. Crawford in 1863 from John S.Crawford ; burned 1955; belonged to Osborne King c. 1960s- 1990s
UJA; DR ; GV :PE; 1921 OS map


Killinchy 21: 46/57 a townland 4km SW of Killinchy ;on the Killyleagh to Saintfield road;1396 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; a gravel pit there in 1833; school exams 14 Aug 1841; large bog here in 1863 ; Presbyterian church here V7 p 86 ,88 OSM: DR ; GV; GIPR
Raffrey House Killinchy 21: 46/59 farm; 3km SW of Killinchy
Rafgill Bangor . alternate spelling for Rathgill in 1659 census
PNNI V2 p 167
Ragheries Inishargy 21: 57/66 rocks in Strangford Lough ;off Herring Bay
PNNI V2 p 97 
Raghley (The)
. near Tullygirven & Edenslate townlands V7 p 34 OSM
alternate name for Ballyhaft townland in 1623 PNNI V2 p 220
Raholp Ballyculter 21: 53/47 a townland 4km NE of Downpatrick on Strangford road; 535 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' fort of the steer of heifer'; site of an ancient church called Church Moyley; leased by Thomas Barnwell in 1615; Bishops lands £30 in 1744; mill here in 1836 ; owned by Lord Bangor in 1836 ; Poor Law district population was 2542 in 30 Nov 1839; poem about Raholp's valleys 23 Sep 1876 V17 p 25, 31, 112, 118 OSM; DR*; DR; O'L B p 23,141, 319, 322
Railway Hotel Holywood . proprietor in 1852 was William Kincade POD
Railway Hotel Magheradrool . in Railway St, Ballynahinch; established in 1880s as a temperance hotel then a boarding house then a public house; b/w photo available OBLS p 1
Railway Hotel Newtownards . in Church St, Newtownards; proprietor in 1852 was John Frederick POD
Railway Hotel Seapatrick
in Reilly St, Banbridge; proprietor in 1910 was Felix O'Hanlon
Railway Tavern Comber  . in Mill St, Comber; proprietor in 1852 was Samuel McQuoid & in 1912 was Mr. Hugh David Todd POD; ACOC p29
Railway Tavern Comber  . on the Belfast Road; known as North Down House until 1925 when proprietor was Thomas McDonald TOOC p96
Railway View Killinchy . house & farm of 52 acres in Ballygowan townland; just S of Ballygowan village; leased by Samuel Orr in 1863 from William Mussenden
old b/w map Q9; GV
Raincurry Kilbroney . alternate name for Ballindoalty townland PNNI V1 p 136
Rainey's Island
Ranish Island
Ardkeen in Strangford Lough, 4km NE of Killinchy ;39 acres; means' island of the level pirce of ground'; a close plantation in 1836; in the 1901 Census only one family lived there called McCormick
V7 p 3 OSM; PNNI V2 p 23
Raineys Lane Ends Magheradrol . 2km W of Ballynahinch on the Dromore road old b/w map M8
Raleagh Kilmore 20: 40/52 a townland 3km SE of Ballynahinch on Crossgar road; click here to see its location on a map; 665 acres; means “ rath of the grey people”; owned by James Trail in 1742; sold by Rev. Hamilton Trail to Charles Crymble 25 Mar 1748; the proprietor in 1795 was G. McRobert; Sabbath school tea party 4 Feb 1837 & 28 Jan 1843: new school master wanted 20 Feb 1847: Sabbath school exams 8 Dec 1849; soiree in National School 15 Aug 1863; the majority of this townland was owned by John Cleland in 1863; annual school meeting, list of pupils,teachers etc. 15 Jul 1865; click here for a photo of The Loop farm; I have indexed the full information from Griffiths Valuations of 1863 #21-32 into Surnames Index BH; UJA; Register of Deeds; DR ; TCC p 33; KPC p 20; GV
Ralftona Donaghadee . alternate name for Ballyrolly townland in 1306
PNNI V2 p 186
Rally Island Newtownards mentioned in 1901 Census  .
Ralph Hill Bangor
residence of James Laird in 1901
Ramharry Bangor
a whirlpool off Mew Island; from Norse 'ram' = strong & 'hari' rough
Inv 2003 p51
Ramaharry Rock Bangor 15:61/86 on NE point of Mew Isalnd in Irish Sea .
Ramlough Lough Kilmore . in Magheralone/ Drumnaconnor; mentioned in leases of 1770 , Rev. Hamilton Trail to Rev. Moses Nelson re land of Patrick Mariner of Heath ; click here to see its location on a map; also known as Ram Lough & today locally called Kelly's Lough
Registry of Deeds; BH ; PE
Ramola Bangor . a house in Helen's Bay; residence of William Higgins in 1940
Ramolin Rathmullan . alternate name for Rathmullan in 1640
O'L B p 554
Rampark Magheralin 20: 10/57 farm; 3km SW of Magheralin  .
Ranaghan House Bright .

in Palatine Square, Killough; built mid 18th century; 2 two storey residence; used as a police station c. 1860; restored 2006

LR 2006 p35,36
Ranfurley Place Holywood . 4 house in Strandtown ;owned by Thomas Kelly in 1863 GV
Ranfurly Villa
Kilbroney . house & garden in Mary St, Rostrevor; , residence of Lord Northland in 1837; leased by Louise Anne Pollard in 1863 from Walter James Pollard ; residence of Col. Moore 26 Mar 1881 & Mrs Orme in 1910; watercolour available
V7 p 39 OSM; GV; DR; POD ; i extras
Ranish Island
Raney or Ran's
. . in Strangford Lough; named after the Norse sea god
O'L V1 p 364; Inv 2003 p51
Rankmore Head Ballyphilip . a whirlpool, 2km S of Portaferry; caused by rocks & tide; also called Rowling Weel by the Scots; also Bankmore Head
V7 p 9 OSM; PNNI V2 p 53
Rann ( The)
Rann Quarter
Inch 21: 45/47 on Annacloy river, one of the 5 quarters of Annacloy townland, 3km NW of Downpatrick ; means ' a division;' owned by Southwell Estate in 1752; National school here in 1863
LM 1991 p26; LR 2009 p51; GV
Rashvilla Down . near Downpatrick; residence of Major A.F. Pilson in 1910
Rasteglas Kilclief . alternate spelling for Rossglass townland in 1427
O'L B p 21
Rat Island Saul 21: 51/50 in Strangford Lough, 2km S of Killyleagh


21: 64/59 a townland 2km SW of Portavogie; 352 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' fort of the willow tree'; distinctive red rocks here V7 p 1, 125 & V17 p 125 OSM; PNNI V2 p 17
Ratattas Castleboy . part of the Manor of Cloghy in King Charles 1st's reign; V7 p 18 OSM
Loughinisland . site of an ancient Catholic chapel; near Clough rath O'L V1 p 117; WDG p234
Rathcillan Kilcoo . means 'fort of Cillan' (brother of St. Donard); on Bryansford Rd, Newcastle; it was a defended homestead 600-100AD ; now site of Cillan Fort House built 1900
WDG p33,34,35
Rathcoole Holywood . at 7 Sydenham Park, Strandtown; residence of T.J. Davison in 1902
Rathcunningham Killyleagh   a townland 3km N of Killyleagh town; 221 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; residence of the Farrel family in 1814; MID p 110
Rathdune House Down . residence of Aynsworth Pilson c. 1860 & Lt.Col. Bowlby R.M. in 1901; photo available POD; LM 1983 p31; LM 1998 p39
Drumballyroney- part & Drumgath - mostly 29: 20/34 a town; 9km NE of Newry; click here for a photo and more information; means 'fort of Fraoilan' .


Bangor a townland of 312 acres; just S of Bangor; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' fort of the hostages';in 1659 there were 6 English/ Scots & 12 Catholic families here & the proprietor was William Barclay Esq. James Rose Cleland Esq. of Rathgill House, major landowner in 1836; suicide 21 Sep 1872 (DR); scutch mill fire 20 Oct 1900 (NC) V17p124 &V7p 19, 23 OSM;DR; NC; BM; SP; old b/w map W7; PNNI V2 p 166
Rathgael House
house & farm of 88 acres; on northern part of Clandeboye Estate; 2km SW of Bangor town; the proprietor in 1795 was James Cleland Esq. & in 1798 & 1824 & James D. Rose Cleland in 1852; owned by Robert E. Ward & leased by Richard Rose Cleland in 1863 from Robert E. Ward; demolished 1960
UJA; PNNI V2 p 167; GV; POD ; MOA p321
Paper Vale Drumgath . Rathfriland area; the proprietor in 1795 was Robert Todford
Rathgarmont Rathgorman Killinchy . a townland of 56 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'Gorman's ringfort'; site of an ancient earthworks & ancient chapel , 20 feet high & 30 feet in diameter at the top, in the south part of the townland
LR 2005 p20; V7 p 86, 89 ,90 OSM; O'L V1 p 345
Rath House Dromore . built in 1780 & one of the oldest in Dromore
ODHD p14
Rathkeltar House Down . house & grounds , near Downpatrick in 1901; residence of Mrs Price in 1910
OSM map; POD
Rathmona Donaghadee . residence of William Carmichael in 1886 & John McConnell in 1910 POD
Rathmore Down . cnr Circular Road & Folly Lane, Downpatrick; residence of John R. McConnell in 1900 & 1910 POD; OSM map
Rathmore Cottage Seapatrick . farm; 2km N of Banbridge; residence of Miss Mulligan in 1910 old b/w map F6; POD
Rathmullan Lower Bright & Rathmullan 21: 47/47 a parish & townland of 743 acres ;near Dundrum Bay, 6km S of Downpatrick; click here to see its location on a townland map;owned by the Russell family in 1650; in 1763 there were 240 members of Church of ireland, 80 Presbyterians & 524 Catholics in the parish; boundaries changed 12 Jan 1828; proprietor Lord Bangor in 1836; school here in 1836 ; in 1177 English settlers stayed on the ancient castle rath; Hugh Montgomery Esq. 21st 6 Aug 1842; excavations of Rathmullan mound in 1978 V17 p 35,36 OSM: O'L V1 p 184 & B p 323, 554; LR 2005 p 23; NCT; DR; LM 1984 p19-23
Rathmullan Upper Bright/
 . a parish & townland of 207 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by the Russell family in 1650; boundaries changed 12 Jan 1828; proprietor Colonel Leslie of Co Monaghan in 1836 ; tenant dinner to A.W. Beauclerk 28 Sep 1844: spotted fever 16 Jul 1853; banquet by tenantry to Lieut. William E. Montgomery 29 Aug 1868; lecture by Dr W. Gordon to raise funds for library 27 Oct 1877; Church of Ireland here NCT; V17 p 35 OSM: DR; GIC; O'L B p 554
Rathmullan Point Rathmullan 21: 48/35 in Dundrum Bay; near Tyrella Beach
Rathra Maghera . ancient name for Maghera;leased by John O'Loughlin in 1615 O'L B p 319
Rathscillan Maghera . owned by Bishops of Down & Connor in 1202 O'L B p 153
Rathverde Bangor . large house & gardens cnr Downshire & Maxwell Rds, Bangor built in 1900 OS map 1902 2.05.
Ravara Killinchy 21; 42/62 a townland 3km NNE of Saintfield on Comber road; 1246 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; originally belonged to Inch Abbey; there were 2 corn mills in 1833, one out of repair; Presbyterian Unitarian church here; there was a National School opposite the saw mill which was used as a Sunday School 1840-1850; Hugh Wallace Esq. a landlord 5 Apr 1851; a scutch mill here c. 1860; railway here in 1863 V7 p38, 86 ,91 OSM: SHM '86 p27, 32; DR; GIC; SHM '86 p26; O'L V1 p 325, 370;GV
Ravara House


. house & farm of 41 acres; just S of Ballygowan; built in 1830s by a connection of the Wallace family of Myra Castle and probably designed by Thomas Duff of Newry;it is late Regency in design; leased by Michael Buckley in 1863 from William N. Wallace;
c. 1860s the Ministers of Ballygowan Presbyterian Church took up residence here leasing it from the Wallaces for about 80 years then bought it outright; sold c. 1980 & in private hands
PE; GV;old b/wmap P8
Ravenbank Knockbreda . 4 residences in Ravenhill Road, Belfast in 1902
OS map 1902 4.11
Raven Hill House Knockbreda   farm estate in Ballynafoy ; on the eastern side of Ormeau demesne; 1km S of Ballymacarret; 68 acres owned by John Brown in 1876; became a brickworks
V7 p 98 OSM ; OS map 1902 4.11; LOI
Ravensdale Holywood . at 1 Sydenham Park, Strandtown; residence of T.H. Browne in 1902
Blaris 20: 26/61 a village & townland of 401 acres; 3km S of Lisburn; click here to see its location on a townland map ; a weaving factory here in 1886
Ravernette House
Blaris . residence of John Sinton in 1890
Ravernet River Drumbo . on the southern boundary of the parish V7 p 54 OSM
Ravensdale Park Newry area . residence of Right Hon. Lord Clermont in 1881
Ravensworth Holywood . 96 Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of R. Law in 1902
Raynche Island . . in Strangford Lough; ancient name for Ranish Island O'L V1 p 364

Reagh Island
Reagh Isle

Tullynakill 21: 53/65 large island promontory in Strangford Lough; 127 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; 9 inhabitants in 1821 Census; residence of Stewart Blakeney in 1886 V17 p 121 OSM; POD
Reancurry Kilbroney . alternate name for Ballindoalty townland PNNI V1 p 136
Redbay Farm Ballyhalbert 21: 63/63 farm; 2km SW of Ballyhalbert
Red Bog Inch . in Ballyrenan townland; residence of Genry Bassett in 1854
Red Bog Kilkeel 29: 24/20 part of the southern Mournes, 6km N of Carlingford Lough
Red Bridge Drumgath 29: 17/34 over a stream ;2km W of Rathfriland
Redburn Holywood . in Ballymachan townland near the Golf Club on Old Holywood Road ; built by Dunville family c. 1860; residence of George Cree in 1876 ; owned by Robert .G. Dunville in 1876 & in 1886; had its own private zoo ; residence of John & Violt Dunville in 1917
PR ; NDM p40,139; POD; LOI; P4/7 CBSA ; ACS p85; CWGC
Redcot Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of Thomas Paul in 1902
Red Cottages Bangor 15:48/80 tied cottages to Clandeboye Estate; 3km SW of Bangor town .
Red Hill Magheralin 20: 16/57 farm; 5km SE of Magheralin on the Dromore road, in Lisnashanker townland; residence of William Agnew in 1819
PNNI V6 p 253; MIs
Redhill House Magheralin 20: 17/57 farm; in Lisnashanker townland  .
Red Lion Inn Knockbreda . in Ballynafeigh; the proprietor in 1880 was Mrs Catherine Hart
Red Moss Kilkeel 29: 24/20 part of the southern Mournes, 6km N of Carlingford Lough
NWAG p 37 
Red Moss River Kilkeel 29: 25/20 rises in The Mournes, and runs S into the White Water river
Red Row Tullynakill . at Castle Espie; a row of terraced houses for quarry workers c. 1874
NDM p51
Reef (The) Ballywalter 21: 63/73 off shore; near Ballyferis townland
Reese Farm Kilkeel 29: 36/20 farm; on the Annalong river, 1km NW of Annalong; residence of P. Smith in 1910
Refuge Cottage Comber . in Cullintra townland; residence of Francis Ritchie in 1876 PPNZ
Regan/ Reagan Newry alternate name for Ryan townland PNNI V1 p 34
Regent House Newtownards . residence of George Walker in 1886 POD
Regentville Dromore . in Dromore; residence of T.B. Wallace in 1910
Reids Hill Hillsborough . farm; 2k E of Hillsborough town; residence of James Reid before 1798
old b/w map M6; Paul Newell
Reids Hill Tullylish 20:10/50 farm; 2km N of Laurencetown
Reily's Town Moira . house & farm in 1836; just SW of Moira town V12 p 118 OSM
Reilly’s Trench Hillsborough 20: 23/60 a townland 2km NW of Hillsborough; 106 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; proprietor Lord Downshire, agent Mr Reilly in 1836; farms were from 4-14 acres; rents from 28-30 shillings an acre; good quality land; school built 1814; Catholic church here V12 p 85, 95, 100 OSM; GIC
Reshoner Loughinisland a townland mentioned in 1659 census S P
Reweheele Clonduff . alternate name for Ballynagappoge in 1661
PNNI V3 p 80
Reyan Newry . alternate spelling for Ryan
PNNI V1 p 34
Rhoddans Ballyhalbert . alternate spelling for Roddans
PNNI V2 p 109
Ribadoo Dromara 20: 29/45 a mountain in Dromara Hills, 5km S of Dromara
Richhill Magheradrool . in Ballynahinch; residence of Nathaniel Greer in 1845
Richmond Lodge Holywood . house & farm of 24 acres in Knocknagoney townland, on the Holywood Road from Bangor to Belfast at Knocknagoney; built c. 1798; residence of Charles Ranken (a banker) in 1799 (who had a butler, James Callaghan convicted & transported ) & leased by Francis Turney Esq. c. 1801-1845 from David McCance; residence of John Dunville in 1851 & Eliza Donaldson in 1853; the land steward in 1852 was James Donaldson; leased by William Dunville in 1863 from David McCance, then James Kennedy Esq. in 1879; b/w sketch available; residence of W.H.H. Lyons in 1902
V7 p 76 OSM; POD; UJA; NAD (convict records) ; MIs; old b/w map S5 ; MIs; GV; OFN p 50; IIW; NDM p40; POD ; acs p85
Richmount Kilbroney . residence of Mrs Brownlow in 1836
V3 p 35 OSM
Richmount Magheralin . farm; 2km N of Magheralin village
old b/w map J2
Rig Pladdy/ Reef Ardkeen . in Cloghy Bay; a sunken flat rock ; brig William & Mary lost here 7 Jan 1879
PNNI V2 p 24; BoTWR/MB
Rilleni Garvaghy . alternate spelling for Killaney townland in 1659 Census
PNNI V6 p 201
Rine-hill Dromara . residence of Mr George Weir prior to 25 Feb 1828
Ringavaddy Bright 21: 50/35 group of rocks in north of Dundrum Bay off Rossglass townland
Ringawaddy Ringawiddy
Dunsford 21: 58/42 a townland 1km W of Ballyhornan & the coast; click here to see its location on a townland map; granted to John Magreevy by King Charles 1st in lieu of wages as a soldier;first meeting of Methodists in 1775 V17 p 69, 72 OSM
Saul 21: 53/49 a townland on the shores of Strangford Lough, 5km NE of Downpatrick; click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by Mr Woulfe in 1836 V17 p 114, 115 OSM


Donaghmore a townland 7km SE of Newry; 221 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; on the shores of Loughorn lake; means ' the white point'; originally belonged to the Magennis clan; corn mill here in 1836; 14 acres of bog V3 p 8, 9, OSM; PNNI V1 p 106
Ringboy Ardkeen 21: 64/58 2km SW of Portavogie; means 'the yellow promontory'
PNNI V2 p 24 
Ringboy Point Ardkeen 21: 65/57 northern most head of Cloghy Bay on the Irish Sea
JUAHS 2011 p20 
Ringboy Bright 21: 49/35 rocks in Dundrum Bay S of Murpheystown
Ringburr Point Ardquin 21: 57/56 jutting out into Strangford Lough, 4km NW of Portaferry; means ' headland of the skewer shape'

PNNI V2 p 38 

Ringcladdy Ballyculter 21: 57/46 4km S of Strangford town; owbned by Johnson Carson then zRobert & Tgomas Polly & James Matthews - no date; Porter family here in 1880; bog here; fever hospital here in 17th century Inv 1997 p 46 & Inv 2002 p 9, 34; Inv 2013 p47 (map)
Ringclare Donaghmore 29: 10/36 a townland 7km S of Loughbrickland; hills 366 ft; 280 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' point of the plain'; originally belonged to the Magennis clan; 9 acres of bog here V3 p 7, 9, OSM; PNNI V1 p 107
Ringcreevy Comber 21: 48/69 a townland 3km E of Comber near Strangford Lough; 346 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; school here in 1837; the proprietor in 1837 was the Marquis of Londonderry whose agent was Mr Andrews of Comber;very good land; farms from 3-30 acres with 2 at 60 acres; rent 20-32 shillings an acre; 72 males & 82 females in 1837 ;James Kyle killed in scutch mill 18 Sep 1875 V7 p34, 39 , 42 OSM: DR
Ringdufferin Killyleagh 21: 53/57 a townland near Strangford Lough, 4km N of Killyleagh; 241 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' promontory of Dufferin'; Anderson family, Toye House to let 24 Jan 1863; Major Bailie catches large ray in Lough 4 Jun 1870 LR 2005 p21; DR.
Rinecarry Kilbroney . alternate name for Ballindoalty townland in Rent Roll of 1688 PNNI V1 p 136
Ringe Imulbeece Donaghmore . alternate name for Ringolish townland in 1659 census PNNI V1 p 107
Ringfad Ardglass 21: 55/35 a townland at the entrance to Killough Harbour in the Irish Sea;click here to see its location on a townland map; 181 acres; hills; this is where St Patrick was supposed to have landed in the 5th century AD; shipwreck 18 Dec 1858; owned by Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk in 1863; shipping casualty barque "Astarte' at Ringfad Point near Killough 5 Feb 1881; vessel ashore schooner 'Hanney Ewloine' 5 Jan 1884; schooner Native wrecked Ringfad Point 7 Jan 1886 V17 p 2, 7,9, OSM; GV; DR; BoTWR/MB
Ringean Kilkeel . just S of Annalong; near the coast NWAG p 37; map
Killinchy 21: 53/59 a townland on Strangford Lough, 4km SE of Killinchy; 96 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'long promontory'; noted for its oysters and old castle (15th c.); site of an ancient church & castle built by one of the Savage family, was on an island now joined by a causeway; belonged to the Whites in 1605; a proprietor in 1795 was Charles S. Hawthorn; sold by Lieut. Col. Steel Hawthorne to Samuel Murland Esq. c. 1853; 20 boats with 2 men each were employed dredging for oysters which were sold at Lisburn in 1833; estate of James Fenton 31 Jan 1880 LR 2005 p21; UJA; V7 p 86 ,88, 89 OSM; LM 1999 p40; DR 23/1/1869Hanna; DR; O'L V1 p 345 & B p 327: LM 1997 p60-64
Ring Hill Killyleagh 21: 51/52 hill; 1km W of Killyleagh
Ringland's Cross Kilmore . farm; 2km E of Crossgar
old b/w map P 12
Warrenpoint a townland of 301 acres; the town of Warrenpoint is in this townland ; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' McIlroys' point '; Presbyterian, Unitarian & a general graveyard here
V3 p116 OSM map; GIC: GIPR; PNNI V1 p 165
Ringmore Hill Inch 21: 50/49 overlooks Quoile Quay; 5km N of Downpatrick  .
Ringmore Point Bright 21: 49/35 group of rocks in northern Dundrum Bay, S of Murpheystown  .
Ringmore Rocks Tyrella . Dundrum Bay; near the shore;dangerous for boats; schooner Victoria wrecked 9 Feb 1884
KCL p 97; BoTWR/MB
Tullynakill . a townland on Strangford Lough; 2km N of Ardmillan village; 455 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' townland of the Irish'; owned by Bishop of Down & Connor in 1305; the proprietors in 1836 were Mr Ralph, D.R. Allen of Comber, Mr Ferguson of Scrabo & Mr Dalzell of Newtownards; good land; farms from 5-60 acres; rents from 15 -135 shillings an acre; farmer Hamilton Carroll murdered by his servant, James Murray 1 Mar 1879
V7 p 122 OSM ; O'L V1 p 366; O'L B p 180 ; DR
Ringneil Bay Tullynakill 21: 51/65 in Strangford Lough, 3km ENE of Lisbane village
Ringolish Donaghmore a townland 9km NE of Newry; 276 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' point of the fort'; originally belonged to the Magennis clan; 24 acres of bog here V3 p9 OSM; PNNI V1 p 107
Ringolish House Donaghmore 29: 11/36 farm, 7km S of Loughbrickland;  .
Ringreagh Down
. a townland 1km SW of Downpatrick ;click here to see its location on a map; 153 acres; means ' grey point'; site of an ancient church of St. Mary Magdalene & graveyard; in Kilclief parish until c. 1860
TCC p 33; O'L V1 p 256, 257 & B p 323
Ringsallin Point Tyrella 21: 46/35 rocky headland in Dundrum Bay S of Calmaghery townland
LM 2000 p31 map.
Rings End Drumgooland 20: 25/44 farm; deep in Dromara Hills
Ringwoody Dunsford . alternate spelling for Ringawoody in 1864 MIs
Rising Sun Inn Aghaderg . an inn in Loughbrickland in 1824; proprietor was Robert White POD
Risk Moira 20: 14/61 a townland 1km N of Moira; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means ' marsh'; originally belonged to O'Laverty family; proprietor Sir R. Bateson in 1836' ancient fort & bog here V12 p 120 OSM; PNNI V6 p 292
River Bann Clonduff 29: 27/25 its Irish name is 'banna' meaning 'goddess'; its source is in the middle of the Mourne Mountains; it flows into Lough Neagh then called Lower Bann, flows into the ocean beyond Coleraine
Bob Bann 
Riverdale Bangor 15:53/80 on SE outskirts of Bangor town .
River House Kilcoo . house, yard & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by Charles Creevy in 1863 from Earl Annesley; residence of Miss Scudamore in 1884 & Capt. John A. Chippindall in 1910
River Island Dromara . farm; 4km NW of Dromara town
old b/w map J7
Riversdale Holywood . house & yard in Ballykeel townland; leased by John Burgoyne in 1863 from Rev. Henry Henderson
Riversdale Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; built c. 1890 ; residence of J.F. Nicholson in 1902 & Mr. Samuel barbour c. 1945
POD; ACC p19,47
Riverside Holywood . in Church Rd, Holywood; residence of John Downey c. 1890 & Barrett family c. 1901 & Mr William Rodman in 1910
Riverside Cottage Kilbroney . in Rostrevor; residence of Capt. Smth Ramadge in 1846 & B. Kane in 1910
Riverside Loughinisland 20: 37/40 farm; 3km W of Clough  .
Riverside House Kilkeel 29: 31/15 on banks of Kilkeel River, 1 km N of Kilkeel town; residence of John Turner esq in 1848 & Mrs McIlwain in 1856 & John Walmsey Esq. c. 1863-1891 & Andrew Walmsley in 1906 & A. McKibbin in 1910
newspaper clipping; POD; MIs; OKA p37 (b/w photo)
Riverston House Holywood . house in Mill Lane, Holywood; leased by William Brown in 1863 from Robert J. Munn; residence of Mr. Bernard Hughes J.P. 28 Sep 1878
Riverview Kilbroney . near Rostrevor; owned by Matilda Duncan in 1876 with 189 acres
Riverview Seapatrick . in Banbridge; residence of the Misses Love & J. Mackie & A. McCammon in 1910
Rivreagh Ballywalter . part of the Manor of Ballywalter in King Charles 1st's reign;
V7 p 18 OSM
Robby's Point Donaghadee 15:60/79 rocky outcrop just S of Donaghadee town .
Robinsons Bridge Saintfield 20; 34/57 over Bow Lough;6km SW of Saintfield  .
Robins Glen Dunsford . a popular fishing spot near Guns Island
Inv 2000 p 6
Robins Rock Ballyhalbert 21: 66/61 rocks just offshore at Ballyfrench townland  .
Rochvale Magheradrool . farm; 2km W of Balltnahinch; S of Dromore road old b/w map M8
Rochvale Newry a school in Cloghanramer townland in 1836 V3 p 81 OSM
Rock (The) Dromore 20:24/54 farm; 4km E of Dromore
Rock (The) Inch . residence of Francis Jennings in 1800
Rock (The)
in Ballyministra; residence of Thomas Bailie in 1910
Rock (The) Knockbreda . in Gilnahirk; residence of Hugh Hill in 1874; owned by Hugh Hill in 1876 with 21 acres
Rock (The) Magheradrool . a 7 acre farm; 1km S of Ballynahinch near Spa; residence of Capt. David John Bell 1 May 1920 - 1950s
Rockabill Kilcoo 29: 38/27 farm on the coast 4km S of Newcastle
Rock Angus Kilclief see Angus Rock
Rockburn Dundonald . residence of William John Finlay in 1902
Rockcorry Newry . residence of Isaac Corry senior in 1752
OFN p 24
Rock Cottage Killinchy . residence of John Finlay in 1910
Rock Cottage Kilmegan . in Castlewellan; rescued from 'at risk' by Ulster Architectural Heritage Society 2005
LR 2005 p76
Rock Crest Inishargy . near Kircubbin; residence of Adam Palmer in 1910 POD
Rockdale Magheralin 20: 16/57 farm; 4km SE of Magheralin on the Dromore road
Rockfield Ballyphilip . a house just E of Portaferry town
old b/w map S16
Rockfield House Bangor . house in Ballygrot townland; leased by Andrew Patton in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboye
Rockfield Dundonald 21: 44/74 house & farm of 46 acres, 4km E of Dundonald in Ballyoran townland; built c. 1800 by McClean family of Belfast; residence of the McClean family , merchants c. 1840 then Rev Farrell, James Shaw (leased in 1863 from Adam McClean & Sons) & in 1870s the Symingtons then Leoplod & Helen Greeves;sketch available; residence of Miss Symington in 1902
V7 p 65 OSM ; GV; TMUOP p116 , 139, 140 ;POD
Rockfort Dundonald . house & farm of 59 acres in Ballybeen townland , residence of William McKenzie in 1852; leased by William McKenzie senior in 1863 from Robert Gordon; residence of Mrs Anderson in 1902
POD; GV; OS map 1902 5.10; POD
Rockgrove House Inch . farm; near Ballytrim; 7km NE of Downpatrick
old b/w map P 13
Rockhall Comber 21: 41/65 house & farm of 14 acres in Tullygarvan townland; 2km NW of Ballygowan; site of a joinery c. 1860; leased by William Orr Lowry in 1863 from William Mussenden
SHM' 86 p 26 ; GV
Rockhamilton Newry . farm; 4km N of Newry town; residence of Andrew Robison in 1781 & Joseph Montgomery in 1815
old b/w map B8; PR
Rock House
Rock Cottage
Kilcoo . in Newcastle; residence of John Law in 1838 & Rev. Brooks in 1846; to be sold 24 Jun 1871
NWAG p 10, 22; POD DR
Rock House Magheradroll 20: 38/53 farm; 2km E of Ballynahinch
Rocklands Inishargy . near Kircubbin; residence of James Rankin in 1910 POD
Rockland Villas Kilcoo . apartments in Newcastle; residence of Mrs Barry in 1922 POD
Rocklin Cottage Donaghadee . house & 3 acres in Townparks townland;leased by Charles Duffin &Thomas Bushell in 1863 from Daniel Delacherois GV
Rock McCammon Ballyhalbert . on the Irish Sea; 3km S of Ballyhalbert village
old b/w map V15
Rockmore Kilcoo . in Newcastle; single storey Regency residence with Victorian bay window to the left of the porch; photo available; residence of Mrs. Murphy in 1884 & Misses Murphy in 1910
NWAG p 60; POD
Rockmount Aghaderg . a farm near Loughbrickland; residence of Joseph Carswell in 1910
Rockmount Bangor . villa in Seacliff Rd, Bangor ; residence of Misses Milling in 1901
Rockmount Comber 21: 43/71 house & farm of 46 acres; 4km NW of Comber in Ballystockart townland; leased by Margaret McMorran from John Cleland in 1863
Rockmount Killinchy . farm; 6km SW of Killinchy town; the proprietor in 1795 was Rev. James Hewitson
old b/w map R11; UJA
Rockmount Kilmood 21: 47/63 house & farm of 43 acres in Ballybunden towland; 4km NW of Killinchy; leased by James Osborne in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry; residence of Mrs David Osborne in 1910
Rockmount House Knockbreda . house off Rocky/Lisleen Road P11/25 CBSA
Rockmount Magheradrool . farm; 1km SW of Spa; b/w photo of threshing c. 1930s available
old b/w map L10; BIT p54
Rockmount Seapatrick . in Ballyvally townland; residence of John Robinson in 1832
Rockport Holywood 15:43/82 bay near Ballyrobert townland, Craigavad
V7 p 76 OSM
Rockport House
house & 100 acres in Ballyrobert townland;residence of Mr J. Turnley Esq. in 1834 ; residence of Hugh Wilson in 1859; leased by Edward S.May in 1863 from John Turnley ; residence of Alexander McDowell in 1866; oned by Henry J. Neill in 1876 with 94 acres; now Rockport School
PR; GV; old b/w map U5 ; BN 21/3/1866; LOI; NDM p21
Rock Savage Witter . alternate name for Knockdoo; site of Ballygalget Castle built by Rowland Savage c. 1609; residence of Henry Savage Esq in 1791; inherited by Major John Boscawen Savage in 1808 he then sold it & it was dismantled
O'L V1 p 410, 411, 419; MIs; PNNI V2 p 138; Morning Chronicle London 2/2/1791
Rocks (The) Drumballyroney . farm; eastern boundary of parish near Ballymacaratty
PNNI V6 p 29
Rocks (The) Kilkeel 29: 33/20 farm, 4km W of Annalong  .
Rocks Newtownards . a farm in Loughriscouse townland; residence of William Brown in 1904
Rocks Grove Dromore . farm; 4km NE of Dromore town
old b/w map K5
Rocks Hill Hillborough . the proprietor in 1795 & 1824 was William Arche
Rockside Kilcoo . house, yard & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by George Milligan in 1863 from Earl Annesley; residence of John Milligan & Mrs. Grew in 1910 & Joseph Carson in 1922
Rockvale Aghaderg . farm near Scarva; 3km S of Garvaghy village; the proprietor ion 1795 was Robert Boyd; residence of William Ferguson in 1862 & Dines Chambers in 1863
Rockvale Kilmore . near Lisnamore Mills on the Kilmore to Crossgar Road; the proprietor in 1795 was E. Humphrey; residence of John and Jane Curran from 1869-1873; see photos on
Rockvale Knockbreda . house off Upper Braniel Road , Gilnahirk ; residence of the Little family in 1920 O12/25 CBSA; ACG p127
Rockvale House Magheradrool . residence of John Moore Johnston Esq. 11 Jun 1795; residence of John Gill J.P. c. 1910; photo available
NS; MO 15/1/2014 p14 (photo) ; SHM '86 p 7; ASIE; LR 2015 p16 (photo)
Rockview Park Dromore 20: 27/54 farm; 7km E of Dromore  .
Rockview Newry . in Church Street, Newry ; the proprieetor in 1795 was Mr. Black; residence of Rev. Alexander Lyons in 1881; manse for Riverside Presbyterian Church & Rev. T.B. McFarlane in 1910
Rockview Saintfield 20: 37;58 farm; 4km W of Saintfield near Lisbane Lough  .
Rockview Seapatrick . residence of William Robinson, linen manufacturer in 1841, 1852 & 1861
Rockville Bangor . villa on the west side of Bangor Bay , Bangor
OS map 1902 2 .05
Rockville Holywood . large house in Inverary Ave, Sydenham in 1904 ACS p 11 (map)
Rockville Kilmore/ Down corn & flour mill; belonged to Thomas Henry in 1846; flour mill to be sold 13 May 1848 DR
Rockville Seapatrick 20: 13/46 farm, 1km NE of Banbridge; residence of Mrs McCullough in 1910
Rockwood Dromara 20: 24/48 farm; 5km SW of Dromara in the foothills  .
Rocky Hill Kilkeel . near Glassdrummond
Rocky Mountain Clonduff 29: 23/26 part of the Mourne Mountains; 3km SE of Hilltown  .
Rocky Mountain Kilcoo 29: 34/25 part of the Mourne Mountains; 6km SSW of Newcastle
PNNI V3 p 150 .
Rocky Mountain Kilkeel 29: 23/18 part of the Mourne Mountains; 4km N of Carlingford Lough
PNNI V3 p 150.
Rocky Quarry Loughinisland 21: 40/46 1km W of Loughinisland village
Rocky Quarter Dromara 20: 32/47 farm; 4km SE of Dromara on the Castlewellan road
Rocky River
Rocky Water
Clonduff 29: 23/28 runs from Eagle Mountain in The Mournes into the river Bann; 2km E of Hilltown
PNNI V3 p 183 
Rocky River Bridge Clonduff 29: 23/28 over Rocky River; in Ballyaughian townland


Ballyhalbert a townland 2km N of Ballyhalbert village; on the coast; 395 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; part of Ballywalter Manor in King Charles 1st's reign;in 1659 there were 6 English/ Scots & 2 Catholic families here & the proprietor was Hugh Wallace Esq. ; shipwreck 14 Apr 1877 V17 p 125 & V p 17 OSM; SP; NC; PNNI V2 p 109
Roddans House Ballyhalbert 21: 63/66 house & farm of 147 acres; 2km N of Ballyhalbert; leased by John B. Houston in 1863 from Mary Blakiston- Houston; residence of Mr. Blakiston- Houston c. 1875 & Richard B. Houston in 1910
GV; PNNI V2 p 110; POD  
Roden Arms Hotel Kilcoo . an inn & livery stables & posting house in Bryansford; proprietor in 1846 was Joseph McCullon & in 1903 & 1910 Mr. Lee & c. 1915 was George Read
POD; Irish World; MO 27/9/2006
Roe Island Ardkeen 21: 54/61 in Strangford Lough, 4km W of Killinchy; 20 acres; means '; the red island'
PNNI V2 p 24 
Roes Hall Tullylish . see Rose Hall .
Rogers Point Donaghadee 15:58/82 in Irish Sea; near Portavoe House .
Rokeby Hall Drumbo 20: 31/65 farm; 1 km W of Drumbo village; meeting of Tenant Farmers here 18 Feb 1893
Rolly Island Tullynakill 21: 51/65 in Strangford Lough, 3km ENE of Lisbane village; 21 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; Norse name Rollo
V7 p 124 OSM  ; Inv 2003 p50
Roneharragh Kilbroney . a rocky outcrop in Ballindoalty townland ; also known as Dickeys Rocks
PNNI V1 p 157
Roneystown Ballyculter 21: 53/47 village ; 4km NE of Downpatrick on Strangford road; anceint souterrain discovered here
LR 2006 p56-60
Rookery (The) Dromara . farm; 5km SE of Dromara
old b/w map L10
Rooks (The) Aghaderg . farm; 4km SW of Loughbrickland
old b/w map D6
Rookvale Aghaderg . farm; 3km W of Loughbrickland
old b/w map E6
Rookvale Garvaghy . farm; in Shanrod townland; residence of Taylor family in 19th century & Robert & Susan Taylor in 1915
PNNI V6 p 190; CWGC
Rooneystown Saul . a house cluster in Carrowvanny townand
Roory Hill Dromore . in Edentiroory townland; also called Oroory Hill
PNNI V6 p 126
Roosley Mountain Kilbroney . alternate spelling for Slieve Roosley in 1830
PNNI V3 p 160
Rorys Wood Holywood . near Knocknagoney townland & Redburn Country Park
Rosavo Holywood . house & 5 acres in Ballycultra townland; leased by James Heron in 1863 from rep. Robert S. Kennedy
Rosconnor Kilmore . alternate spelling for Rossconor townland .
Rosearden Bangor . in Clifton Rd, Bangor; ; residence of W.G. Kyle in 1901
Rosebank Ballyculter . a large Georgian-type house; on Quarry Hill in Downpatrick Rd, Strangford; residence of school teacher Mr. McMurray c. 1877 & residence of divisional coastguard in 1901 & occupied by George Horner ( inspecting chief officer) & Robert Kalloway before his death in 1934
Inv 2001 p 53; LR 2008 p27; LM 1988 p36
Rosebank Donaghadee . house & 1 acre in Barrack Street, Donaghadee on the coast; residence of Capt. Samuel Leslie , Royal Navy in 1843 & 1846 & Martha Leslie in 1852; leased by Martha Leslie in 1863 from Daniel Delacherois
old b/w map X8; OS map 1902 5.09; POD; GV
Rosebank Donaghadee . 8 Millisle Rd, Donaghadee; built by Nicholas Delacherois; residence of Edward Bellenden (coastguard) in 1854 & F.W.Bell in 1910
Rosebank Holywood . 83 & 85 Victoria Rd , Sydenham ; residence A. Moffett & James McDonald in 1902
Rosebank Kilmore . farm; 2km NNE of Crossgar; residence of David K. Clarke in 1886 & 1890
old b/w map P12; POD; MIs
Rosebank Knockbreda . large house at 100 Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of Mr. J. McMaster in 1902; occupied by Eastern Health Board c. 2000; demolished in 2007; b/w photo available
POD; ACC p7, 87
Rose Cottage Ballyphilip . in Portaferry;residence of Mr Daniel H. Gilbert, death notice 26 Mar 1881-land stewart of Col. Nugent,
Rose Cottage Bangor . house & farm of 23 acres in Ballygrot townland; near the Clandeboye Estate; just S of Bangor; leased by James McCracken in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboy
old b/w map V7; GV
Rose Cottage Bangor . house & farm of 38 acres in Ballyvarnet townland; leased by James McMurray in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboy
Rose Cottage Donaghcloney . farm; 3km SW of Waringstown
old b/w map I4
Rose Cottage Hillsborough . residence of R. Rogan in 1910 POD
Rose Cottage Holywood . house & land of 1acre in Ballyhackamore townland; leased by James K. Jackson in 1863 from Robert Boyd
Rose Cottage Kilbroney . in Bridge St, Rostrevor; residence of P. Donnelly in 1910
Rose Cottage


. house & farm of 27 acres in Ballyministragh townland; leased by William Barry in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry GV
Rose Cottage Magheradrool . in Spa; residence of William McAuley in 1910
Rose Cottage Newry . in Downshire Road; residence of Mrs Jane Colpoys in 1881
Rose Cottage
in Lisbane; residence of Miss Barry in 1910
Rose Hall
Roes Hall
Tullylish 20: 10/50 farm; just N of Lawrencetown in Drumnascamph townland; residence of Col. Henry Munro who was in Siege of Derry in 1689 & Henry Monro in 1714; Dolly Munro, famed Irish beauty was born here in 1754; residence of Samuel Holmes in 1796; birthplace of George Hay Stuart 1816-1890, businessman in USA; residence of David Stewart, flax merchant in 1824
BCT p 6; BCT p 8; Registry of Deeds , Dublin; PNNI V6 p 352; OFB p110; IIW V4 p114; POD
Rose Hill Dromore . the proprietor in 1795 was Hans Fairly ; residence of William Munroe Fairley Esq. in 1824
Rise Hill Hillsborough . Hillsborough area; the proprietor in 1795 was George Crichard
Roselawn Seapatrick . in Tullyear townland; residence of Lindsays (bleachers) in 1846 & Mrs Anderson in 1910 (Yarn Bleach Works)
Rose Lodge Annahilt 20: 28/54 farm; N of Lough Aghery
Rosemead Newtownards . residence of William James Ferguson in 1910, also of West Street
Rosemount ? . residence of Rev. Hamilton Trail, formerly of Killinchy Sep 1775
Registry of Deeds
Rosemount Bangor . villa in Crawfordsburn Rd, Bangor ; residence of Mrs Lester in 1901
Rosemount Comber . in Cherryvalley townland; residence of James Cairns in 1912
Rosemount Dromore . farm; 4km SW of Dromore town , a little to the west of Lord Clanwilliam's demesne; residence of William L. Fairley Jan 1828; the residence of Mr Vaughan Esq. in 1836
old b/w map H6; NCT; V12 p 72 OSM ; PNNI V6 p 129
Rosemount House & demesne Grey Abbey 21: 58/68 large estate; just SE of Grey Abbey village ; 284 acres of which 215 aces were woodland; click here to see its location on a townland map; Sir James Montgomery (who had patent letters from King Charles 1st & owned half the parish) built a house in 1634 which was accidentally burnt down in 1664;it was rebuilt by Sir Robert Montgomery in 1762 ; the proprietor in 1795 was Rev. Hugh Montgomery; the newer house in 1834 was two-storeys, large, built of stone & had good views across Strangford Lough; the demesne was small & well wooded; the ruins of the abbey are in the north part of the demesne; it was the property of Mr Montgomery in 1834 who was a minor & lived there with his mother a great part of the year; Church of Ireland here; National School here in 1863; residence of Hugh Montgomery in 1846 & 1886 & General & Mrs W.E. Montgomery in 1916; b/w photo available
UJA; V7 p 67, 69 ,70 OSM  ; GIPR ; PNNI V2 p 208; POD;GV; NDM p15,39,66
Rosemount Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; residence of John Watson in 1902
Roseneath Bangor  . villa in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor; residence of Mrs Cheyne in 1901 POD
Rose Park Dundonald . house & farm of 37 acres; in Ballymiscaw townland; 4km W of Dundonald; formerly called Primrose Park; residence of Daniel Blow c. 1793 & the Crawford family c. 1850; leased by Matthew Carson in 1863 from John Cleland ; residence of Mrs Nightingale in 1902 old b/w map R6; TMUOP p70, 103 ,116; FSFD p51; GV; Q9/19 CBSA; POD; OS map 1902 5.09
Rosetta Kilbroney . house & 5 acres in Moygannon townland, south of the road to Warrenpoint; the proprietor in 1795 was Rev. Holt Warren; residence of Mrs. Head and family in 1836; leased by Samuel Reid in 1863 from Roger Hall UJA; V3 p 35 OSM; GV
Rosetta Cottages Bangor . villas in Princetown Rd , Bangor ; residence of John Ferguson in 1901
Rosetta Cottage Down . residence of Thomas Ringland in 1846 & John Keown in 1862 POD
Rosetta Cottage Seapatrick . residence of Lieut. John Crawford in 1824 POD
Rosetta House Knockbreda 15:35/71 now in Belfast's suburbs; just N of Newtownbreda; the proprietot in 1795 was Foster Coulson; residence of James Kennedy, manufacturer c.1840 ; owned by James Kennedy in 1876 with 42 acres old b/w map Q6; UJA; RWN p 7, 75; LOI
Rosevale Clonduff . residence of George Simpson in 1876
Rosevale Dundonald . residence of Matthew Carson in 1852 POD
Rosevale Home Kilcoo   bazaar held at Newcastle in aid of the "Rosevale House' 13 Aug 1864 DR
Rosevale Kilmood . house & farm of 43 acres in Ballyministragh townland, 2km NW of Killinchy town;leased by William Patterson in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry
old b/w map S 10; GV
Rosevale Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; the proprietor in 1795 was Joseph Stephens; residence of Henry Coulter in 1902
Rosevale Magheralin . farm; 2km SE of Magheralin village ; residence of John Monroe in 1846
old b/w map J3; MIs
Rose Valley Newtownards . farm; 4km NW of Newtownards
old b/w map T6
Roseville Drumgooland   farm near Closkelt village; residence of Samuel MacAuley c. 1850; renamed Greenville after Samuel's son Matthew's wife Margaret Green in 1893; photo available
ORHB p 49
Roseville Kilkeel 29: 34/19 farm, 2km N of Ballymartin village
Roseville Seapatrick . residence of Mrs Little in 1819
Rosehall Tullylish . near Lawrencetown; the proprietor in 1785 was David Stewart ; residence of Mr Porter in 1910
Rosina Lodge Kilbroney . house & garden in Rostrevor townland; leased by John Hamill in 1863 from Dionysius Mancini; residence of William Chichester Barker (Canon of Dromore) in 1915 GV; CWGC
Roslea House Kilbroney . near Rostrevor; residence of Mrs Weir in 1910
Ros(s)lyn Cottage Kilcoo . a house in Bryansford Rd, Newcastle ; residence of Lieut. Col. Ross then Mrs Izod in 1910; demolished 2007
POD ; WDG p249
Roslyn Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of William Watson in 1902
Roslyn Cottage Kilkeel . near Annalong; residence of W. Purdy in 1910
Roslyn Terrace Kilkeel . in Annalong; residence of R Gordon in 1910
Rosmean Blaris 20: 20/60 farm; 6km SW of Lisburn
Ross Kilclief/ Ardglass a townland of 365 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; site of an ancient Catholic chapel which was in ruins by 1622 ;sold by Nicholas Russell 1606 to William Merryman/ Marmion ; there were 10 families needing famine relief in 1847; owned by trustees of Charles A. Leslie in 1863 O'L V1 p 145, 175, 181 & B p 322; FCD S2 p 25; LR 2007 p73; GV
Ross Bridge Ballee 21: 54/39 over a stream , 2km NW of Ardglass on the Bishops Court Road
Ross Monument Kilbroney . on Warrenpoint Rd, Rostrevor; an Egyptian obelisk built in 1826 to commemorate Sir Robert Ross's victory a Bladensburg during the American Civil War 1812-1815 MO 7/9/2016 p23 & 24/1/2018 p32 (photo)
Rossconor Drumballyroney a townland of 218 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; just N of Rathfriland town; means 'Connor's wood'; held by Sir Art Magennis in 1609; contains the town parks and gardens; all small holdings of about 8 acres; Mr Newal’s tan yard here in 1836; proprietor General Meade in 1836 V3 p 11, 16,18 OSM; PNNI V6 p 174
Rossconnor Loughinisland & Kilmore 21: 44/48 a townland 4km NW of Downpatrick near Annacloy river; 214 acres; bridge here; means ‘ wood at Connor’s Point’; click here to see its location on a map; transferred from Loughinisland parish to Kilmore parish in 1718; corn mill; Mr. Brown’s seat in 1836; Poor Law district population was 3954 in 30 Nov 1839; Ribbonism 21 /12/ 1846; owned by William B. Forde in 1863 TCC p 33; V17 p 88, 89 OSM: LCB p 14; DR ; GV
Rossconor Cottage Kilmore . house, gate lodge & farm of 55 acres in Rossconor townland ; leased by Matilda Kinaid in 1863 from William B. Forde
Rossconnor House Kilmore . house & farm of 112 acres with corn & flax mill , in Rossconnor townland, Annacloy village; residence of Captain Brown in 1836 & James Brown Esq. before 1854; it was described as a very plain, substantial building with a small woodland; now derelict, ;leased by Arthur Browne in 1863 from William B. Forde; on the 'at risk' list of houses with Ulster Architectural Heritage Society in 2005; click here for a photo V17 p 88 OSM; old b/w map O11; GV; LR 2005 p 76
21: 51/36 a detached townland;. 1km W of Killough; 349 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; click here for a photo and more information .
Rosslenan Drumballyroney . spelling for Rossconnor on Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V6 p 174
Ross's Bog Dunsford . in Sheepland townland Inv 2001 p 27
Kilbroney 29: 17/18 a town, a townland of 510 acres and a parish; on Carlingford Lough 1km SE of Newry; click here for a photo and more information; click here to see its location on a townland map .
Rostrevor Forest Kilbroney 29: 20/20 on the slopes of The Mournes; 2km NNE of Rostrevor
Rostrevor / Rosstrevor House Kilbroney . built 1820 by Major Gen. Robert Ross; residence of John & Robert Ross of Bladensburg in 1886 & Sir J. Ross in 1910 & Miss M. Skeffington in Aug 1916 ; became the Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles in 1952; sold 2004; photo available
Rostrevor Mountains Kilbroney 29: 22/22 part of The Mournes, 4km NNE of Rostrevor town; 2129 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map
Rostrevor Upper Kilbroney . a townland of 1006 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map .
Roughal Hill Down . just outside Downpatrick in 1901; opposite cricket grounds towards Quoile Bridge ; known as Whinney Hill in 1729
OSM map ; LM 1998 ; LR 2012 p63
Roughan Drumballyroney in Tyrigorry townland; a flax & corn mill here in 1836; stepping stones then a ferry across the river Bann at this place; a bog and a hill V3 p12, 16 OSM; PNNI V6 p 186
Roughan Bridge Drumballyroney 29: 22/36 steps, ferry over river Bann; ferry established in 1833 by Mr. Clarke
PNNI V6 p 186.
Rough Fort Kilmore . ancient rath; S of Ballynahinch Junction
old b/w map Q10
Rough Fort Moira 20: 14/61 ancient rath, 1km W of Moira
V12 p 118 OSM  
Routh Fort Seapatrick X 2 ancient rath; in Ballyvally townland; just S. of Banbridge; the proprietor in 1795 was Jacob Boake & another site was John Maine
PNNI V6 p 311; UJA
Rough Island Comber & Tullynakill 21: 49/69 6 acres; in Strangford Lough,4km E of Comber; click here to see its location on a townland map; coal vessels occasionally ran ashore for which people brought their carts down to the shore;
V7 p 32, 43, 124 OSM  
Rough Island Warrenpoint 29: 11/20 in Newry River, near Narrow Water Forest
Round Hill House Knockbreda . farm estate; just SE of Ballymacarret; residence of John Evans in 1852
V7 p 98 OSM; POD
Round Hill Cottage Knockbreda . in Ballymacarret; residence of Robert English in 1852
Round Hill (The) Magheradrool . in Ballymacarn South townland; the proprietor inm 1795 was Alexander Brown; the site of a bleach mill & bleach green in 1836 belonging to Mr James Brown; it was built in 1800
UJA; V17 p 106 OSM
Round Island Ardkeen 21: 57/57 in Strangford Lough, 2 km W of Ardkeen townland; 2 acres
PNNI V2 p 24 
Round Seefin Kilkeel 29: 36/23 hill ;on the slopes of The Mournes, 3km NW of Annalong
Round Skart Rock Inishargy 21: 56/63 in Strangford Lough,3km W of Kircubbbin
PNNI V2 p 98 
Roureagh Inishargy alternate spelling for Rowreagh V17 p 125 OSM
Rourkes Park Kilkeel 29: 35/23 forest on the slopes of The Mournes, 4km NW of Annalong
Routen Wheels
Routing Wheel
Ballyphilip . the sound of a whirl pool in the mouth of Strangford Lough ; 2 km S of Portaferry; also called Rankmore Head; from the Norse 'rouda' to snore Inv 2000 p 3; V 7 p 9 OSM; PNNI V2 p 53; Inv 2003 p51
Rowallan House Kilcoo . in Shore Rd, Newcastle; built by Rev. John Moore residence of his sister Mrs. Maria Clarissa Humphreys in 1884; photo available
POD ; WDG p171,172 ,251
Rowallan Place Kilcoo . house, yard & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by Rev. John Moore in 1863 from Earl Annesley; residence of Mrs Shirley Ball in 1910 & 1922; photo available
Rowallan Lodge Rowallane House Saintfield 21: 41/58 estate; 2km SE of Saintfield; additions to the house 8 May 1858; retirement residence of Rev. J.R. Moore in 1860 & residence of J.H.M. Garret in 1886 & Rev. G.R. Moore in 1892 & Armytage H. Moore in 1910; entertainment 17 Sep 1881 ; Duke of Gloucester's visit 29 May 1935 ; photo of house available NWAG p 22 , 59 ; DR; POD; SHM '94 p60; DR*;WDG p 251,257 (map)
Rowans (The) Kilbroney 29: 21/19 hill; in The Mournes, E of Rostrevor Forest; means ' red patches'
PNNI V1 p 158  & V3 p 150
Rowanhill Annahilt . farm; 3km ENE of Annhilt village
old b/w map N 7
Rowans Hill Drumgooland 29: 24/37 hill & farms, 3km SW of Ballyward village
PNNI V6 p 153 
Rowan Tree River Clonduff 29: 24/25 rises in The Mournes & runs into Rocky River 4km SE of Hilltown
PNNI V3 p 183 
Rowbane Inishargy . alternate spelling for Rubane .
Rowling Weel Ballyphilip . alternate spelling for Routing Wheel
Inishargy . a townland of 638 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' variegated clearing'; ancient name for Echlinville
O'L V1 p 426; PNNI V2 p 92, 93
Rowreagh Point Inishargy 21: 59/61 in Strangford Lough, 2km S of Kircubbin;
Rowting Wheel Ballyphilip . alternate spelling for Routing Wheel .
Roxboro Place Kilbroney . on the Kilbroney River near Rostrevor; late 19th century three- storey homes; photo available MS WAG p 69
Royal Corporation Arms Hillsborough . a hotel in Market Square, Hillsborough;the proprietor in 1846 was John Fawkner & in 1852, Joseph McCullen & in 1910, Sydney J. Staple POD
Royal Hotel Bangor . in The Parade, Bangor; proprietor in 1852 was Henry McFall & 1901 was William Donaldson
POD; OS map 1902 2.05
Royal Hotel Kilkeel .

in Newcastle St, Kilkeel ; caught fire 17 Dec 1890, the proprietor John Annett Jnr escaped with his family; proprietor in 1910 was John Rooney

BN/Cork Constitution; POD
Royal Rocks Ballyculter . near Strangford ; named after a visit by King Edward 7th
Inv 2006 p40
Royston Bangor  . villas in Southwell Rd, Bangor; residence of R. Bell & Edward Henry in 1901 POD


Ballyhalbert 21: 61/61 2km SE of Kircubbin; ancient name for Echlinville O'L V1 p 426; PNNI V2 p 94
Rubane Cottage Ballyhhalbert . residence of Hugh Menown in 1863
Rubane House Ballyhalbert . house & farm of 257 acres in Echlinville townland, 2km SE of Kircubbin village;originally built 1740 & known as Echlinville House; rebuilt by James Echlin c. 1850; mark of respect to James Cleland J.P , of Rubane House, Kircubbin 25 Feb 1860; residence of Rev. Robert Workman in 1910 & Hamilton Stuart Worsehoyle 8 Aug 1920 ; a De La Salle orphange in 1950s
DR; PE; old b/w map V15; GV; PNNI V2 p 108; POD ; AEVB; DR
Ruby Lodge Bangor . residence of William McDonagh in 1901
Ruedesheim Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of Rev. W. Beatty in 1902
Rue Point Ballyphilip . juts out into the entrance to Stranford Lough; near Routen Wheels
LM 2002 p 6
Rural Lodge Magheradrrol . Ballynahinch area; the proprietor in 1795 was Daniel Mullan
Rureagh Inishargy . see Rowreagh ..
Rurgan Reach Kilkeel . alternate name for Lurganreagh townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663
PNNI V3 p 48
Rush Bridge Comber 21: 45/63 over stream ;2km SE of Ballygowan
Rushford Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of William Gibson in 1902
Rushley Mountain Kilbroney .
alternate name for Slieve Roosley in 1811
PNNI V3 p 160
Russell's Bridge Kilmore .
4km SE of Ballynahinch ; over Ballynahinch River
old b/w map O 11
Russells Point Kilkeel 29: 37/19
rocky headland in the Irish Sea ;1km SW of Annalong 
PNNI V3 p 63 
Russell’s Quarter Down- part a townland 1km E of Downpatrick; 98 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & Francis Savage’s heirs & Lady Savage in 1836; there were 5 houses; 4 families employed in agriculture & i in trade; 17 males & 16 females; 1 servant V17 p 53, 57 OSM
Russell’s Quarter North & South Saul- part a townland near Strangford Lough; 5km NE of Downpatrick; 78 & 65 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by Lord Bangor in 1836 V17 p 114, 115 OSM
Ruthville Bangor . villa in Albert St, Bangor; residence of William Smiley in 1901
Ryan Newry a townland 6km E of Newry town; 391 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' path or track' ; belonged to Newry Abbey in 1157; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575; proprietor Lord Kilmorey in 1836; ancient Mass Rock here; small bog here ; school here in 1836; Presbyterian church here V3 p 77,81, 109 OSM; GIPR; PNNI V1 p 33; DDPP p2, 25
Ryan Bridge Newry 29: 13/31 over a stream ; 6km NE of Newry
Ryans Close Newry . farm; 4km SE of Newry
old b/w map B11
Ryans Town Clonallan . 7 houses & a farm of 45 acres in Carrogs townland ,owned by Hon. Robert Meade in 1863
Rydal Mount Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; vacant residence in 1902