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Place Names of Co. Down : H.....



Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Ha (The) Kilmore 21: 41/41 farm, 3km WSW of Crossgar
Haddocks Bog Drumballyroney . in Ballyroney townland next to Duggans Hill PNNI V6 p 180
Haddocks town Blaris parish works program for repairs here in 1836 V12 p 42 OSM
Haferrall Newry . small farm in 1834; just SW of Bridge Street, Newry
V3 p 62 OSM
Hag's Hill Dromore . in Ballyvicknacally townland
PNNI V6 p 117
Halebooling Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Haulbowline in 1613
PNNI V3 p 59
Halfebb Rock Ballyhalbert 21: 66/62 just offshore near Ballyfrench townland  .
Half Hill Grey Abbey 21: 60/66 farm; 2km SE of Grey Abbey  .
Halftide Rock Bangor 15:43/82 in Belfast Lough; 1km SW of Helen's Bay .
Half tide Rock Tullynakill 21: 54/64 rock in Strangford Lough, near Mahee Island
Halftown Ardkeen 21: 62/58 village; 3km SW of Portavogie  .
Halftown Blaris 20: 23/63 village; 3km SW of Lisburn  .
Hall (The) Donaghcloney . residence of Thomas Beatty Brown in 1926
Hall Kilmore 21: 40/56 farm, in Cahard townland
Hall Bridge Kilbroney . over the Ghann River; to the west of Rostrevor;built of unhewn stone it has two arches; 38 feet by 24 feet; V3 p 29 OSM
Hallidays Bridge Blaris . over River Lagan; a sluice stolen 3 Feb 1794; the proprietor in 1795 was James Woods UJA;NS
Halls Grove Moira . the proprietor in 1795 was Mr. Hall UJA
Hallísmill Tullylish now called Lawrencetown; named after Francis Hall c. 1764; a row of terraced millworkers' houses in Lawrencetown were known as Hall's Mill c. 1890 V12 p 141 OSM; PNNI V6 p 351; OGSLL p44
Hamilton Arms Killyleagh . a hotel in Killyleagh in 1911
Hamiltons Close Saintfield 21: 44/57 farm ;in Barnamaghery townland
Hamiltons Folly Dromara 20: 34/45 hill; 5km SE of Dromara
Hamilton's Glenn Kilkeel . Mass Rock here during Penal times
Hamilton Hill Bright . in Ballydargan townland
LR 2006 p18
Hamilton Hill Drumballyroney . in Lackan townland
PNNI V6 p 168
Hamilton Villa Bangor  . residence overlooking Ballyholme Bay OS map 1901 2.06
Hamoro Blaris . near Lisburn; the proprietor in 1795 was Major Gayer
Haneys Bridge Magheralin . over River Lagan; 4km NW of Magheralin village
old b/w map J 1
Hanna's Close Kilkeel . farm cluster or clachan of seven houses ; 1km N of Kilkeel town; now self-caterine cottages; photo available
old b/w map E17; PNNI V3 p 59; HOTC ; CP 8/12/2012
Hanna's Corn Mill Kilclief . in Mill Quarter; owned by Patrick Hanna in 1820s and handed down to family until 1950s; sketch available
LM 1999 p68-73; LM 1985 p19
Hannastown Bright . 3km W of Killough
old b/w map M 16
Kilcoo . ancient name for the Shimna River
Kilcoo map; PNNI V3 p 184
Hanwood House Comber . in Ballyhanwood; built by Hugh McClements c. 1890; leased by Hugh & Jane Dickson after his death
TMUOP p145; R10/19 CBSA
Happy Valley Kilkeel . old name for Silent Valley ; before they built the dam early 20th century
NWAG p 39; PNNI V3 p 152
Harbits Harbour Dunsford . popular fishing spot near Guns Island
Inv 2000 p 6
Harbour Inn Kilcoo . on the shore at Newcastle; built by John McAlister c. 1907 ; photo available
WDG p163
Harbour View Inishargy . in Kircubbin; residence of Mrs E. Munce in 1910
Harbour View Kilcoo . a boarding house in Newcastle in 1914; run by Mrs James McCracken
NWAG p 47
Hardford Lodge Newtownards . residence of James Smyth in 1937
Hard Hill (The) Drumballyroney 29: 16/38 in Lisnacreevy townland, 5km NW of Rathfriland
Hare Island Grey Abbey 21: 54/67 small island in Strangford Lough; 3km W of Grey Abbey town
PNNI V2 p 211 
Hare Island Saul owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Cromwell Ward Esq.; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford & F. Savage in 1836; good arable soil: shipping problem 11 Oct 1851 LM 1985 p52; V17 p 114 OSM: DR
Hares Castle Kilcoo 29: 34/26 rocky part of the Mourne Mountains; 4km SW of Newcastle
PNNI V3 p141. 
Hares Gap Kilcoo 29: 32/39 in the Mourne Mountains East townland ; near Slievengloch; picture available
NWAG p 39 ; PNNI V3 p 141; CP 6/3/2013 ; CP 5/6/2013 (photo)
Hariet Vale Comber . farm; 2km W of Comber town
old b/w map Q7
Harmony Hill Grey Abbey 21: 56/72 hill; 4km N of Grey Abbey; the proprietor in 1795 was Rev. John Watson
Harmoney Hill Lambeg . house on River Lagan; just N of Lambeg village; original house built 1600s as a modest factory owner's house by Dutch settler, Abraham Wolfenden; also known as Waterside, Harmony Hill & Lambeg House; remodelled in 1750 by Abraham's grandson Richard; the proprietor in 1795 was Messrs, R. & J. Wolfenden; house bought by Richard Niven in 1830 & renamed Chrome Hill to commemorate the discovery of bi-chromates for textile prontinmg; sold to Robert McKinstry in 1967 (b/w photo available) old b/w map O6; UJA;LR 2016 p66-67
Harmony Hill Magheradrool . in Drumaness; the proprietor in 1795 was William Davidson; residence of late Thomas Adamson in 1940
UJA;DR 25/11/1940
Harp Hotel Ballyphilip . an inn in Portaferry; proprietor in 1846 was Henry Coates
Harpers Bridge Knockbreda . over a stream; 1km E of Purdysburn
old b/w map P7
Harpers Hill Donaghmore . in Dromantine Demesne; Mass said here during Penal times c. 1750
DDPP p36
Harriet Vale Comber . house & estate of 36 acres in Gransha townland; leased by Robert Cunningham in 1863 from Lady Garvagh
Harrington Bangor  . villa in Farnham Rd, Bangor; residence of T. Bolton in 1901 POD
Harrisons Close Dromore . farm; 2km NE of Dromore town
old b/w map J6
Harris' Mill Magheradrool . on the southern outskirts of Ballynahinch; built by David Ker in 1816; later became a scutch mill for flax; ceased production in 1958 ; still in working order
OBLS p37 (b/w photo)
Harrow-Pin Hill Down 21: 44/44 hill with ancient rath; 4km NE of Clough
Harrymount Donaghcloney 20: 10/57 farm; in Tullyheron townland, 1km N of Waringstown; residence of Rev. Henry Jenny in 1709 & Robert Beard in 1781 & Elizabeth Cooper in 1793 & William Gracey in 1858
PNNI V6 p 99;IIW V4 ;PR
Harrymount Kilbroney . near Rostrevor; the proprietor in 1795 was Henry Courtney
Harry'sWell Dunsford . near Sheepland townland
Inv 2001 p 27
Harryville Magheradrool . in Alfred St, Ballynahinch; a Victorian villa built by Rev. John Shaw before 1870 ; residence of W.J. Bruce in 1910
Kilkeel . the proprietor in 1795 was Thomas Pottinger; residence of John Nelson Esq. in 1856
Hartford / Hardford Lodge Newtownards . a house in West St, Newtownards; leased by William McFadden in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry; residence of William Hervey McFadden in 1890s; listed 'at risk' in 2005 by Ulster Architectural Heritage Society
GV; PPNZ; LR 2005 p76
Hartsfort Newry . in Lisnaree townland; residence of Margaret Houston in 1782
IIW V4 p 169
Haslemere Bangor . villas in Crawfordsburn Rd, Bangor; residence of Mrs Mc Gowan & John Robb in 1901
Hassendean Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; 2 residences being built in 1902
Kilkeel . a lighthouse built in 1823 on a rock to the SW of Cranfield Point to try to stop the wrecks ; means ' haunt of the eels'
V3 p 52 OSM; GV; PNNI V3 p 59; JMLSG 2010 p68
Havelock House Kilcoo . house & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by Allan Gilmore in 1863 from Earl of Annesley; residence of Mrs. Gillmer in 1884
Havelock Place Warrenpoint . a row of houses opposite the dock; built for widow's of sailors & spinsters; built c. 1880; photo available
MSWAG p 50;
Haw Hill Ballywalter 21: 59/70 farm & hill 3km NW of Ballywalter;
Haw (The) Bangor 15:54/81 house & farm of 55 acres in Ballymaconnell townland; 2km SE of Bangor; leased by Jane Aicken in 1863 from Alexander Agnew BM; GV
Haw (The) Comber 21: 43/71 house & farm of 74 acres; 2km NW of Comber in Ballystockart townland ; leased by Samuel McKibbin in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry & John Cleland; "The Haw" auction of valuable farms with scutch mill 16 Sep 1876 GV ;DR
Haw (The) Inishargy 21; 62/65 house & farm of 114 acres in Ballylimp townland, ; 2km NW of Ballyhalbert ; leased by John Browne in 1863 from Robert Ross
Haw (The) Magheradrool . farm; in Magheraknock townland; 3km NW of Ballynahinch
old b/w map N8
Haw (The) Newtownards . farm in Drunhirk townland; residence of John Jameson in 1796
Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 515 p40
Haw Bog Kilkeel 29: 34/18 farms; 1 km N of Ballymartin village
Haw House


. in Drumaghlis townland; residence of Mr Edward Cleland in 1835
Hawkins Bridge Newry 29: 12/30 over Clanrye river, near Desert townland; named after William Hawkins
PNNI V1 p 44 
Hawks Hill Grey Abbey 21: 59/60 hill; 3km S of Grey Abbey
Haw Lane Bridge Saintfield . site of 13th mile post from Belfast of Co. Down Railway
SHM '86 p 27
Hawlbowling Rock Kilkeel of Carlingford Bay; site of a lighthouse in 1886
Hawthornden Knockbreda . in Hawthornden Rd, Knock; 3 residences with lodge in 1902
Hawthornhill Annahilt 20: 30/56 farm;1km SE of Annahilt village  
Hawthorne Hill Newry . residence of Hunt Walsh Chambre in 1821 the Chambre family in 1828 & 1852 CSO; POD
Haye Park Knockbreda . near Belfast; the proprietor in 1795 was Marquis of Donegall UJA
Hayestown Seapatrick . a house cluster near Banbridge PR Catholic 1860
Hayfield Donaghadee 15:58/78 farm; 2km SW of Donaghadee town .
Donaghadee . alternate names for Ballyhay townland in 1306 & 1336 PNNI V2 p 184
Hazel Bank Loughinisland 20: 39/44 2km N of Seaforde village in Drumnakelly townland; death of Mr. Matthew Blackwood, Seaforde 12 Jul 1879; residence of Ned Dornan & family in 1935 DR; old b/w map L11; DS 2010 p39,92
Hazelbank Kilkeel 29: 32/20 farm, near Fork River, 5km W of Annalong
Hazelbank Knockbreda . at 110 Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of J.R. Moorhead in 1902; residence of A.T. Featherston in 1955; b/w photo available; now demolished; area known today as Kirk House & Hazelbank Court
POD; ACC p49 -51,56
Hazelbank Cottages Knockbreda . at 98 then 128-130 Kings Rd, Knock; two small semi detached cottages by 1895; residences of Mrs. Fairfield & the Garret family in 1930s ACC p15,40,57; ACG p14,15
Hazelbank Tullylish   in Coose townland; the proprietor in 1795 was Henry Hamilton; residence of Samuel Law Esq. in 1819; the first spinning mill on the River Bann set up by Samuel Law of Hazelbank around 1836; in 1838 it employed 185 workers; Hazelbank Weaving Company opened 1880; conditions described (email me) UJA; POD; BIH p O; UF p7,8; OGSLL p42
Hazel Dell Hillsborough 20: 27/58 farm; in Magheradartin townland
Hazeldean Bangor
villa in Ward Ave, Bangor; residence of J.H. Mulholland in 1901
Hazelhill Moira . farm in Kilminioge townland; residence of Eliabeth Hewitt in 1701; now disappeared
PNNI V6 p 288; IIW V4 p61
Hazelmere Kilbroney . near Rostrevor; residence of Mr. Rolston in 1910
Hazel Villa Knockbreda . at 286 Ravenhill Rd, East Belfast; residence of William Gouk in 1902
Hazelwood Holywood 15:44/80 farm; 3km NE of Holywood town .
Head Inn Down . in English St, Downpatrick ; the proprietor in 1846 & 1852 was Robert Denvir
Heart of Down Roadhouse Magheradrool . near Ballynahinch; concert for Montalto workers here 2 Jan 1936 DR
Heases Row Warrenpoint . the proprietor in 1795 was John Mayne UJA
Heathfield House Comber . farm near Ballygowan; residence of William Gibson J.P. in 1910 POD
Heath Hall Kilkeel 29: 30/16 farm, 3km NW of Kilkeel; residence of John Seaver in 1777 & Thomas Seaver in 1881 & Miss Lucretia Davidson Moore in 1915 ; bought by Hugh McGlue in 1940s; now a guesthouse
BN; OFN p 248; HPA p74 ,131
Heath Hall Newry . in Co. Armagh side of town; residence of Mr. Peter McDonnell in 1862 & Mr. P. Kelly in 1881 MIs; POD
Heath Hill Dundonald . residence of Matthew Phoenix in 1902 POD
Heathery Hill Kilkeel . near Mullartown; residence of Edward Rodgers Esq. in 1867 BN
Helens Bay Bangor
3km W of Bangor town on Belfast Lough; named c. 1860 after 5th Lord Dufferin's mother Helen; a railway station here; proposed watering place 21 Aug 1875;holiday resort 6 Jul 1895; Presbyterian church here 31 Oct 1896; Tenants Defence Assoc 10 Dec 1898 (NC); new house for station master being erected 19 Feb 1924 DR* NWAG p 37 ;BM; NC ; PNNI V2 p 174; DR*
Helenslea Knockbreda . a big , old house opposite new Tullycarnet Primary School ; residence of Mr.J.A. Brand, manufacturer's agent c. 1920 ; now demolished
ACG p36 ,123
Helen's Tower Bangor 15:50/77 house & 241 acres in Conlig townland; SE corner of Clandeboye Estate; 4km S of Bangor town; named ater Helen Selina, Lady Dufferin (b. 1807); owned by Robert E.Ward in 1863; mentioned as a good place to visit in 1898 on a rail/ bicycle tour ; Tennyson's poem & Helens Tower 22 Dec 1883 (NC); b/w photo available
GV; NWAG p 38; NC; LM 1994 p46-47; DS 2008 p44; ON p2
Hellayne Harrons Bangor . alternate name of Copeland Islands in 1610
PNNI V2 p 171

Helly Hunter buoy

Kilkeel . in the Hoskin Channel at the entrance to Carlingford Lough used by shipping
JMLSG 2010 p 69 map
Hen Island Killinchy 21: 52/62 in Strangford Lough, 3km NE of Killinchy near Skettrick Island
V7 p 86 , 92 OSM  
Hen Mountain Clonduff 29: 24/28 part of The Mournes, 3km SE of Hilltown; 1187 feet above sea level; remarkable appearance on account of the soil and bog having been washed by the rains from its top, leaving a its enormous masses of granite exposed; on top of the mountain you can find very dark, muddy coloured crystals; photo available
V3 p 5 OSM ; NWAG p 38; PNNI V3 p 141; CP 9/8/2012
Hen's Lough Annahilt . very small; near the Ballynahinch to Hillsborough road
old b/w map M7
Hen's Rocks Slanes . in the Irish Sea near Ballyspurge townland
old b/w map U16
Henry Hill Magherally 20: 14/47 farm; 3km NE of Banbridge; the proprietor in 1795 was John Walker; residence of Rev. Nathaniel Shaw in 1812 & Rev.Henry Davis in 1819
Henryvale Dundonald . residence of John Sinclair in 1842 & 1852
Henryville Bangor . villa in Ward ave, Bangor ; residence of Thomas Elliott in 1901
Henryville Comber . house & farm in Ballymaglaff townland; leased by Robert Simonton in 1863 from William Morrow
GV ; OS map 1902 5.10
Henryville Knockbreda . residence & small farm; just S of Ballymacarret; click here for a photo and more information .
Herbert Villa Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; residence of Mrs Shearer in 1902
Herdstown Donaghadee a townland 2 km W of Donaghadee; 240 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' Herd's townland'; only a townland since 1810; some bog here; National School & railway line here in 1863 V17 p 124 & V7 45 OSM; PNNI V2 p 191;GV
Herdstown House Donaghadee 15:57/80 house & farm of 78 acres; 2km W of Donaghadee town; the proprietor in 1795 was Alexander McMinn; residence of Alexander McMinn Esq. in 1843; held in fee by Alexander McMinn in 1863 & 1886; owned by Alexander McMinn in 1876 with 239 acres; residence of Mrs McMinn in 1910
UJA;POD ; GV ;old b/w map X8; LOI; POD
Hermitage (The) Kilcoo . built 1770 by James Hamilton, 2nd earl of Clanbrassil & used as a summer house for the gentry of Tollymore Park; it was a memorial tyo his friend John Montagu, Marquess of Monthermer who died 1770 aged 35
MO 22/10/1024 p25
Hermitage (The) Warrenpoint . a house & small garden in Back Rd, Warrenpoint , leased by Henry L. Rutton in 1863 from James Erskine; residence of John McCreight in 1886
GV ; PRONI Wills
Hermit's Glen Kilcoo . near Millstone Mountain in the Mournes; a waterfall on Slieve Donard with the glen
NWAG p 10
Heron's Hill Drumballyroney . a farm on a hill in Tirfergus townland; also an ancient rath
PNNI V6 p 177
Heron Island Killinchy . in Ballygigon townland; one of only a few patches of scrubby oak woodland left in this parish in 1833
V7 p 87 OSM
Heron Lough Killinchy 21: 49/58 3km S of Killinchy ; largest lake in this parish
V7 p 86 OSM  
Heron Lough Kilmore 21: 41/50 12 acre lake in Drumnaconnor townland, 3km WNW of Crossgar; click here to see its location on a map ; click here for a photo
BN 15/6/1764. 
Herring Bay Grey Abbey 21: 58/65 E of Ballygarvan townland, 2km S of Grey Abbey
Hibernia Cottage Holywood . house & yard in Hibernia Place ,Holywood; owned by William Reid in 1863 but unoccupied GV
Highlands (The) Loughinisland . house & farm of 131 acres in Farranfad townland, 3km S W of Downpatrick; residence of Robert Gordon Esq.; land owner in Seaforde & Hollymount, presentation of plate 8 Nov 1851 ; leased by Robert Gordon in 1863 from H.W. Meredyth; owned by Robert Gordon J.P. in 1876 with 190 acres & also 1886 & Mr. Robert Jennings in 1939 DR; old b/w map M 13; GV; POD ; LOI; DR
Hilden Blaris
now part of Lisburn; Hughes & Kelly stabbed here 14 Aug & 25 Sep 1858; residence of William Barbour in 1836 & owned by William Barbour in 1876 & residence of David Robinson in 1929 & William McIlroy J.P. in 1937 DR; LOI; Irish Gleanings; HCDTD p 60
Hill (The) Donaghadee 15:56/78 farm; 4km WSW of Donaghadee town .
Hill (The) Down . in Saul St, Downpatrick, near Ardmore ; residence of Rev. Samuel Craig c. 1830 & Dr. E.F. Nelson in 1886 & 1901
Hill (The) Drumbo 20: 32/61 farm; SE of Crossan townland
Hill (The) Killyleagh 21: 53/54 farm; 1km N of Killyleagh
Hill (The) Kilmood . in Drumhirk townlan; residence of Messrs. McKee in 1912
Hill (The) Magheradroll 20: 33/57 farm; on the Ballynahinch to Lisburn road
Hill (The) Seapatrick . farm; in Ballydown townland
PNNI V6 p 306
Hillan's Hotel Newry . in Water St, Newry; also a posting house ; residence of Edward Kelly in 1825
Hillbrook Holywood . house & 1 acre in Ballykeel townland; residence of Misses Dawson , John Simms & William Bankhead in 1852; leased by Allen Clarke in 1863 from William Bankhead; residence of John Anderson in 1886 & John Mitchell Dickson in 1891
POD; GV; POD; OFN p 122
Hillcrest Inishargy 21; 62/66 farm; in Balliggan townland , 2km W of the shore
Hillcrest Saintfield 20; 38/58 farm; 3 km SW of Saintfield
Hillcrest Bangor . villa in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of H.H. Mussen in 1910
Hill Farm (The)
a farm; residence of Thomas McCann in 1910
Hillhall Drumbo
a townland ; click here to see its location on a map for Drumbo;click here to see its location on a townland map  for Drumbeg; known as Ballydonounkilmuck in 1742; the manor house was burnt down in 1708; the proprietor in 1833 was Lord Downshire whose agent was Mr Reilly of Hillsborough; school established in 1814 ;10 landholders; rent was 30 shillings an acre; land middling quality; land agent Mr W. Malcom lived in Hillhall in 1833; in 1833 there were 25 houses; 14 families were employed in agriculture & 7 in trade or manufacture; 63 males & 63 females; 8 servants; Presbyterian church here Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol110 p215; V12 p 101 & V7 p59, 63 & V17 p 120 OSM; GIPR
HillHall House Drumbo . the proprietor in 1795 was John Turner; residence of William McCormack in 1911
UJA; 1911 Census; CWGC
Hillhead Ardglass . farm; 4km NW of Ardglass town; residence of Alexander Hill in 1910
old b/w map O 16; POD
Hillhead Ardkeen 21: 61/59 farm; near Ballycranbeg townland
Hill Head (The) Aghaderg . farm; 2km NW of Loughbrickland
old b/w map E6
Hill Head Ballee 21: 52/40 farm, near Ballyhossett townland; residence of John Hynds in 1817
Hillhead Bangor 15:47/81 farm; just S of Crawfordsburn village .
Hillhead Blaris 20: 26/62 farm; 2km SE of Lisburn
Hill Head Comber 21: 43/66 house & farm of 55 acres in Ballyrush townland;4km SW of Comber;leased by James Montgomery in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry
Hill Head Dromore 20: 25/53 farm; 5km E of Dromore on Ballynahinch road
Hillhead Drumbeg 20: 31/60 farm; just off the Ballynahinch to Lisburn road
Hillhead Drumgooland . farm; 3km NW of Ballyward
old b/w map G9
Hillhead Garvaghy 20: 21/43 farm; 6km S of Garvaghy village
Hillhead Killaney . farm; 3km SW of Baordmills
old b/w map N7
Hill Head Killyleagh 21: 46/54 farm, 5km W of Killyleagh
Hill Head Kilmore 21: 45/51 a clachan of 8 houses in 1863 , about one mile south of the town of Crossgar and is approached by a lane from the Crossgar to Downpatrick road; residence of John McClurg (labourer) in 1850s & 1860s
Hillhead Newtownards . house & farm of 58 acres in Drumawhy townland; leased by Robert McGimpsey in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry ; residence of Miss Maud McGimpsey in 1940
Hillhead Saintfield 20: 34/56 farm; 3km NW of Ballynahinch on the Lisburn road  
Hill House Dundonald . in Ballyhanwood; residence of the Morrow family since 1840s
TMUOP p154
Hill House Kilkeel . near Annalong; residence of W.J. McKibbin in 1910 POD
Hill House Killyleagh . in Cluntagh townland; residence of Mr. Eagle in 1861
New York Times; BN 28/1/1861
Hill House Seapatrick . farm; near Seapatrick parish church in Ballykeel townland PNNI V6 p 307
Hillmodemanagh Comber   land & tithes granted to Hugh Montgomerie in 1626 V17 p 133 OSM
Hills (The)
residence of William McIlwrath in 1910
Hillsborough Hillsborough 20: 25/59 a parish & a town and a townland of 642 acres; 5km SW of Lisburn; click here for a photo & more information .
Hillsborough Fort Hillsborough 20:25/59 The Old Castle; built 1630; click here for a photo and more information
Hillsborough Castle Hillsborough . built 1797; click here for a photo and more information
Hillside Comber . house & farm of 51 acres in Ballystockard townard, 2km NW of Comber town; leased by John Gracey in 1863 from John Cleland
Hillside Farm Holywood 15:42/78 farm; 3km SE of Holywood town .
Hillside Kilcoo . house, yard & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by David Mahood in 1863 from Earl Annesley
Hillside Magherdrool 20: 36/49 farm; 4km S of Ballynahinch  .
Hillside Seapatrick . in Banbridge; residence of James Fryar in 1897
Hilltop Killinchy 21: 46/56 farm, in Raffery townland  .
Hilltop Saintfield 20: 39/63 farm near Lisdoonan townland
Hilltown Clonduff 29: 21/29 a town 12km ENE of Newry in Carcullion townland on the Newry to Kilcoo Road; click here for a photo & more information .
Hilltown Lodge Clonduff .

erected in 1798, architect was Charles J. Lilley; seat of the Lindsay family in early 19th century; occupied by Dr. Joseph Sheehy-Skeffington (inspector of schools) during 1st World War; description available

AR p 3; TC p18
Hilltowne Moira . alternate name of Ballyknock townland in 1631 PNNI V6 p 282
Hillview Farm Bangor
farm; 2km SSW of Crawordsburn .
Hillview Knockbreda . 2 villas in Barnetts Rd, East Belfast; residence of John Sloan & Thomas Allen in 1902
Hillview Saintfield . residence of Rev. J.J. Gardiner, curate, in 1870 SHM '86 p 30
Hillyard House Kilmegan . in Castle Ave, Castlewellan; two storey residence of Dr. Hillyard 1910-1930 ; drawing available CTHT 3
Hinshigo Drumballyroney see Hunshigo & Annahinchigo V3 p 14 OSM
Hoare Abbey Grey Abbey ancient townland in 17th century in East Down; another name for Grey Abbey; V17 p 123 & V7 p72 OSM
Hobbs Kesh
. on the road to Lurgan across into Co. Armagh; kesh means ' wattled causeway' PNNI V6 p 221
Hog Island
BCD Railway- cutting on Hog Island 5 July 1856; residence of John Falloona in 1861 DR; LM 1991 p23; PR
Hogs Lough Saintfield 20: 36/58 5km W of Saintfield on the Carryduff to Ballynahinch road; click here to see its location on a map; contained pike, trout & eels in 1837
V7 p 117, 119 OSM  
Hogs Mount Killyleagh 21: 50/55 farm near Clea Lough 3km NW of Killyleagh  .
Hogstown Donaghadee
a townland 2km SW of Donaghadee town; 137 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; contains a small pond and some bog; railway line here in 1863; owned by Alexander McMinn in 1863 V17 p 124 & V7 p45 OSM; PNNI V2 p 192;GV
Hogstown House Donaghadee . owned by James Patton with 51 acres in 1876 & Agnes Patton with 1 acre
Holborn Hall Bangor . opening by Plymouth fraternity 11 Nov 1893
Holdens Valley
Holdings Valley
Donaghcloney 20: 9/54 farm in Magherana townland; just S of Waringstown; residence of William Brown in 1788 & Alice Menagh in 1813 & William Shaw in 1834
old b/w map H3; IIW V4
Holland House Knockbreda . in 67 Sandown Rd, Knock; a 21 room residence of Joseph Holland c. 1900s; demolished in 2005
Shirley Holland & Fiona Leewis
Hollow (The) Dromore 20: 23/53 farm; 4km E of Dromore on the Ballynahinch road  .
Hollow (The) Kilmore . farm in Listooder; birthplace of James Newell in 1852
MO 25/7/2007
Hollow (The) Newtownards 15:53/76 farm; 3km NE of Newtownards town .
Hollybank Dundonald . house & farm of 31 acres in Ballylisbredan townland, ; 1km SE of Dundonald town;leased by Joseph Dunne in 1863 from rep. John Cumming
old b/w map S7; GV
Holly Bush Kilmegan 29: 38/37 farm, near Moneylane townland 4km ENE of Castlewellan  .
Holly Crescent Killinchy 21: 49/59 farm; 2km S of Killinchy  .
Hollycroft Comber 21: 40/64 farm; 3km W of Ballygowan
Holly Lodge Kilbroney . house & 2 acres in Moygannon townland; leased by Joseph Belcher in 1863from Roger Hall GV
Hollymount Down 21: 46/44 townland of 884 acres ; 2km W of Downpatrick; known as Drumcullen in ancient times ; click here to see its location on a townland map; bought from Thomas Cromwell by Richard West in 1626; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Richard & Royal West Esq.; owned by the Southwell Estate in 1752 and leased to Cromwell Price Esq. ;school here in 1836 ; school exams: new church 30 Mar 1839; Poor Law district population was 2741 in 30 Nov 1839; presentation from tenantry 8 Nov 1851; opening of Orange Hall 3 Jul 1875 LM 1985 p53; LM 1985 pSHM '90 p 11; V17 p 49, 52, 59 OSM; LM 1991 p23; DR ; TCC p 33; O'L V1 p 306
Hollymount House Down . house & large estate of 423 acres; described as having 2 storys with 5 windows across, a central entrance with walls rising to a cornice with pedestal parapet; residence of Nicholas Price before 1709; the proprietor in 1795 was Francis Savage; residence of Colonel Forde in 1836; described as neat, plain, not very large, surrounded by 80 acres of woodland; article about Robert Gordon Esq.; 23 Sep 1837; residence of Lady Dowager Harriet Forde in 1852; demesne lands to be let 27 Nov 1852: address to tenants by Lady Forde 15 Oct 1853; leased by Robert F. Gordon in 1863 (423 acres) from H.W. Meredyth; largly demolished by 1852; owned by Sir H. W. Meredyth in 1899
UJA; LM 1985 p9; LR 2010 p72; POD; GV ; DR; DAIPC p76
Holly Park Killinchy 21: 49/59 farm; 3km S of Killinchy; residence of Hamilton Trail Johnston Esq. in 1862 & Rev. D.R. Moore in 1886
Holly Park Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast; residence of J.C.M. Brown in 1902
Holm Bay Killyleagh 21: 53/53 in Strangford Lough, 1km N of Killyleagh
Holme Cottage Bangor . a villa; residence of Mrs Campbell Gardner in 1910 POD
Holm Factory Dromore . just outside town on the Lurgan Road; built in 1910 for the linen industry by Murphy & Stevenson & Mr. Doak MOF p 5; ODHD p25
Holypark Park Killinchy . the proprietor in 1795 was Rev. A. H. Trail
Holy Wells Ballytrustan 21: 62/47 near the Irish Sea, old church near Tullycarnan townland
Holywood Holywood
on Belfast Lough; a town, a townland of 755 acres & a parish ; click here for a map of the townlands ;click here for photos & more information .
Holywood Abbey
Holywood . at the east side of town; the abbey became a friary in 15th century
LR 2005 p16
Holywood Arches Holywood . two bridges built in 1849 for Belfast & Co. Down Railway over Holywood & Upper Newtownards roads; demolished in 1957 for road widening ; b/w photo available
ACC p79
Holywood House Holywood . house & 148 acres in Holywood townland; residence of Robert Isaac in 1784 ; gentleman's house in 1834; residence of late Thomas Bunbury Isaac in 1836 & James Orr Esq. before 1839; residence of Henry Harrison in 1852 & Robert Thompson in 1862; leased by Henry Harrison in 1863 from John Harrison ; owned by Henry Harrison's represenatives with 3653 acres in 1876
JML pvi; Bristol Mercury 5/11/1836; V7 p 76 OSM; BN; old b/w map T5 ; POD; GV; LOI
Holywood Hill House Holywood . farm; 1km SE of Holywood town
old b/w map T5; Q4 CBSA
Holywood Moss Holywood . farm near Killeen ; residence of the Boyd family c. 1860s
Homra House Blaris 20: 27/61 farm; in Ballyhomra townland; the proprietor in 1795 was Marcus Corry; residence of Col. Marcus Corry in 1824 & 1836
UJA; POD; V12 p 34 OSM  
Honey Hall Magheradrool . farm; just NW of Ballynahinch town
old b/w map M9
Hope & Anchor Inn
Down . in Irish St, Downpatrick; the propirietor in 1824 was Adam Hughes
Hopefield Bangor 15:55/80 farm; 4km SE of Bangor town in ballygrainey townland ; residence of Thomas Sinclair in 1887 & William Gilliland in 10 Sep 1894
Horn Bridge Kilcoo . a gothic style bridge in Tollymore Park; built c. 1780 by Thomas Wright
MO 22/10/1024 p25
Horn Castle Ardglass . an ancient Norman castle built around 12th century by the Savage family; it changed hands freqently;in 1578 it was taken from the O'Neills, after a stout resistance by Sir Nicholas Bagenal, Marshall of Ireland, who placed a strong garrison there and it fell again into the possession of the Irish in the rebellion of 1641; the late Lord Lecale in 1789 converted a ruin called the new works tenanted by Capt. Grace Newark into a spacious dwelling house, Horn Castle adjoining it was fitted up as a kitchen;
V17 p 3, 11, 12 OSM : O'L V1 p 167
Horse Island Down . also known as Masters Island, legend about a stone chest
O'L V1 p 258, 272
Horse Island Inishargy 21: 59/61 in Strangford Lough, very near shore near Gransha townland; 23 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map  .
Horse Island Tullynakill 21: 50/67 in Strangford Lough, 2km E of Ballydrain townland  .
Horse Rock Bangor 15:45/83 in Helen's Bay; 4km W of Bangor town .

Hoskin Channel

Kilkeel . body of water at the entrance to Carlingford Lough used by shipping
JMLSG 2010 p 69 map
House that Jack Built or
House (The)
Kilkeel . in Glassdrummond townland; residence of John Brown Esq. in 1863 & Mrs Brown in 1910
Howard's Hill Holywood 15:44/80 4km NE of Holywood .
Howds Hole Ardglass 21: 56/37 small bay ;1km S of Ardglass  .
Howe (The) Dromore 20: 26/53 farm; 7km E of Dromore near Ballynahinch road; residence of Mrs. Sarah McKee (widow of Rev. John McKee) in 1902
PRONI wills
How Mill Rock Cadtleboy . near Cloghy; schooner Rival wrecked here 13 Dec 1878
Hulemachena Miscellaneous  . or Ballyhullenegay; Ancient townland in 17th century in East Down V17 p123 OSM
Hunshigo Lake Drumballyroney 29: 24/36 4km NE of Rathfriland; in Tirygory, Lackan & Lisnisk; ancient wooden vessel found in bog here in 1834
V3 p 10 OSM; PNNI V6 p 181
Hunters Close Tullylish . farm; 3km SSW of Gilford
old b/w map E4
Hunters Hall Moira . farm; 4km SE of Moira town; residence of John Monroe in 1866 & James McCullough in 1889 & 1910
old b/w map J3; MIs; POD
Huntly Glen
Seapatrick . farm; 3km NW of Banbridge; where King William 3rd forded the Bann River on his way to Boyne in 1690; residence of Hugh Dunbar in 1838 & William Aulds in 1886
old b/w map G5; PNNI V6 p 310, 322, 323, 349 ; POD; MIs
Huntley House Seapatrick . near Banbridge; residence of Richard Hale c. 1900
OB p14
Hurds Hill Holywood . the highest of the range of hills in Ballymenagh townland
V7 p 73 OSM
Hut (The) Kilkeel . near Annalong; residence of G. Herbert Brown in 1910
Hydro Kilbroney . in Knockbarragh townland; residence of Dr Bell in 1910
Hyland Lodge Kilcoo . house & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by the Postmaster John Hyland in 1863 from Earl of Annesley; residence of Mrs. Hyland in 1884
NWAG p 22;GV ; POD
Hytowlan Newry . ancient name for Ballyholland in 1552
PNNI V1 p 9, 72