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Place Names Parish Map Ref Information
Mabege Newry . means ' a little plain'; a lost townland c. 1575
PNNI v1 p 10
Mac..... . . see under Mc.....
Macartan Park Loughinisland 21: 42/47 farm, 2km N of Loughinisland village
Macherally Magherally . spelling used for Magherally in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 258
Macheredroll Magheradrool mentioned in 1659 Census for Loughinisland; see Magheradrool S P
Kilkeel . alternate names for Maghery townland in Rent Roll of 1688 PNNI V3 p 50
Macherlvan Down mentioned in 1659 census for Loughinisland; see Magheralegan SP
MacGourtrey's Castle Ballykinler . near the shore in Ballykinler Upper, extensive foundations found
LR 2005 p23
MacLeans Close Kilcoo 29: 30/33 farm ;near Tullyree Hill, 2km E of Kilcoo
Madden Bridge
Madden (The)
Tullylish . 2km SW of Gilford town in Loughans townland; Madden Hill nearby; also name of a railway station; residence of Canavan family c. 1880 old b/w map F4; PNNI V6 p 351; OFB p126
Maddydrumbrist Donaghmore a townland of 182 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map;means ' moor of the easily broken ridge';originally belonged to the Magennis clan; hill 288 ft; Frankfort farmhouse & Four Mile House here ; ½ way between Newry & Loughbrickland V3 p7, 8, 9, OSM; PNNI V1 p 104
Magdala House Holywood . in Holywood Rd, Strandtown; residences of James Elliott in 1902 POD
Magee's Hotel Down . in Market St, Downpatrick;originally Denvir's Hotel but bought by Robert & Ellen Magee in 1919
LM 1999 p45
Maggie's Leap Kilkeel 29: 38/28 3km S of Newcastle; click here for an old postcard and more information .
Maggys Rock Kilbroney 29: 19/15 in Carlingford Lough, just offshore near Killowen Point
Maggie's Steps Donaghcloney . in Ballygunaghan townland; a holy well near River Lagan PNNI V6 p 100
Magharalinch Moira . alternate spelling for Magherahinch in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 291
Maghea Tullynakill 17 inhabitants in 1821 V17 p 121 OSM
Maghera Maghera 29: 37/35 village and a small parish; 3km SE of Castlewellan; click here to see its location of a townland map; means ' plain of the ringfort'- ; click here for a photo of Maghera pub and more information LR 2005 p11; WDG p22
Maghera Bridge Maghera 29: 36/34 over Carrogs River ;near Maghera village
Magherabeg Dromore 20: 19/55 a townland 2km NNW of Dromore; 863 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' small plain' ; church land which belonged to the Bishop of Dromore; school here in 1836 V12 p78 OSM; PNNI V6 p 138
Magheracate Loughinisland ancient name for Clough after magic cat legend LR 2005 p11
Magheraconluce Annahilt a townland of 571 acres; SW of Annahilt town; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of the meadow of the healing herb'; 66 families in the census without surnames of 1823,40 employed in agriculture,14 in trade,29 servants; flax occupied by J. Young, corn mill occupied by James McGill & corn mill occupied by Mr Scott in 1836; the proprietor then was Lord Downshire whose agent was Mr reilly of Hillsborough; 31 landholders; farms were from 2-22 acres with one of 48 acres; rents from 20-32 shillings an acre HMP; V12 p 20, 21, 23, 25 OSM
Magheracranmoney Magheracranmore Inch 21: 47/50 a townland 6km N of Downpatrick; click here to see its location on a map; 861 acres; 'means boggy plain of the trees'; bog here; owned by Earl of Ardglass & leased to John Echlin Esq. 1637-1698 & sublet to Henry Maxwell; oldest Catholic chapel in Co Down here called Rocks Chapel ; Primitive Wesleyan Methodists here 1 Mar 1845 TCC p 33; LR 2009 p51; LM 1985 p53; V17 p 73 OSM; KCB p 25; GIC
Magheradartin Hillsborough 20: 27/59 a townland 2km E of Hillsborough; 420 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; proprietor Lord Downshire; agent Mr Reilly in 1836; farms from 4-12 acres; rents on old lease 16 shillings, new leases 28-30 shillings an acre V12 p 86 OSM
Magheradroll Magheradrool Magheradrool 20: 38/51 a parish & a townland of 503 acres; 2km SE of Ballynahinch on Drumaness road; means ' plain between two rivers'; old graveyard and ruined church for Catholics and Church of Ireland; in 1659 there were 0 English/Scots & 4 Catholic families here; in 1803 there were 512 Protestants & 251 Catholics; Bishops Land held under leases by Messrs. Montgomery, Martin & Sheckilton and re-let by them at 40-50 shillings an acre; farms were from 5-18 acres; crops were potatoes, oats & barley; flax mill occupied by Patrick Dougherty in 1836 ; problems in cemetery 22 Oct 1853: riot 29 Jul 1854; I have indexed the inhabitants for all dwellings in Magheradrool townland for Griffiths Valuations of 1864 throughout Surnames Index HMP; V17 p 99, 105, 120 OSM; HCDTD p38; DR*; GV; HPM p1
Magheragall Lower Blaris In 1836 the applotter was John Holmes & appraiser was Alfred Gill V12 p 41, 42, 43 OSM
Magheragall Upper Blaris In 1836 the applotter was Moses Watson& appraiser James Murphy; V12 ps 40, 41,42 OSM
Magheragarry Magherageery Blaris  . 2km SW of Lisburn; 423 acres. ;list of charity subscribers from 1836
V12 p 107 OSM 
Magherahamlet Dromara  . once a parish & a townland; Church of Ireland here; Glebe house in Drumgavelin ;means ‘plain of the plague-cemetery’; school here; the proprietor in 1795 was Rev. Skef. Thompson V12 p 63, 66 OSM:BH; UJA; HMP
Magherahinch Moira 20: 15/60 a townland 1km S of Moira; 132 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of the watermeadows'; owned by Sir Art Magennis in 1609 then Symond Bateman in 1659; proprietor Sir R. Bateson in 1836 V12 p 120 OSM; PNNI V6 p 291
Magherahinch House Moira . 1km S of Moira town; the propriwtor in 1795 was James Bateman; house & estate in 1837; residence of late Adam Agar in 1935 UJA; V12 p 118 OSM; old b/w map J3; Irish Times
Magheraknock Magheradrool 20: 34/57 a townland 6km NW of Ballynahinch on the Lisburn road;click here to see its location on a map; 799 acres; means ‘plain of the hill’; a McCartan stronghold in 1600; in 1659 there were 9 English/Scots & 2 Catholic families here; owned by Arthur Annesley then sold to David Ker family in 1786 ; proprietor D. Ker 1836; farms were from 4- 50 acres with most leasees Protestant & Presbyterian; middling quality land; rents were from 34 - 40 shillings an acre; crops were oats, barley clover, rye potatoes; there were 8 linen weavers; corn mill; school here in 1836; new Orange Hall 8 Nov 1879; Mission Hall built here in 1927 HMP; MO 11/8/04*; V17 p 103, 104 OSM; JML (PRONI_D1255/3/23; HCDTD p38; BH; DR* 3/12/03 '; MO 18/10/2006; OBLS p49 (n/w photo of mill and countryside)
Magheral Drumballyroney . name of the Catholic chapel in Lisnavaghrog; school here PE
Magheralagan Magheraleggin Down a townland of 377 acres; NW of Downpatrick ; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of the flat sone or low-lying area'; originally belonged to the Bishop of Down; a Viking hoard found here; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Roger West Esq; lake & mill in 1836; owned by heirs of Lord de Clifford & Francis Savage 1836; there were 45 houses; 29 families employed in agriculture & 13 in trade; 134 males & 114 females; 4 manufacturers & 5 servants; I have indexed some of the Griffths Valuations from this townland in Surname Index; click here for a photo of Magheralagan Pipe Band of 1953/4 LR 2005 p22; LM 1985 p52; TCC p 33; V17 p 38, 49, 53, 55 OSM; GV
Magheralagan Lough Down 21: 44/44 lake ;4km WSW of Downpatrick; click here for a photo  
Magheralin Magheralin 20: 13/59 a village and a parish ;3km SW of Moira on Lurgan road;click here for a map of the townlands in this parish; means plain of the church';site of an ancient church of St. Ronan; school built 1815; Catholic church here; Catholic Parochial House here V12 p 109, 110 OSM: GIRP; PNNI V6 p 214, 216
Magherally Magherally 20:16/47  a small parish, a village, a townland of 491 acres; 5km NE of Banbridge; click here to see its location on a townland map;means 'apple tree plain'; Church of Ireland & Presbyterian churches here ; bog of 8 acres; 1 acres; belongs to Bishop of Dromore in 1836; 2 schools here in 1836; the people were described as industrious and peaceable; their food was oatmeal, potatoes, milk and bacon; their fuel was turf from the flow bog V12 p 112, 113, 114, 115, 116 OSM: GIC; PNNI V6 p 257
Magheralone Loughinisland & Kilmore 21: 41/48 a townland 7km SE of Ballynahinch; 871 acres; click here to see its location on a map; click here to see my One Place Study;assault & riot 25 Jun 1853 TCC p 33; LCB p17,19,32,81: BH; DRr
Magheramayo Drumgooland 29: 29/37 a townland 4km NW of Castlewellan on Banbridge road; 752 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; St. Patrick passed by & drank form a well here; ruins of ancient church (Shankill) here; in 1659 Census it was called Magermay and there were 8 Catholic families only; by 1841 Census there were 95 familes with 243 males & 256 females; flax mill here in 1836 ; school established 1824; Patrick McKeown killed by traction engine 2 May 1874; local Gaelic footbal team played in finalsof East & South Down league 7 Sep 1924 V3 p 25 OSM; DDPP p62; DCPH p 38, 47,131; DR & DR*
Magheramesk Blaris  . parish works program in 1836; a townland in Co Antrim V12 p 40, 42 OSM
Magheramurphy Kilkeel . ancient name was Magremurphy;a townland of 378 acres; the town of Kilkeel is in this townland ; click here to see its position on a map; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; in 1659 there were 12 English/Scots & 2 Irish families living here & the owner was Arthur Monipenny Esq. V7 p 47 OSM;SP; PNNI V3 p 48; MO 5/8/ 2009 p6
Magherana Donaghcloney 20: 9/54 a townland 1km SW of Waringstown; 739 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of the ford' or 'Murphys' plain'; owned by George Rawdon in 1666; demesne of Rev H Waring who was the proprietor in 1836 lived in this townland, rents were £2 an acre; forest; Waringstown village near here; corn & yarn mill; site of parish church built 1689 by William Waring V12 p 57, 58, 59 OSM; V 19 MIs; PNNI V6 p 92
Magherary Blaris the name of a school built 1828 V12 p 34 OSM
Magherasaul Kilmegan 29: 37/38 a townland 4km NE of Castlewellan on the Clough road; 573 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by Marquis of Downshire in 1863
Magherascouse Comber   a townland 4km S of Comber; 1284 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; Moneygreen Bog here ; school here in 1836; the proprietor in 1837 was Lord Dufferin whose agent was Mr Reid of Killyleagh; farms were from 10 to 30 acres; the quality of the land was middling; rent 21- 32 shillings an acre;there were 356 males & 376 females in 1837; railwayline ran through here in 1863; (email me for a copy of school presentation address Oct 1898) SHM '86 p 32; V7 p 32, 34 40, 42 ,43 OSM; GV; MSch
Magherascouse Lough Comber 21: 44/64 5km S of Comber, lake
Magheratimpany Magheratimpney Magheradrool 20: 38/49 a townland 4km SE of Ballynahinch; click here to see its location on a map; 523 acres; means“ plain of the standing stone or peak hill” or 'plain of the minstrel'; ;an ancient Catholic chapel here; a McCartan stronghold in 1600; in 1659 there were 0 English/Scots & 12 Catholic families here; Light Dragoons camped out here in the 1709 rebellion; James Robb raised Magheratimpany Volunteers here Oct 1779; property of Colonel Forde whose agent was Capt. Gordon in 1836; most lesees were Catholic; bad quality land; farms were from 4-27 acres; rents were 8- 30 shillings an acre; crops were potatoes & oats; 6 linen weavers; crops were potatoes, wheat, oats & barley; click here for the story/ history of this townland; I have indexed the inhabitants for all dwellings for Griffiths Valuations of 1863 throughout Surnames Index HMP; TCC p 33;MO 11/8/04*; V 17 p 99, 104 OSM: BH; DR23/1/1938*; HCDTD p38; DR* 9/10/1970; O'L B p 506, 507; GV
Magherawly Magherally . alternate spelling for Magherally in Subsidy Roll 1663
PNNI V6 p 258
Kilkeel 29: 32/15 a townland 2km NE of Kilkeel near Broged Harbour; 642 acres; click here to see its position on a map; means ' grey plain'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; in 1659 there were 12 Irish families living here & the owner was Arthur Monipenny Esq.;
SP; PNNI V3 p 49; MO 5/8/2009 p6
Maghery Kilkeel 29: 26/15 a townland 4km W of Kilkeel on Rostrevor road; 283 acres; click here to see its position on a map; means 'plain'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s
PNNI V3 p 50; MO 5/8/2009 p6
Magill's Ford Tullylish . original name for Gilford
Maginnis Villa Newry 29: 10/24 on Newry River; 3km SSE of Newry
Maghrenesbegg Loughinisland also see Naghan; means ‘the little ford’ LCB p 81
Magnus Cross Down . 2km SW of Downpatrick
old b/w map N13
Magnus Grave Kilmegan . King of Norway; grave near an old disued railway line which ran from Downpatrick to Newcastle; near the marshes at Dundrum
LM 1983 p11
Magowan Park Kilkeel 29: 28/13 farm, 2km WNW of Kilkeel
Maharaloon Loughinisland see Magheralone
Mahee Island Tullynakill 21: 53/64 large island, 176 acres, in Strangford Lough,3km W of Ardmillan; click here to see its location on a townland map; click here to see photos of ancient monastic site and 16th century castle at the north east point
Mahernac Donaghcloney . spelling for Magherana townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 92
Mahernefinch Moira . alternate spelling for Magherahinch on Rent Roll of 1692
PNNI V6 p291
Mahrylen Magheralin . alternate spelling for Magheralin
PNNI V6 p 215
Mahulas Well Kilkeel 29: 34/16 ancient holy site on the coast; just S of Ballymartin village
PNNI V3 p 62 
Makeonan Donaghcloney 19 acres bog; see Annaghmakeon V12 p 57, 58 OSM
Malapharnachan Magherally . alternate splleing for Mullafernaghan townland in 1732
PNNI V6 p 265
Malcross Newtownards . see Milecross
Mallard Plantation Ballyculter 21: 56/49 part of Castleward Estate, Raholp ; residence of Mrs. Coates in 1895
LM 1995 p75 
Mallorytown Bangor . an alternate name for Groompsort in 1333
PNNI V2 p 163
Malonestown Donaghmore . a house cluster (clachan) in Ballymacrattymore townland c. 1800
DDPP p35
Malyconingham Bright . alternate name ofr Conianstown townland c. 1329
O'L B p 182
Mamreville Knockbreda . in Hawthornden Rd, Tullycarnett; residences of R Watson & Samuel Edwards in 1902 POD
Man of War Gullet Bangor . rocky shore on western side of Bangor Bay
V7 p 20 OSM
Man of War Inn Saintfield . proprietor in 1811 was J. McCartan POD
Mandeville's Castle Killinchy . an Anglo Norman castle in Rathgorman townland; only a ringfort remains
LR 2005 p20
Man of War Inn Saintfield . in High St, Saintfield; the proprietor in 1811 was James Macartan
Mann's Corner Holywood . on Mann's Rd, Sydenham area; b/w photo available
ACS p136
Manor Farm Dongahadee 15:59/80 farm; just W of Donaghadee town; residence of S.S. Vance in 1910
Manor Farm Drumbeg 20: 30/65 farm; 2km S of Drumbeg village  .
Manor House Blaris . in Lisburn; residence of Walter T. Stannus in 1886 POD
Manor House Donaghadee . residence of Daniel Delacherois in 1886 & Col. Delacherois in 1910 POD
Manor House Kilmegan 29: 36/33 farm; 2km NE of Newcastle; residence of William Jackson Pigott in 1910
Mansion House Warrenpoint . a house & 4 acres in Seaview , Warrenpoint ,leased by Agnes Clougher in 1863 from Roger Hall
Manxman Doangahdee
rocky just offshore near St Patrick's Well; 2km S of Donaghadee ; in irish Sea .
Manx View Kilcoo . houses in Newcastle ; residence of Mrs Johnston & Alexander Robinsons in 1910
Maple Cottage Holywood . in Craigavad townland; click here for a photo c. 1900 .
Maples (The) Knockbreda . cnr Knock & Gilnahirk Rds, East Belfast; built by William McLeish c. 1870s; residence f Mrs MacGeagh in 1902 OS map 1902 5.09 ; POD
Maple Vale Killaney . near Boardmills; residence of Samuel J. & Agnes Graham in 1918 CWGC
Maralin Magheralin . alternate spelling for Magheralin PNNI V6 p 216
Marathon Bangor . in CliftonRd, Bangor; residence of William Morrison in 1902
Marathon House Kilcoo . a boarding house in Newcastle in 1914; run by Miss Netta V. Walshe NWAG p 46
Marbit House Bangor . gentleman's residence in Main Street, Bangor in 1834 V7 p 20 OSM
Marcelltown Down . see Marshallstown .
Margaret's Castle Ardglass . in Kildare St, Ardglass; 15th century castle;part of defence works around Ardglass; not occupied in 1836 but in reasonable condition;built on a similar design to Jordan's, Audley's & Kilclief castles with corner bastions & eternal machicolation; by 1863 it was in ruins & owned by Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk V3 p 3 OSM: LWAG p 68; O'L V1 p 166;DR 5/5/1938; GV
Margretta Villa Bangor  . villa in Crawfordsburn Rd, Bangor; residence of William Bryson in 1901 POD
Mariville Dromore . house; residence of John Harrison in 1886 POD
Marietta Knockbreda . off Barnetts Rd, Tullycarnett; built c. 1868; large house & garden in 1902; residence of John A. Hanna in 1902; demolished in 1970s b/w photo avalable OS map 1902 5.09; POD ; ACC p7 (map) ,52,53
Marieville Kilkeel . in Annalong; residence of Alexander & William Gibney in 1910
Marine Villa Bangor . villa in Raglan Rd, Bangor; residence of Miss Connor in 1902
Marine Villa Inishargy . a villa in Kircubbin; residence of Mrs B. Steele & Robert Steele in 1910
Marion Villa Newry . on Rathfriland Road; residence of William Richard & Thomasina Harcourt in 1894 OFN p 48
Marino Holywood row of 7 houses in 1863; owned mainly by Thomas Ward; railway station opened 1870 (photo available); death of Charles H. Ward Esq. 3 Feb 1883 (DR & NC) V7 p 74 OSM; GV; NDM p118; DR; NWAG p 37 ; NC; R1 CBSA
Marino House
house & 14 acres in Ballycultra townland; residence of Joseph Magill in 1852; leased by Thomas McCammon in 1863 from rep. Robert S. Kennedy; residence of James Woods in 1936
POD; GV ; R1 CBSA; LR 2006 p26
in Newcastle; earlier name for Mountain Villa & Whitehead House; residence of Robert Hall in 1910 & Mrs Caulfield in 1922
PTTF p7; WDG p172
Mariville Dromore . residence of David Spence in 1910
Marlborough House Down . in Killough Rd, Ballymote Middle townland; click here for a photo and more information
Marlemont Tullynakill 21: 48/65 farm; in Lisbarnet townlands 4km SSE of Comber;
Ardquin 21:57/54 a townland 3km NW of Portaferry; 214 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' field of clay & silt'; owned by Anthony Trail in 1613; proprietor in 1795 was James Dalgell then Dean Trail in 1836 UJA; V17 p125, 126 OSM; O'L V1 p 426; PNNI V2 0 37
Marlfield Bay Ardquin 21: 57/53 in Strangford Lough, 2km NW of Portaferry
Marl Island Killinchy
in Strangford Lough
V7 p 86, 92 OSM
Marlborough House Down 21: 49/42 farm estate , 2km S of Downpatrick near the racecourse ; estate of Lord de Clifford in 1777; residence of James Stitt in 1840s; click here for a photo
SHM '98 p 42(map); PE
Marle Lough Kilmore . very small lake in Drumnaconnor townland BN 15/6/1764
Marmion Holywood house & 2 acres in Holywood townland , leased by Forster Greene in 1863 from John Burgoyne ; owned by William Shaw in 1876 with 6 acres GV; Q2 CBSA; LOI
Marmont Holywood . in Holywood Rd, Strandtown (Ballymisert townland) ; a large house built 1864 with 14 acres on the site of Ballagh's Farm; bought by Mr. William Mitchell for £4000 in 1886; residence of R.A. Mitchell in 1902; converted into Mitchell House School POD; OS map 4.08 ; ACS p 70, 84(photo)
Marnline Moira . residence of E. Ervine in 1838 IIW #35725



Down 21: 48/41 a townland 4km S of Downpatrick; 247 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; leased by Earl of Ardglass to Patrick Sloane for 61 years 1637-1698 but leased taken over by William Hamilton Esq. by 1669 for an annual rent of £20; owned by Southwell Estate in 1752; a proprietor in 1795 was John West; owned by Lord De Clifford in 1836 ; there were 14 houses; 10 families employed in agriculture & 2 in trade; 32 males & 37 females; 1 manufacturer & 4 servants LM 1985 p7, 53; UJA;V17 p 53, 56, 57 OSM: LM 1991 p27; MID p 168
Martello Bangor . in Princetown Road; built by James Thompson in 1885; residence of Mr. William Bell pre 1895 & Rev. R.A. Crawford in 1902 & Mr A.F. Skillington in 1919 & then James Thompson c. 1930s ;photo available
NC; Bangor p69; NDM p136;POD; OS map 1902 2.05 ; AEVB
Martello Cottage Holywood house & 2 acres in Victoria St, Holywood , leased by William Lindon in 1863 from John Hunter GV
Martello House Holywood house & yard in Ballykeel townland, leased by Jane Ashmore in 1863 from William Linden ; owned by John F. Willis in 1876 with 3 acres; residence of Mr William Shaw in 1910 GV; LOI;POD
Martin's Brae Saintfield . hill with road over in Drumnaconnell townland
DR (23/10/15)
Martinstown Loughinisland 21: 41/48 farm area , 3km N of Loughinisland village
Marville Bangor  . in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor; residence of Henry Baxter in 1901 POD
Marybrook Dromara . the manse for 1st Dromara Presbyterian in Ardannagh townland; residence of Rev. James Birch Black in 1818 & Widow Mussen in 1844 & Robert Skelly in 1899 & Mrs Skelly in 1910
Marybrook Dromore 20: 25/50 farm; in Kinallen village; residence of Robert Skelly J.P. in 1886
Mary Brook House Kilmore 21: 41/52 farm, on Ballynahinch river, 4km W of Crossgar; sometimes used as a townland name for Drumnaconnor; residence of James Trail in 1710 ; leased to Rev. Moses Nelson in 1770 who sublet it in 22 Feb 1771; set on fire by arsonists 28 May 1771; residence of John McConnall in 1783; the proprietor in 1795 was John Wilkes; sold to the Silcock family in 1800 ; residence of William S. Silcock Esq. in 1940
Burke's Irish Family Records; Register of Deeds, Dublin ; UJA; BN 22/2/1771 & 28/5/1771; Euan Douglas ; MIs; DR* 30/11/1940
Marybrook Knockbreda . in Knock Rd, East Belfast ; residence of the Misses Davidson in 1902 POD
Maryfield Holywood house & farm of 28 acres near the sea in the townland of Knocknagoney; residence of John Kennedy Esq. in 1834 & residence of John Heron in 1852; leased by John Heron in 1863 from John Harrison; residence of John Heron 1845; death of John Heron Esq. at Maryfield residence; a native of Killyleagh 10 Sep 1870; residence of William Cowan Heron in 1886 V7 p 76,82 OSM: DR;AG; old b/w map S5;POD; GV; MIs; ODHD p4; O4/6 CBSA
Marymount Dromore . 2km SE of Dromore; town farm estate of Mr. Smith Esq. in 1777 ; the proprietor in 1795 was John Hickey; residence of Elizabeth Black in 1842 & James C. Anderson in 1865
old b/w map J6; UJA; SMH '98 p42; IIWv4p11; NLAT
Marymount Killyleagh . near Killyleagh; residence of Robert Reid in 1771
NIOD p223
Marymount Knockbreda . an estate; S of Castlereagh on the Dundonald to Knockbreckan Road in 1739; the proprietor in 1795 was William H. Steele
Maryport Ards area . vessel wrecked; 4 Ards men drowned 18 Feb 1882
Mary's Cottage Holywood . in Ballymisert townland near Sydenham Villa in 1858 ACS p 10 (map)
Marys Cottage Knockbreda . in Barnetts Rd, Knock ; residence of W.J. McDowel in 1902 POD
Maryvale Holywood . residence of James Hargrave in 1852
Mary Vale Moira 20: 18/58 farm; 3km SE of Moira
Mary Vale Newry

farm; 5km NE of Newry town; in Carnacully townland; the proprietor in 1795 was William Crow; residence of Thomas Fields in 1817 ; residence of Gordon family who also had a private graveyard in Savalmore townland; owned by Oliovia Gordon in 1876 with 94 acres

old b/w map C8 ; UJA; Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 715 p530; POD; MIs; LOI
Maryville Kilcoo . a house 24 Downs Rd, Newcastle ; residence of Matthew King J.P. in 1910
POD ; WDG p151
Masons Bridge Kilmore 21: 40/51 over Ballynahinch river ;in Raleagh townland; mentioned in lease Trail to Nelson in 1770; the proprietor in 1795 was James Cleland
Register of Deeds, Dublin; UJA
Massford Dromara . farm; 2km SW of Dromara town
old b/w map I 8
Massforth Kilkeel 21: 29/15 Catholic Church and ancient chambered grave near Dunnaman townland  .
Masters Island Down . another name for Horse Island
O'L V1 p 258
Maghera . alternate names for Maghera parish in 1615
O'L B p 319, 323
Mathers Close Dromore 20: 21/56 farm; 3km N of Dromore  .
Mathers Fort Magheralin . an ancient rath & site of farm in Ballymacateer townland ; residence or Abram & Mary Lunn in 1758 & Edwad Lun in 1795
PNNI V6 p 221; IIW V4 p78; UPA
Matthew Scott's Rock Bangor 15:61/84 on NE coast of Copeland Island ; in Irish Sea .
Maude Ville Warrenpoint . residence of Mr. John Halpin in 1881
Maugellroughe Kilkeel . alternate name for Maghereagh townland in Bagenal rent Roll of 1757
PNNI V3 p 49
Mavesford Saintfield . residence of late Mr William Davidson in 1869
DR 2/10/69*
Mavesford Bridge Saintfield 21: 42/60 over a stream;2km NE of Saintfield  .
Maxwell Court Comber 21: 44/69 house & farm estate of 89 acres in Townparks townland; 1km W of Comber; ancient motte here; residence of William Maxwell Wilson Esq. in 1824 & James Cairns in 1837 & George Crea in 1852 (leased by George Cree's representatives in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry & rep. James Andrews) & John Andrews J.P. in 1886 & 1899; residence of John M. Andrews in 1912
UJA; V7 p29 OSM; TOOC p19,21, 60 ; GV; POD ;MIs; POD
May Cottage Kilbroney . in Rostrevor; residence of Mrs Houston in 1910
Mayfield Bangor . attached villas in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residences of James Davison , Thomas Atkison, & Mrs Rayner in 1902
Mayfield Dromore 20: 24/51 farm; 5km SE of Dromore; possibly in Kinallan; residence of Birch James Gillmar in 1846 & James B. Gilmer in 1852 ; owned by James Birch Gilmore in 1876 with 89 acres
Killyleagh a townland 2km N of Killyleagh town; 285 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; owned by Patrick McNab & Patrick McCresscan in 1610 O'L V1 p 343
Maymore House Killyleagh 21: 52/55 farm; 2km N of Killyleagh  .
Maymount Donaghadee . a villa in New Rd, Donaghadee; residence of F.J. McCormick in 1910
Mayo Clonallan 29: 15/26 a townland which surrounds Mayobridge village; 674 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of the yew tree'; a Hedge School here c. 1800
PNNI V1 p 78; DDPP p89
Mayobridge Clonallan 29: 16/27 village in Mayo townland; 7km E of Newry; Catholic chapel here & Parochial House; school established 1832; tragedy for the Fegan family 18 Dec 1886; Gaelic Football team in 1912 were Patrick Downey, goal; full backs were John Downey, Edward Butterfield; half backs were Frank Mallon, Stephen Grant, James Grant; 3/4 backs were Matt Mallon, James Hillen; forwards were John Butterfield, Arthru Butterfield, Charles McCavitt, Patrick Barry, Peter Keenan V3 p 1 OSM; DR; GIC ; GAA CS p 34; PNNI V1 p 83
Maypole Bridge Dromore . over the railway; 1km N of Dromore town
old b/w map J5
Maypole Hill Dromore . site of an ancient rath, just near the Cathedral
PNNI V6 p 108
Mays Corner Drumballyroney 29: 19/39 crossroads, in Ballybrick townland, 3km NW of Ballyroney village; site of an old post office
PNNI V6 p 185
Maysford Saintfield . a farm; residence of Andrew Bennett in 1901 & 1910
May Villa Dundonald . residence of Mrs Orr Sheppard in 1900 & 1902
NDM p10; POD
Maze Blaris a townland of 1563 acres; 5km SW of Lisburn, near River Lagan; click here to see its location on a townland map; racecourse & 2 meetings per year; drained turf bog; schools & Sunday school here in 1836 charity subs; races 10 Jul 1841; distressed weavers 26 Jan 1867; homicide, Patrick Morgan 3 Aug 1867 (DR); highway robbery at Maze 22 Mar 1834 (NH) ; today it is the site of a large military, political prison V12 p 26, 28, 31, 34, 35, 38, 100, 107 OSM; old b/w map L4 ;DR; NH
Maze Course Hillsborough . the proprietor in 1795 was Samuel Bradberry
Maze House Blaris . a farm; residence of William Henry Craig c. 1835 ; residence of George Knox Esq. in 1841 & owned by George Knox in 1876 with 178 acres; residence of J. Fullerton in 1910 NLAT; Freeman's Journal; LOI; POD
Maze View Hillsborough 20: 20/57 farm; 4km SW of Hillsborough
McAdams Lane Ends & Cross Roads Dromore . crossroads, 3km E of Dromore town; site of an old post office
old b/w map K6
McAleastown Dunsford . a house cluster in Sheepland area
Inv 2001 p 27
McAuleys Lake Dromara
20: 36/48 large lake in Dunbeg townland ; 5km S of Ballynahinch; click here to see its location on a map; click here for a photo
McBrides Cross Roads Drumgooland . 2km NW of Ballyward; in Moneyslane townland
old b/w map H10; PNNI V6 p 157
McCammon Pladdy Inishargy 21: 57/64 flat sunken rocks in Strangford lough, near Nuns Quarter townland
PNNI V2 p 97 
McCammon Rocks Ballyhalbert 21: 66/60 large rocky outcrop off shore ;1km N of Portavogie
PNNI V2 p 112 
McCartans Close Newry . farm; 3km E of Newry old b/w map D10
McClorys Bog Annaclone . in Tullintanvally townland near Ananclone village PNNI V6 p 73
McComb’s Bridge Clonduff 29: 23/33 across the river Bann, 3km E of Rathfriland on the Rathfriland to Castlewellan road; an old structure of unhewn stone with 2 parapet walls; 156 feet long & 66 feet broad V3 p 3, 11 OSM; PNNI V6 p 161 & V3 p 96
McCormicks Inn Holywood . meeting of The Holywood Club here 1 Aug 1792
McCormack Point Bangor . near Groomsport; schooner Elizabeth lost here 26 Sep 1875 BoTWR/MB
McCrackens Town Seapatrick . 3km NE of Banbridge
old b/w map G 6
McCrory's Castle Down . a house 28 Irsh Street, Downpatrick was built on the stone foundations of this ancient building; where Mr. John Grant had a tailor's shop
V17 p 41 OSM ; TCDEP Appendix H
McCulleys Rock Newtownards 21: 52/70 rock in Strangford Lough,4km SW of Newtownards
McDowells Corner Tullylish 20: 7/50 cross roads ;2km N of Gilford; McDowells Coal shafts here
old b/w map G4
McElroy's Hall Kilmegan . in Drumnaquoile townland
DR* 24/11/1936
McFaddens Hill Head Drumgath . farm; 3km SW of Rathfriland
old b/w map E10
McGaffins Corner Donaghmore 29: 11/35 8km S of Loughbrickland; named after a local family
PNNI V1 p 113 
McGill's Dam Dromore . a pool in Lisnaward townland which supplied water to Millfield
PNNI V6 p 147
McGinns Cross Drumgath 29: 18/35 2km NW of Rathfriland on Loughbrickland road; in Grallaghgreenan townland; named after a local family
PNNI V6 p 165 & V1 p 125
McGourtrey's Castle Ballykinler . the foundations are on a hill in Upper Ballykinler townland
O'L V 1 p 126
McGreerys Cross Roads Saintfield . 4km SE of Saintfield on the Killyleagh road
old b/w map Q10
McKaig's Rocks Comber 21: 49/68 on Strangford lough,4km E of Comber
McKees Bridge Hillsborough 20: 23/57 over a stream in Aghandunvarran townland
McKees Lough Magherdrool 20: 33/58 N of Magheraknock townland; click here to see its location on a map
McKeys Bridge Clonduff . 2km NE of Hilltown
old b/w map E11
McLeans Hill Kilmegan 29: 34/34 2km S of Castlewellan
McLeighs Hotel Magheradrool . on Market Square, Ballynahinch; built by David Ker in 1831; previously known as Walkers Hotel before 1900 then owned by Hugh McLeigh
OBLS p11 (b/w photo)
McMillans Buildings Knockbreda . 81-99 Albertbridge Rd, East Belfast in 1902
McStay's Rock Clonallan . Gaelic form of Carrickmacstay townland
PNNI V1 p 70
Meadowvale Dromore 20: 23/54 farm; 4km NE of Dromore



Drumbo 20: 35/66 a townland 1 km W of Carryduff; 827 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; a flax mill & a corn mill in 1833;the proprietor in 1833 was the heirs of Mr Cowan of Downpatrick whose agent was Mr W. Malcom of Hillhall; 41 landholders; farms were from 4-30 acres; old leases 16-18 shillings an acre & new leases 25-30 shillings an acre; in 1833 there were 111 houses; 54 families were employed in agriculture & 27 in trade or manufacture; 251 males & 261 females; 20 servants;William Keown tenantry 18 Oct 1845; foundation stone of Orange hall 7 Apr 1866; Mr Keown- Boyd's tenantry 8 Jan 1881 V7 p 56, 60, 63 OSM: DR
Meares Court Kilbroney . in Rostrevor; residence of Frederick & Harriette Devenish- Meares in 1930 OFN p 106
Mearn Well Saul . ancient site near Saul village in Upper Ballintogher townland old b/w map P14 ; O'L V1 p 320
Medora Bangor . 2 attached houses in Princetown Rd, Bangor in 1902; residence of George Reilly & John Smith in 1902
OS map 1901 2.05; POD
Aghaderg a townland 3km S of Loughbrickland; or Loughmonen; 391acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' grassy patch'; Meehan House here; school here V12 p 3, 12OSM; PNNI V6 p 49; old b/w map D 6/7
Megaberry Blaris  . in 1836 Matthew Watson & Alex Tolerton were to repair the lane from Megaberry to Trumery burying ground- parish works program V12 p 42 OSM
Megarrystown Moira 20: 19/58 a house cluster; 4km SE of Moira in Ballyknock townland ; many Megarrys/ Magarrys lived in the area 1773-1855
PNNI V6 p 297 
Melough Drumbo . see Mealough .
Melvilles Buildings Knockbreda . 227-257 Albertbridge Rd, East Belfast in 1902; mostly residential
Menalon Tullylish . alternate spelling for Moyallan townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 345
Mercat Cross Newtownards . built c. 1636 in the centre of town by the Montgomerys; a large drinking fountain
FSFD p17,54
Mermaid Hotel Inishargy . in Kircubbin; built by Francis Joseph Bigger; now part of Mahee Public House Trust Co.; the manager in 1910 was Mrs James Savage then Mrs. Alice Sharpe 16 Jul 1910
GV ; LR 2008 p57; JUAHS 2011 p31
Merryfield & Merryfield Old Aghaderg 20: 7/40 farms; in Loughadian townland; about 1km apart; 3km SW of Loughbrickland
old b/w map D 6 & D5/6
Merryland Cross Roads Comber 20: 39/69 where the road from Knockbreckan to Gransha W to E-crosses the road from Belfast to Ballygowan N to S
Saul . an Anglisation of Ballysugagh townland, 'sugach' means 'merry'; owned by Earl of Ardglass in 1669 & leased to Mrs. Mary Kynaston (widow) O'L V1 p 237; LM 1985 p53
Merton Hall
Holywood . house & farm of 22 acres in Knocknagoney townland; residence of John Harrison Esq. 6 May 1845 & 1852 (also George Howard Harrison) ; held in fee by John Harrison in 1863; residence of & James Boyd in 1891 & James McGrann in 1891 & Edwin Hughes in 1891 & 1893 & Walter Gordon Hogg & Robert Edward McLean in 1917 AG; POD; GV; PR ; O5/6 CBSA; AEVB; BWM ;CWGC
Merview Donaghadee . in Millisle; residence of John Grattan in 1852 & David Carmichael in 1886 POD
Mew Island Bangor 15:61/86  in Irish Sea; 31 acres; named after the sea-mews or gulls; rabbit warrens to be let 16 Nov 1795 (NS) ; very flat & wholly uncultivated in 1836; the people of Copeland Island graze their cattle there; NE of Lighthouse Island; proprietor in 1836 & 1863 was David Ker Esq.; a new light, Belfast Lough 8 Nov 1884 (DR); workmen busy on lighthouse 5 Aug 1882 & 27 Jan 1883 (NC) NS; V7 p 21 & 68 OSM; DR; NC ; PNNI V2 p 175; GV
Meylerton Killyleagh . ancient name of the castle in Ringdufferin townland
O'L V1 p 343
Michaels Rock Inishargy 21: 55/62 in Strangford Lough, 4km W of Kircubbin
Midge Killyleagh
Mid Island Grey Abbey 21: 56/67 island in Strangford Lough, 1km W of Grey Abbey; 15 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map
PNNI V2 p 211 
Mid Island Inishargy 21: 59/60 in Strangford Lough, near the shore in Gransha townland
Milebrush Farm Dromore .

in Lurganban townland; residence of Mrs. Weir in 1850s; Methodist Cottage Meetings held here

Milecross Newtownards a townland 2km W of Newtownards; 407 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; in 1659 there were 10 English/Scots & 5 Catholic families here; Quaker meeting house built here 1796; site of old Killysuggan Catholic graveyard ; fire at Milecross 13 Nov 1880; complimentary ploughing 25 Mar 1882+
V5 MIs; GIC; NC; SP; GV; PNNI V2 p 233;FSFD p5
Milecross Cottage Newtownards
house & farm of 77 acres in Milecross townland; 2km NW of Newtownards town; held in fee by Rev. Joseph Bradshaw in 1863 GV
Milecross Lodge Newtownards
house in Milecross townland; 2km NW of Newtownards town; the proprietor in 1795 was Robert Bradshaw; residence of Robert Bradshaw in 1852; leased by Jonathan Bradshaw in 1863 from Rev. Joseph Bradshaw ; sale of gentleman's residence 25 Aug 1894; owned by John Tate of Downpatrick for a while but he didn't live there c. 1900 UJA; POD; GV; NC; LR 2007 p83
Milestone Mountain Kilcoo . 2km SW of Newcastle
old b/w map I15
Milfie Ballyhalbert  . near Ballyhemlin V17 p 125 OSM
Millbank Aghderg  . the proprietor in 1795 was William Shegog residence of Rev. Haney Reid,minister in Loughbrickland in 1824 UJA; POD
Millbank Dundonald  . residence of William McIlwaine in 1852 POD
Millbank Holywood 2 houses in Victoria St, Holywood , owned by Andrew Cowan in 1863 GV
Millbank Kilbroney . residence of Samuel Wilson , a corn miller in 1814 LSRM
Millbank Newtownards  . house & farm of 53 acres in Killarn townland, 1km NE of Dundonald village; leased by William McIlwaine in 1863 from Marquis of Londonderry; valuable land, corn & flax scutch mills for sale 8 Jul 1876; residence of Andrew Munce in 1902 GV; DR; old b/w map S7; TMUOP p99; POD
Millbank Seapatrick in Tullyconnaught townland; estate of the Mulligan family who owned beetling mill in 1836 BIH p D; OFB p26
Mill Bay Kilkeel 29: 24/12 part of Carlingford Lough, north of Greencastle; kilns here owned by Samuel Floyd in 1863; seaweed gathered here in 1914 TU p114; POD; PNNI V3 p 62; JMSLG 2010 p69 ;HPA p44
Mill Bridge Magheradrool . just south of Ballynahinch on the Clough road; ; site of insurgent campaign during Rebellion of 1798 BGHD p 153, 157
Millbrooke Bangor
farm; 4km SW of Bangor town .
Mill Burn Donaghadee 15:58/76  stream; southern part near Kilbright townland; runs into Irish Sea near Millisle; means ' river of the mill' V17 p 124 OSM; PNNI V2 p 196
Miller Hill
Millar Hill
Donaghadee a small townland between Donaghadee & Millisle on the coast; 46 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; graveyard here called Templepatrick; owned by Robert Carmichael in 1863
PNNI V2 p 194 ;GV
Millers Corner Grey Abbey 21: 54/70 in Ballyewry townland; on the road from Newtownards to Grey Abbey where Mt Stewart estate begins; public works program instigated from Miller's Three Roads to Gregstown for famine relief 27 May 1848
FCD s2 p 8
Mill Farm Knockbreda . in Gortgrib; built before 1858; site of a corn mill powered by Gilnahirk River , residence of William Morrow, farmer; now called Mill gate
ACG p9 (map), 37
Millfield Dromore 20: 18/50 6km S of Dromore; with a mill dam in Lisnaward townland; residence of Colville Dickson in 1849 & Joseph Dickson in 1879
PNNI V6 p 136, 147; MIs; OFB p19
Millfield House Kilkeel 29: 25/14 farm, on Carlingford Lough, in Ballygowan townland
Mill Hill Bright . over looks Killough; b/w photo available
LM 1999 p81
Mill Hill Donaghcloney . in Waringstown WM
Mill Hill Kilmegan  . near Castlewellan; death of Mr James Hanna 11 May 1872 & death of Walsh Brown 7 Sep 1915 DR
Mill Hill Magheradrool . a house & farm estate of 74 acres in Ballynahinch townland; residence of Hugh Hamilton in 1780; the proprietor in 1795 was Thomas Johnston; leased William H. Lightbody in 1863 from David S. Ker
Mill Hill Saintfield . residence of Robert McCreary in 1899 & 1910
Millisle Donaghadee 15:60/76  3km S of Donaghadee town; on the coast; means 'town of the mill'; a village in the townlands of Ballymacruise & Ballycopeland; click here for an old postcard and more information .
Millin Bay Ballytrustan 21: 63/49 in the Irish Sea, 4km SE of Portaferry; completely open to the north but sheltered by Black Nib headland in the south; shipwreck of “Unity” 15 Dec 1849; click here for a photo of the ancient burial site V7 p 125 OSM; DR ; NI V2 p 136
Millin Hill Ballytrustan 21: 63/49 hill; overlooking the Irish Sea 5km SE of Portaferry; means ' the sleeve'
PNNI V2 p 136 
Mill Moat Holywood house in Victoria St, Holywood , held in fee by Robert & Daniel Reade in 1863 GV
Millmount Dundonald 21: 43/73 a Georgian house & farm of 133 acres, built in 1810; 2km SE of Dundonald in Ballylisbredan townland; residence of Rev. William Graham in 1835; leased by William Galway/Galloway in 1852 & 1863 from Vicars Choral & Organist of Armagh; ; b/w sketch available; residence of John M. Galway in 1902
GV; TMUOP p140, 141, 165; BN; POD; MIs
Millmount Killinchy . in Ballymacashen townland; residence of John Wightman 20 Nov 1838  
Millmount Seapatrick large estate near Banbridge containing corn mill & a bleach works; click here for a photo and more information .
Mill Park Ardquin . farmhouse; near Strangford Lough; home of McKeating family in 1851
old b/w map T15; PNNI V2 p 38;MIs
Millpark Tullylish . early bleach green here on River Bann owned by Uprichard family in 1846
UF p11; POD
Millpark House Tullylish . in Laurencetown; residence of John Christy, linen manufacturer in 1846 & Joseph Irwin Esq. in 1857
Mill-pladdy Ardkeen & Castleboy . small rock in Cloghy Bay 1km from the shore; covered by water at high tide;
V7 p 1 , 26 OSM
Mill Point Greyabbey . in Bootown , on shores of Strangford Lough; schedule of charges for the harbour 22 Oct 1887
Mill Pond Clonallan 29: 12/22 in Aghnamorra townland, 3km NW of Warrenpoint  .
Mill Quarter Kilclief 21: 59/45 just E of Kilclief village in a bay; one of the Ten Towns of Lecale which belonged to Hugh Rainey of Magherafelt in 1710; owned by the Southwell Estate in1752 & leased to Mr. Edward Smith; residence of R. Hanna in 1910
O'L V1 p 308; Inv 2001 p 33; LM 1991 p25; POD; LM 1999 p68-71 (map)
Mill Quarter Bay Kilclief 21: 60/44 at the entrance to Strangford Lough in the Irish Sea  .
Mill River Kilkeel 29: 31/25 runs from Ben Crom to Silent Valley in The Mournes  .
Mill Rock Kilkeel 29: 24/13 in Mill Bay, part of Carlingford Lough
PNNI V3 p 62.
Millstone Mountain Kilcoo 29: 37/28 part of the Mournes; 3km S of Newcastle; site of a granite quarry opened in 1824 by John Lynn; photo available
NWAG p 9, 11, 12, 13 ; PNNI V3 p 145
Mill town Aghaderg 29: 14/37 near Glaskermore townland, 7km SE of Loughbrickland; click here for a photo  .
Milltown Annaclone . near Banbridge
part of Kearney village; named for Kearney Mill
Mill-towne Bangor . another name for Ballymullan townland O'L V1 p 259
Milltown Clonallan 29: 13/25 a village & townland with a large lake near Carrogs townland ; 472 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map V3 p 61 OSM; PNNI V1 p 79
Milltown Bridge Clonallan 29: 12/24 on stream between Derryleckagh & Milltown Loughs
Milltown Lough Clonallan 29: 13/24 large lake near Carrogs, 4km SE of Newry
Milltown Comber . 3km ENE of Comber town near Strangford Lough
old b/w mpa R8
Mill Town Donaghcloney 20: 12/56 on river Lagan,1km E of Waringstown
Milltown Donaghmore . 7km NW of Rathfriland old b/w map E8
Mill Town Dromara 20: 29/54 2km S of Annahilt; residence of Mr. Robert Baxter in 1772 & Bridget Gorman in 1846
Milltown Drumbo .

a village in Ballynavally townland; near the border with Ballynahatty townland. The border between the townlands is at Purdysburn (a stream) used by the mills; Marked "mills" in 1st ed. (1832-1846); marked Milltown in 2nd ed (1846-1842) and 3rd ed. 1900-1907.; in 1833 it had 8 houses, 2 public houses

Milltown Dundonald . 5 whitewashed cottages for the workers at Galway's Millmount in 19th century
TMUOP p165
Mill Town Garvaghy a village later known as Waringsford; site of Ervine's mill buildings also known as Tullinisky mills or Waringsford mills V12 p 80 OSM; PNNI V6 p 210; ARF
Milltown Magheralin . 4km NW of Magheralin village in Edenballycoggill townland; on west bank of River Lagan
old b/w map J 1; PNNI V6 p 238. 252
Milltown Magherally . village; 6km SW of Dromore
old b/w map H6
Milltown Seapatrick . 4km SE of Banbridge near Lough Corbet
old b/w map G7
Milltown Lodge Seapatrick . the proprietor in 1795 was John Blizard
Milltown Tullylish 20: 11/49 on river Bann ;4km E of Tullylish town in Lenaderg townland; early bleach green
UF p11; BCT p 7; PNNI V6 p 343, 352
Milltown House Tullylish . in Lenaderg residence of John Smyth Esq in 1890, bleacher & John Smyth M.A. in 1916
Millvale Drumballyroney . cluster of houses at crossroads in Ballynamagna, site of corn & flax mills in 1834
PNNI V6 p 185
Millvale Hillsborough . near Hillsborough town; the proprieetor in 1795 was Archibald Henderson; residence of James Henderson in 1801 & 1868
Mill Vale Kilbroney . house & 10 acres in Rostrevor townland; leased by Mary Souter in 1863 from rep. James Anderson GV
Millvale Magheradrool . farm; 3km W of Spa
old b/w map L 10
Millvale Newry . bleach green here belonging to James Atkinson in 1824 & extensive flour & corn mills owned by R.G. Atkinson & James Wallace 28 Apr 1828 burnt severely
Millvale House Newry . in Mullaghglass; residence of Oliver McCart/McCarter in 1826 & Mr. George Glenny 11 Mar 1828 & Dr. B.A. Palmer in 1910; residence of S. G. Palmer in 1903
Millview Annahilt . farm; 1km N of Loughaghery; residence of Mr. William Priestly in 1842
old b/w map K7; BU 27/9/1842
Mill-view Comber . house & farm of 32 acres in Cullintraw townard, leased by Robert Milling in 1863 from Earl Annesley
Millview Donaghadee 15:58/76 house & farm of 31 acres in Killaghy townland; 2km W of Millisle village; leased by Rev. David Parke in 1863 from Vesy E.Knox
Millview House Saintfield . at the gate entrance just NE of the town; built by Mr. Price as a dispensary & occupied by Dr. Peter Quinn then George Quinn; the proproetor in 1795 was Rev. Henry Sampson; residence of Dr. John V. Bindon in 1852 & Samuel Quin in 1857 & Hugh Coffey in 1901 & 1910 ; photo available
SHM '90 p 33, 34;UJA; POD; MIs; OSM map
Milverton House Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; built c. 1890; residence of Thomas Todd in 1902; demolished when Kingsdale Park housing estate was built POD; ACC 19,41, 47
Minaron Bangor . villa in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of Samuel Moore in 1902
Minaville Bangor . villa in Dufferin Ave, Bangor; residence of W. McBride in 1902
Minaville Bangor . villa in Princetown; residence of David Orrin 1901
Miners Hole Kilkeel 29: 30/24 in The Mournes ;near Silent Valley; prospecting Cornish miner's worked here unsuccessfuly
PNNI V3 p 146 
Miners Hole River Kilkeel 29: 29/24 rises on Carn Mountain & flows into Silent Valley
Minerstown Bright 21: 48/36 a clachan or house cluster; 5km W of Killough in Ballyvaston townland ; shipwreck “Orford’ 4 Oct 1851; shipwreck of 'Victoria' 16 Feb 1884; presentation to Mr & Mrs. Thomas Carson on their departure to America 14 Nov 1885; there was a cottage here in 1880 that had several mast heads from wrecked ships in the front garden, click here for a photo DR; KCL p 93; LR 2007 p13
Minian Aghaderg  . alternate spelling for Meenan townland .
Minine Aghaderg  . or Meenan or Minen or Minian or Meenin or Loughmonen; 391 acres V12 p 3 OSM
Minniehaha Newtownards . residence of Capt. William Bell; death notice 13 Nov 1886
Minnis’s Island Ardkeen  . see Little Minnis Island & Great Minnis' Island
PNNI V2 p 22 
Minnymore Donaghmore  . alternate spelling for Moneymore townland .
Minnyreagh Comber . alternate spelling for Moneyreagh townland LOI
Misscurrin Ballywalter tithes of fish granted to Lord Clandeboy in 1629 V17 p 133 OSM
Mitchells Bog Kilmegan . near Castlewellan; intersected by streams & old culverts ; water storage area
Mitchells Hill Head Dromore . farm; 5km SSW of Dromore townin Lisnaward townland
old b/w map I 6; PNNI V6 p 136
Moate Comber . the proprietor in 1795 was Mrs. McFadden
Moat Hill Dundonald . a rath with moat; now site of St. Elizabeth's Church
Moate House
Moat (The)
Holywood . house & land of 5 acres in Ballymaghan townland, Holywood Rd, Strandtown; leased by John L. Bell in 1863 from Thomas McClure; owned by David Reid in 1876 with 2 acres; residence of Thomas Valentine in 1886 & Francis Workman in 1902 & Nathaniel Ferguson in 1912
old b/w map S5; GV ;POD; LOI
Moat of Bennboreky Kilkeel . an ancient rath; near the source of the River Bann in the Mourne Mountains, in Ballymaghery townland
O'L V1 p 2
Moatville Comber . in Ballyrickard townland; residence of Mrs. McBurney in 1911 & Thomas & Anna McBurney in 1918
ACOC p1657; CWGC
Model Farm Saintfield 20: 39/63 on the Carryduff to Saintfield road between Lisdoonan & Lessans townlands; residence of J.E. Cairns in 1901
Moffatt’s Quarter Loughinisland   site of a ancient Catholic chapel in Farranfad townland LCB p 16
Moira Moira 20: 15/60 a parish & a town between Lisburn & Lurgan;click here for a map of the townlands in this parish; means 'plain of the ford';held by the O'Laverty family in ancient times;there were 136 houses made of basalt or limestone, of which 30 were thatched the reminder slated;the streets were dirty; in 1836 there was a Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, & Methodist churches here ; 2 schools here in 1836; Battle of Moira in 637 AD -19 Jan 1856; in 1886 there was an extensive lime works here; the town population in 1910 was 395 V12 p 118, 119 ,122 OSM: DR; GIC; PNNI V6 p 14, 275; POD
Moles Wood Dromore 20: 16/53 in Greenan townland, part of Gill Hall demesne
PNNI V6 p 147
Molly Blayneys Corner Ballee 21: 52/41 crossroads- Downpatrick to Ardglass road near Balle House  .
Mon Dromore 20: 17/50 farm; in Edenordinary townland
Monaghan's Bridge & Milestone Tullylish 2km S of Gilford; this bridge carried the Gilford to Loughbrickland road over the Banbridge to Scarva railway line. The milestone shows the mileage to Dublin;The engineers used stones from the nearby Drummiler Cairn to build the embankments thus disturbing the fairies and incurring a curse; sure enough the railway closed in 1956 BIH p B; old b/w map F4
Monahoora Mountain Dromara 20: 30/46 5km SSE of Dromara; part of Dromara Hills; 1499 feet
old b/w map K9
Monbrief Shankill townland of 291 acres; in Co Armagh in 1999 .. 
Mondarragh Kilmore 21: 43/53 house & farm of 61 acres in Rademon townland , 1km NW of Crossgar; leased by Arthur Johnston in 1863 from John S. Crawford
Saul a house cluster ; 1km SW of Saul village on the Saul Rd, NE of the Downpatrick Golf Club ; means ' hut/cabin in the bushes/thicket' ; owned by Southwell Estate in 1752; residence of Fitzsimons family in 1792 to > 1921; farm of Joseph Smith/ Smyth , a dairyman c. 1930 & his residence 27 Jun 1936 old b/w map P15; LM 1991 p26; MID p 152; Inv 2000 p 40; DR*
Moneycairn Loughinisland . Clough area; residence of William Watts 1865
Moneycarragh Kilmegan 29: 38/39 a townland 5km NE of Castlewellan on Clough road; 700 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; site of ancient Catholic Church on Church Hill; owned by John Dowdall c. 1641 but forfeited to William Hamilton 2 Mar 1676 ; owned by trustees of Mrs Lascelles & John Smith in 1863
PE;GV; LR 2006 p18
Moneycarragh Bridge Kilmegan . over Moneycarragh River; 1km W of Clough
old b/w map K 13
Moneycarragh River Kilmegan 29: 39/38 runs from Slievenamoney to Dundrum Inner Bay

Moneydarragh Moneydorragh
Beg & More & More Upper

Kilkeel 29: 35/21 a townland 2km NW of Annalong; 599 acres & 1375 acres & 1044 acres; click here to see its position on a map; means ' dark thicket'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagnal in 1690s; site of a very ancient graveyard called Killyhoran ; in 1659 there were 11 English/Scots & 4 Irish families living here & the owner was Arthur Monipenny Esq.; long stone here;the town of Annalong is in this townland; Church of Ireland, Methodist & Presbyterian churches here; try the local school's website on
SP; O'L V1 p 28; MO 5/8/2009 pp6; V3 p 51 OSM; GIC; PNNI V3 p 50; HPA p12
Moneydarragh House Kilkeel 29: 35/19 farm, 2km SW of Annalong
Moneydrombrist Donaghmore . alternate spelling for Maddydrumbrist townland in 1659 census PNNI V1 p 104
Moneyflulare Kilcoo . alternate name for Moneyscalp townland in rent roll of 1692 PNNI V3 p 111
Drumballyroney 29: 22/34 a townland 3km E of Rathfriland; 361 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means' goat's bog'; ford over river Bann, Bannfield Steps;owned by Sir Art Magennis in 1609 & held by Patrick O'Doran in 1630; proprietor Lord Annesley in 1836, farms from 5-10 acres; rents about 30 shillings an acre; owned by trustees Hon. Robert Meade in 1863 V3 p16, 18 OSM; PNNI V6 p 151, 173 ; GV
Moneygreen or Moneygreer Bog Comber . in Magherascouse townland, southern boundary near Ballygowan V7 p 32 OSM
Kilmegan 29: 38/37 a townland 4km ENE of Castlewellan; 610 acres; ; click here to see its location on a townland map; very old Catholic chapel & Church of Ireland here ; school established 1819 ; owned by Marquis of Downshire in 1863 V3 p 58, 59 OSM; GIC; GV
Moneymore Donaghmore  . a townland 9km NNE of Newry; 178 acres ; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' large thicket'; originally belonged to Magennis clan; proprietor T. Corry Esq. in 1836
PNNI V1 p 105;  V3 p 9 OSM
Moneynabane Dromara a townland 3km SE of Dromara town; click here to see its location on a townland map; 1236 acres of which 38 acres are covered by rocks; means ' thicket of untilled land'; a proprietor in 1795 was Henry McCormick; has a lake & bog;school here in 1836; click here for a photo
UJA; V12 p62 ,63,64 OSM ; DDPP p75
Moneyrea /
Comber 21: 14/68 a townland 4km WSW of Comber; 672 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; click here for a photo; means 'grey bog/moor'; Presbyterian Unitarian meeting house here; in 1830 there was a Reading Society here; 2 schools established in 1820 & 1834: ; proprietors in 1837 were Lord Dungannon whose agent was Mr Gibb & Mr Prenalt of Belfast; farms were from 1-22 acres; the land was not the best quality;crops were potatoes, wheat & oats there were 184 males & 177 females in 1836 ;incendiarism 2 Dec 1848; Post Office 11 Nov 1871 (DR); Tenant Right Meeting 1 Apr 1876 (NC) SHM '86 p45V 7 p 31 ,34, 35, 37, 38,42 OSM; DR; GIC: GIPR; NC
Moneyscalp Kilcoo a townland between Kilcoo village & Bryansford; 901 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means 'thicket or hill of the rocky chasm'; held by Arthur Magennis of Rathfriland in 1612 until 1629 then held by Arthur Hill in 1640 then George Rawdon in 1661;owned by Marquis of Downshire in 1863; there was a samll Dominican friary here in mid 18th century
DCPH p 56; O'L V1 p 39; GV; PNNI V3 p 100, 111
Moneyscalp Wood Kilcoo 29: 32/33 extension of Tollymore Forest; 3km SW of Castlewellan
Moneyslane Drumgooland 29: 24/39 village & townland of 1060 acres; 6km NNE of Rathfriland; click here for a photo and more information; click here to see its location on a townland map .
Moneyslane Hill Drumgooland 20: 25/40 1km N of Moneyslane village
Moneyslane House Drumgooland . the proprietor in 1795 was Robert Boyd; residence of Mary McBride c. 1900 UHA; PPNZ
Monigore Drumballyroney . alternate spelling for Moneygore townland PNNI V6 p 173
Monkey & Goat Tavern Saintfield . in High St, Saintfield; proprietor in 1811 was John Crockard POD
Monks Hill Newry in Desarts townland ;convent landsin the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st; during her reign her generals arrived here with troops and took possession of the lands and destroyed the convent and put some of the monks to death; it is still known as Monk's Hill V3 p 108, 109 OSM
Comber 20: 39/65 a townland of 732 acres & lake south of the road between Carryduff & Comber;click here to see its location on a townland map; means 'bog lake'; there is a small island in the lake; originally belonged to Comber abbey & was part of Comber parish but given to Saintfield in 1714; proprietors in 1837 were Lord Dungannon whose agent was Mr. Jebb of England & Lord Northland; good land; farms were from 8-50 acres in 1837; rent was 25 shillings an acre; crops were potatoes, wheat & oats; there were 97 males & 121 females in 1837
LR 2005 p15; HCPCI p227; SHM '86 p 32; V 7 p 32, 38, 42, 43 OSM  
Monnydarragh Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Moneydorragh townland in 1786 PNNI V3 p 51
Monree Donaghcloney a townland 1km E of Donaghcloney village; 163 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means' heather moor';site of old church in 1836; rather poor soil; Monree House 4km SE of Waringstown near River Lagan V12 p 59 OSM; PNNI V6 p 93; old b/w map I 4
Monree House Donaghcloney 20: 14/53 farm; 1km E of Donaghcloney village; ancient fort nearby
PNNI V6 p 94
Monroe's Grove Tullylish . residence of Daniel Monroe in 1744; also called Rose Hall; in Drumnascamph townland PNNI V6 p 352
Montalto House & Demesne Magheradrool 20: 36/52 house & an estate of 356 acres in Ballymaglave townland ; 1km SW of Ballynahinch; means “high hill”;built c. 1750; in 1770 the estate belonged to Lord Moira (Rawdon) who spent £30,000 on improvements & woodland ; 13,000 acres were sold to David Ker in 1802 & the house enlarged by David G. Ker in 1836 and a 3rd storey added ; it was described before that as a plain 2-storey house undergoing additions & repairs; the demesne is tastefully laid out with clumps of oak, ash, fir & sycamore trees ; large entrance gates were built 1867 ; harvest home 31 Oct 1840; Ball, list of those attending 3 Jan 1857; Alfred Ker's 21st birthday party, list of guests 26 Nov 1864; unopposed return of Capt. Ker in elections 5 Dec 1885 (DR) ; staghound hunt 11 Dec 1897 (NC); Montalto Football club photo 1910 (DS 2008 p69); sold tro 5th earl of Clanwilliam in 1912 for £20,000; Countess Clanwilliam & children staying for Easter vacation 9 Apr 1928 DR*; US soldiers stationed here in 2nd World War; sold to John Hogg & James P . Corry A[r 1979; fire damaged the east wing in 1985; bought by the Wilsons in 1994 who restored it; sold in 2009 & is available for weddings & functions; estate currently has 28,000 acres GV; BGHD p 116; V 17 p 100, 102,107 OSM: BH; DR; DR; NC; DS; MOA p108; WAB p4; MO 23/10/2013 photo; BIT p14,15 & 16(photo); OBLS p3,27 (b/w photo 1912) ; MO 14/2/2018 p39; LR 2018 p4 (b/w photo)
Mont Ava Seapatrick . residence of Thomas McClelland, solicitor in 1897
Monteith Annaclone 20: 17/41 a village; 1km SW of Annaclone village in Tullintanvally townland, an old mill, lake with crannoge & bog, a school & Catholic church here
PNNI V6 p 75 
Montglass Terrace Knockbreda . 140 Ravenhill Rd Rd, East Belfast ; residence of B. McCourt, publican in 1902
Montgomerys Lough Saintfield 20: 38/54 2km NE of Ballynahinch, large lake with pike, trout & eels in it in 1837
V7 p117, 119 OSM  
Monument Hill Hillsborough . residence of David Reid in 1910 POD
Monydorogh Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Moneydarragh townland in 1659 census
PNNI V3 p 50
Monyscalpe Kilcoo . alterante spelling for Moneyscalp tonwland in 1659 census
PNNI V3 p 111
Moolieve Kilkeel 29: 31/22 mountain in The Mournes, 6km NW of Annalong; means ' bare mountain'
PNNI V3 p 146 
Mooneys Park Kilcoo 29: 32/34 farm ;3km SW of Castlewellan
Moor (The) Bangor 15:56/81 house & farm of 132 acres in Ballymintreagh townland; 3km E of Bangor ; leased by Willam Robinson in 1863 from David S. Ker
Moor (The) Ballykinler . in Lower Ballykinler townland , at the uppermost point of the townland
Moor Cottage Inch . farm; 3km SE of Crossgar
old b/w map P13
Moorall Donaghcloney . alternate spelling for Monree townland in Rent Roll of 1692
PNNI V6 p 93
Moorecroft House Drumbo . in Ballycowan townland; original hunting lodge built 1620s by Henry R. Maxwell (Lord Moorcroft); since modified & expanded several times
Michael Moorcroft
Moorecrofts Milltown Drumbo 20: 34/67 in Ballycowan townland; site of a combined corn/flax mill powered by a stream; nothing remains today except the cottages in Purdysburn Road
Michael Moorcroft
Moore Farm Ballyhalbert 21: 65/63 farm; 3km N of Portavogie
PNNI V2 p 113 
Moorefield House Dromore 20: 19/55 farm; 2 km N of Dromore; residence of Robert Bodel in 1879
OFB p107. 
Moorefield Knockbreda . in Kings Rd, East Belfast ; residence of Robert Moorehead in 1902 POD
Moorefield Magheralin 20: 12/56 farmhouse , crossroads near river Lagan, 2km E of Waringstown; residence of Coslet Paterson in 1777 & Conway Blizard in 1795 & 1810 & Mr Blizard 1834
IIW V4 p13, 14; UJA; PNNI V6 p 251 , 253
Moorhall Annahilt 20: 33/58 farm in Cargacreevy townland
Moorhall Killaney . farm; 2km S of Boardmills old b/w map N7
Moor Hall
Killinchy farm estate; residence of the Moore family in 1764; the proprietor in 1795 was James McKear; harvest home 13 Oct 1849; Samuel Morrow died here 6 Oct 1853 & Morrow family here in 1890 SHM '94 p69; UJA; findmypast; MID p130,132:DR
Moor Hill Dromore . farm; 3km SE of Dromore town
old b/w map J6
Moore's Hill Magheralin . in Tullynacross townland
PNNI V6 p 251, 253
Moore Island Killinchy . an island in Strangford Lough; belongs to Ringhaddy townland; 122 acres; this is the largest island belonging to this parish; also called Island Moore
V7 p 86 OSM
Moore Lake Kilkeel . residence of John Moore Esq. in 1856
Moore Lodge Kilkeel . estate of late John Moore Esq. auctioned off 7 Sep 1852 ;residence of Jack Moore in 1851 & John Moore in 1876;
Newry Telegraph; HOTC p76; LOI
Moorlands Seapatrick . a Georgian House on the Castlewellan Road, 1km SE of Banbridge in Ballydown townland ; owned by George C. Lindsay in 1876 with 968 acres; residence of George Crawford Lindsay in 1879 & 1885 & then John Lindsay & John Simms in 1910
old b/w map G6; BET 9/6/1879; LOI; MIs; POD
Mooreleigh Bangor . in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of James Moore in 1902
Moore Lodge Kilkeel 29: 29/13 house & farm of 78 acres , in Derryoge townland, 2km SW of Kilkeel; leased by John Moore Esq. in 1819 & 1863 from Kilmorey Estate & Mr. Moore in 1875
POD; PNNI V3 p 62; GV
Moorpark Ardkeen area . residence of William Heaney in 1830 PR
Moorpark Dundonald
farm of 101 acres (in 1804) ; near Ballymsicaw townland; 2km NW of Dundonald; contains an ancient souterrain used by smugglers ; residence of Samuel Jackson in 1804 TMUOP p54; Registry of Deeds, Dublin
Moores Close Seapatrick
farm; 5km W of Banbridge
old b/w map F5
Moores Point Killyleagh
21: 52/50
in Strangford Lough; 2km S of Killyleagh
MooresTown Seapatrick
farm; 3km NE of Lawrencetown old b/w map H4
Moorevale Newry area . on Co. Armagh side; farm of John Campbell in 1811 then Mr. James Cully, a bleacher in 1824 & 11 Mar 1828 then Richard Culley Esq. in 1846 POD; NCT; IIW V4 p 165
Morey Hill Donaghadee
just SW of Donaghadee town; overlooking Coalpit Bay .
Morgan's Pub Ardglass . in Downpatrick Rd, Ardglass; b/w photo available; now called Green Heights LM 1996 p23
Morna or
Mor- Rinn
Kilcoo /Kilkeel . Irish name for the Mourne Mountains;means 'the great ridge' V3 p 53 OSM; PNNI V3 p 119
Morningside Bangor . in Seacliff Rd, Bangor; residence of James McLelland in 1902
Mornington Bangor . in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of W.J. McArthur in 1902
Morrow's Hall Kilmore . in Crossgar DR* 28/8/1937
Morusk Blaris in 1836, Joseph McCorry had to repair 1 mile of the road leading through Drumshill and Morusk, commencing near Low Quarters & ending at Martin's Pipe; click here for 1836 parish works program V12 p 42 OSM
Mossbank Comber 21: 42/67 house & farm of 40 acres in Ballycreelly townland; 4km SW of Comber; leased by rep. Jonathan Montgomery in 1863 from Thomas McClure; residence of Thomas Dunn in 1899 & John Dunn Esq. in 1910 & 1912
Moss Brook Comber 20: 38/67 house ;2 km NE of Carryduff
Moss Cottage Inch . residence of John Coffey Dec 1864 findmypast archives
Moss Cottage Knockbreda . house in Castlereagh N13/24 CBSA
Mossdale Kilkeel 29: 29/14 farm, 1km W of Kilkeel town
Moss Farm Holywood 15:40/77 farm; near Knocknagoney townland; 2km S of Holywood town .
Mossgrove Killaney 20: 35/60 farm; near Boardmills townland,between Saintfield & Lisburn; residence of John Orr Esq. in 1857
Moss Island Killinchy . near ballygigon; residence of James Carroll & Magdalain Hewitt c, 1815-1828
Moss Side Killinchy or Saintfield 21: 48/58 & 20: 37/59 farm; 3km SW of Killinchy or 3km NW of Saintfield on the Lisburn road
Mossvale Bangor . in Seacliff Rd, Bangor; residences of W.S. Mc Kee & William D. Weir in 1902
Moss Vale Dromara 20: 31/49 farm; 4km E of Dromara
Moss Vale
Dromore . residence of Rev. W.B. Miniss in 1846 & 1852 ; owned by William B. Minnis in 1876 with 20 acres; residence of John R. Minniss in 1886 & Carley & J.R. Minnis in 1910 & James Graham in 1914 & David Watson in 1916
Mossvale Kilkee; . residence of Charles J. Andrews of Kilkeel Dispensay in 1857
newspaper article
Moss View Donaghcloney 20: 15/51 farm; 5km SE of Donaghcloney village .
Mossville Drumbeg . farm; near River Lagan; near Drumbeg village; residence of Robert Agnew in 1812 old b/w map O6; Registry of Deeds, Dublin Vol 657 p3
Mote Comber . farm; in Ballyrichard townalnd; residence of Jane Orr abt.1760 RAJ g5
Mount (The) Ballyculter local Olympic Games held 17 Aug 1861; on the road from Strangford to Downpatrick near golflinks DR; Inv 2000 p 30, 48
Mount (The) Down near Cathedral Hill in Downpatrick; site of an ancient motte and bailey LR2007 p9
Mountain Lodge Newry . on the Dublin Road; residence of Rev. Thomas Hardy in 1881 POD
Mountain Quarter Saul 21: 52/47 a house cluster , 1km E of Saul in Ballusugagh townland ; Fowler family c. 1818; email me for a poem about this place by Lily Ritchie MID p 153; Inv 2001 p 50
Mountainstown Ballyculter . a house cluster in Ballintlieve
Mountain View Annaclone. . farm; 2km SW of Kates Bridge
old b/w map G9
Mountain View Dromara 20: 32/54 farm; 5km NW of Ballynahinch
Mountain View Seapatrick . in Newry Rd, Banbridge; residences of Robert Clark & Robert Wallace in 1910
Mountain Villa Kilcoo . a dwelling house & offices on Main Road, Newcastle near Bryansford; ealier known as Marino & later as Whitehead House; residence of Charles Albert Creery in 1856, a very specific lease given
NWAG p 22; WDG p172
Mount Alexander Comber 21: 46/69 a townland of 408 acres, 1km N of Comber; click here to see its location on a townland map; townland named after Mount Alexander House/Castle, home of Viscount Montgomery; site of Cistercian Abbey of 1199 & an old ruined castle (built 1623) on top of a hill ; Rent Roll 1684 of Sir John Temple with Mr. Robert Maxwell as agent indexed in Surnames section; in 1759 Baron Mountjoy married Cress, Dowager of Mount Alexander; proprietor in 1837 was Nicholas Delacherois Crommelin; farms were from 18-40 acres; good quality land; rent 30-75 shillings an acre; there were 62 males & 65 females in 1837; school here in 1836
TOOC p 27, 31,51; PRONI; V7 p 3, 40, 43, 82 & V17 p119 OSM; TMUOP p85, 232; V5 MIs ;OSM map 1901
Mount Alexander Castle Comber .
in Castle Lane, Comber; a manor house; built as a wedding present by Hugh Montgomery (Viscount Ards) for his son and his wife Lady Jean Alexander; now demolished
ACOC p31
Mount Alta Dromore . residence of William C. Heron in 1886
PNNI V6 p 145; POD
Mount Blackwood Comber . in Ballymaglaff townland; residence of John Wightman c. 1860
Mount Cairney Newry . in Savalbeg townland; residence of Mr Park in 1836; named from the number of old cairns of stones there; residence of Robert Parker in 1881;also spelt Mount Kearney
V3 p 112 OSM ; OFN p 214
Mount Caper Magheradrool . near Spa; built by Francis McCoubrie (born 1754); the proprietor in 1795 was William Macubrie; residence of Mrs. S. McCoubrey & Hawthorne Baillie in 1910; photo available
Mount Caulfield Newry . residence of William Hudson, bleacher in 1846 & James N. Richardson Esq. in 1881
Mount Hall Warrenpoint . built by Francis Hall c. 1700 to replace Narrow Water Castle as his residence; photo available
Mount Herald Bangor . in Ballyholme Rd, Bangor;bult in 1860s by James Skillen; residence of author William Lyttle then James H. Savage in 1901; photo available
Bangor p41, 64; POD
Mount Hill Garvaghy 20: 17/43 hill ; overlooks river Bann in Tullyorier townland; owned by Thomas Pantridge around 1880 then bought by George & Sarah Mussen in 1890
MOF p5; PNNI V6 p 207
Mount Hill Magheradrool . near Ballynahinch ; the proprietor in 1795 was John Carlisle
Mount Ida Dromore 20: 19/48

in Ednego townland, 6km S of Dromore; the proprietor in 1795 was George Douglas; residence of T. Douglass Esq.J.P. in 1836 & John Watson Hull & John Younghusband in 1843 ; owned by Thomas Douglas in 1876 with 35 acres & Rev. John Rutherford with 80 acres ; residence of A. Henderson in 1910

UJA; V12 p 71, 72 OSM; IIW V4 p5,160; OFB p82; LOI; POD
Mountjoy’s hill Dunsfort 21: 56/42 5km N of Ardglass; local legend says that Deputy Mountjoy once camped here in the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st V17 p 68 OSM
Mount Kearney
Mt. Cairney
Newry . farm; 4km NE of Newry town in Savalbeg townland; the proprietor in 1895 was James Parker; residence of James Parker before 1857 & Robert Parker in 1881 ; owned by Samuel Gordon in 1876 with 404 acres & Samuel in 1886 old b/w map C9; UJA; LOI; POD; OFN p 212
Mount Malby Kilkeel another name for Slieve Donard in 1744; named after a captain in the wars of Queen Elizabeth 1st V3 p 54 OSM; PNNI V3 p 155, 156
Mount Macgregor Hillsborough 20: 27/57 farm; 3km SE of Hillsborough on Ballynahinch road
Mount Mill Donaghmore destructive fire 16 Dec 1837; residence of William Walmsley J.P. in 1894 DR; Irish World NY; AIPD
Mount Mill Bridge Donaghmore 29: 8/31 over Newry River, 4km N of Newry Town in Drummiller townland;click here for a photo
PNNI V1 p 113 
Mountnorris Kilcoo . in Newcastle; residence of Dr. Leathem 3 Jan 1936 DR*
Mount Oriel Bangor  . villas in Princetown Rd, Bangor; residence of Mrs Boyd & William H. Jamison in 1901 POD
Mount Panther Demesne Kilmegan house & farm of 245 acres; on Clough to Dundrum road; click here for a photo and more information .
Mount Panther Tullylish 20: 9/46 farm; 3km W of Banbridge; residence of William Kennedy in 1876
Mount Pleasant Bangor . house & small garden in Souters Row, Bangor; leased by John McMeekan in 1863 from Viscount Bangor; residence of Mrs Holywood & the Misses Blair in 1902 GV; POD
Mount Pleasant Donaghadee . house & farm of 82 acres in Ganaway townland;leased by Francis Byers in 1863 from James Allen GV; old b/w map W11
Mount Pleasant Down . farm; 1km NE of Downpatrick; residence of late David Harrel Esq. before 1863 old b/w map O14; Limerick Chronicle
Mount Pleasant Greyabbey . house & farm of 30 acres in Cardy townland; leased by James Johnston in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboye
Mount Pleasant Holywood . residence of Samuel Jackson in 1804 & Dr Forsythe, physician lived near here c. 1848 Registry of Deeds, Dublin; RWN p 23
Mount Pleasant Killaney 20: 35/58 house & lands ; 5km SWW of Saintfield on Ballynahinch to Carryduff road; resaidence of John Kelly in 1794 & 1796; for sale 15 Oct 1842; to be let 10 Sep 1853 NS; DR
Mount Pleasant Knockbreda . a large house off Kings Rd, Tullycarnett; the proprietor in 1795 was Mr. Jackson; house & fields in 1902 OS map 1902 5.09; UJA; ACG p8
Mountpleasant Maghera 29: 38/35 farm, 2km E of Maghera village
Mount Pleasant Magheradrool . in Spa; residence of Mrs William McCoubrey in 1910 POD
Mount Pleasant Newtownards . house at Scrabo Isles just near Newtownards; to be sold by auction 24 Sep 1795; residence of John McCormac in 1845 & leased by Mary Anne Dixon in 1863 from William Mayne
Mount Pleasant Tullylish 20: 7/49 1km N of Gilford town near Banford; the proprietor in 1795 was George Darley; flour mills here in 1836; bleaching green owned by T. Haughton & J. Jaffe here in 1846
UJA; PNNI V6 p 348 ; POD
Mount Potter Killyleagh 21: 52/58 near Strangford Lough,4km SE of Killinchy; residence of James Potter in 1770's & Thomas Potter born 1774; later known as Ballymacarron House; click here for a photo
Keith Potter ; PPNZ
Mount Pottinger Knockbreda farm estate; 1km SE of Ballymacarret; for sale, house, demesne, orchards & garden 1 Jan 1795 (NS); the proprietor in 1795 was James Ferguson; seat of Sir Henry Pottinger, Ballymacarrett 10 Dec 1842 (DR); Presbyterian & Methodist churches here UJA; V7 p 98 OSM; NS; DR; GIPR
Mountpottinger Cottages Knockbreda . in Ballymacarrett; residences of John Thomas & Alexander McCammon in 1852
Mount Prospect Tullylish . in Ballymacanallen townland; residence of Mary Jane Hamilton in 1850 FP
Mount Ross Ballyphilip 21: 62/53 in Ballygarvigan; 3km NE of Portaferry; click here for a photo and more imformation .
Mountross Greyabbey . original name for Rosemount Estate in 1634; residence of the Savage family
PNNI V2 p 208; JUAHS p3
Mount Royal Hotel Donaghadee . the manageress in in 1910 was Miss Brady
Mount Royal Kilcoo . group of houses in Newcastle; residence of Dr. R.L. Bell & at #4 was S.W. Matthews in 1910
Mount Royal Seapatrick . in Banbridge; residences of David Dickson , J & W. Kennedy in 1910 & Mrs. Maude E. McMasters in 1917
Mount Saint Columb Warrenpoint 29: 15/19 1km NE of Warrenpoint
Mount Salem Dundonald . residence of James Wood M.P. c. 1893
LR 2006 p22
Mount Sandal Bangor . in Maxwell Rd, Bangor; residence of Edward McCormick in 1902
Mount Sandy Magheradrool . in Spa; residence of Miss Maria Palmer in 1910 POD
Mount Stewart Grey Abbey 21: 55/70 4km NW of Grey Abbey town, close to the shore of Strangford Lough; a townland of 780 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; old name was Templecrone; in 1659 there were 6 English/Scots & 5 Catholic families here; V17 p 123 & V7 p 68, 69, 70 OSM; NWAG p34; NC; SP; PNNI V2 p 208
Mount Stewart Estate Greyabbey 21: 55/70 close to the shore of Strangford Lough; ; click here for a photo showing a garden party in 1933 and more information
Mount St. Joseph Ardkeen . hill in Ballycranbeg on which Catholic Church was built O'L V1 p 448
Mount St. Patrick Newry . a house & garden in Upper Chapel St, Newry; leased by Rev. Cornelius F. Clifford for Christian Bros. school in 1863 from Kilmorey Estate
Mount Tober Drumbo . farm; just S of Ballylesson village old b/w map P6
Mount View Dromore . residence of Leon Tolstoi Walsh in 1923 Irish Gleanings
Mount View Magheradrool  . farm 3km W of Spa; handsome gift to Dr S. Davison of Dromara from David McIlwaine of Mt View, Ballynahinch 17 Jan 1874 DR; old b/w map L 10
Mount Villa Down . residence; in Bridge St, Downpatrick in 1901; next to Uion Chapel
OSM map
Mourgarr Drumballyroney . alternate spelling for Moneygare townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 173
Mourne/ Morne Abbey Kilkeel . just SW of Kilkeel town on the Greencastle Road; a substantial two-storey mansion with floor area of 10,000 square feet , 17 bedrooms & 41 acres ; residence of Brothers of the Moravian Church 1763- 1817 then Thomas Henry Gibson & family c. 1856-1931; now demolished; b/w photo available
old b/w map D16; JMLSG 2010 p27-37
Mourne Grange Farm Kilkeel 29: 27/15 farm, 3km NW of Kilkeel on the Rostrevor road ; residence of Mr. A. Carey in 1939
Mourne House Kilcoo 29: 37/30 farm; on the coast 1km S of Newcastle; used by American troops during 2nd World War
MO 11/6/ 1024 p45 
Mourne Mountains East Kilkeel 6713 acres; named after a tribe from Co Monaghan who moved here called Murna; new townland c. 1830
PNNI V3 p 52 
Mourne Mountains Middle Kilkeel 29: 26/22 slopes of SE Mournes, 8km NNW of Kilkeel; 3198 acres: Farming society 19 Feb 1842 DR; PNNI V3 p 119
Mourne Mountains West Kilkeel 29: 24/21 8km NW of Kilkeel town; 4093 acres: Causeway water head 1200 ft V3 p 26 OSM:
Mourne Park Kilkeel townland of 1141 acres; see under Ballyrogan
POD; PNNI V3 p 27
Mourne Park House Kilkeel 29: 27/16 house & farm estate of 836 acres in Ballyrogan townland , 4km NW of Kilkeel; ancestral home of Needam family, Earls of Kilmorey; click here for a photo and more information
Mourne Rectory Kilkeel . Church of Ireland minister's residence; 3km SW of Kilkeel on Greencastle Rd
Mourne View Dromore 20: 21/56 farm;2km N of Dromore  .
Mourne View Drumgooland 29: 25/39 farm, near Moneyslane village  .
Mourne View Grey Abbey 21: 57/71 house & farm of 81 acres ; in Ballyboley townland, 4km N of Grey Abbey; leased by Mortimer Thompson in 1863 from Lord Dufferin & Claneboye
Mourne View
residence of John Potter in 1910
Mourne View Loughinisland 21: 42/42 farm, 2km NE of Clough  .
Mourneview Magheradrool . farm; 2km SW of Ballynahinch ; residence of Mr. & Mrs. William Gray c. 1915
old b/w map L 10; CWGC
Mourne Wall Kilcoo & Kilkeel 29: 30/28 man -made wall built to keep cattle out of the catchment area for the Silent Valley Reservoir in c. 1900  .
Mourne Wood Kilkeel . residence of Mrs. Close in 1891 AEVB
Movilla Newtownards
a townland 1km NE of Newtownards town; 171 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map;means ' plain of the ancient tree'; Cistercian abbey here founded 550 by St Finian; general graveyard here V17 p121, 123 OSM; HMNI p106; GIC; O'L B p 32; PNNI V2 p 197, 233
Movilla House Newtownards . residence of Gilbert Vance Esq. in 1907 PR
Moyad Kilcoo 29: 29/31 a townland on Slievenaman in the Mournes; 2km SE of Kilcoo;1556 acres: click here to see its location on a townlandmap ; held by Arthur Magennis of Rathfriland in 1612 until 1629, then held by William Baker in 1661; flax mill; Peter Fitzpatrick versus Earl of Annesley for non payment of rent 16 Apr 1881 V3 p 45 OSM; DR; PNNI V3 p 100
Moyad Bridge Kilcoo 29: 28/31 over a stream 2km S of Kilcoo on Hilltown to Bryansford road  .
Moyad Cottage Kilcoo 29: 29/33 1km NE of Kilcoo; near Lough Island Reavy;
Kilkeel 29: 29/19 a townland 5km NW of Kilkeel town; 458 acres; Slievenaman straddles this townland; click here to see its position on a map; means long plain'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575 & owned by Lord Nicholas Bagenal in 1690s ; in 1659 there were 12 Irish families living here & the owner was Richard Houston Esq.
SP; PNNI V3 p 52,112; MO 5/8/2009 p6
Moyad Upper Kilkeel a townland of 326 acres


Tullylish  . a townland of 415 acres ;3km NNW of Gilford ; click here to see its location on a townland map; forest here ; Methodist & Quaker Meeting House here ; bridge over River Bann here; entirely inhabited by Quakers by 1836; proprietor Sir William Johnston Bart in 1836 ; vitriol works; 26 bleach greens on the River Bann by 1772; school here V12 p 141,142,143 OSM: BIH p 15; UHF V 20; GIC; old b/w map G3; PNNI V6 p 345
Moyallan Grange Tullylish . residence of Wakefield Richardson in 1910
Moyallon House Tullylish . 3km NNW of Gilford; given to Quakers in 1685; the proprietor in 1795 was T. C. Wakefield; destroyed by fire 1845; rebuilt 1858 by Wakefield- Richardson family who were involved in linen industry ; photo available; residence of Mrs Richardson in 1910 UJA;MS WAG p 38; old b/w map G3; POD
Moyallon Manor Tullylish . residence of Miss Pim in 1910
Moybrick Lower Dromara  . a townland 2km SW of Dromara town; 480 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of the wild pig; proprietor Marquis of Downshire in 1836 V12 p 65 OSM
Moybrick Upper Dromara 20: 26/47 a townland 3km SW of Dromara in foothills of Dromara Hills; 522 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of the wild pig; proprietor Marquis of Downshire in 1836 V12 p 65 OSM
Moycarn Newry . a lost townland; belonged to Nicholas Bagenal in 1552 PNNI V1 p 2, 12
Moycove Drumballyroney . name of an Anglo- Norman castle 1188-1261 in Seafin townland PNNI V6 p 151
Moydalgan Dromara a townland 2km N of Dromara town; 531 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' plain of briars'; proprietor Marquis of Downshire in 1836 ; school here in 1836 V12 p64, 65, 101 OSM
Moydalgan House Dromara 20: 28/51 farm; 2km NW of Dromara; residence of Hugh Jones in 1910
Moygannon Donaghcloney 20: 12/53 a townland 2km SW of Donaghcloney town;461 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' white speckled plain' ; granted to Bryan Carragh by Sir Art Magennis in 1612; proprietor the 1795 was John Wright then Rev William Duncan in 1836 ; farms let at 30 shillings an acre; mostly leased for 21 years UJA; V12 p 59 OSM; PNNI V6 p94
Kilbroney 29: 16/19 a townland on Carlingford Lough between Rostrevor and Warrenpoint; 187 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means' plain of the O'Cannons'; originally owned by the Magennis clan; proprietors were David Ross Esq. The Lodge & Roger Hall Esq. in 1836; 2 cottages and a bathing lodge here in 1836 V3 p 32, 35 OSM; PNNI V1 p 150
Moygannon Cottage Kilbroney . house & farm of 27 acres in Moygannon townland ; leased by Major Samuel Madden Hall in 1863 from Savage Hall
Moygannon House Kilbroney . to let, with offices , garden & 2 acres, apply Mr Searight in Market St, Newry 19 Apr 1813
Moygannon River Kilbroney 29: 16/22 rises in The Mournes and runs south into Carlingford Lough at Moygannon townland
Moymore Killyleagh  . alternate spelling for Maymore
Moynard Kilcoo . alternate spelling for Moyad townland in rent roll of 1692 PNNI V3 p 112
Moyndele Ardkeen . name of ancient Catholic chapel in Lisbane townland O'L V1 p 424
Moynegare Drumballyroney . spelling for Moneygare townland on Rent Roll of 1692 PNNI V6 p 173
Moyo Clonallan . alternate spelling for Mayo townland in1650 census PNNI V1 p 79
Moyrough Moira . spelling for Moira in 1659 census PNNI V6 p 275
Mudda Murphy’s bridge Newry  . over the Newry river, Trevor Hill & Sugar Island V3 p 61, 63, 70 OSM
Muddock Kilcoo corn mill in Ballymoney; river V3 p 45 OSM
Muddock Bridge Drumballyroney 29: 23/34 over the River Bann 3km E of Rathfriland
PNNI V6 p 185 
Muddock River Kilcoo
29: 27/29 runs from The Mournes to the River Bann; means ' the murky one'
PNNI V6 p 185 & V3 p 182 
Muddydrumbrist Donaghmore   see Maddydrumbrist V3 p 8 OSM
Mulgrove Loughinisland . residence of Andrew McCammon in 1876 MIs
Mullabawn Kilkeel/Kilcoo . near Milestown; between Newcastle & Glassdrummond
Mullabrack Tullylish 20: 6/46 see Mullaghbrack V12 p142 OSM
Mullacarton Blaris in 1836, Nathaniel Dickey & John Wardell were to repair the road leading from Mullacarton through Morusk to the New Lurgan road; click here for 1836 parish works program V12 p 42 OSM


Killyleagh a townland 3km SW of Killyleagh town; 432 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; Gordon family Seat n 1836; bog here ; oats, wheat & potatoes grown in 1836 ; school erected in 1820 V17 p 81, 82 OSM: V7 MID p 118
Mullaghban Dunsford . in Sheeplandmore townland; means ' white hill'; site of a white friar's monastery ; site of a murder in 1643 O'L V1 p 179; Inv 2001 p 36
Tullylish 20: 6/46 a townland 3km S of Gilford; 435 acres;click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' speckled summit';owned by Sir Art Mageniis in 1609 then Sir John Magill in 1667; bog here; ruins of Tallyho House, former residence of Johnston family; proprietor Sir W. Johnston in 1836 V12 p 140, 142, 143 OSM; PNNI V6 p 346
Mullagh Bridge
Mullagh River
Kilkeel 29: 33/16 over Mullagh River on the Annalong to Kilkeel road
PNNI V3 p 182.
Mullaghdrin Dromara 20: 29/52 a townland 3km N of Dromara; 549 acres:click here to see its location on a townland map; means " Battle of the Summit"; schist & whindyke here; the proprietor in 1695 was Isaac Singer; proprietor Marquis of Downshire in 1836 BH; UJA; V12 p 63, 65 OSM
Magherally 20: 15/49 a townland 3km NW of Magherally village;500 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' hilltop of the little aldery place'; marsh here; belonged to Rev John Corkin in 1836; on the Lisburn to Banbridge railway line; school here V12 p 113, 114 OSM; NWAG p 37; PNNI V6 p 265
Mullaghglass Mullaglass Newry 29: 6/30 a townland 4km NW of Newry town; in Co Armagh; details of Mullaghglass Farming Society Ploughing Match 11 Mar 1828; Mr Ledlie’s flax mill burnt 3 Feb 1849 NCT; DR
Mullaghmore Ballyhalbert . alternate name for Portavogie in 1623
PNNI V2 p 108
Mullaghmore Clonduff 29: 19/28 a townland 2km SW of Hilltown; 681 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map ; means " big summit" ;held by Magennis family in 1629 then granted to Hieronim Alexander of Dublin in 1634 then owned by Hills family in 1657 & Lindsay family in 1780s; owned by Marquis of Downshire in 1863; Gaelic Football team in 1916 were F. Rice, M. Smith, P. Caulfield, Pat & James McConville, P. Morgan, J. Kinney, H. Kelly, Danny & Paddy Fegan, Hughie Murphy, Cormac McKay & Barney J. Morgan
TC p30; GAA CS p 37 ; PNNI V3 p 72; GV; TC p18DDPP p105
Mullaghmore House Clonduff . 2km SW of Hilltown; the proprietor in 1795 was R. R. Rowan
old b/w map D11
Mullagh River Kilkeel 29: 33/18 rises in The Mournes and runs S into Irish Sea near Ballykeel Point
Mullans Corner Donaghcloney . crossroads between Blackscull & Katesbridge PNNI V6 p 85
Mullartown & Mullartown Upper Kilkeel 2 townlands of 1292 acres & 679 acres;click here to see its position on a map; means ' Dortan's bare hill'; part of the Bagenal Estate in 1575; ;in 1659 there were 6 English/ Scots & 2 Irish families living here & the owner was Savage Leech Esq.; corn mill built by Jeremiah Atkinson in 1800; still there in 1834 but insufficient water available; school established 1826; alleged concealment of birth 2 Jun 1877 SP: V3 p 49, 50 OSM; OKA p39 ; DR ; PNNI V3 p 52
Mullartown Cottage Kilkeel . north of Annalong; residence of Mrs Gordon in 1910
Mullartown House Kilkeel 29: 37/21 farm, 1km N of Annalong; residence of John Thompson in 1839 & Henry Atkinson Esq. in 1854 & Maxwell Atkinson in 1910 & 1920
JMLSG 2010 p55; IIW # 2587; POD; MIs
Mullartown Point Kilkeel 29: 38/21 in the Irish Sea, 2km N of Annalong  .
Mullatornegah Magherally . alternate spelling for Mullafernaghan townland in 1659 census
PNNI V6 p 265
Mullaugh Killyleagh see Mullagh
Mullertown Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Mullartown townland in Subsidy Roll of 1663 PNNI V3 p 153
Mulligans Bridge Seapatrick near Corbet townland; stone bridge built in 1826 by the Mulligan family of Tullyconnaught who owned Millbank & Parkmount; & school built here in 1830 BIH p D; V 12 p 132, 135 OSM; PNNI V6 p 320
Mullinabane Dromara see Moneynabane
Mullog Point Kilclief 21: 60/45 at the entrance to Strangford Lough; in Kilclief Bay
Mullough Killyleagh  . see Mullagh MID p 118
Mulloughdrin Dromara  . see Mullaghdrin .
Mullurtan Kilkeel . alternate spelling for Mullartown townland in 1659 census
PNNI V3 p 53
Clonduff . alternate spellings for Mullaghmore townland in Rent Roll of 1692
PNNI V3 p 93
Mullyslane Drumgooland . alternate spelling for Moneyslane townland in 1768 will
Multyhogy Knockbreda townland of 169 acres in Belfast district
Mundorghes Kilkeel . alternate name for Moneydorragh townland in Rent Roll of 1540 PNNI V3 p 50
Mune More Donaghmore . alternate spelling for Moneymore townland in 1659 census PNNI V1 p 105


Dromara see Moneynabane .
Munistain Drumgooland ancient name for Moneyslane in 1758 BN
Munlough Comber . see under Monlough
Muntereddy Kilcoo . an area of 7 townlands held by Brian Magennis in 1609
PNNI V6 p 14
Murder Bog Saul . near Ballynarry townland; some local men murdered by soldiers in 1643
Inv 2001 p 35,36
Murder Bridge Dundonald 15:43/76 over a stream ; 2km NNE of Dundonald town .
Murlfield House Ardquin . near Strangford Lough
old b/w map T15
Murlough Farm Kilmegan 21: 40/35 farm, near Inner Dundrum Bay; the proprietor in 1795 was Matthew Lyne
Murlough House Kilmegan 21: 41/35 at the entrance to Inner Dundrum Bay, 2km SE of Dundrum village; built by Marquis of Downshire in 1860 as a summer house;children's fete 7 Jul 1877; residence of Marquis of Downshire in 1910; used by American troops during 2nd World War; now a Field Studies Centre; photo available
LWAG p 90; DR; DR* 24/11/2004R; MO 11/6/2024 p45; LR 2006 p98; POD
Murlough Lower Kilmegan a townland on the coast, 2km S of Dundrum town; 859 acres; click here to see its location on a townland map; means ' seabag' or 'enclosed sea-lough' ; owned by Marquis of Downshire in 1863; Kilmegan school fete 23 Aug 1884 DR;GV LR 2005 p11 ; MO 30/1/2008 p14 ; WDG 1-2,23 (photo) 218
Murlough Upper Maghera a townland 569 acres: click here to see its location on a townland map; on the shores of Dundrum Bay; means ' seabag'; new oyster beds 16 Mar 1872 DR; LR 2005 p 11
Murphys Bridge Newry . at Sugar Island in 1760
OFN p xi
Murphys Close Kilmegan 29: 38/40 farm,near Aughlisnafin , 3km NNE of Castlewellan
Murphys Hill Bright 21: 50/38 hill ;1km S of Bright townland,3km NW of Killough
Murphys Point Kilkeel 29: 36/18 rocky coast in Irish Sea, 2km SW of Annalong
Murphystown Bright 21: 49/36 on the shore of Dundrum Bay; 4km W of Killough in Ballyvaston townland LWAG p 78; LR 2007 p 13 (map)
Murray's Hollows Drumballyorney . farm belonging to Murray family PNNI V6 p 200
Murray's Town Loughinisland . a clachan (house cluster) in 1856 PR
Murvaclogher Kilmore & Loughinisland a townland of 648 acres; also called Broclough; transferred from Loughinisland parish in 1718; means ‘Margin of the lake’; click here to see its location on a map; click here to see my One Place Study notes; I have indexed the inhabitants for dwellings 1- 9 for Griffiths Valuat ions of 1864 throughout Surnames Index LCB p19 ,81; TCC p 33 ; GV
Music Hall Seapatrick . Banbridge area; the proprietor in 1795 was Hugh Mulholland
Mutton Hill Magheradrool 20: 36/51 2km S of Ballynahinch
Mutton Hill Seapatrick . farm; 2km NE of Banbridge; residence of W.C. Evans in 1871
old b/w map G6; MIs
Myra Castle Saul 21: 54/49 farm estate, 4km W of Strangford Town in Walshetown townland; early circular horse-engine threshing machine here ; owned by Col. John Craig in 1876 with 430 acres & Rowland Craig- Laurie Esq. with 423 acres (his retirement 17 Nov 1877) & Col. John Craig in 1886; residence of Col. Robert H. Wallace in 1910; attempt by IRA to burn it down in 1916
UF p44; DR ;LOI; POD; Inv 2001 p 40
Mytello Holywood . residence of John Murphy in 1852; could be Martello
Myrtle Cottage Bangor . in Donaghadee Rd, Bangor; residence of George McMurray in 1902
Myrtle Cottage Kilcoo . house & garden in Shore Rd, Newcastle near the Shimna River ; leased by Mary Ferguson in 1863 from Earl of Annesley ; residence of Lady Mabel Soubrey in 1910 GV; POD ;LR 2015 p7
Myrtle Cottage Magheradrool . in Ballynahinch area; residence of Mrs Skelly & R.S. Greer in 1910 POD
Myrtle Field Blaris . near Lisburn; the proprietor in 1795 was Thomas Carlton UJA