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orange Grove hHouse, nar Ballynahinch

Place Names of Co. Down : O..., P .... & Q...

Oa- OzPa.......Pe......Pi.Pl.......Po.......Pr......Pz.Q.......

Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Oak Cottage Kilbroney . in Rostrevor ; residence of S. Hill in 1910
Oak Hill Dromore. . farm; 2km SSE of Dromore town; residence of Samuel Beck in 1886
old b/w map I 6; POD
Oakhill Drumbeg 20: 30/65 farm; in Ballyaghlis townland
Oaklands Donaghcloney 20: 12/55 farm; 1km NW of Donaghcloney
Oakleigh Knockbreda . in Ravenhill Rd, East Belfast in Ormeau Park ; large house & gardens; residence of James Stelfox in 1902
OS map 1902 4.11
Oakley Park Bright house & farm of 146 acres, 4km S of Downpatrick n Ballydargan townland; a private demesne;owned by Nicholas Harrison c. 1780; for sale 1788; bought by Rev. William Annesley in 1789 who built newer house; residence of Rev William Annesley c. 1817 ; sold to Edward Southwell Ruthven in 1823; sold to James Birney in 1831; land sale 11 Mar 1837; residence of James Birney Esq. in 1846 & 1852; leased by James Birney in 1863 from Earl of Roden; death of Capt. John Birney, near Downpatrick 10 Jan 1880 & Mrs Birney in 1928; injuries to livestock 27 Jul 1901; sold to John Rea in c. 1930 ; American troops here during WW2 ; demolished c. 1950s old b/w map M15; uja; POD;GV; DR; DR*; LR 2004 p81; DDW 14 ; LR 2006 cover, p5 -19 (photo) ; LR 2007 p23-44; LR 2009 p43
Oakley Holywood . house & farm of 8 acres in Knocknagoney townland; leased by John Ireland in 1863 from John Harrison GV
Oakley Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of James Davidson in 1902
Odense Cottage Knockbreda . in Castle View Rd, Knock; residence of John O'Lone in 1902
Oghley Saintfield . ancient name for Oughley townland .
Ogilby Island Comber 21: 50/69 5km E of Comber; in Strangford Lough
Ogles Grove
O'Gles Grove
Hillsborough . farm; 2km N of Hillsborough town; the proprietor in 1795 was George Davis; residence of Lennox Thomson Davies (nurseryman) in 1852 & 1868 & J.N.R., Pim in 1910 old b/w map L5; UJA; MIs; POD
O'Haughey's Carn Newry . ancient cairn in Carneyhough townland PNNI v1 p 13
Old Bridge Kilmegan . in Clonvaraghan townland old b/w map J 12
Old Commercial Bar Ardglass . in Kildare St, Ardglass; run by John Magee from 1820 to 1890s then his son-in-law Joe Mulheron ; b/w drawing available LM 1996 p37
Old Court House & Chapel Ballyculter chapel Monumental Inscriptions available; click here for a photo and more information DR; LWAG p 43; BB p 33; Inv 2001 p 40 & 2002 p 43; KM 2002 p 48; LR 2004 p63,68,69,70
Old Court Lodge, Cottage & farmyard Ballyculter .
in the grounds of Old Court Estate
Inv 2014 p40 (aerial map)
Old Cross Bar Newtownards .
fire 21 Jul 1894; sale of the old inn 5 Mar 1898
Old Course Down .
site of the racecource on the way to Ballymote c, 1798
O'L V 1 p 312
Old Forge Drumbeg
mainly in Co. Antrim; just N of Drumbeg village; click here to see its location on a townland map .. 
Old Glebe Ballyhalbert near Ballisbro townland V17 p 125 OSM
Old Hall Kilbroney . residence & 4 acres in Rostrevor townland; belonged to Smithson Corry Esq. in 1836 ; leased by Anna Hall in 1863 from David Ross; also known as Ghann Cottage; owned by Jane Carry with 222 acres in 1876; resident of Miss Vandeleur in 1910 V3 p27 OSM; OFN p 25; GV ;LOI;POD
Old House at Home Bangor . in Ballymagee Street, bangor, proprietor David Morrow shot at Freemasons reunion 27 Jun 1874 DR
Old House (The) Comber . in Castle St, Comber; residence of John Andrews in 1864 & William Glenny Andrews c. 1870 & Herbert W. Andrews in 1899 & ; painting available ; demolished in 1956 POD; TTOC p38, 70
Old Man's Head Ardkeen . rock formation on the shore PNNI V2 p 22
Old Mill Bridge Moira . over River Lagan near corn mill; 2km N of Moira town old b/w map J2
Old Park Lower Blaris in 1836, applotters were William Proctor & John Brown; appraisers was John Graham; V12 p 40, 42 OSM
Old Park Upper Blaris in 1836, applotters were James Simpson & Thomas Collins ; appraisers was William Scott; V12 p 40 OSM
Old Town Down 21: 46/44 hill & farm on Clough road, 3km SW of Downpatrick ; residence of William Martin in 1885
MID p53. 
Old Town Maghera 29: 37/34 farm, 1km SE of Maghera village
Old Trough Loanen Knockbreda . now known as Rosetta Road East; there an old trough at the side of the road leading uphill to the original Hillfoot Road and was then replaced by the Ring Road from Forestside to Knock Lesley Crawford
Old Warren Blaris near Lisburn; has sandy loam soil; troops quartered here 20 Jan 1797 NS
Olga Mount Bangor . villas in Crawfordsburn Rd, Bangor; residence of William Reid & Capt. John Johnstone & Rev. Joseph Shone in 1901
Olinda Holywood . house & farm of 20 acres ; in Craigavad townland;leased by William S.Mitchell in 1863 from rep. Robert S.Kennedy GV
Olivet House Comber . in Ballygowan village; built 1886; an imposing & austere building; erected by Alexander Orr Reid as an orphanage; school here .


Newry  . see Ouley .
O'Neills Crossing Comber . railway line crossing in Magherascouse townland; suicide of young man 13 Apr 1872+
One Mile Mill Dromore . alternate name for Millfield in Lisaward townland
PNNI V6 p 352
Orangefield Knockbreda 15:36/73 house & farm of 159 acres in Multyhogy townland; 3km SE of Belfast; residence of Thomas Bateson before 1824 & late Hugh Crawford Esq. in 1828 ; residence of R.B. Blakiston in 1842 & R.B.B. Houston Esq. D.L. J.P in 1852; his death notice 25 Jul 1857; owned by John B. Houston in 1863; marriage of Mary Charlotte Houston 9 Aug 1884 (DR) ; residence of John Blakiston- Houston in 1886; St John's Church of Ireland here; Independent Order of Rechabites annual demonstration 11 Aug 1894 (NC)
Orange Lodge
Magheradrool . house & farm; 2km SE of Spa; the proprietor in 1795 was Capt. John Macubrie; residence of John Macubrie in 1837 & Robert Macubrie in 1863; photo available
old b/w map M11; UJA; IIW V4 p101
Orange Hillhead Seapatrick . farm; 2km SW of Banbridge
old b/w map G5
Orange Hill Tullylish 20: 6/48 farms on the other side of the Bann river from Gilford
Orange Lane Magheralin . in Drumcro townland; route for Orange marchers
PNNI V6 p 253
Oranmore Holywood . in Craigavad; residence of John Hanson in 1894
Irish World
Orchard Hill Dromore 20: 24/54 farm; 5km E of Dromore in Drumaknockan townland ; residence of DF. Hamilton & David Mulligan in 1910
Oriel House Bangor . in Grays Hill , Bangor; residence of Dr. Corbitt in 1901
Bangor a village and townland; on the coast; 183 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; 21 acres of uncultivated land in 1836; coastguard station here in 1863; in Ward Rd in 1901 V17p 124 & V7 p 19 OSM; NWAG p 38; PNNI V2 p 165;GV; POD
Orlock Point Bangor 15:56/84 eastern point of Sandeel near Belfast Lough; rather picturesque; new private road built in 1834 which was described as "useless owing to the surf breaking over the rocks".
V7 p 22, 82 OSM
Ormadale Bangor . in Princetown Rd, Bangor; large villa near Bangor Bay
OS map 1902 2.05
Ormeau Arms Hotel Bangor . 22 Ballymagee St, Bangor; proprietor in 1902 was D. Brown
Ormeau House & demesne Knockbreda 15:34/73 an estate; 2km SSW of Ballymacarret; has 2 stone bridges over River Lagan;seat of the Marquis of Donegall in 1795 ; original mansion burnt down in 1708; arrival of Lord Hamilton Chicester 10 Sep 1842
UJA; V7 p 97, 98, OSM: DR
Ormiston Holywood . large house & grounds in Strandtown; built by James Coombe in 1865; residence of Sir Edward J. Harland in 1886; sold to Campbell College in 1927; acquired by Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1974; empty in 1999
POD; OS map 1902 4.08 & 5.09
Ormiston Buildings Holywood . row of houses 18-48 Holywood Rd, Strandtown in 1902
Oroory Hill Dromore . in Edentrillick townland
PNNI V6 p 126
O'Rork's Park Kilkeel . near Annalong; residence of Robert Hamilton in 1910
Orrfield Hillsborough . farm; 2km NW of Hillsborough town; the proprietor in 1795 was Mess. W. & J. Orr; a cotton manufactory run by William & John Orr in 1811; residence of John Green in 1852 & John Orr Green in 1860 & John Orr Green in 1910
UJA; POD; old b/w map L4; CR; POD
Orr Mount Comber . house & estate of 117 acres in Ballygowan townland; leased by Alexander Orr Reid in 1863 from William Mussenden
Oske Island Ballyculter . see under Island Oske .
Osmastin Comber . residence of James A. Beatty, Probate Office, in 1912
Ott Mountain Clonduff 29: 28/28 part of Mourne Mountains ;6km S of Kilcoo; 1724 feet above sea level; forms one of a chain of 5 peaks; Ucht means' mountain breast'
V3 p 5 OSM; PNNI V3 p 146 
Otter Lodge Dromore . in Dromore; residence of John Hamilton in 1910
Otters Pool Dunsford . popular fishing spot near Guns Island
Inv 2000 p 6


Saintfield a townland 746 acres; a steep hill here; also called Balleoghly, Fairtoune & Ballylenny in 1623; ;in 1659 there were 8 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families living here; in 1837 there were 73 houses; 152 males & 174 females; middling quality land; 51 farms; farms from 2-30 acres, the average was 10 acres ; rents from 20-30 shillings an acre; the proprietor then was Mr Ker of Portavoe; also spelt Aughly; click here to see its location on a townland map
SP: SHM '94 p56 & '86 p 9, 32; V 7 p 118, 120 OSM ; O'L V1 p 375
Ouley Hill Saintfield 20; 38/63 180 metres ; 2km SE of Carryduff; very hard to get the carts over; site of battle in Rebellion of 1798
SHM '86 p9; BGHD p 121
Newry 29: 14/36 a townland 6km NW of Rathfriland; 444 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' place of the lambs'; old graveyard with 3 Waddell stones;proprietor Lord Kilmorey or Lord Newry in 1836; highest place for miles around; rents were £2 an acre; some farms 60 acres; good quality land; old graveyard here OFN;V 3 p 110 OSM; UHF V21' PNNI V1 p 32; DDPP p27
Ouley Hill Newry 29: 14/36 6km NW of Rathfriland;
O’Valla Isle Ballyculter 21: 59/49 see under Isle O'Valla
O'Valla House Ballyculter . see under Isle O'Valla  
Owenmore Blaris . alternate name for River Lagan in 1605
PNNI V6 p 296
Packolet Kilkeel 29: 27/14 house & farm of 17 acres, in Ballyardel townland; leased by Major General Francis Rawdon Chesney in 1856, 1863 (from James Thompson); named after Packolet River in Sth Carolina where his family settled for a while ; owned by Louisa Chesney with 919 acres in 1876 ; residence of James McCreight Esq. in Jul 1887
Paddy's Point Tullynakill 21: 52/66 in Strangford lough, adjacent to Ringneill Bay
Palace (The) Dromore . in Ballynaris townland;1km NW of Dromore town; the seat of the Lord Bishop of Dromore; it was a plain building, very well situated as it commanded a view of the country around for many kilometres; it is thought that Dromore Castle was the Bishops' previous seat
old b/w map J5; V 12 p 72, 76 OSM
Palace (The) Holywood . house & farm of 30 acres in Knocknagoney townland; held in fee by Rt. Rev. Robert Knox in 1863 GV
Palermo Villas Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast; residence of A. Johnston in 1902
Palmer's Hill Ballyhalbert . 1km S of Ballyhalbert village
old b/w map V15
Pansy Pad Kilcoo . also called Primrose Lane, in Newcastle; between Shimna Rd & Bryansford Gardens
Paper Vale Drumgath . Rathfriland area; the proprietor in 1795 was Robert Todford
Saul . site of an ancient Mass station in Ballynarry townland
O'L V1 p 216; Inv 2000 p 23
Paragon Bar Comber . public house in High St, Comber in 1901 ; John Ritchie sold it to Matthew Munn c. 1920
OSM map 1901; TOOC p95
Ballykinler . a field with an ancient church graveyard called Killyglinnie near St. Patrick's Well in Ballykinler Upper townland (upper section)
O'L V1 p 125; PE
Paranahaltar Loughinisland . in Seavaghan townland; name of an old Catholic Mass station
O'L B p 550
Park (The) Donaghcloney . farm; 1km NW of Waringstown
old b/w map H3
Park (The) Down 21: 44/47 farm, on the road between Annacloy & Loughinisland
Park (The) Kilkeel . farm; in Greencastle, nar the shore; residence of McGivern family in 1875
SSM p42
Park (The) Tullylish . farm; 2km SW of Gilford
old b/w map E4
Park Bog Tullylish . ponds in Loughans townland; rich in old timber
PNNI v6 p 345, 352
Park Farm (The) Hillsborough . residence of Joseph Little in 1910 POD
Parkes Hill Clonduff . 2km NE of Hilltown
old b/w map E11
Parkhill Ballyphilip . farm in Tullymalley townland; residence of Philip & Ellen Smyth in 1845
PR; Mic/NLI 5478 & 1901 Census; PR
Park Hotel Inishargy . in Kircubbin; the prorietress in 1910 was Mrs Bridget Savage
Park House Dromara 20: 31/50 farm; 3km E of Dromara; residence of William Stevenson c. 1880

Park- Large & Small

Hillsborough townlands of 984 acres & 68 acres; occupied by Lord Downshire in 1836 V12 p 86 OSM
Parkmount Seapatrick/ Magherally in Tullyconnaught/ Corbet townland; estate of the Mulligan family who were involved in the linen industry in 1836; also the home of Isaac Bell who invented the helicopter; residence of John & Bessie Simms in 1881 & Isaac Bell in 1910 BIH p D; POD; MMS p 31
Park Row House Dromore . 1km SE of Dromore town; a large house set in its own grounds approx. 200 yards behind present Manse; residence of James Black in 1710 & John Camack in 1726 & Archibald Pettigrew in 1780 & George Moore in 1790 & Rev. James Collins in 1863 & George Todd in 1910
TCOTH; IIW V4; IIW #10752; old b/w map I6; POD
Parkside Villas Holywood . 27 & 29 Victoria Rd , Sydenham ; residence John McCormick & Robert A. Adair in 1902
Parkstone Lodge Newry . residence of W.P. Brabazon in 1881
Parkstown Tullylish . farm; 2km NE of Gilford; residence of Mrs. Margaret Jane Devlin in 1916
old b/w map G4; CWGC
Park View Dromore 20: 24/54 farm; residence of William John Mercer in 1910
Park View Drumbo . farm; 4km E of Lisburn
old b/w mapN7
Park View Hillsborough 20: 25/59 opposite Hillsborough Forest, near the town  .
Park View Hillsborough . farm; 4km SW of Hillsborough town
old b/w map K6
Parkview Holywood . 2 houses & 2 acres in Strandtown ; leased by Thomas Frith & Michael McGonical in 1863 from Alexander McCracken GV
Parkview Villas Holywood . 30 & 32 Victoria Rd , Sydenham ; residence T. /gourley & D. Rea in 1902
Parkview Hotel Kilcoo . in Newcastle; premises of Robert J. Millis ,spirit dealer, in 1910
Park View Knockbreda . house; just S of Newtownbreda
old b/w map Q7
Parnells Bridge Kilcoo 29: 32/32 over the Trassey river; in Tollymore Forest Park; named after Sir John Parnell 1744-1801 ; b/w photo available
PTTF p15 .
Parson Hall Ballytrustan 21: 60/51 small townland of 37 acres , 1km NE of Portaferry; click here to see its location on a townland map; 37 acres; owned by Patrick Savage in 1620; residence of Thomas Savage Esq. in 1783 & Rowland Savage in 1795 & 1806; possibly named for the old Glebe House site ; leased by Richard McNab in 1863 from Andrew Nugent
V17 p125 & V7 p 8 OSM; UJA; PRONI T1005/1; MID p 164; O'L V1 p 398; PNNI V2 p 62; GV
Parsons Hill Drumgooland 29: 25/38 2km W of Ballyward village; residence of Rev. T. . Tighe 18 Jul 1796 & Richard P. Tighe in 1813
NS; UJA; old b/w mapH10 ; Registry of Deeds, Dublin
Parton Island Ardkeen 21: 54/61 in Strangford Lough, 5km E of Killinchy; 2 acres of uninhabite pastureland; means ' island of the crabs'
PNNI V2 p 22.
Passage of Ballaghanery Kilkeel . through the Mourne Mountains; also see Ballaghanery
NWAG p 23, 37
Passe (The) Kilkeel . alternate name for Ballaghhanery townland in from 1549 to 1610
PNNI V3 p 20
Pat Kearney's Big Stone Clonduff 29: 24/23 also known as Goward dolmen or Cloughmore Cromlech; click here for a photo
HMNI p89; IPP p 106
Pat Monan's Cow Witter . a whistling buoy at the entrance to Strangford Lough
LM 2002 p 8
Pattens Bridge Kilcoo . juts N of Newcastle
old b/w map I14
Pattersons Hill Grey Abbey 21: 56/69 hill in Mount Stewart Estate, 3 km NW of Grey Abbey
PNNI V 2 p 211.
Patterson Lough Dromore . lake; 3km SW of Dromore town; in Tonaghmore townland
old b/w map H5; PNNI V6 p 266
Pawle Island
Paul Island
Killyleagh  . 49 acres; in Strangford Lough  .
Peachment Drumgooland . residence of Hugh Williamson in 1812
Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 649 p370
Pea Hill Saul  . at the Scadden farm; site of old buildings in ruins
Inv 2003 p43
Peaisland Point Killinchy 21: 52/61 in Strangford Lough, near Whiterock
Pear Tree Farm Saintfield 4 km SW of Saintfield on the back road to Ballynahinch
Peartreehill Comber farm; in Ballymaglaff townland
OS map 1902 5.10
Pedlar's Well Magheralin . residence of William Carroll & family in 1861
Peeble Lodge Holywood . residence of Thomas Fee before his death in 1921
Peeltown Ardkeen 21: 61/57 village, 5km SW of Portavogie
PNNI V2 p 23 
Peep O'Day Ballyphilip 21: 60/52 2km NE of Portaferry; site of a battle in 1783 between Peep-of-Day Boys ( Protestants) & Hearts of Down ( Catholics)
PNNI V2 p 52 
Peggy’s Island Greyabbey 21: 55/69 small island in Strangford Lough,1km W of Gordonall townland
PNNI V2 p 211 
Pella Cottage/Lodge Dundonald . house & farm of 57 acres in Church Quarter, on Church Road, SW of Dundonald village; residence of Charles Blackwood Esq. in 1829;leased by Charles Blackwood in 1863 from John Cleland; residence of Alexander Robb c. 1900 & Miss Waterworth in 1902
GV; TMUOP p144, 151;POD; OOS map 1902 5.10
Penitential Ring & Circle Down . part of the Struell Wells pilgrim's circuit 19th century
O'L V1 p 251
Percy Lodge Dromore . residence of William McMurray in 1886 & J.A. Doake in 1910
Perestoun Ballywalter . alternate name for Ballyferris townland in 1333
PNNI V2 p 69
Perrymount Donaghcloney . farm; 2km SSW of Magheralin village; residence of Perry family in 1669 , James Perry in 1750 & Arnold family in 1777; the proprietor in 1795 was James Arnold
old b/w map I 2; PE: PNNI V6 p 99;IIW V4 p125; UJA
Perrymount Loughinisland . residence of Rev. John Andrew McMordie c. 1840; renamed Creeghduff House
LR 2013 p5
Perry's Cottage Bangor . in Ballyholme; residence of Thomas Knight in 1901
Pheasant Lodge Tullylish . a public house in Mill St, Gilford
Phenanny Garvaghy . alternate slepping for Fedany townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 198
Phennick Point Ardglass 21: 56/37 at the entrance to Ardglass harbour
V17 p 2 OSM  
Pherson’s Island Ardkeen 21: 59/57 in Strangford Lough, near the coast & Ardkeen townland; 13 acres
PNNI V2 p 23 
Ballyphilip . ancient name for Ballyphilip , named after Nicholas de Phelpeston c. 1482; used until 1661Glebe land leased by Rowland Savage Esq. from William Worsley in 1622
O'L V1 p 397, 398; PNNI V2 p 41; LR 2005 p18
Phil's Fort Dromore . an ancient rath in Ballynaris townland
PNNI V6 p 129
Pickie Rock Bangor . in Bangor Bay ; photo available
Bangor p10; NDM p60
Pierces Castle Clonduff 29: 23/24 rocky part of The Mournes, near Altnataggart Mountain; named after Art Pierce
NWAG p39; PNNI V3 p 147 
Pierces Bog Clonduff . bog in Leitrim townland; photo available
CP 3/5/2012
Pig Island Grey Abbey 21:53/70 in Strangford Lough, 1km W of Mount Stewart estate
PNNI V2 p 211 
Pigeon Cave Dunsford . popular fishing spot near Guns Island Inv 2000 p 6
Pigeon Hill Ballyculter . behind the Chapel in Strangford Inv 2003 p62
Pigeon Rock Mountain Clonduff 29: 26/25 part of the Mournes; 4km SE of Hilltown; Pigeon Rock North is 1749 feet above sea level & Pigoen Rock South is 1735 feet; former name was Drumlee Mountain
V3 p5 OSM; N WAG p 38, 39; PNNI V3 p 148
Pigeon Rock River Clonduff 29: 25/24 also called Windy Gap river, runs south into White Water river
Pigeon Rock Kilkeel 29: 26/24 in The Mournes, near Slievemoughanmore, 10 km NNW of Kilkeel
PNNI V3 p 147
Pikestone Inch 21: 49/50 in Ballygally townland near Quoile river, 4km N of Downpatrick; residence of Edward Bassett in 1910 & Mrs McKee in 1926; Orange Order Hall here 1926; Mill Rangers Air Gun Club here 12 Apr 1927*
DR 25/11/1940 & 3/11/1926; DR
Pillar Ballyphilip 21: 61/45 large rock at the northern entrance to Strangford Lough  .
Pillion (The) Ballyhalbert 21: 66/60 rocky outcrop just off the coast at Portavogie  .
Pillions Bridge Comber . over a stream ; near Ballymaglaff townland
old b/w map R7
Pilson Hall Kilmegan . in Bridge St, Downpatrick; built by Aynsworth Pilson in 1861; photo available
LM 1983 p30
Pine Hill Blaris . Lisburn area; the proprietor in 1795 was Charles Casement
Pine Hill Dromara . rendezvous for Staghounds Hunt 1 Feb 1935
Pipers Cross Roads Comber 21: 40/68 in Moneyreagh townland-;on the Belfast road
Pipers Forth Loughinisland in Farranfad townland, 3km SW of Downpatrick; ; site of old Catholic chapel LCB p 16; old b/w map M 13
Piper Hill Magheralin . in Clankilvoragh townland in Co. Armagh part of parish
PNNI V6 p 229
Piping Rock Dunsford . on the shore in Sheepland Harbour
Inv 2001 p 27
Pladdies Tyrella 21: 46/34 rock off shore in Dundrum Bay, S of Clanmaghery townland  .
Pladdy Lug Witter 21: 61/45 submerged rock at the northern entrance to Strangford Lough
Inv 2002 p 12; PNNI V2 p 137; LM 2002 p 8
Plantation House Blaris 20: 28/64 farm; just E of Lisburn
Plantation House Killyleagh . near Kilyleagh town; residence of William Calvert in 1940
Plough Rock Ardkeen 21: 67/59 also called Big-Bow-meel or Little Plough Rock or Small-bow-meel; only visible at low tide; 2km E of Portavogie
V7 p 1 OSM
Plymouth ? . residence of Dr. John Magin in 1812
IIW V4 p 104
Poags Bridge Drumgooland 29: 26/35 over Muddock River; 2km S of Ballyward
old b/w map H11 .
Killaney . farm; 3km NW of Saintfield; residence of Hugh McKee c. 1800 & Robert McKee in 1846 old b/w map O8; PR ; Family bible
Point (The) Annahilt . farm; 2km E of Annahilt village old b/w map M6
Point (The) Tullylish . the middle part of Lawrence town area near Catholic church PNNI V6 p 351
Point Park Kilbroney a townland 2km SE of Rostrevor; 144 acres; click here for its location on a townland map; a fairly new townland PNNI V1 p 152
Point View Kilcoo . house, yard & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle; leased by William Henry Martin in 1860 & 1863 from Earl Annesley
Pointview Cottage Loughinisland . just E of Seaforde village old b/w map L12
Pointz Pass Aghaderg . see under Poyntz Pass .

Poland Bridge Poland Steps

Garvaghy &
20: 19/43 an old ford over the River Bann now a bridge near Aghnacloy townland; site of Mass Rock c. 1700 V12 p 81 OSM; BIH pG; PNNI V6 p 65, 76, 2-7; DDPP p133
Pole Garve Kilcoo . alternate name for Pot of Pulgarve in 1834
PNNI V3 p 149
Pole Hill Newtownards 21:53/74 4km E of Newtownards
Pole Mountain Ballyculter . overlooks Carrinteggart, Castlemahon & Ballyculter
Inv 2002 p 34
Polnoon Holywood . 98 Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residence of Mrs Calvert in 1902
Pollaphuca Kilcoo 29: 31/29 northern side of Slieve Bearnagh in the Mournes ;5km SE of Kilcoo; means ' hole of the goblin'
PNNI V3 p 148 
Pollnagrasta Newry . name of a ancient holy well PNNI V1 p 44
Pollramer Lake
Polramagh Lough
Loughinisland 21: 40/49 1km NE of Drumaness village in Drumnaconnor townland; means “ fat or thick hole”; 4 acres; click here to see its location on a map; also known as Ram Lough & today locally called Kelly's Lough BH ; BN 16/6/1764; PE
Ponglass Bridge Drumballyroney . 1km NE of Rathfriland
old b/w map F10
Pooles Lane End Dromara . farm; 2km ESE of Dromara town old b/w map L9
Poplars (The) Knockbreda . 2 villas in Barnetts Rd, East Belfast; residence of William McBratney & George Ross in 1902
Dunsford . popular fishing spots near Guns Island ; Portadreen has great lobsters Inv 2000 p 6
Portaferry Ballyphilip
21: 59/51 a town at the southern end of the Ards Peninsula at the entrance to Strangford Lough; means ' landing place of the ferry';click here for a photo and more information .
Portaferry Castle Ballyphilip . overlooking the harbour; 16th century tower-house built by the Savage family; photo available
HMNI p107; O'L V1 p 399; DR* 7/12/2005 & 21/11/2007 p35
Portaferry House Ballyphilip
21: 59/52 estate ;1km NW of Portaferry; the proprietor in 1795 was Andrew Nugent; rebuilt by the Nugent family in 1821 ; residence of Gen. Andrew Nugent in 1886 & Col J.V. Nugent in 1911
UJA; V7 p 5-14 OSM ; PNNI V2 p 38; POD; JUAHS 2012 p28
Portalabar Bright 21: 53/34 small rocky bay; near St Johns Point
SSM p xi map. 
Portallo Hill Down area . residence of Alexander Cranston in 1853 MIs


Bangor a townland 5km W of Bangor; 544 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' port of the monastic cell'; in 1659 there were 22 English/ Scots & 16 Catholic families here & the prorpietors were Robert & James Ross Esqs.; this townland was owned by theRoss family from c. 1617-1765; owned by Ker family c. 1780; a corn mill here in 1837 V17 p124 & V7 p 1, 49 OSM; SP; PNNI V2 p 166; DR* 3/12/03 ; LR 2004 p85 & 2006 p93
Portavoe House Bangor 15:57/82 4km E of Bangor; on Irish Sea coast; click here for a painting and more information .
Ballyhalbert 21: 66/60 coastal town; 10km S of Ballywalter; 615 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' place of the bog' in Irish or 'porte' in Norse means gate & 'vogti' means guard; in 1659 there were 9 English/ Scots & 2 Catholic families here & the proprietor was Thomas Boyde Esq.; loyal address 3 Jun 1848; foundation stone of Orange Hall laid 8 Feb 1873; Portavogie Herring Fishery 17 Jun 1882; fatal accident 4 Feb 1888 ; eviction 13 Dec 1890 (NC); breakwater built in 1908 to form a harbour for the fishing boats V17 p 125 OSM; DR; PNNI V2 p 108;SP ; Inv 2003 p51; SSM p95
Port Dandy Bangor
15: 59/83
on west coast of Copeland Island PNNI V2 p 175
Porters Bridge Magheradrool . Ballynahinch area; the proprietor in 1795 was John Porter
Port Kelly Witter . on the eastern coast of Ballyquinton in the Irish Sea DS 1998 p58
Port Lagan Bangor
on west coast of Copeland Island .
Portland House Down . house & farm of 10 acres in Demesne of Down; 1km N of Downpatrick; near Quoile Bridge; leased by Emily Saul in 1863 from David S. Ker; residence of Miss Elizabeth Saul in 1902 & J. Loch, police inspector in 1900 old b/w map O13; GV; LR 2015 p10; POD
Portloehane Ballyphilip . residence of Samuel Bailie Esq. in 1846 POD
Portloughan Saul a townland on Strangford Lough, 7kn NE of Downpatrick; click here to see its location on a townland map; priests hidden here during Penal times; owned by Mr Bryce of Kilroot in 1836 ; soil gravelly; lead mine here on Samuel Bailie's farm 8 Apr 1837 V17 p 114, 115 OSM: O'L V1 p 246; DR; LM 1988 p22
Portloughan House Saul 21: 55/50 farm, 4km W of Strangford town
Portmore Kilkeel 29: 39/26 bay in the Irish Sea, 6km S of Newcastle; means ' great raised ridge'
PNNI V3 p 63 
Portnacoo Dunsfort 21: 59/41 small beach ;2km S of Ballyhornan village; good mackerel fishing each year
Inv 2000 p 58 
Portnamana Dunsfort 21: 59/42 on the northern tip of Guns Island ;in the Irish Sea
Portnamana Rocks Dunsfort 21: 59/42 on the northern tip of Guns Island ;in the Irish Sea
Portreve Ardglass . ancient name for Ardglass c. 1300 O'L V1 p 169
Port Rusley Dunsford . an inlet just north of Sheepland Harbour SSM pxi map
Port St. Anne Bright . name change for Killough by Michael Ward Esq. in 1725 in honour of his wife KCP p 12
Portulla Woods
Down 21: 48/46 on Quoile river, 2km N of Downpatrick ; site of old ferry; owned by Earl of Ardglass & leased to John Echlin Esq. 1637-1698 & sublet to mr. Henry Maxwell in 1669 LWAG p 22; LM 1985 p53
Portview Knockbreda . in Ballymacarrett; residence of John Russell Esq. in 1852; owned by Henry McCracken in 1876 with 3 acres
Portview House Knockbreda . house & garden next door to the Church of Ireland in Ballymacarret; residence of William Huddleston in 1852
V7 p 98 OSM ; POD
Post Evon Kilkeel . mountain in The Mournes; 3km N of Carlingford Lough; between Warrenpoint & Greencastle
NWAG p 37-map
Pot Hill Drumbo 20: 30/59 5km SE of Lisburn; on Ravernet River
Pot of Legawherry Kilcoo 29: 34/29 part of Mourne Mountains near Slieve Corragh, 4km SW of Newcastle; means hollow of the caulddron'
PNNI V3 p 148 
Pot of Pulgarve Kilcoo 29: 35/29 between Shan Slieve and Slieve Commedagh in the Mournes, 3km SW of Newcastle; means ' rough hole'
PNNI V3 p 149.
Potstick Row Aghaderg .
local name for Aughlish weavers cottages near Scarva
BCT p 23
Pottsden Island Bangor
farm near a marsh; near Gransha townland; 6km SE of Bangor
Poulaphouca Kilkeel .
a feature in The Mourne Mountains
NWAG p 39
Pound (The) Ardquin .
an ancient enclusure for livestock; near the old Abbey
old b/w map T15; PNNI V2 p 38
Pound Bridge Saintfield .
west of Main Street; where cattle market was held
SHM '86 p 17; OSM map
Pound Hill Magherahamlet .
2km S of Spa
old b/w map L10
Pound Island Bangor caora.com
Poverty Mountain Clonduff . local name for Slieve Muck PNNI V3 p 159
Poyntz Pass Aghaderg 29: 5/39 a town, partly in Co Down; 5km SW of Loughbrickland on Co. Armagh border;in 1821 there were 20 houses, built of stone, whitewashed and 8 of them thatched this was one of the few places where they could cross 'the great bog' in olden times; Presbyterian church here; party procession, man shot 27 Mar 1869 V12 p 9 OSM;DR; BIH p 7; GIPR; PNNI V6 p 57
Prairie (The) Holywood . house & 4 acres in Ballycultra townland; 1 km NE of Holywood village; residence of Robert BBlackwell in 1852; leased by Richard St. Jon Greuber in 1863 from Robert Blackwell
V7 p 74 OSM ; POD; GV
Preagh Hill Saintfield 21: 44/59 hill; 4km E of Saintfield near Killyleagh road; residence of Richard Murray in 1795
MIs .
Preston Ardkeen . alternate spelling for Priest Town in 1661
PNNI V2 p 35
Pretty Marys Fort Moira 20: 15/60 2 ringed ancient rath; 1km SW of Moira
PNNI V6 p 275, 279
Price's Arms Hotel Down . in English St, Downpatrick; proprietor in 1778 was John Fisher; became Denvir's Hotel
LM 1999 p42
Price's Arms Hotel Saintfield . a hotel in Main St, Saintfield; the proprietor in c, 1892-1920 was James McRobert
Priest Hill Blaris 20: 23/60 in Annacloy townland; 3km NW of Hillsborough town; Zion Church here in 1861
old b/w map L5; PE
Priests Bridge Ballee . named after an accident to Rev. Teggart in 1760
O'L V1 p 194
Priests Bridge Kilcoo . in Tullybrannigan Road, Newcastle;named after Rev Hugh Hanna, prish priet 1845-1885; b/w photo available
PTTF p14
Priests Bridge Saintfield 21: 43/60 over a stream; 3km E of Saintfield on Killyleagh road near Carsontown
SHM '90 p 54 
Priesthill Tullylish . near Lawrencetown ; school here, supported by the Hibernian Sunday School Society in 1818 with 153 students attending (HSSS); residence of J. McConville in 1910 HSSS; POD
Priests Mother Ballyculter . rocks at the entrance of Strangford Lough LM 2002 p 6
Priests Mountain Clonduff . Irish is Alt-an-tSagairt; 1362 feet above sea level in the Mourne Mountains; site of an ancient Mass Rock; priest murdered here in 17th century by Col. Whitechurch's soldiers
DDPP p109; RR St J p10
Priests Quarter Newry . the NW part of Greenan townland; it's where some of the priests from Newry lived c. 1794
DDPP p12
Priest-town Ardquin a townland of 214 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; named after an Ango Norman family called Priest; proprietor Mr B. Savage in 1836 V17 p125,126 OSM; PNNI V2 p 35
Primacy (The) Bangor . farm; 2km S of Bangor
Primrose Cottage Bangor . in Bangor; residence of Capt. Russell in 1901
Primrose Cottage Drumgooland . 1km N of Ballyward
old b/w map I 11
Primrose Cottage Kilkeel . residence of Mr. John Wallace, agriculturalist at Mourne Park Estate newspaper clipping
Primrose Park Holywood . farm; near Ballyhackamore townland; 4km W of Dundonald; name changed to Rose Park, residence of Daniel Blow c. 1793 old b/w map R6; TMUOP p103
Primrose Villa Seapatrick . in Banbridge ; residence of Mrs Fryar in 1910
Princetown House Bangor  . in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of James Campbell in 1901 POD
Pritchards Bridge Moira 20: 11/61 over railway line, 4km W of Moira
Prospect Knockbreda . at 290 Ravenhill Rd, East Belfast; residence of Mrs Auld in 1902
Prospect Saintfield . estate of Mr. Savage Esq. in 1777; the proprietor in 1795 was Robert Wilson
SHM '98 p 42; UJA
Prospect Cottage Aghaderg . farm; 6km SW of Loughbrickland
old b/w map D6
Prospect House Bangor
residence of William Moore in 1901
Prospect Cottage Greyabbey . house & farm of 112 acres in Gordonall townland,just N of Greyabbey village; the proprietor in 1795 was Henry Savage; leased by Alexander McCullagh in 1863 from Hugh Montgomery
old b/w map V12; UJA; GV
Prospect Cottage Kilkeel 29: 36/19 farm, 2km SW of Annalong; the proprietor in 1795 was Alexandar Chesney Esq & . in 1819
Prospect Cottage Magheradrool .
on a back road NW of Spa; residence of John McCoubrey in 1910
old b/w map L11; POD
Prospect Hill Clonallan 29: 15/26
1km S of Mayobridge village 
Prospect Hill Newry . farm; 2km SE of Newry old b/w map D11
Prospect House Drumgooland . 2km NW of Ballyward old b/w map H10
Prospect House Kilmood . farm; just W of Ballygowan old b/w map Q9
Prospect Morne Newry . residence of John Thompson c. 1830 OFN p 87

Providence Cottages

Knockbreda . in Gilnahirk Rd, Knock; 4 residences in 1902
Providence Farm Knockbreda . in Gortgrib next to Kingsway gardens in 1941; called Sammy Davidson's farm; b/w photo available ACG p39
Purdysburn Drumbo 20: 33/68 a village in Ballycowan townland; 3km SW of Newtownbreda; school established 1814; mill in 1833 V7 p 54, 59, 60 OSM;
Purdysburn House Drumbo . the house became the See House for the United Dioecses after 1785; the proprietor in 1795 was Hill Wilson;; residence of Narcissus Batt Esq. in 1833; Fancy dress ball, list of those attending 4 Nov 1871; a large asylum/ hospital in 1905 & 1990s +
UJA; V7 p 54, 56,OSM ; DR
Purdys Close Dromore 20: 18/56 farm ;in Greenoge townland on a hill
PNNI V6 p 129
Purseville Ballywalter . residence of Miss McKee in 1902
Quarter (The) Ardkeen 21: 64/59 farm; 3km SW of Portagovie
Quarter (The) Down area . residence of W.H. Chambers in 1910
Quarterland Killinchy area . residence of John Bishop & James Gilmer in 1821 & William Anderson in 1910
Quarry Hill Ballyculter . in Strangford; residence of Presbyterian minister Rev. Thomas Irvine in 1848
Inv 2001 p 53; LR 2005 p 66
Quarry Farm Tullynakill 21: 49/67 farm ;near Castle Espie
Quarter Cormack or Cormick Down a townland 2km SSW of Downpatrick; 179 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; site of an ancient chapel; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased by John Peasley; owned by the Southwell Estate in 1752 & leased to John Trotter Esq.; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford in 1836; there were 14 houses; 11 families employed in agriculture & 1 in trade; 37 males & 31 females; 1 professional & 1 servant ; I have indexed the Griifths Valuations from this townland in Surname Index LM 1985 p53; LM 1991 p25; O'L V1 p 304; V17 p 53, 55 OSM; GV
Quarter Cottage Ballee 21: 52/41 farm, near Ballee House; residence of Miss Susanna Lewis in 1862
Quarter Hill Bright . on the Killough to Rossglass road; residence of Rev Magnus Grant in 1768; Mass was celebrated here in Penal times
DR* 21/11/2001; O'L V1 p 160, 165
Quarter Houses Kilkeel 29: 33/18 farms, 2km NW of Ballymartin village  
Quarterland Killinchy a townland 148 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map V7 p 86 OSM
Quarter Tegart Ballyculter area . owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Nicholas Ward Esq.
LM 1985 p 53
Quay Port Bright 21: 51/35 small bay in Dundrum Bay; 2km W of Killough  .
Quay Rocks Ballyhalbert 21: 64/65 off shore 1km N of Ballyhalbert village  .
Quay (The) Inishargy . in Kircubbin; residence of Henry Gilmore in 1910
Queen's Arms Inishargy . an inn in Kircubbin; proprietor in 1846 was Eliza Shaw
Queen’s Fort Drumbo  .
an ancient rath near Carryduff; b/w aerial photo available
DR* 10/11/1953R; LR 2004 p11,12
Queen’s Island Knockbreda  .  . caora.com
Queen's Quay Knockbreda . an area of Ballymacarrett
POD 1852
Queen's Quay & Railway Tavern Knockbreda . in Ballymacarrett; proprietor in 1852 was James Pelan
Queen View Tavern Knockbreda . near Wheelers Place ,Ballymacarrett in 1852
Quentin Bay . . see Quinton Bay .
Quilen Clonallan . alternate spelling for Cullion townlandon Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI V1 p 75
Dromore 20: 18/ 52 a townland 2km SW of Dromore; 814 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means' the wood'; belonged to the Bishops of Dromore & held by Thomas Knox in 1728; a proprietor in 1795 was George Vaughan; mill & bleaching premises in 1836 V12 p 72 OSM; UJA; PNNI V6 p 139, 140
Quilly Burn Dromore . stream which divides Quilly & Greenan townlands PNNI V6 p 140
Quillyburn Bridge Dromore . over the railway line; 1km SW of Dromore town old b/w map I5
Quilly House Dromore 20: 18/52 farm; 2km WSW of of Dromore town; the seat of Mr Vaughan Esq. in 1836 & Rev George M. Vaughan in 1886 & 1910 V12 p 72 OSM ;POD
Quilly Vale/ville Dromore 20: 17/52 farm; 3km SW of Dromore; residence of George Vaughan Esq. in 1824
Quintin Witter . a village in Ballymarter townland; near Quinton Bay; in 1836 there were 20 houses; the Poor Law District population of the parish was 2307 in 30 Nov 1839 V7 p 125 OSM ; DR*; PNNI V2 p 138
Quinton Bay Slanes 21: 63/51 on the Irish Sea coast ;4km E of Portaferry; proprietor Rev Mr Blacker of Markethill in 1836; sandy headland with projecting rocks capable of affording shelter to fishing boats even when the entrance is dangerous; capable of admitting a vessel of 40 tons V17 p 127 & V 7 p 8, 125, 126 OSM
Quintin Castle Witter; Slanes . in Ballymarter townland; Sir James Montgomery of Rosemount purchased the bay and castle from Dultagh Smyth/ Smith around 1635, prior to that it was called Smith's Castle; he roofed and floored it and made freestone windows cases and built flankers; William Montgomery sold the castle to Mr George Ross who resided at Carney; in 1836 the castle was roofless and out of repair owing to people taking stones for their own houses; the base storey is used to store boats; to be let 29 May 1858; sale of the estate 1 Aug 1874; residence of W.R. Ancketell in 1886 & Miss Nini Kerr in 1911-1922 V7 p 126 OSM; DR ; O'L V1 p 392; PNNI V2 p 138; NDM p75; POD ;LR 2005 p18; LR 2006 p48; LR 2015 p55 -56 (drawing)
Quoile Saul a townland 2km NE of Downpatrick on the Quoile River; 469 acres; click here to see its location on a map; means ' narrow water'; site of an ancient chapel; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Colin Maxwell Esq.; a quay built here in 1717 with vessels of all descriptions bringing goods for Downpatrick merchants ; owned by heirs of Lord De Clifford in 1836; deeds & leases 1790-1839 available at PRONI; erection of floodgates by Edward Southwell in 1745 across the river; draining of marshes 8 Jun 1850; suicide of Catherine Boylan 29 Jun 1872; important meeting about fisheries 12 Oct 1878; annual Aquatics Pageant 28 Aug 1937; email me for photos c. 1890 & information on Quoile Quay; photo of Quoile Quay (DR5/3/2008 p26) ; drawing of Quoile flood gates 1935 (LM 1984 p43); photo of Quoile Regatta 1954 (LM 1986 p8) TCC p 33; O'L V1 p 231; LM 1985 p53; V 17 p 111 OSM; OFD p 111,112, 114: LR 2007 p19 (photo) DR; PNNI V1 p 165; DR* 26/2/67R & 11/1/1941L;
Quoile Bridge Saul 21: 48/47 over Quoile River, 2km N of Downpatrick; flood gates built near the bridge in 1745; serious railway accident at Quoile Bridge 28 Jul 1877;adapted the bridge for modern traffic 16 Jun 1939*; photo available
LM 1987 p55; DR; LR 2008 cover
Quoile Castle Saul 21: 49/47 on the Quoile river; 2km N of Downpatrick; click here for a photo and more information
Quoile House Saul . modern name for villa 'Frankville' built 1790 near Quoile Quay
DR 28/8/1980 p11 *
Quoile Quay Saul . in Quoile townland ; originally called Kings Weston c. 1717 after Hon. Edward Southwell's English Estate; the quay has 12 feet of water at high tide; b/w photo available
LR 2013 p56
Quoile River Saul . flows from Inch Abbey to Strangford Lough ; proposed navigation & drainage scheme 1850
LR 2008 p4-8; LR 2010 p70-73
Quoiley Hill Killyleagh . near Shanes Lough ; site of new central school
Quoniamstown Bright see Coniamstown .