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Ballycran Catholic graveyard, Ardkeen

Place Names of Co. Down: U,V,W, Y and Z

U....... V....... Wa....... We....... Wh....... Wi....... Wo....... Wr....... Y....... Z.........

Place Names Parish Map Ref Information Reference
Ulidia Holywood . 94 Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of A. McLachlan in 1902 & Rev. James McConnell of Megain Presbyterian Church, Ballymacarrett in 1910
POD; ACS p24
Ulster Arms Comber . in Comber town; proprietor in 1930s was James Milling
TOOC p 95
Ulster Arms Seapatrick . in Banbridge; owned by Harpur Bell of Ballynahinch after 1st World War
Ulsterville Kilcoo . a villa in Newcastle; residence of Mrs Bell in 1910
Unicarval Dundonald 21: 44/71 a townland 2km NW of Comber; 148 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; its old name was Ballywynnicarwell which means ' place of the bog of the sacred tree'; owned by Clannboy O'Neills before 1600; the proprietor in 1837 was Mr Cummings who farmed it all & paid £22 to the rectory of Dundonald per annum;good land; special feature article on George Allen's shorthorn cattle 17 Mar 1877; death of Mr George Allen M.P. 20 Nov 1886 (DR) North Down Harriers meeting 30 Sep 1891 (NC) V7 p 41, 43 ,65 OSM; TMUOP p65, 231; DR; NC

Unicarval House

Dundonald house & farm of 148 acres; residence of the Cumming family in 1797- 1830; the propietor in 1795 was Robert Cumming ; attached by United Irishmen in rebellion of 1798 & Mr. Cuming killed; held in fee by George Allen in 1863; drawing available TOOC p43; UJA; GV; TMUOP p92; TOOC p43
Unicarvalillo Comber . farm; 1km NNW of Comber town
old b/w map S7
Union Hill Dromore . farm; 1km SE of Dromore town in Greenoge townland; residence of Elizabeth McCann in 1816 & Mr Moreland in 1848
old b/w map J6; PR; IIW V4 p115
Union Lodge Aghaderg . 3km WSW of Loughbrickland, in Lisnabrague townland; formerly called Lisnabrague House; a propietor in 1795 was William Fivey; residence of William Fivey Esq. in 1836 & A. McElvaine in 1910
UJA; V12 p 10 OSM; old b/w map D5; PNNI V6 p21, 44, 318; POD
Union Lodge Killaney . in Carricknaveigh townland; residence of Miss Jane Sturgeon in 1859
PRONI wills
Upper Quarter Ballykinler . in Middle Ballykinler townland
Uraghamore Comber . 3 storey house in Castle St, Comber town; means ' place of the big yew trees'; residence of James Andrews in 1830s & Mrs. John Andrews in 1912; photo available
TOOC p41 ,42; POD; ACOC p12
Vaughan Ville Dromore . a propietor in 1795 was George Vaughan
Vermont Magheradrool 20: 35/57 farm; in Creevytennat townland; residence of John Johnston 19 Jun 1794; a propietor in 1795 was Thomas Johnsron
Vian Lodge Down . 2km SSW of Downpatrick; to let by Mr Nevin & Thomas Phelan 18 May 1795 NS
Veine's town
Down house cluster & farm of 62 acres, 2km SSW of Downpatrick; in Ballyvange townland; owned by the Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to John Treanor Esq. & Roger West Esq.; great thunderstorm, effects of lightning on Mr Reid's residence 9 Aug 1879; Vianstown Cottage also here LM 1985 p,52; old b/w map N15; DR; O'L V1 p 312
Vianstown House Down . built before 1798 when residence of Rev. Bernan Ward; residence of the Reid family in 1836; leased by John Cleland in 1863 from David S. Ker
UJA; MID p 65 ;GV;LM 1985 p8,9
Vicarage Farm Tullylish 20: 9/50 farm; 2km N of Lawrencetown
Vicknekelly Dromore . alternate spelling for Ballyvicknacally townland in Sunsidy Roll of 1663
PNNI V6 p 117
Vickonmollagh Dromore . alternate name used for Backnamullagh townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 108
Victoria Cotage Down . in Saul St, Downpatrick; residence of Mrs. Dorothy Anne Quaile Jan 1868
findmypast archives
Victoria Cottage Magheradrool . 2km SE of Ballynahinch
old b/w map M 10
Victoria Hotel Down . in Irish St, Downpatrick ; the proprietor in 1846 was William Newell
Victoria Hotel Drumgath . an inn in Dromore St, Rathfriland ; the proprietor in 1846 was John Kilpatrick & John Jennings in 1852
Victoria Hotel Newry . an inn in Hill St, Newry ; the proprietor in 1846 was Greer & Nicholson
Victoria Hotel Newtownards .. in Francis St, Newtownards ; the proprietor in 1846 was Joseph Wallace POD
Victoria Hotel Seapatrick . an inn in Newry St, Banbridge ; the proprietor in 1846 was James McWilliams
Victoria Hotel Warrenpoint . an inn in Warrenpoint; the proprietor in 1846 was William Halligan
Victoria House Seapatrick . in Newry Rd, Banbridge ; residence of Miss McWilliam in 1910
Victoria Terrace Holywood . a row of 2 house in High St,Holywood owned by Hugh Stewart in 1863 GV
Victoria Villas Bangor
villas in Crawfordsburn Rd , Bangor; residence of Samuel McCullough in 1901
Victoria Villas Holywood . 79 & 81 Victoria Rd , Sydenham ; residence R.H. Horrobin & Mrs Kidney in 1902
Vievtara Bangor
villa in Donaghadee Rd , Bangor; residence of Alfred McBlaine in 1901
Villa (The) Inishargy . in Kircubbin; residence of Miss Chambers in 1910
Villa-de-Russe Knockbreda . in Gilnahirk Rd, Knock; residence of William McNeice in 1902
Ville/ Villa Dromore . the propietor in 1795 was John Vaughan; residence of John Vaughan Esq. in 1824
Villette Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of Henry Russell in 1902
Vimy Knockbreda . now 31 Gilnahirk Rd, Knock; built c. 1915 by James Campbell & named after 1st World War battle ACC p97,102 ; ACG p23
Vincent Cottage Bangor . in Bimgham St , Bangor; residence of John Swan in 1901
Violet Hill Newry . a Catholic High School and College ( St. Colmans) in 46 Armagh Road, Newry, Co. Down BT35 6PP ;
Violet Lodge Bangor . a villa; residence of Robert Boag in 1910 POD
Vionville Dundonald . of Knock Rd, Castlebeg area; large house & grounds in 1902; residence of Samuel Haslett in 1891
OS map 1902 5.09 ; MIs
Vragh flu Kilkeel . alternate name for Kilkeel River in 1610
PNNI V3 p 181
Walkers Hotel Magheradrool . on Market Square, Ballynahinch; built by David Ker in 1831; run by Walkers before 1900 then owned by Hugh McLeigh
OBLS p11 (b/w photo)
Wallace's Bridge Kilmood 21: 44/64 over Blackwater River ;near Magherascouse Lough
Wallace's Deed Newtownards . an area of housing in Newtownards but razed after 1839
Wallace Park Tullynakill 21: 47/64 farm; in Lisbane townland
Wallaces Hill Head Aghaderg . farm; in SW of parish near Sahnkill near Conn's standing stone
PNNI V6 p 33
Wallace Hill Killyleagh 21: 48/51 hill ;3km SW of Killyleagh
Wallaces Rocks Inishargy 21: 64/68 rocky point; 2km S of Ballywalter near Roddans; schooner Esther Ann wrecked here 13 Feb 1879
Walmer Bangor . in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor; residence of William Simpson in 1901
Walshestown Saul click here to see its location on a townland map;on Strangford Lough; ancient castle; & Catholic chapel here, also Myra Castle; seat of the Walshe family in 1613; townland owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 ;owned by the Southwell Estate in 1752 and leased to Mr. Justice Ward & Francis Annesley Esq.; a propietor in 1795 was Richard F. Anderson; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford, Mr Woulfe & R.J. Anderson in 1836; old fort; gravelly soil UJA; V17 p 114, 115 OSM; LM 1985 p53; LM 1991 p23; O'L V1 p 219 & B p 140
Walshestown Castle Saul 21: 54/49 5km W of Strangford town; click here for a photo & more information .
Walter Rocks Ballyphilip 21: 58/51 in Strangford Lough, 1km NW of Portaferry
PNNI V2 p 39.
Wands-worth House Holywood in Strandtown; address of George L. MacLaine in 1886
Wandsworth House Holywood . in Greenwood, Knock; a grand house; residence of Edward Stringer in 1918
ACS p133
Ward Hill Ardglass Ardglass means ' green height' & refers to Ward Hill  .
Ward Park Bangor . formerly a brickwprks; converted to a public park in Bangor in 1912;photo available
Bangor p18
Wardens Corner Bangor . junction of Main, Hamilton & Castle Sts, Bangor; the heart of Bangor; photo available
Bangor p4
Wards Arms Inishargy . an inn in Kircubbin; proprietor in 1846 was John Boyd
Ward Cottages Bangor  . 2 residences in Castle Street OS map 1901 2.06
Ward Villas Bangor . built by Russell brothers in 1855; 2 residences between Bangor & Ballyholme Bays in Corporation townland in 1863 owned by Robert E. Ward
GV ;OS map 1901 2.06
Waringsfield Moira . farm estate in 1837; 1km SW of Moira town; the propietor in 1795 was Jasper & D. Warring; owned by Jasper Waring in 1814 & Thomas Waring in 1876 with 2055 acres; residence of Rev. T.B. Harper in 1910 UJA; V12 p 118 OSM ;MIs; LOI; POD
Waringsford Garvaghy 20: 23/49 gentelman's seat in ruins in 1836 & village; 6km SE of Dromore ; in Tullinisky townland, previously called Mill Town because of Ervine's mill ; meeting of the Waringsford Volunteers 5 Jan 1793; the propietor in 1795 was H. W. Knox NS; UJA; V12 p 80 OSM; PNNI V6 p 210 ; ARF
Waringstown Donaghcloney 20: 10/55 4km NW of Donaghcloney town;a village in Tullyheron & Magherana townlands; click here for a photo and more information .
Waringstown House Donaghcloney . just W of the town, near the church; built 1667 by William Waring; residence of the Rev. Holt Waring in 1836; described then as an extensive, ancient-looking building with an ornamental garden; owned by Thomas Waring in 1876 with 2438 acres; residence of Col. Thomas Waring in 1886 PE; old b/w map H3; LM 1986 p9; V12 p 60 OSM; LOI; POD ;
Warings View Donaghcloney . farm; 2km E of Waringstown; residence of William Nicholson in 1839 old b/w map I 3; IIW V4 p121
Warren (The) Ballywalter . residence of Thomas & Mary Ann Johnston in 1917 CWGC
Warren (The) Bangor
SW of Clandeboye Estate; 4km SW of Bangor town .
Warren Blaris see Old Warren V12 p 28 OSM
Warren Bog Drumballyroney . alternate name for Aughnavallog townland in 1834
PNNI V6 p 154, 156
Warren House Donaghadee . in Warren Rd, Donaghadee; residence of William Milliken in 1910
Warren Point Killinchy 21: 53/57 in Strangford Lough, 4km SE of Killinchy
Warrenpoint Warrenpoint 29: 14/18 town & parish on Carlingford Lough, 9km SE of Newry; click here for a photo and more information; click here for a map of the townlands .
Washington Villas Bangor  . 4 residences in Clifton Road; #4 was residence of Edward Harpur in 1901 OS map 1901 2.06 ; POD
Watch Hill Tullynakill 21: 52/64 on Reagh Island ;in Strangford Lough
Kilmegan a townland 4km E of Castlwellan town; 661 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; remains of an ancient graveyard & rath here ; site of an ancient Catholic chapel dedicated to St. Caolan; part of the Blundell Estate in 1775 then owned by Marquis of Downshire c. 1807 & in 1863
O'L V1 p 54, 122; DDW p 14; PRONI Estate papers ; GVA
Wateresk Hill Kilmegan 29: 38/36 4km E of Castlewellan
Waterfoot House Kilcoo . house & yard in Shore Rd, Newcastle; described as a large comfortable gables house; on the north banks of the Shimna River; residence of Richard H. Wallace in 1770; leased by Hugh Law in 1863 from Earl Annesley; residence of William N. Wallace in 1886 & Mrs Kinnear in 1901 & 1910 (a real estate agent) & Col. R.H. Wallace in 1910 & Mr. F.R. Byers (jointly) in 1939; photo available
WDG p56; GV; NWAG p 22 ,41, 50; POD; DR 6/2/1939 p52 ;
Watergap River Kilbroney 29: 21/18 rises in Rostrevor Forest and runs SE into Cassy Water
Water Hill Fort Aghaderg 20: 11/41 in Loughbrickland townland; an unusually constructed ancient rath with its surrounding ditch inside the bank; possibly a feast site or ceremonial role; possible location of Bricrui's Feast from legend BIH p 8; PNNI V6 p 28, 58
Water Rock Bright 21: 54/35 rocky island; at the entrance to Killough Bay
Waterside Lambeg . house on River Lagan; just N of Lambeg village; original house built 1600s as a modest factory owner's house by Dutch settler, Abraham Wolfenden; also known as Waterside, Harmony Hill & Lambeg House; remodelled in 1750 by Abraham's grandson Richard; house bought by Richard Niven in 1830 & renamed Chrome Hill to commemorate the discovery of bi-chromates for textile prontinmg; sold to Robert McKinstry in 1967 (b/w photo available) old b/w map O6; LR 2016 p66-67
Watertirry middle Down . an ancient land unit consisting of a castle, 11 townlands around Castlewellan, 9 townlands in Drumgooland & 2 in Kilmegan held in 1609 by Ever Magennis
PNNI V6 p 15; LR 2005 p11
Waterwork Lodge Kilcoo . in Tullybrannigan near Newcastle; residence of Benson family in 1924
DR 20/9/1924
Waterworks Lodge Kilkeel . near Annalong; residence of T. Black in 1910
Watery Fort Aghaderg . an ancient earthworks on the shores of Loughbrickland Lake
Watsons Bridge Blaris 20: 27/61 over creek; near Ballyhomra townland
Watsonsgrove Dromore 20: 23/53 village; 5km E of Dromore on Ballynahinch road
PNNI V6 p 148 
Watson’s Island Tullynakill in Strangford Lough, 1 acre; mentioned in 1901 Census
V7 p 124 OSM  
Watties Hill Magheralin 20: 13/55 farm; in Tullynacross townland
PNNI V6 p 251 


Dundonald ancient name for Ballyoran townland; meas 'cold spring' TMUOP p58
Wavemount Bangor . villa in Victoria Rd, Bangor; residence of James McKee in 1901
Waverley Bangor . in Ballyholme ; residence of William Pollock in 1901
Weatherall Cottage Kilcoo . in Newcastle; residence of William Shaw J.P. in 1884 & Mrs Watson in 1910 & Patrick R.Boyd in 1922 POD
Wee Binnian Kilkeel 29: 32/33 mountain in The Mournes, 6km NW of Annalong
PNNI V3 p 173 
Wee Roosley Kilkeel 29: 20/25 mountain in The Mournes, 5km NNE of Rostrevor
PNNI V3 p 174 
Wee Slievemoughan Clonduff 29: 24/24 mountain in The Mournes, 4km SE of Hilltown
PNNI V3 p 173 
Wee Wife Saul 21: 53/50 rock ;in Strangford Lough; 2km SE of Killyleagh
Weir Villa Kilbroney . in Rostrevor; residence of Mrs Little in 1910
Weir Houses Magheradroll 20: 38/48 beside the Ballynahinch river, in Magheratimpany townland
Wellesley Villas Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; 2 residences in 1902
Wellington Hotel Dromore . in Princes St, Dromore; proprietor in 1910 was Thomas Ferris
Wellington Lodge Hillsborough . small farm; 1km NE of Hillsborough town; residence of John Scott Esq. in 1824 & Capt. Hopkins in 1843 & John Hopkins in 1850 & William George Scott in 1881
old b/w map M5; POD; BN; MIs; NLAT
Wells Cross Tullylish 20: 7/54 part of Bleary town
PNNI V6 p 334 
Welshestown Saul see Walshestown
Wesley Lodge Donaghadee . house & garden in Barrack St, Donaghdee;leased by Rev. Robert Hazelton in 1863 from trustees Methodist Chapel GV
Westbank Holywood . in Palmerston Rd, Sydenham; residence of William Smiles in 1902
Westbrook Holywood . house & farm of 32 acres ; in Knocknagoney townland, 1km S of Holywood town; the propietor in 1795 was Rev. Edward May; held in fee by Rt. Rev. Robert Knox in 1863
old b/w map T5; UJA; GV
Westhorpe Knockbreda . in Cherryvalley Rd, Knock; residence of Rev. Henry Osborne in 1902
POD ; ACC p11
Westminster Villas Holywood . 24 & 16 Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of James Mann & Annie Dorrian in 1902
West View Bangor . in Princetown Rd, Bangor; built in 1880 ;residence of W. Hamilton in 1901
OS map 1902 2.05; POD
Westview Kilbroney . in Rostrevor ; residence of Mrs Grant in 1910
Westwood Bangor . in Princetown Rd, Bangor; villas; residence of Samuel Calwell , A. McCreadie & Miss Henderson in 1901
Whaup Rock
Whelp Rock
Grey Abbey 21: 54/67 rock in Strangford Lough, 3km W of Grey Abbey town; a whaup is a kind of gull or Norse 'swelp' meaning young dog
PNNI V2 p 212 ; Inv 2003 p51
Wheasel Field Ballyculter . in Ringcladdy townland; means ' chesty' because of the fever hospital here in ancient times Inv 2002 p 34
Wheat Hill Inch . farm; 2km NW of Downpatrick old b/w map N12
Wheltens Island Down . part of Demesne of Down near Downpatrick; residence of Robert Nelson in 1866 CR*
Whey Harbour Dunsford . in the area of Guns Island Inv 2000 p 6
Whigamstown Bright 21: 49/39 a townland 4km NW of Killough; 149 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; also called Whetbyton & owned by Sir Janois D'Artois in 1427 then Stewart/Cracey/Lord Lecale/Countess & Earl of Kildare/General Meade; proprietor Major Beauclerk in 1836 V17 p 34 OSM;PE: O'L V1 p 151
Whin Grove Magheradrool . near Ballynahinch; a propietor in 1795 was Daniel McNeill
Whinland Cottages Kilkeel . houses in Annalong; residence of Robert Bell in 1953
Whinny Hill Down . near Irish St, Downpatrick in 1751; now known as Roughal Hill
ESRR p 1; LR 2012 p63
Whinny Hill Holywood . residence of William Glen in 1903
Whinney Hill Tullylish . in Scarva Street, SW of Gilford; school here; photo available
PNNI V6 p 344; DDPP p140; OGSLL p8,9
Whinney Park Kilclief 21: 59/45 farm; just N of Kilclief village
Whiskey Hall Newtownards . farm estate; just E of Newtownards town on the Movilla road; residence of William Gilliland in 1845 & David & James Crawford in 1846
V7 p 104 OSM ; PR
Whiskin Shore Ballywalter 21: 61/73 in Ganaway Bay ;adjacent to Ballywhiskin townland
PNNI v2 p 188 
Whitebank Pladdy Inishargy 21: 58/63 in Strangford Lough, 2km W of Kircubbin
PNNI V2 p 98 
White Bog Bright . a dangerous bottomless pit near Knockavally& St. John's Point; residence or Rev. Hugh MacMullan c. 1760 DR* 21/11/2001; O'L V1 p 160
White Bridge Tullylish . over River Bann; 3km NW of Gilford in Moyallan townland old b/w map F3; PNNI V6 p 346
White's Castle Killyleagh . ancient name for Killyleagh ; Mr White kept 120 footmen & 20 horses but was too weak to defend the castle in 1552 and it was taken over by the Hamiltons V17 p 120 OSM ; DR* 10/12/1856 ; SFSOK p2
White Church Ballyhalbert 21: 62/70 a townland 2km N of Ballywalter town, on the shore;673 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; old graveyard & ruined church ; part of Ballywalter Manor in King Charles 1st's reign; in 1659 there were 13 English/ Scots & 5 Catholic families here; windmill for flax in 1836 V17 p 125 & V7 p 18 OSM; SP; PNNI V2 p 72
White Cross Inn Dromore . formerly kept by Mrs McKey, now kept by Alexander Agnes 31 Mar 1792; meeting of Grand Lodge #507 14 Apr 1794
White Cross Inn Newry . in Water St, Newry; proprietor in 1824 was Edward Fearon
White Cross Inn Newry . an inn in Margaret St, Newry ; the proprietor in 1846 was Jane McGill & in 1910 was Alexander McComish
White Fort Kilcoo . a large, ancient cashel in Tollymore Park , 55 metres across
WDG p33,37
White Fort Kilmegan 29: 37/39 ancient cashel ;4km NE of Castlewellan
White Fort Loughinisland 20: 36;44 near Drumaroad townland
Whitegates Drumballyroney 29: 21/37 farm, 2km SW of Ballyroney village; woods neraby
PNNI V6 p 177
White Hall
. Near Lisburn; the propietor in 1795 was John Boomer UJA
. at Fourtowns; residence of David M. Hawthorn in 1893 BWN
Whitehaven steam communication from Dundrum 23 Sep 1854 DR
Whitehead Ards area . Pioneer Total Abstinence Society held their annual excursion here 14 Aug 1926
Whitehead House Kilcoo . in Newcastle; formerly known as Mountain Villa and earlier as Marino; described as a handsome stuccoed low-built house, late Georgian; residence of Richard Brush c. 1859
WDG p 172
White Hill (The) Kilmegan 20: 29/42 in Dromara Hills, 8km N of Castlewellan
White Hill Donaghadee 21: 57/74 hill ;N of Carrowdore Castle, 6km S of Donaghadee
White Hills Donaghmore . residence of D. M. Hawthorn in 1901; bought as the Manse for the ministers of Fourtowns Presbyterian Church 1901; b/w photo available
PDLHS p4, 7
White Hill Dromara 20: 33/48 4km SE of Dromara
White Hill Dromara 20: 31/54 6km NNE of Dromara
White Hill Dromore 20: 16/53 hill, 6km W of Dromore; part of the GillHall demesne
PNNI V6 p 147
White Hill Drumgooland 29: 25/38 farm & hill; 2km SW of Ballyward village
White Hill Garvaghy 20: 18/47 farm; 3km SW of Garvaghy village .. 


Saul small detached townland; 82 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; badly cultivated; residence of the Swail family in 1761 V17 p114 OSM: MID p165;Inv 1999 p45
White Hill Seapatrick . farm; 1km N of Banbridge; a propietor in 1795 was John Waugh; residence of John Waugh ,linen manufacturer in 1824 & William Waugh in 1842 & John Todd McClelland in 1894
old b/w map G5; UJA; POD; Irish World
White House Slanes 21: 64/55 on rocky shore near Slanes Bay, 4km S of Portavogie; in 1837 there was a ruin of a house called Whitehouse in Ballyspurge townland; built by Patrick Savage 1641; lived in by Carr familt in 18th & 19th centuries; photo available
V7 p 121 OSM: HMNI p114 ; PNNI V2 p 120
Whitelands Tullylish . residence of Miss Isabella McMaster in 1891 OFB p136
White Lodge Kilkeel 29: 30/17 farm, near Leitrim Hill

White Pillar

Newtownards mesolithic site near shores of Strangford Lough TMUOP p22
White Quarry Newtownards opened by John McWhinney 8 Jul 1882 .DR
White Rocks Dromara 20: 30/45 in Dromara Hills; 6km SE of Dromara
White Rock Killinchy 21: 51/62 near Strangford Lough, 2km NE of Killinchy; kelp (seaweed) is harvested along the shore near White Rock; new clubhouse for Strangford Lough Yacht Club 24 Nov 1936
V7 p 86, 88 OSM; DR* 
White Rock House Killinchy . farm; 2km NE of Killinchy town old b/w map S11
White Rock Dance Hall Rathmullan . in Scollockstown,Ballylucas townland; operated from 1931-1950 LR 2008 p9-17
White Rooms Dunsford . popular fishing spot near Guns Island Inv 2000 p 6

White Row

Dundonald a row of terraced houses in the village; also known as Gape Row TMUOP p114
White's Island Saintfield . a crannog in Lough Henney; medieval artigacts found here LM 1990 p5
White Spots Newtownards 15:49/76  a townland 2km N of Newtownards town; 1016 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; original Irish name Carrowchamchoise means 'crooked leg quarter' ; the Newtownards Mining Company had a lead mine & the railway line was here in 1863 V17 p 124 OSM; PNNI V2 p 215, 236 ;GV
White Water Kilkeel 29: 27/21 rises near Slievemuck and runs S into Carlingford Lough near Benagh
PNNI V3 p 186.
White Water Bridge Kilkeel 29: 26/12 over White Water river ;just before it flows into Carlingford Lough near Greencastle  .
White Water Mill Kilkeel . the propietor in 1795 was W. C. Emmerson
Whitter Ballyphilip . see Witter .
Whittingham Villas Knockbreda . 1 Knock Rd, East Belfast ; residence of John Heron in 1902
Whytynton Down . name of an ancient chapel in Ballykilbeg townland
O'L V1 p 305
Widow's Row Kilcoo . a terrace of cottages in King St, Newcastle; built 1843 after a shipping disaster, 46 men drowned; evictions 18 Aug 1855; photo available
NWAG p 14: DR; MO 1/03; SSM p111
Willesden Holywood . 75 Church Rd, Holywood; merchant's villa built in 1861 for John Neill; bought by Finley family 1901, family there until c. 1940, then a residential home; demolished c. 1999; photo available
NDM p42
Williams Harbour Kilcoo 29: 39/26 on the Irish Sea; 5km S of Newcastle
SSM pxi map .
Willmount House Drumbeg . large estate; with timber near the Antrim border in 1837; a propietor in 1795 was John Stewart
V7 p 52 OSM ; UJA
Willow Cottages Knockbreda . in Barnetts Rd, Knock; 2 residences in 1902
Willowdale Drumbeg 20: 29/69 farm; on River Lagan  .
Willowdene Knockbreda . a large house at 71 Kings Rd, Knock; built in 1907 by Mr. James Campbell; residence of his grandson Trevor Campbell in 1930s
ACC p70
Willowfield House Knockbreda 15:35/73 just E of Ormeau Estate; between Rosebery & Woodstock Rds, East Belfast; owned by William Mullan in 1876 with 87 acres; large house & garden in 1902; still standing
OS map 1902 4.11; LOI
Willowfield Cottages Knockbreda . 47 Castlereagh Rd, East Belfast ; several residenc es in 1902
Willow Mount Magheradrool . the propriEtor in 1795 was Rev. John McClelland
Willows (The) Kilbroney . in Rostrevor; residence of Mrs. MIlligan in 1910
Will's Grove Magheradrool . near Ballynahinch; the propietor in 1795 was John Moorhead
Willy's Wood Island Donaghadee 15:55/78 farm near marsh & stream; 4km WSW of Donaghadee town .
Wilmar Kilcoo . a house in Newcastle; residence of Capt. W. Lowery in 1910
Wilsons Land Newtownards . an alterate name for Ballycullen townland in 1675
PNNI V2 p 219
Wilsons Point Bangor 15:50/83 a headland at the western extremity of Bangor Bay; site of Seacourt built by Foster Connor in 1865
V7 p20, 22 OSM : BM; NDM p2
Wilson's Rocks Inishargy . on Irish Sea coast; 2km N of Ballyhalbert village
old b/w map W13
Wilsonstown Annaclone . farm; 2km SW of katesbridge
old b/w ap G9
Windermere Villa Holywood . large detached Victorian house in 14 Inverary Ave, Sydenham in 1904 residence of Norman Agnew in 1940s ; b/w photo available
ACS p11 (map),77,78
Windermere Villa Holywood . 56 Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of Valentine Byrne in 1902
Windmill Farm Knockbreda . at Bier's Bridge, Ballymacarrett; to be let 29 Feb 1792
Windmill Farm Magheradroll . just NE of Ballynahinch; click here for a map in 1782
Windmill Hill Annahilt 20; 30/58 W of Larchfield estate  .
Windmill Hill Ballyhalbert 21: 64/63 2km S of Ballyhalbert . .
Windmill Hill Ballywalter 21; 62/69 part of Ballywalter town; there was a windmill here as early as 1681; cannon discharged here for coronation 23 Jun 1838
DR; PNNI V2 p 74; LM 2002 p 7
Windmill Hill Bright . in Ballydargan townland; site of Manor of Hamilton c. 1700
LR 2006 p18
Windmill Hill Magheradrool . just E of Ballynahinch town; site of a battle in 1798
V17 p 100 OSM; BGHD p 123
Windmill Hill Saintfield 21: 41/59 hill ;1km E of Saintfield  .
Windmill Hill Tullylish 20: 9/52 farm; 4km N of Lawrencetown  .
Windsor Bangor . in Seacliff Rd, Bangor; residence of James Morrow in 1901
Windsor Hill Drumballyroney . farm; 1km NE of Rathfriland
old b/w map F11
Windsor Hill Newry . residence of Rev. John Dodd in 1881
Windsor Lodge Donaghcloney . in Waringstown; residence of John McClimond Esq. in 1915
PRONI wills
Windy Gap Clonduff 29: 25/24 part of The Mournes, near Slievemoughanmore, 11km NW of Kilkeel  .
Windy Gap River Clonduff 29: 25/24 also called Pigeon Rock River, runs from The Mournes south into White Water River  .
Windy Gap Dromara . near Slieve Croob; a religious grotto here for an apartition of Virign Mary - 20th century
old b/w map I 10
Windy Hill House Greyabbey . in Ballybryan townland; residence of the Martin family in 1839
Winns Lodge Saul/Inch . residence of Rev. Arthur Gruber, curate of Saul in 1794
Winshill Holywood . house off Demesne Road near Golf Course
Winter Hill Dromara 20: 28/57 farm; 2km N of Dromara  .
Wistaston Comber . house in Laurel Bank; residence of Miss Margret Combe in 1912
Witter Witter . a small parish in southern Ards Peninsula near Ballyphilip;click here to see a map of the townland;boundaries of the parish changed 22 Dec 1827; Catholic chapel here in 1836; proprietors were Mr. Echlin & Rev. Mr. Trail in 1836; Quinton village & castle are in this parish; this parish was incorporated into Ardkeen in 1834 then with Ballyphilip by 1961
NCT; V7 p 8 , 125, 126,127 OSM; PNNI V2 p 121
Woburn House Donaghadee . house & farm of 131 acres in Drumfad townland, near Drumfad Bay; 1km S of Millisle; click here for a photo and more information
Wolf Island Grey Abbey 21: 56/73 farm; 5km N of Grey Abbey town  .
Wolfsland Donaghadee . farmhouse; 3km SW of Donaghadee town
old b/w map V9
Woltar Witter . alternate name for Witter in 1659 census
PNNI V2 p 121
Womans Rock Inishargy 21: 58/62 in Strangford Lough, 2km SW of Kircubbin  .
Wood (The) Comber . house & farm of 23 acres in Ballybeen townland; 3km SW of Comber town; leased by John Orr in 1863 from James Birch old b/w map Q7; GV
Wood (The) Dromore . farm; residence of William John Martin in 1910
Woodbank Lodge Aghaderg residence of James Fivey Esq. in 1846 POD
Woodbank Tullylish near Banbridge; a Scottish Baronial castle, built by the Dickson brothers, who were partners in the Dunbar, Dickson & McMasters spinning company; the propietor in 1795 was William Dawson; residence of Mrs Godfrey in 1824 & Evelyn Robert Falkner in 1856 & George Gerald Tyrrell in 1874 & Frederick Maynard Sinton in 1936 BIH p 13; UJA;POD; OFN p 120; MIs; OFB p118; LR 2008 p46
Woodbine Drumbo 20: 33/64 farm; 2km SE of Drumbo
Woodburn Donaghadee . residence of George Dunbar Esq. J.P.; see under Woburn
Wood Cottage Killyleagh . in Shrigley; residence of Mrs Patterson 3 Apr 1915
Wooden Bridge Aghaderg . over railway & canal; 6km NW of Loughbrickland
old b/w map E4
Woodford House Dromara 20: 28/51 farm; 1km NW of Dromara; residence of William Dodds in 1886 & James Dodds in 1893 & Robert Dodds in 1910
Woodford Dromore . bleach green robbed; property of James Black 8 May 1794 & 1803; residence of James Black in 1828 & William Black in 1886 NS; UJA;TEP; IIW V4 p11; POD
Woodgrange (The) Down 21: 44/46 a townland 4km WNW of Downpatrick; click here to see its location on a map; 1016 acres; originally owned by Inch Abbey; owned by the Earl of Ardglass & leased to Richard West Esq. in 1636 then Royal West & Archibald Stewart Esq. in 1669; leased by Lady Cromwell to her half brother Nicholas Price in 1695; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & Francis Savage in 1836; there were 90 houses; 58 families employed in agricultre & 21 in trade; 267 males & 267 females; 19 manufacturers & 31 servants; lime: Primitive Wesleyan Methodist soiree 6 May 1843; opening of Orange Hall 1 Jul 1876 LM 1985 p8, 53; O'L v1 p 306, 325; TCC p 33; V 17 p 53, 55, 57 OSM: DR
Woodhill Comber 21: 42/65 farm; 1km NW of Ballygowan; residence of R. Frame in 1910
POD  .
Woofhill Down . in Woodgrange/ Magheralagan area; residence of Robert Neill in 1871 HFPNSCD p373
Woodhill Saintfield 21: 43/58 hill; 2km SE of Saintfield near Carsonstown
Wood House (The) Kilbroney house & 34 acres in Ballinran townland; described as being pleasantly situated on the seashore just S of Rostrevor quay; small but tastefully planted with shrubs; a propietor in 1795 was Trevor Corry; residence of Richard Molesworth Reynell in 1822 ; rebuilt for Trevor Corry Esq. in 1830 by architect Thomas Duff ; in 1836 it was the property of Mrs. Rennel of Co Westmeath and let as a bathing lodge; residence of Edward Vandeleur Esq. in 1848; held in fee by Smith Ramadge junior in 1863; owned by Smith ramage esq. in 1876 with 34 acres ; residence of Peter Farrell & Edward Thompson in 1910 with S. Trusdale living in the Gate Lodge ; (b/w photo available) CSO; UJA; V3 p 35 OSM; old b/w map B13; CON;GV ; POD; LOI; Perspective V7 p8
Woodhouse demesne Kilmegan residence of Rev. Hume in 1836 V3 p 58 OSM

Wood Island Wood Isle

Tullynakill 21: 50/64 in Strangford Lough; 3km E of Lisbane townland;23 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; 6 inhabitants in 1821 V17 p 121 & V7 p124 OSM
Woodland Donaghadee . in Millisle Rd, Donaghadee; residence of Mary McCutcheon in 1910
Woodlawn Kilmegan a manor house & 41 acres in Dundrinne townland, just N of Castlewellan ; a proud grey building built before 1835 then enlarged; residence of Mr Murland Esq. in 1836; leased by Samuel Murland in 1863 from Earl Annesley; a concert 30 Aug 1884;now named Corriewood V7 p 56 ,58 OSM: DR ; old b/w map J 13; MO 23/1/2008 p4*; GV
Woodlawn Knockbreda . villa in Cherryvalley Rd, Knock; residence of R.B. Park in 1902
POD ; OS map 1902 5.09 ; ACC p7 (map), 11
Woodleigh Holywood . near Holywood; residence of James Ferguson 4 Apr 1878
Wood Lodge Kilmegan 29: 34/37 there are two at the entrances to the Castlewellan Estate; 1km NE of Castlewellan (front) & 2km N of Castlewellan ( back entrance); an enlargement of an 18th century house; a solid grey two-storey house with groups of 3 Georgian glazed windows either side of the slightly projecting centre; residence of Henry Murland in 1846 & William Murland ; now a nursing home ; b/w photo available
old b/w map J 12 & 13; MO 23/1/2008 p4 *; POD ; LM 1997 p6, 10
Wood Lodge Kilmegan . house & farm of 232 acres in Clonvaraghan townland; held in fee by Rev James Anderson in 1863
Woodsides Bridge Holywood . 2km NE of Holywood town
old b/w map T5
Woodside Cottage Kilcoo . house, yard & garden in King St, Newcastle,leased by Henry Douglas in 1863 from Earl Annesley
Wood Park Kilmegan . near Castlewellan; the proproetor in 1795 was John Law
Woodside Kilbroney . in Rostrevor; residence of Dr. John Bingham Esq. in 1814
Woodside Kilkeel 29: 27/15 farm, 4km NW of Kilkeel on the Rostrevor road  .
Woodside Kilmore . near Crossgar; residence of John Cleland in 1931
Woodside Loughinisland . in Seaforde; residence of Mr. W.J. Patterson in 1926
Woodside Magheradrool . in Ballynahinch ; residence of Mrs. R. Lemon in 1910
Woodside Saintfield . residence of George Anderson in 1901 & William Anderson in 1910
Woodvale Donaghmore area . residence of Dr. Dickson esq. in 1849
Woodvale Dromara . farm; 2km SE of Annahilt village on Ballynahinch road ; residence of the Baxter family then Boyd family c. 1869
old b/w map M6; MIs
Woodvale Seapatrick 20: 11/51 farm; 5km NNW of Banbridge  .
Woodview Donaghcloney . farm; 1km SW of Waringstown in Magherana townland; residence of Mr. John Stockdale in 1833 old b/w map H3; BN
Woodview Holywood . residence of Mr William Robinson in 1910 POD
Woodview Killinchy . farm;3km SW of Killinchy town old b/w map S11
Woodview Killyleagh . farm; 3km W of Killyleagh town old b/w map Q12
Woodview Seapatrick . near Banbridge; a propietor in 1795 was George Cuppage
Woodview Tullylish . in Gilford; residence of John McDowell in 1910
Woodville Aghaderg . farm; 3km S of Loughbrickland; the propietor in 1795 was John Howe; residence of John P. Gordon in 1819 old b/w map E7; UJA; CSO
Woodville Annahilt . residence of Dr. William Rutherford in 1863 Limerick Chronicle
Woodville/ Woodvale Bangor . house & farm of 11 acres in Ballyvarnet townland; 2km SSW of Bangor town; the propietor in 1795 was Rev. Hugh Woods; residence of Rev. Hugh Woods in 1824; leased by Rev. Hugh Woods in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboye old b/w map V7; UJA; POD ; GV
Woodville Donaghcloney . just S of Waringstown near the road to Gilford; residence of the Rev. John Beatty, rector of the parish in 1836 V12 p 61 OSM
Woodville Seapatrick . near Banbridge; the propietor in 1795 was John Chambers UJA
Woodville Shankill .

near Lurgan; owned by John Waite Greer in 1876 with 326 acres

Woollen Hall Down James Quail of 'Woollen Hall" reopened Messrs. Montgomery & Agar business in Downpatrick 4 Nov 1882 DR
Wreck Point Kilkeel 29: 36/19 rocky coast in Irish Sea ; 2km SW of Annalong; taken from 'wrack' meaning seaweed
PNNI V3 p 66.; SSM pxi
Wrights Lough Annahilt 20: 33/59 in Cargacreevy townland  .
Wylie Cottage Kilcoo . in Bryansford; residence of Charles & Ellen Brewster c. 1900
DS 1998 p51
Wytiketona Down . name of an ancient chapel in Ballykilbeg townland
O'L V1 p 305
Yachtsman Hotel Bangor
in Bridge St, Bangor, opposite the Esplanade in 1902
OS map 2.05
Yapton Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of Mrs Scott in 1902
Yarrow Cottages Holywood . in 58 & 60 Palmerston Rd, Sydenham; 2 residences, vacant in 1902
Yarrow Villa Holywood . in 35 Palmerston Rd, Sydenham; residence of T. Gallagher in 1902
Yellow Hill Seapatrick . in Ballyvally townland; site of Rough Fort; Jane Fryar lived here in 1887
PNNI V6 p 311; OB p21

Yellow Island

Holywood Rosepark House is here TMUOP p70
Yellow Rocks Ardkeen 21: 59/58 in Strangford Lough, large rocks near Ardkeen townland  .
Yellow Water River Kilbroney 29: 21/22 rises in The Mournes and flows into Kilbroney River
PNNI V3 p 186.
Yellow Water Kilkeel 29: 28/23 rises near Slievemuck and runs S into White Water
NWAG p 39 ; PNNI V3 p 186
Yews (The) Newry . residence of James F. Erskine in 1886 POD
Yewtree Cottage Hillsborough 20: 25/56 farm;3km SE of Hillsborough  .
York Island Saintfield . small island N of Saintfield where 1798 United Irishmen rebels were buried
SMH '94 p 60; O'L V1 p 372; MOA p145
York Villas Holywood . 67& 69 Victoria Rd , Sydenham ; residence James Lyons & W.H. Scott in 1902
Youngs Bridge Blaris 20: 23/63 over river Lagan; 3km SW of Lisburn  .
Youran Ardkeen 21: 57/59 in Strangford Lough, 3km W of Lisbane
Zion Hill Moira . on northern bank of Lagan River
PNNI V6 p 210